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Saturday, September 6, 2014

★ Messages from Jesus to Chosen Child - 8/30-9/5/14 ★ the final dogma of the Church - Mary Co-Redemtrix, Advocate, Mediatrix of all Graces.

messages to Jabez - Sunday, 8/24 - 9/1
. My Warriors Now Advance
. I will purify the Earth, and destroy the works of Satan. Cities will lie in ruins.
. Events will escalate all around you, but remain confident. Trust in Me. Do not allow fear to have a hold on your hearts, and lives.
. I will restore what Satan has stolen from those I love. I will restore relationships, and place you in strategic roles. My Children will finally control the Earth.
. Rejoice in the trials you must endure in order to bring souls back to Me.
. Events will soon compel you to change.


Messages from Jesus Given to a Chosen Child in Chicago (August 30 – September 5, 2014)

August 30, 2014 (9:24am)
Tell My beloved children to take these messages seriously since there will come a time when you will have to follow the advice given for the safety of yourself and your families.  My dear ones, you are so blessed to be chosen to read these messages.  Not everyone knows what is really going on in your country.  You will be given directions as to what you must do for your protection.  The enemy will be searching for you and you will be safe if you are praying and following the advice of these messages.  Oh, how important it is for you to be in the state of grace.  My dearest children, you can see how fast time is moving and it will continue to speed up every day.  You must know what is expected of you.  My children, I ask that you please pray for your holy Pope Francis.  He has been poisoned in such a way no one will suspect anything when he dies.  He was chosen for these times to be the one to proclaim the final dogma of the Church Mary Co-Redemtrix, Advocate, Mediatrix of all Graces.  Many in the hierarchy will not accept this and there will be a great split in the Church.  My dear children, this dogma was prompted by the Holy Spirit and you must believe it in order to be a Catholic.  Continue your prayers, My children.  There is much coming in your lives in a short time.
I love you, Jesus.

August 31, 2014 (10:36am)
Tell My beloved children I don’t mean for you to store food and water for 3½ years.  Just enough to survive several months.  My children, I don’t want you to be anxious or to lose your peace over any of these messages.  You have nothing to fear if you are in prayer and in the state of grace.  The ones reading these messages who are still not praying and are in the state of sin have much to fear since they won’t have My protection.  Have Masses said for loved ones who refuse to give up their sinful ways or who aren’t aware of these messages or others like them.  Everyone has been given plenty of warnings to prepare them for the coming catastrophes but they are not listening or paying attention to the signs.  No matter how much time I allowed to turn back to the Lord many of My children still refuse to respond to My call for repentance.  There is nothing more to do or say than to pray for their souls.  Oh, My children, if you would just have listened and lived according to My Commandments you would not have had to have all this pain and suffering you will be enduring.  Just realize the time is going to go faster and faster and 3½ years will pass very quickly.  There is a lot to happen in that short period of time so be patient and trust in the Lord who wants only what is best for your souls.
I love you, Jesus.

September 1, 2014 (1:34pm)
Tell My children to pick up your crosses and follow Me.  I am the way the truth and the life.  I will comfort you and guide you through these trying times if you just trust in Me and all I will be asking you to do.  Many of you are beginning to take these messages more seriously and are trying to get food and water in and are also taking money out of the bank.  These things will help you materially but if you don’t turn back to the Lord and stop living in your sinful ways it won’t help you since you will be at the mercy of Godless men in your government.  My children, you must pay attention to these urgent words.  There are priests, Bishops and Cardinals who need prayers for their souls.  How can your prayers help them if you yourself are not in the state of grace.  Hell is being filled rapidly with souls who could have been saved if someone prayed for them.  Oh, My children, My heart cries for you not to lose your souls.  You have every opportunity to do something about it before it’s too late.   Don’t be like the virgins who didn’t have enough oil in their lamps when the Master returned.  Listen to My heart begging you to come back to the Lord.
I love you, Jesus.

September 2, 2014 (10:07am)
Tell My beloved children to take time to enjoy nature.  The beauty that surrounds you every day is all but unseen in your haste to do other things.  Enjoy the breezes and the sunshine and all the color changes when the season changes.  There is so much you are missing.  Oh, My dear ones, you may not be able to enjoy what is part of your life all the time.  There are going to be many challenges in your life that you would never believe you would encounter.  My children, I am trying to prepare you for what is coming in the future so pay attention to what is being said.  The most important part of being ready is to be in the state of grace.  The rest is material by having enough food, water, warm clothing, blankets and blessed articles and holy water etc.  You will be protected and guided as to where you will go by these messages.  There will be people who will help you and lead you to refuges which are near your homes.  There will be food and water for you but not enough to satisfy your wants.  This is part of the suffering you will endure.  Keep your rosaries handy so you can pray them all the time.  There is so much more to tell you but so far you have learned a lot that will help you.  Continue your prayers for your Pope Francis and the Church he will leave behind.  The dogma will be proclaimed just before he dies.  I know this is a lot for you to have to hear but you are being prepared so you will know what to expect in the future.  Be assured all Heaven is praying for you.
I love you, Jesus.

