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Thursday, October 16, 2014

★ Faith, Plagues & Prophecy 9/26 & 10/15/14 ★ With all the negative news regarding viruses & Ebola.....Do not panic!

'My beloved children please pray and listen closely because this is already happening in many places in the world and also in your country. The news media does not carry anything that is important to the people. They just carry things that will carry out satan’s plans and a scare tactic to take over God’s children and get rid of them. Pay little attention to anyone from the state or federal government, just listen to people you know and trust and some on local levels. Listen to your guardian angel and all of Heaven because they will guarding everyone that will listen.' Preperation 9/26/14

Messages to Sadie Jaramillo

Smorgasbord Catholics will be HIGHLY irritated!"


Faith, Plagues & Prophecy 10/15/14

If you are at the end of your all....Jesus waits for the cry of your heart, your invitation to open the door of your heart so He can come in....
"Dear Lord Jesus,I believe you are the Son of God & that you died for me, come into my heart Lord & make yourself real in me. Forgive me of my sins Lord & I forgive anyone who has offended me."
The above prayer is the prayer I prayed 33 years ago this month that changed my life and put me on the journey that I have been on since that day. I was rejected; filled with pain and hurt and anger, and yes, at the end of my all........thank you LORD JESUS CHRIST FOR COMING INTO MY HEART......
May Christ's PEACE be with all of you. The best kept secret in the world I thought at the time: ....JESUS LOVES ME! AND YES!...HE LOVES YOU TOO! FAITH, AND PROPHECY REGARDING THE PLAGUES
With all the negative news regarding viruses and Ebola.....Do not panic!
Remember all that heaven has done to warn of these days where plagues, among other things, would take many people. Do you believe that this is on the agenda of the elitists, to eliminate many "useless eaters" as they can? Well I want to tell you that, Yes! It is...

But to those who would have ears to hear and eyes to see, would recognize the "signs of the times" that Jesus told us to be watching for in scripture, "
Matthew 16:3 And in the morning: To day there will be a storm, for the sky is red and lowering. You know then how to discern the face of the sky: and can you not know the signs of the times?
Douay-Rheims Bible
I am re-sending the following remedies as a reminder of remedies that has been given by Jesus and/or Mary. Although these are only two, I am sure there are others......however, I am just wanting to remind everyone ...don't forget heavens words.

I had the great blessing of having an audience with Maria Esperanza of Betania, Venezuela. She gave this information regarding an illness that would take many babies and children, as we are currently hearing in the news.

Hawthorn Tea

"I am going to give you a remedy for the illness of infants (and small children} You must take the leaves from the hawthorn plant and steep them into a tea for 8 minutes. Then administer the tea orally to the infant {or child} 1/4 cup at a time, continually throughout the day and night, until the ravages of the illness subside. The symptoms will be flu-like, with a high fever, purple-blackened color to the lips, jerking and flailing like convulsions."
This remedy was given to MARIA ESPERANZA, for the times we are living. This (plague) will come to small children and babies. There will be no ordinary remedy, or medicine that will work. This was given to Maria by JESUS.

Is the virus we are hearing about THE ONE that Maria gave the remedy for? I don't know...but what I do know is that I would have all that was needed in readiness and use it...with faith.


"For, amen I say to you, if you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you shall say to this mountain, Remove from hence hither, and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible to you."
Douay-Rheims Bible Matthew 17:19
So it will be up to us...to the faith that you have to believe what you cannot see...that is faith.

As Mother Angelica once explained, "Faith is like walking a tightrope, and hearing Jesus say "JUMP!".....and you look down and there is no net, but knowing that before you hit the ground, the net will be there"....(perhaps I paraphrase a bit, its been many years since I heard her say that on EWTN).

But that is what we need to have and ONLY JESUS PRESENT IN THE EUCHARIST can give us that faith...because when I go to Mass...it is not a "host"...that I look at when He is elevated after the consecration...it is Jesus with his beautiful face and blue eyes....his Sacred Heart that I lay my head against, His wounds that I kiss......His majesty...His sorrow....His love.....that is what I see.


Another woman that was blessed with heavens messages is Marie-Julie Jahenny, to whom the Blessed Virgin Mary said:
"There will be a grave illness which human science will not be able to alleviate. This illness will attack firstly the heart, then the spirit, and at the same time, the tongue. It will be horrible. The heat accompanying it will be a devouring fire insupportable and so intense that the members of the body affected will be red -- an unendurable fiery red. At the end of seven days this disease, sown like a seed in the field (incubation period) will spread everywhere rapidly and make great progress."
"My children, here is the ONLY remedy which could save you. You are familiar with the Hawthorn which grows practically in all hedges. The leaves of the Hawthorn, not the wood, can arrest the progress of this disease." "You will gather the leaves, not the wood. Even dry, they will keep their efficacy. You will put them into boiling water and leave them there for 14 minutes, covering the receptacle so that the steam remains therein. At the onset of this disease, one must use this remedy three times a day." "This disease will produce a continual vomiting and nausea. If the remedy is taken too late, the part of the body affected will become black and in the black there will be seen a sort of pale, yellow streak." SOURCE: Marie-Julie Jahenny, The Breton Stigmatist, by Marquis de la Franquerie, 1977http://www.scribd.com
The following are also from Marie Julie Jahenny:
1. THREE DAYS OF DARKNESS: Only BLESSED WAX CANDLES will give light. One such candle will suffice for each household during the three days of darkness. They will not give light in the homes of the impious and blasphemers.
2. FATAL PLAGUES: The one and only remedy to protect oneself is to swallow a piece of very thin paper (cigarette-paper) on which will be written: "O, Jesu Christe, Victor Mortis, Salva Nos, O, Crux, Ave, Spes Unica." "O, Jesus, Conqueror of Death, Save us, O, Cross, our only Hope, We greet You."
3. FOR ANIMALS: One must put around their necks a St. Benedict medal. Our Lady warned all people to wear a St. Benedict medal.
4. DURING THE PERIOD OF THE GREAT CALAMITIES: (Earthquakes, wars, floods. etc.) : Recite the following prayer to the Holy Cross: "I hail thee, I adore thee, I embrace thee, O, Adorable Cross of my Saviour, protect us, keep us, save us, Jesus loved thee so much, by His example I love thee. By thy holy image calm my fears, I only feel peace and confidence."
5. GREAT STORMS: The following prayer to the Cross, revealed by Our Lord, to be recited: "O, Crux Ave, Spes Unica. Et Verbum Caro Factum est. O, Jesu Christe, Victor Mortis, Salva Nos." "O, Cross, Our only Hope, We Greet You, and the Word has become Flesh. O Jesus, Conqueror of death, Save us."
6. WARS AND REVOLUTIONS: (Our Lord revealed during an ecstacy): To dispel all fear and terror, you will touch your forehead with a holy picture or a medal of Mary Immaculate [the Miraculous Medal]. Your spirit will remain calm. Your heart will not fear the approach of the terror of men. Your spirit will not experience the effects of My Great Justice.

