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Saturday, September 20, 2014

★ Messages from Jesus to Chosen Child - 9/13-19/14 ★ You have no idea of what you are going to face. Only God can help you.


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Messages from Jesus Given to a Chosen Child in Chicago (September 13-19, 2014)

September 13, 2014 (9:09am)
Tell My beloved children that all is not well in your country.  There are so many who are trying to destroy it and undermine your Constitution.  They are making laws which destroy the value of life and morality.  They are redefining the sacred sacrament of marriage and make a mockery of it.  There is so much sin among young people.  They have no one to follow as an example of goodness and sound values and principles.  My Commandments are being ignored.  There is no more true love of the Lord and His Church.  There are very few who serve the Lord.  Their hearts are in the world and they have no interest in doing the right thing.  They follow the crowd and the crowd is heading for damnation.  Is this what faith the Lord will find when he returns?  Can you see why there has to be a Chastisement to turn people back to the Lord?  Abortion is practiced as birth control in some countries.  These beautiful babies that could have saved your country are no longer a possibility.  My children, what have you done with all the gifts that you have received?  You have squandered these and other blessings that could have brought you happiness and peace.  If you continue living in sin you will pay the consequence of losing your soul.   Are you willing to pay such a price?  Pray, My children, pray.  You have no idea of what you are going to face.  Only God can help you.
I love you, Jesus.

September 14, 2014 (8:48am)
Tell My beloved children there is more to come regarding your president’s impeachment.  Don’t doubt that this will happen.  It takes time to put all the documents together, so be patient.  My dear children, the next few months will bring about major weather changes.  You won’t believe how this will affect your lives.  Be prepared for terrible cold and blistery conditions with high winds and power outages.  Have plenty of warm clothing and blankets since you don’t know if you will be without heat due to the power outages.  My dear children, your president thinks he is ready to command all the citizens to have the chip placed under your skin.  Under no circumstances are you to submit to this.  You may lose your job or you may suffer consequences of the government but know that if you stay in prayer you will always be protected and at peace.  The enemy is lurking everywhere looking for an opportunity to get you to sin.  Be on your guard, My children.  Don’t take chances by going places or listening to programs, watching tv or other things that could lead you to commit a serious sin.  Remember you have to avoid occasions of sin in order to not commit mortal sins.  My dear children, as you were told many things are to happen in a short space of time.  Time is going to be speeded up so you won’t be able to keep up with all you want to accomplish.  Spend as much time in prayer as you can.  Turn off the tv and your computers and iphones etc and spend quiet time with the Lord by yourself.  My dear ones, if you still yourself and quietly listen you will hear the voice of the Lord speak to your heart.  You must be in the state of grace or this can’t happen.  Soon the Pope will proclaim the last dogma of the Church.  You must believe this in order to remain Catholic.  There will be much confusion and misinformation when this comes out so just know the words of the dogma were inspired by the Holy Spirit to Pope Francis and he has been called to accomplish this before he dies.  You now know the truth so there is no excuse to not believe it.  My children, your Church will be divided because of this.  You are on the right side of the issue so don’t be persuaded by others that this is from an anti-pope and you shouldn’t believe it.  Pope Francis is not the anti-pope.  He is good and holy and was chosen for these times to proclaim this dogma of your faith.  Believe what he says.  Oh, My dear ones, you will be so torn when you hear these words of the dogma but trust, My dear ones, these words are from the Holy Spirit and they are absolutely true.  Pray for your Pope since he will receive much criticism from some members of the hierarchy.
I love you, Jesus.

September 15, 2014 (5:58pm)
Tell My beloved children there is going to be a time you wished you prayed more.  Store up graces now while there is still time to pray for the protection and safety of your country.  You can’t imagine what evil is planned for your country.  There are many devious and cunning people prompted by satan himself to destroy your Constitution.  Once they accomplish that then they feel they can have free rein to do what they want.  What they want is a Godless society run by people who think Socialism is what the country needs.  Socialism will never work and so all their evil ideas will fail by the grace of God through your prayers.  My dear ones, you were told to be prepared for radical changes in the temperatures.  This will all happen suddenly so be sure to have plenty of warm clothing and blankets.  These things are going to take place in states that normally have mild weather.  Oh, My children, so much is going to happen very soon politically in your country.  This Administration is going to try and cheat in all the states and try to fix the outcome through dishonesty and using voters that shouldn’t have the right to vote.  In spite of all their plans they will fail desperately.  This will be in part because of your prayers.  Think of all the other outcomes that could be affected by your prayers.  Remember when you pray you get closer to the Lord as you receive graces for whatever you are praying for.  It breaks My heart to know that most of My children will ignore the opportunities they will receive to gain graces.  The world is too attractive to them.  The enemy has swayed their thinking and they will continue living in their selfish sinful ways.  There is such a need for prayer, My children.  Won’t you be the one to answer My call?
I love you, Jesus.

