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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 10/24/14 ★ that great sign which was seen and recorded by scientists.

5. The Ultimate Question People Ask


As all the problems break forth at once, the question arises, “What is this present age?”  This is the ultimate question.  Dare I give the answer?  I must speak now, always with a message of hope.  Let me begin this way.
I came to Fatima because I foresaw this present age.  I came in the middle of what was called the Great War and promised that the war would end successfully.  However, I saw on the horizon a second, greater war, which I said would happen if people did not heed my voice.  I even promised Lucy that great sign which was seen and recorded by scientists.

My messages went beyond that second world war and prophesied the destruction of nations.  I must say clearly that this is the present age.  The world has not yet reached that point and all that I have said can still be avoided, but the time is very short.  I can no longer hold back my sorrow.  I must continue speak.  The present problems will open out to newer and greater ones.  All will unfold in Satan’s plans unless the Woman Clothed With the Sun steps forward to touch earth.  This is the remedy, the antidote chosen beforehand by the Heavenly Father.

Is this “present age” to be stolen from me?  The heavenly Father had quite different plans.  This was to be a glorious age, the Age of Mary, the age of peace, when Satan would be humbled and even conquered.  Alas, this has not happened.  However, the gift and the promise still exist.

Yes, this present age is the culmination of events but I will be with you, releasing my powers whenever I am invited, and, at some point, the fullness of the gift will pour forth.