7. UNKNOWN DISEASES (Given during an ecstacy) : A medal of My Divine Heart, and a medal upon which is traced the Adorable Cross. You will steep into a glass of water the two images, be it made of cardboard or metal. You will drink this water that is twice blessed and twice purified. One drop only in your food, one little drop, will suffice to drive away not the scourge, but the scourges of My justice. (The Miraculous Medal alone, fulfills the conditions required). You will give a drop of this water to the poor souls touched by the scourge of unknown diseases, those which attack the heart, the spirit, the word.
8. DIVERSE ILLNESSES: You will use by means of infusion (steeping, brewing): The herb of Glechóma hederácea outdoor climbing ivy, on trees, especially in critical conditions [SEE BELOW] and for the pains of the chest and violent headaches. The HAWTHORN Cratáegus oxyacántha, [SEE BELOW] for use in cholera (which will be frequent and widespread). See below for the precise method to be applied as indicated by the Holy Virgin. For unknown fevers: the humble VIOLET Víola odoráta, perfume and virtue of humility, will be effective.
(Glechóma hederácea)

9. EPIDEMICS or EPIZOÖTICS: [epizootiology is the science dealing with the character, ecology, and causes of animal diseases. ed.cj] The Lord gives to the great ST. BENEDICT [PATRON SAINT OF EUROPE! ed.cj] the power to alleviate this great calamity. A respectful procession of the statute, made without any fear or dread, may arrest this calamity.
10. EARTHLY AND CELESTIAL FIRE: The Sacred Heart of Jesus: The heat will be terrible ... a sign of the Cross made with holy water will diminish the heat and drive away the sparks. You will kiss five times small indulgenced crosses ... small crosses applied to the five wounds of Jesus Crucified on a holy image. From such protection may benefit souls, poor sinners, invoking My Immaculate Mother, Mother of Salvation, Refuge and Reconciliation of sinners.
11. OBJECTS OF PROTECTION: The Holy Virgin: "Always have ready and at hand your objects of protection: your blessed wax candles, your medals, your pictures and holy objects from which flow all blessings." The Holy Virgin says: "My little children, it is faith, it is confidence, the most beautiful of all prayer which obtains the most."
12. PLACES OF REFUGE: Revelation of the Divine Heart of Jesus to Marie-Julie: "My loved ones, there are three places of refuge (for the time of tribulations): My Divine Heart, My Divine Cross, and My Beloved Immaculate Mother." St. Anne said the same things to Marie-Julie: "You have several places of refuge at the moment of chastisement: that of the Cross, the Adorable Divine Heart, and the Virginal Heart of my Immaculate Daughter."
(Note: The medal and cross spoken of to Marie Julie Jahenny are available from the website link here.)

Now I am sure there are other "end time" remedies, but these are the ones that came to my heart. Having had a personal audience with Maria Esperanza of Betania, Venezuela, I feel blessed to have come to this knowledge.

Please pray as to where your heart goes and follows....the worse thing people can do is try to follow ALL the messages that are being distributed right now. Pray and discern which ones keep you in the peace of the Lord. Heavens messages are not meant to put people in fear, for fear is not of the Lord. Keep your peace, even if some of the messages are dire, they will have some element that will fill your heart with peace.

God is doing what He has always done.....warning his people, that because of the sins of mankind and their failure to respond to heavens plea's to convert, especially some of the priests, his mercy will be felt in the justice that will be permitted to come to the world.

The blessed assurance that we have is that we must continue to persevere in our prayer life, in receiving the Eucharist, praying the rosary with our families if possible, or with a prayer group. I cannot convey to you the power of praying in a community. That is the prime reason ol' red legs fights to cause divisions...because community prayer IS so powerful.

As we pray, Our Mother is with us, She dispenses the graces that we need to persevere.

I like to think we are all different colored threads that heaven is using to weave this beautiful tapestry......and of course in our prayer group, we are her "motley crew".....just little nobodies who love Her and Jesus and all that Our Catholic faith has given us, and try to be obedient to Her calls of suffering and praying for the conversion of sinners.

May God bless you, and keep you in His Peace...May Our Lady cover you with Her Mantle of Protection and tuck you deep in Her Immaculate Heart!

Until next time,
Love in the Two Hearts,