September 16, 2014 (10:47am)
Tell My beloved children to take advantage of the good weather you have now.  Take walks and enjoy nature that was created for your enrichment.  Soon that is going to change.  The winds will be very strong so that you won’t want to be outside.  My dear ones, pay attention to what is going on in politics.  There are some who are being primed by the powers behind the scenes to run for office so they can do their bidding.  They will be given money and material gifts for them to run for office.  Then the powers behind the scenes will try to pull many tricks and dishonest games to get their candidate elected.  Make sure you know who the candidate is that you vote for and where he stands on abortion and gay rights.  You must not vote for anyone with these moral standards.  Oh, My children, these are trying times for everyone.  There is so much evil in the world.  So many of My children have been duped into believing the devil doesn’t exist.  This is exactly what he wants you to believe.  He can win you over with his lies and deceit without your being aware of it.  Oh, My children, be aware he is lurking around you all the time.  He looks for opportunities to get the holiest of people to fall.  It is easy for him to get the ones who are lukewarm in their faith.  Once he has conquered getting holy people to fall he can get those who were their followers to fall.  So, My dear ones, satan is very much alive so don’t let your guard down at any time.  My dear children, your Pope Francis is getting weaker every day.  Soon he won’t be able to carry out some of the tasks he wants to.  Pray for him as he gets closer to proclaiming the last dogma of the Church.  This is when all the turmoil and division will start.  Pray your Rosary for protection against the devil who will be trying to get you to get discouraged and lose your faith.
I love you, Jesus.

September 17, 2014 (9:57am)
Tell My beloved children to get to Confession as soon as you can.  Don’t put if off any longer.  Remember you were told the Illumination and Warning will come this year.  Those of you who are not Catholic ask God for forgiveness of your serious sins with a contrite and repentant heart. This although it will be frightening to some is a great gift from God to remind you of how your sins could have kept you from going to Heaven.  Some in fact will experience the Warning and go right back to their sinful ways and may endanger their souls of going to Hell if someone doesn’t pray for them.  My dear ones, your elections will soon be here.  This Administration and all their cohorts are working feverishly to defeat their opponents.  They will cheat lie and do anything they possibly can to find the outcome in their favor.  This time they won’t be able to get away with all their schemes.  Many will be watching to see that they don’t get accomplished all they hoped to.  My dear children, your president will be impeached even if it doesn’t seem possible.  There are those who will make this possible who are almost ready to carry this out.  You are still going to have a president who was chosen for these times.  I know all this sounds unbelievable but it will happen by a great miracle only God can do.  Be patient a little while longer and all this will come to pass.  Continue your prayers and fasting for your country your Pope Francis and your Church.  They are all going to undergo a major attack. 
I love you, Jesus.

September 18, 2014 (9:18am)
Tell My beloved children there is so much going on behind the scenes in the White House.  They see they are losing the trust of the people and are afraid they may lose in the elections.  They are pulling every evil trick and scheme to control the outcome of the elections.  They will fail and then they will take desperate measures to keep their power.  Be on your guard as the elections approach.  Verify everything that is being claimed by those seeking election or reelection.  They will say anything to win.  Be aware there may be unexplained deaths or even alleged suicides.  These people are desperate and will do whatever it takes to hold on to their power.  Oh, My children, enjoy the mild weather while you can since it isn’t going to last.  Appreciate nature with the changing colors and blue skies.  Once these days of autumn are over there will be radical weather changes.  Oh, My children, a lot is going on in the Vatican behind the scenes.  The evil Cardinals responsible for Pope Francis coming death are planning with the Cardinal who will be the anti-pope.  They will be working together for the downfall of the Church.  These are not and have never been true Cardinals who believed in the truths of the Church.  They have been false leaders all along and were planted in the Church many years ago with the purpose of destroying the Church.  I know these words are startling but unfortunately they are true.  This is why it is so urgent to pray, pray, pray for your Pope Francis and the Church he will soon leave behind.
I love you, Jesus.

برگ پاییزی

September 19, 2014 (9:29am)
Tell My beloved children to stay close to home when at all possible.  As was mentioned in earlier messages there will be terrorists everywhere waiting for an opportunity to attack anyone at random.  The word has gone out and now they are actively carrying out what they are called to do.  I know all this sounds hard to believe but be on your guard at all times.  Now the confirmation of these messages is being felt by everyone.  My dear children, this is just the beginning of what is planned for your country.  You must be spiritually prepared since you never know who the next victim will be.  My dear children, remember you are safe and protected when you are in God’s graces and in the state of grace.  So many of My children pay no attention to the state of their souls until a major crisis affects them and there are even some who never turn to the Lord in a crisis.  You were all created to love and serve the Lord and some think they were created to love and serve themselves.  This Chastisement you are now in is for the good of your souls.  There would be many more souls lost if they didn’t find their way back to the Lord due to the Chastisement.  My dear ones, are you prepared to face the Warning?  It will happen this year so you don’t have much time.  You must get to Confession since once it comes there will be very little you can do to save your soul.  My children, please take these words seriously.  If you are living in a sinful relationship as so many of you are, you must break that relationship now while you still have time.  This is serious, My children, you could lose your soul since this is a mortal sin and if you die in this state you will go to Hell for all eternity.  Unfortunately you don’t hear this from the pulpit but it is the truth.  Don’t take any more chances.  If you are considering having an abortion this is a mortal sin.  Anyone who is involved in helping another get an abortion is also committing a mortal sin.  There are so many of My children who lead mortally sinful lives which could cause them to go to Hell.  Don’t reject these words, My children.  This is My gift to all My children to wake them up and help them come back to the Lord.  My dear children, this is such an evil Administration.  They are ready to murder in order not to lose this election.  Pray for the good moral candidates to win in this election.  This election will determine what happens to your country.  Don’t take it lightly.  Know who you are voting for.  Get all the information and facts about the candidate you plan to vote for and pray, pray, pray for your country and its future leaders.
I love you, Jesus.