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Monday, September 22, 2014

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 9/14-19/14 ★ The way of integrity is the path of truth.

1. Man’s Free Will

Sep 14th, 2014 - Mary
I call this the Valley of Decision. Valley implies mountains on every side and this image brings home the importance of what takes place. A valley is central, the lowest, the deepest, and, at the same time, the most important.
Such is your will. It lies at the deepest point of the human person. It is central and the most important component of every human life. The will is the valley of decision, the unique power that man uses to decide for good or for evil.
I will shed great light upon this valley. I cannot decide for you. You alone must choose. But I can help you, flooding you with light and teaching you how to use your free will and gain heaven.

2. The King & Queen of Material Creation

In spite of these prerogatives, their wills remained free, free even from disordered passions and ambitions. They were the king and the queen of his earthly kingdom, meant to pass on their riches to all of their children.
It did not happen. They failed the test. The riches were lost and the inner order was shattered.
Such is the state of sinful humanity and the disordered history of mankind. O reader, you are plunged into this sin and disorder, through no fault of your own. How can you conquer? How can your free will, mired in sinful history, correctly choose your Maker? This is the mystery which I will unfold.

3. The Powerful Valley

All you must do is enter the valley where all else is left behind. The valley is holy and contains every gift. The valley will transform you, strip you of all darkness and clothe you with light. You will be free and will discover all the helps offered to you – your guardian angel, the sacraments and the word of God. I will be there in the valley and all of my helps will flood your soul.
When you plunge into the world, you are alone but when you walk into the valley you discover all the help that heaven offers you. This valley is in your own heart, the free will that resides in the center of your being. When you were baptized, the great valley of grace poured forth. That is the mystery I will explain.

4. Living in Truth

The way of integrity is the path of truth. Only truth sets the will free. Otherwise, it is bound by error and confusion, easily led astray and choosing false goods.
Truth is light but man loves the darkness which allows him to choose evil. I must make the truth attractive so you will always choose this light.
The first truth is that God gave you existence and that you owe everything to him. The second truth is that he sent Jesus, his only Son, to free you from sin and darkness. The third truth is that he sent the Holy Spirit into your heart to lift you into the kingdom.
This is your greatness and when I speak of the beauty of the Valley of Decision, I am speaking about a free will immersed in God’s Holy Spirit. This is your greatness. A Valley of Decision bereft of the Holy Spirit is a Valley of Darkness.
The first step of truth is to receive the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth. The steps are easy. He comes by faith in Jesus and by holy Baptism. His presence is regained after sin by a good confession. His presence and power multiplies by constant Holy Communion, prayer and a reading of Scripture. These are the certain and sure helps. Use them constantly and you will live in truth.

5. The Freedom in the Valley

Come, reader, I will lead you into the great freedom. You find this freedom only in the valley of your own heart when it is filled with God’s grace and God’s life.
The first freedom is to see how important you are to God. You are unique and precious to him. You must see all that God has done for you. He brought you into existence and sent Jesus to redeem you. He baptized you and his Holy Spirit pours out his treasures. Be entering this valley, you see yourself in God’s ever-loving presence. Never can anyone degrade you because you are a child of the King.
You also see that your sins are forgiven in Jesus’ precious blood. (Make sure you get to confession.) No one can accuse you. Finally, you are ready to live like God’s child, offending no one, making reparation for whatever evil you have caused and trying to help everyone along the way.
You are free. Just enter the Valley of Decision, which is your own heart, your free will by which you choose to be God’s child.

6. The Secret of the Saints

The child is with its heavenly Father.
The person must visit this valley often, every single day. Otherwise, confusion reigns and the cacophony of many voices pull the person in different directions.
Let me explain this simple experience that is easily available. By grace, Jesus lives within you. He calls you into this center of your heart. He waits for you there at every moment of your day. It is a great secret to learn how to go in spirit and come into his presence, even for a few moments of what is solitude.
You are alone with Jesus, deliberately giving to him power over your free will. You are surrendering to him and seeking only his light. He refreshes you, assures you of his love and tells you to return often to this holy place where he dwells within you.
I have shared with you the secret of the saints in the most simple words. Hold these teachings in your heart.