September 3, 2014 (10:47am)
Tell My beloved children I have more to say about the Warning. I mentioned in previous messages what it was.  Many of you had never heard of this before and so I am reminding you again.  This will occur before the year is over.  You have no idea exactly when this will take place.  I strongly advise you to get to Confession and have your serious sins confessed.  Most of you haven’t been to Confession in years and can’t remember exactly how many serious sins you are guilty of.  Just tell the confessor and he will be most understanding and compassionate.  My children, it is urgent that you do this as soon as you can.  Once the Warning takes place it will be extremely difficult to save your soul since the graces now available will no longer be there.  The demons will be out to destroy your soul and you will have no way or very little to fight any temptation you will get.  My children, don’t take the chance of losing your soul for all eternity.  The world offers empty promises.  I have the words of eternal life.  So many of My children were never given a sound faith this is true but everyone has been given sufficient graces to save their souls.  There will be no excuses accepted.  Even those who never heard of Me will be held accountable for the graces they received and rejected.  So, My children, this is another gift for you to come back to the Lord while there is still time.  Pray for your loved ones who will refuse to come back.  Have Masses said for them.  Do penances and make sacrifices for them.  You could be the cause of saving someone’s soul. 
I love you, Jesus.

September 4, 2014 (9:40am)
Tell My beloved children there is precious little time before all the major catastrophes will strike your country.  Is your soul ready to face any possible danger to your lives?  If not you must do something about this right away.  Most of you think nothing like that could ever affect you and continue living sinful lives.  Don’t be taken by surprise, My children.  You don’t know the time this is going to occur.  Be ready, you could lose your soul.  I know you are constantly being told this but you must take these words seriously, My children.  Your government has already taken steps that will lead to this inevitability and they think they will be safe.  They don’t realize what they have gotten your country into.  They didn’t expect a nuclear war but that is what their greed and lust for power will end up doing.  Oh, My children, I know these words are startling words to hear but you must be told so you can prepare your souls for any possibility.  It will all happen very quickly and will last a short time but the affects will cause much suffering for My children.  Oh, My dear ones, it hurts Me to have to tell you these things since I know most of you will be very anxious now.  My children, come to Me with your fears and anxieties and I will comfort you with My peace.  If you are in the state of grace and are in prayer you will not have to endure as much suffering as you would otherwise.  You will survive and get through this Chastisement which is given to save souls.  Many of My children will not listen or follow this warning and they will have much to suffer.  You must pray for your loved ones who think these messages are untrue and the work of someone’s imagination or the work of the devil.  This is I, Jesus, who speak these words through My chosen prophet for these End Times.
I love you, Jesus.

September 5, 2014 (9:26am)
Tell My beloved children there is so much corruption  in this Administration, the American people are beginning to not trust anything that anyone associated with it says.  Oh, My children, so many lies are being told through the media at the request of the White House staff.  Many in the media are not going to stay with the stations they now work for and will be leaving to get jobs in the more conservative media.  The truth will gradually come out regarding all the scandals that have nearly been forgotten by the public.  This was all purposely done to get you focused on things that were not important but that the media kept talking about to make you think it was a serious situation.  Oh, My dear ones, your elections will soon be upon you.  You must vote for the most pro-life candidate.  I know it’s difficult to find anyone who is 100% pro-life although there are some good solid people running for office.  Don’t be taken in by smooth talkers who can’t back what they say with the truth.  Beware of all of the promises they will make.  Make every effort to know their voting record if they are incumbents.  Also, to find out the background of candidates seeking election for the first time.  Don’t forget to continue your prayers for the man chosen for these times to be your next president.  I know you haven’t heard much about him lately but he is very much aware of what is really going on in your country and is working night and day with others of like mind to protect your Constitution from being destroyed by this Administration.  Pray also for you holy Pope Francis who doesn’t have a lot more time left on this earth.  He suffers greatly.  Be at peace in the love of the Lord, My children.
I love you, Jesus.