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Saturday, September 13, 2014

★ Messages from Jesus to Chosen Child - 9/6-12/14 ★ Soon My Mercy will become My Justice, the final dogma for the Church, the great Illumination, the Warning & the refuges



Messages from Jesus Given to a Chosen Child in Chicago (September 6-12, 2014)

September 6, 2014 (9:23am)
Tell My beloved children not to have their focus on all the terrible catastrophes that are coming to your country. This gives the enemy free access to your thoughts. Don’t allow him to paralyze you in fear and anxiety. Focus on Me, Jesus, and the New Heaven and New Earth that will follow. Once the earth is purged of sin and corruption it will be filled with love and peace as it was in Paradise. I know it’s hard to imagine such a place but it will be here after all the devastation. In the meantime focus your prayers on the safety of those who are trying to save your country and will be the future leaders. As mentioned earlier a lot is going to happen in a short space of time. You can tell how fast the days and weeks are passing. So, My children, your prayers are very important in bringing about a true and holy country based on love of God. The godless men and women will be gone and the new people will work tirelessly to bring your country back to what your founding fathers envisioned. Even though the Church is going to experience radical changes she will survive. My Church will never fall under any demonic influences which will be felt by everyone who is trying to follow the true teachings. My dear ones, there is so much suffering ahead for the Church. Pray for Pope Francis as he leads the Church before he dies.
I love you, Jesus.

September 7, 2014 (10:55am)
Tell My beloved children there isn’t much more to tell you. You have been given important information that will help you in the future. The most important advice is to be in the state of grace at all times. You have no idea when the Warning will occur. Once this is over it will be almost impossible to save your soul. In fact you will have no interest in saving your soul. The enemy will convince you of the joys and pleasures of this world and you will continue to live for this and have no concern for your soul. If someone is praying for you, you may have a chance but you yourself will not be able to fight all of Satan’s temptations. Oh, My children, don’t let it come to this. Sadly there is more sin in the world than there is virtue. This is why the Chastisement has to occur in order for more souls to be saved. You must turn back to God before it’s too late. Soon My Mercy will become My Justice and there will no longer be the graces available as there are now. Oh, My children, these messages have been given for so many years from other prophets as well and still you continue living your life in sin. There is nothing more I can say to make you realize what a grave situation this is. My dear ones, you have been warned about the division that will come in the Church when the final dogma of the Church is proclaimed. Many priests, Bishops, and Cardinals will not accept this and it will be a cause of confusion and division among the faithful. Once Pope Francis is gone the anti-pope will take his place and will further try to destroy the Church with his lies and deceit. Many of the faithful will follow him since they will like what he says. His words will support their sinful ways. My loyal faithful will suffer greatly at this time. There is such a great need for prayer, My children. All of these things will happen over a short period of time and will cause great devastation for your country and for your Church. Pray, pray, pray, My dear ones.
I love you, Jesus.

September 8, 2014 (11:23am)
Tell My beloved children to stop judging others. So many of My children think nothing of talking about their neighbor based on what they feel is the truth. You have no idea what is in a person’s heart or why they act and do what they do. You would do well to mind your own business and take care of your own faults and sins. Many reputations have been lost due to someone gossiping about another person based on what they thought the situation was. Oh, My children, if you think you know something about another person that could harm their name or reputation, just pray for him or her and leave them in My hands. Most of the time you don’t have all the facts and only hardship results from your gossiping. My dear children, there will be many lies told in the press and in the media regarding the problems in the Middle East. Don’t believe anything you hear. Your president will not do what he claims to do. My dear ones, he and others in his Administration are up to no good. Their plans are much different than what will be publicized. Stay in prayer, My children, these terrorists who are working with the White House are everywhere in your country and are waiting to get the word to attack. This sounds unbelievable I know but unfortunately it is true. My children, continue your prayers for Pope Francis. You have no idea how much he is suffering for the Church both physically and emotionally. It won’t be much longer before the dogma will be proclaimed. Pray for those priests Bishops and Cardinals who will be persecuted for staying true to the real teachings of the Catholic Church. There will be so much turmoil and confusion. If you continue to pray and make sacrifices you will be safe and at peace. Pray for family members who will follow the anti-pope and his false teachings. Continue to trust in these messages and test their authenticity by praying for guidance through the Holy Spirit.
I love you, Jesus.

September 9, 2014 (11:17pm)
Tell My beloved children to be on guard as the day of all the terror that took place approaches. There are those who will be waiting to hear what they should do or if they should do anything at all. The terrorists and those prompting them don’t want to be predictable so you don’t know what to expect. Just be on your guard wherever you may be. My dear children, I hope you are telling others about the Warning and that it is coming soon. Most won’t be prepared for what they will experience. Sadly after it happens most of My children will ignore or pay no attention to this special grace. You must pray for your loved ones who are not affected by what they see and hear. This is the only way their souls will be saved since they won’t be able to fight the temptations of the demons who will be around in full force. Oh My children, why won’t you listen and realize your souls could be damned for all eternity? Many of My children have been lulled into a false truth that Hell isn’t so bad. I’m here to tell you the suffering will be unbearable and it will never end. You must be made aware of the consequences of your sins so you can turn back to the Lord and not have to suffer the pains of Hell. My dear ones, you have to hear these words so you can start to realize you had better do something about the sinful lives you are living in before it’s too late. Remember you were told the Warning will come when you least expect it and it will happen sometime this year. My children, your elections are coming soon and I hope you are aware of the back grounds of some of the candidates you will be voting for. Vote for the most pro-life candidate running for office. I realize there are some who could be better than their opponent but they aren’t 100% pro-life. You may have to vote for the lesser of evils in the candidate you choose. Oh, My children, try to convince others to vote pro-life. This is the only way you will get your country back to one nation under God. The time is going to pass very quickly and soon there will be very challenging things you will face. Don’t ever agree to have the chip put under your skin no matter how alluring it may be. You may lose your job or you may be harassed by family and friends for not accepting it. This is very evil and the government will use it to track your every move. They will know where you are and what you are doing at all times. If you refuse the chip and are in the state of grace trying to follow the Lord you will be kept safe and at peace. Remember you are all in God’s hands and there is hope for the future if you follow God’s ways and not the world’s.
I love you, Jesus.

