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Sunday, September 28, 2014

★ Messages from Jesus to Chosen Child - 9/20-26/14 ★ you are in the Chastisement and you will begin to feel it more and more every day.


Messages from Jesus Given to a Chosen Child in Chicago (September 20-26, 2014)

September 20, 2014 (9:15am)
Tell My beloved children to stay tuned to all that will be happening in the Church in the months to come. Beware of what is being preached from the pulpit. You may be hearing words of heresy and if you don’t know your faith you will be taken in by it. Buy a Catholic Catechism and read it so you can be aware if you are hearing anything contrary to Church teaching. Oh, My children, you were warned that the Churches will be closed one by one. That is going to happen. You will be given false information to why this is occurring. Yes, My children, you are in the Chastisement and you will begin to feel it more and more every day. Stay in prayer and you will get through the trying times ahead. A lot has to happen in a short space of time. I mentioned that time would be speeded up and this is now happening. Pray for Pope Francis he will soon declare the last dogma of the Church. There will be great turmoil and division among the hierarchy and the clergy which will cause confusion among the faithful. You who are reading these messages are privileged to know that this dogma is truly inspired by the Holy Spirit and is true. It will help to save the Church. The dogma is Mary Co-Redemptrix, Advocate, and Mediatrix of all Graces. She has been given this title by Me and she will help all who call on her to confirm this truth. My dear ones, you have much to look forward to after the Chastisement. There will be a New Heaven and a New Earth where love and peace prevail.
I love you, Jesus.

September 21, 2014 (10:29am)
Tell My beloved children time is running out for you to be included in the remnant that will be saved. If you are in sin you won’t be part of the remnant. There is so much sin in the world and most people will not be saved as sad as that is. In the Bible the question is asked will there be any faith when the Son of Man returns and the answer is very little. If you turn away from sin and get to Confession you will receive many graces to be at peace when the war comes to your country. Yes, My children, you are now in a Third World War and you can blame your president and other world leaders who caused this for the sake of greed and power. There is so much money involved and that’s what it is all about even though you will be made to believe it is something else. My dear ones, soon you will feel the brunt of the war. Thousands of lives will be taken and many more will be injured. You have been warned of this before and many still will not believe and will doubt My words given here. It is so urgent to pray for your country and its future leaders who will be forced to deal with this. Before this gets out of control, your president will be impeached, as you were told many things will happen in a short space of time. Be on your guard at all times as the terrorists have been given orders to attack. You will be hearing of horrific happenings in your country. Pray, My children, pray for Pope Francis who will proclaim the last dogma of the faith before he dies. Soon he will no longer be able to carry out his wishes that he intended to do but he will get the dogma proclaimed. Pray, pray, pray.
I love you, Jesus.

September 22, 2014 (10:09am)
Tell My beloved children these messages are very urgent for you to come back into God’s graces. As you are being told there are many horrific things coming to your country and you must be prepared spiritually if you are to survive. If you are one of those who ends up dying if you are not in the state of grace and that means you have mortal sins on your soul, you will go straight to Hell. I’m sorry to be so blunt but you must realize the danger your soul is in when you commit a mortal sin. My dear children, these messages have been given for many years and yet most of you read them out of curiosity and make no effort to change. Don’t take any more chances of losing your soul. The Illumination will come this year and that doesn’t give you much time to get your life right with the Lord. There is so much that will keep you from coming back to Confession but don’t be lulled into a false sense of security by not believing these words and telling yourself this is coming from someone’s imagination. These words are warnings from Me, Jesus, and you had better heed My advice. Oh, My children, only a remnant will be saved when I return to the world. Don’t you want to be part of that remnant? Everyone seems to want to live for what the world has to offer and that is empty promises and sorrows. I offer you love, joy and peace that you can’t get from the world. What is more important to you? My dear ones, you must pray for Pope Francis. His suffering is almost unbearable for a human to endure. He is getting extra supernatural graces to help him until the end. Continue to pray for your country which is about to undergo major severe weather conditions which will cause much suffering for everyone. Remember who is in control, My children. It is not humans who cause storms and high winds. Only your prayers will keep you in peace when all this happens.
I love you, Jesus.