September 10, 2014 (10:45am)
Tell My beloved children not to believe any words that will come from the president and the White House. They have made plans with leaders of other countries but it won’t be what they are telling the American people. Oh, My children, this Administration is so corrupt and devious. You must listen with your heart to these messages. You will get the truth here. My dear ones, there is so much destruction coming to your country due to the very people in the White House. They feel very smug right now but eventually the rug will be pulled from under them and they will fail in their agenda. You were told this before and this is just a reminder of what to expect. There is turmoil in the Middle East and it will happen in your country as well. You are living in very perilous times, My children, only prayer and sacrifice will save your country from all that has been planned for it. It won’t be much longer before you will have all new people in the Administration. Be sure to pray, and ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten you as to who you should vote for. It isn’t always the best looking smooth talkers that you can rely on. Oh, My children, there is much at stake in these elections. It could be the cause of saving your country by electing the good men and women of high integrity and morals. So, My dear ones, I ask once again for your prayers for your country and for your Church which will be under a major attack in the very near future.
I love you, Jesus.

September 11, 2014 (9:18am)
Tell My beloved children I want them to be at peace. I want them to focus on Me, Jesus, and the love and mercy I have for all of them. If only you knew how much I love all of you and want to share eternity with you in Heaven. My children, you need to know the things you are told in these messages so you can be prepared for any eventuality. You must be ready to follow directions that will be given. Oh, My children, you need to pray more. There is so much devastation coming to your country and you don’t know exactly when any of this will occur. It will happen in many ways. Be on your guard at all times. My dear ones, your Pope is soon to proclaim the final dogma for the Church. Many of you have been waiting for this for many years. It had to be the right time and the pope chosen for these times to write this dogma prompted by the Holy Spirit. The dogma Mary Co-Redemptrix, Advocate, and Mediatrix of all Graces will be rejected by many in the Church since they won’t understand what it means and the significance it will have on the Church. Those of you reading these messages are given a special privilege to know this ahead of time so you will believe its authenticity. This is a very special blessing you have been given. Don’t take it lightly, My children. You have been chosen to receive this great honor. Oh, My children, as you were told many things will happen in a short period of time. Don’t try to figure out the sequence of it. Only God knows. My dear ones, your president has told you countless lies about what his plans are. He has no intentions of carrying out what he claims to be doing to protect your country. He and his cohorts are behind much of what is coming to your country. I know it’s hard to believe but it is true, My children. Spend more time in Church, My children, and turn off your tvs which are a source of sin and temptation from the devil. Time is getting so close for the Warning. Are you preparing for what you will be experiencing?
I love you, Jesus.

September 12, 2014 (9:46am)
Tell My beloved children time is running out for My Mercy. Don’t wait any longer to get your life right with the Lord. It may be too late. My dear ones, there are so many lies being told in the media prompted by the White House. In spite of this the public is finally waking up to the deceit and dishonesty of this president. There are still many who support him however due to all the things he gives them with tax payers money. Oh, My children, I told you he will be impeached and that is going to happen. Please be patient a little while longer. Oh, My dear ones, no one can believe what is happening in your country. They see how bad the economy is and the morals declining but they don’t know what to do about it. The answer is prayer, My children, prayer and sacrifice can change a lot of outcomes. There have been many miracles in the past that have saved countries from defeat by praying the Rosary. This is your powerful weapon against satan. He can’t overcome its influence and power. It brings people closer to God and keeps their hearts at peace. Satan can’t fight that. Oh, My children, you have been told over and over that the Warning is coming. This is the great Illumination of your Soul as God would judge it if you were to die that day. It is going to be very painful for most and for some it may cause death. It will be a great shock to see how close you came to losing your soul forever in Hell. Oh, My dear ones, don’t wait any longer you don’t know when the Lord may call you home. Are you prepared to face God’s judgment? If not, you had better heed these words now. My dear children, there are terrible things about to occur in your Church. You won’t believe how rapidly this will start. It will seem like it came out of nowhere and it will come upon the faithful with no warning. You have been blessed with knowledge as none others have. You will be given information as the need arises as to the refuges and where they are located and who will lead you there. Remember all this happening within three and a half years and you are already into the time period. Be in prayer at all times or you won’t be able to withstand what is coming. Please believe these words, My dear ones. They are true and coming from Me, Jesus.
I love you, Jesus.