September 23, 2014 (9:24am)
Tell My beloved children there is so little time left before the Warning comes and yet so few reading these words are willing to come away from their sinful ways. Oh, My children, you must take these messages seriously if you are to survive what is coming. What more can I say or do to convince you of the authenticity of these words? My dear children, maybe when you start to see the high winds and blustery storms and floods causing loss of life by the thousands then you will believe but by then it may be too late. Remember you have been told over and over once the Warning comes you won’t have the graces which are now available to you. You won’t be able to fight satan and his demons which will be everywhere. Oh, My children, pray and ask for the grace to come out of your sinful relationships. The only way this can happen is if you pray for help. Leave the person you are now living with in an illicit way. You must do this or you will lose your soul. I can’t say it more bluntly. You must pay heed and follow these words. My dear ones, your president and other evil world leaders are about to have the war come to your country from the Middle East. The terrorists are being paid to come to your country and begin small wars everywhere among neighborhoods. This will cause race riots so that your president will call in Marshall Law. Don’t try and figure out how all this could possibly happen. Just know that it will so you must be on your guard at all times. Remember all these things will happen very rapidly in a short space of time. You are all feeling how time is speeded up and how fast the months are slipping by. Please pray for Pope Francis who will soon proclaim the last dogma of the Church.
I love you, Jesus

September 24, 2014 (9:27am)
Tell My beloved children there will be attacks and assaults on all families. Say extra prayers especially the Rosary. The devil is on a rampage. He wants to cause division between children and their parents, especially the teens. There is so much you can do to thwart all his temptations if you would only pray. Sin is rampant in the world and that is because My children have turned away from God and have chosen the deceit of the world. Oh, My children reading these messages, warn your family and friends of what is coming in the very near future. You have been told many times the government wants to take over your lives and they mean to do it by mandating a chip to be placed under your skin so they can keep track of where you are at all times. Don’t allow this to happen, My children. You will have to suffer in many ways if you refuse but I will protect you from all harm even if you have to endure suffering the loss of your job. There will be great confusion among the people since they will be given reasons that seem ok for them to allow this. Some family members will resist the government’s demands. Oh, My children, your elections will soon be here. Don’t believe anything you hear from the media regarding the candidates and their prospects of winning. They will tell you lies to get you to vote for who the Administration wants you to vote for. Be on your guard as to whom you believe. Be sure you vote for all pro-life candidates or at least the most pro-life of two candidates running against each other. My dear ones, there will soon be great division in the Church over the last dogma of the faith. You know the truth others will be confused since they won’t know who to believe. Some priests, Cardinals, and Bishops will have major disputes over this. You know in order to remain a Catholic you must believe this dogma no matter what may be said to the contrary. Pray, My children, pray.
I love you, Jesus.

September 25, 2014 (9:54am)
Tell My beloved children there will be more bloodshed in the streets of your cities. The terrorists will go at random killing and maiming countless people who will be totally taken by surprise. I’m sorry to have to tell you such awful news but you must be on your guard and prepared at all times. You know you are in the Chastisement and this is part of the suffering you will endure. My dear ones, there is more to tell you about this but this is all you can handle at this time. Be prepared spiritually so that whatever happens you will be protected. Call on Me, Jesus, when you feel fearful or anxious. The devil will work on you with these two things. You have nothing to fear if you are in prayer I will always be at your side. My dear children, as you know your elections will determine whether you will save or lose your country. Make sure you try to convince all who are eligible to vote for pro-life candidates. This is the only way your country will survive. Don’t listen to what the media tell you about the candidates or their ads with all their lies. Pray to the Holy Spirit for guidance in your selection of candidates. Oh, My children, so much is about to happen in your country you won’t be able to keep up with it. I know you’re tired of hearing all this but this is the price you pay for sin. The abortion rate is going down a little as more of you are seeing what really happens when a baby is aborted. However millions and millions of babies have been aborted and that is an abomination to the Lord and must be paid for. There are many young people who have had more than one baby murdered in their womb. My dear children, what more can be done to stop this horrific crime against humanity. You must pray as you have never prayed before so you can endure what will soon be on your doorstep. Oh, My children, there is great turmoil going on in the Vatican at this time. It will soon come out and all will know about it. Pray for dear Pope Francis who will suffer regarding this. Oh, My children, don’t take these messages lightly. You have so much to pray for.
I love you, Jesus.

September 26, 2014 (9:28am)
Tell My beloved children to be prepared for very disturbing words. There will be a great earthquake in your country which will split the country in two. It will affect every state. Oh, My children, can you see how important it is for you to pray and to be in the state of grace? Thousands will die and thousands will be permanently injured. Oh, My children, it breaks My heart to see My children suffer like this but this is all the result of your sins and refusal to turn back to the Lord. My dear ones, it is because of My love for you that this has to happen. Many will turn back to the Lord and save their souls. However many more will die unrepentant. Pray that you will be among those who come back to the Lord before it is too late. You don’t know when this is going to happen so you must be prepared at all times. I told you that much has to happen in a short space of time and this is true. You must believe to be saved. Oh, My children, after all this there will be New Heaven and a New Earth and this is what you can look forward to if you heed these messages and turn back to the Lord. Focus on that, My children, and you will have My peace.
I love you, Jesus.