........... O Blood and Water, which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a fount of Mercy for us, I trust in You! ???????Woman Woman clothed with the sun, come and do not delay I II am the Mother of 'America, you belong to me, the child of my heart. No one will steal you from me...you have not yet reached your greatest moment. The truly great moment of your history, the moment when you will save the world still lies ahead.' ★ LOCUTIONS 2012 & 2015In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph. ★LOCUTIONS 2014 ★ ......................... ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of the Savior, Scatter the forces ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of the Savior, Scatter the forces of evil so they are not engrossed in darkness but can come to Light! amen, amen. † LOCUTIONS to the WORLD 9/29-10/9/13 ..................................................***************************

Monday, September 29, 2014

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 9/24-26/14 ★ A great war between heaven & hell is about to break forth upon the earth.

5. Satan’s Use of the Syrian Revolution

Sep 24th, 2014 - Mary
All the destructive events that now make the headlines, the wars, the executions and the extensive, massive human sufferings which follow, come from hell. They do not have a human source. Human beings knowingly or unknowingly, are merely instruments of hell. The important conclusion is the following.
Your human intellects are so puny that you will never have a strategy to defeat these evils. They confound you. They twist you in circles. One year you go in one direction. A year later, you go in another. You arm your friends and they become your enemies. You do not even know who is who. You are not sure whom you should bomb and whom you should arm. You do not even know the names of all the groups or how they interact.
Whom should I blame? You have long ago cast aside your faith and heaven’s help. You have built your own world and taught your children to be secular. Now you are bereft like an unarmed soldier facing a deadly foe.

As the events continue, these locutions will grow in importance. Remember that they began with the Egyptian Revolution (January 2011). That was my sign to the locutionist that these words had to go forth. That was the beginning but it was the Syrian revolution that lit the fuse. I spoke a year ago about this (The Middle East (April 25, to April 29, 2013)). Now you can see all the evils that have followed.
I have not abandoned the world. These locutions are a proof of my care for my children.
O reader, do not think your prayers and sacrifices are small. They are important to me. Your love, especially, consoles me. Continue in your little devotions. My great gifts have not been released. Oh, when will the Holy Father consecrate Russia? I wait but I also actively prepare for that moment.

Comment: The locutions grow deeper and become much more serious. A great war between heaven and hell is about to break forth upon the earth. The signs are becoming evident to all.

6. Hell’s Nuclear Arsenal

Sep 25th, 2014 - Mary 

There are fires of hell which the world has not yet seen. Only the beginning fires have billowed forth. Hell began in the hearts of the fallen angels. They were created to love God but chose only to love themselves. This fire is an intense hatred for themselves.
They did not want God’s presence, so they gathered together in their own hatred. What a kingdom! Highly intelligent and powerful creatures are inexorably linked together by the fires of hatred. No love and no friendships exist in hell. All are enemies.
From this caldron of unimaginable hatred comes forth the destruction and suffering on earth. The door was opened by man’s own rebellion and a refusal to serve God. The effects can be seen by all, especially in the intense hatreds and violence of the Middle East. Hatred, suffering, destruction – these are the clear signs of hell’s presence and power.
I teach all of this to underscore the total inability of mankind to put out these fires. Sometimes, human efforts multiply and spread the fires. Now, I come to the heart of my teaching – nuclear weapons. In all of these conflicts, conventional weapons have been used. Their power is great but still limited. Although Satan has not yet reached into his nuclear arsenal, the weapons are being made ready and soon they will find their way into the hands of those who will gladly use them.
At that moment, the world will come to a point which it has never reached, nuclear arms in the possession of hell itself. That is the combination which must be feared.
People will ask, “What are we to do?” Always I answer that human solutions do not exist but heaven will cast down another fire, a more powerful fire. The heavenly Father has already placed these fires in my Immaculate Heart. For almost a century, I have been speaking of these fires and all the blessings they contain. Over and over again, my central message has been about world peace. These fires must come forth. Yet who clamors to have them released? Especially in the Church, the great silence prevails. Changes must happen quickly. I do not want the annihilation of the nations.

7. Seeking to Destroy Everyone

Sep 26th, 2014 - Mary

Hell seeks to control everyone and every aspect of earth. Earth is a kingdom that it dearly covets. Earth is quite different from both heaven and hell. On earth everyone lives in time. There is a past, present and future. Earth has a history of events and God’s plan for earth unfolds day by day. Hell sees its great opportunity. It can interfere, change or even destroy that plan. For hell, earth is a place where it can get back at God and steal from him his own creatures. This is the reality I am trying to reveal.
Hell seeks to control everyone, every event and every aspect of earth. Hell is inexorable. It has no free will. It marches along a path it does not choose, a path of total hatred. As such, every person must be their target. Hell plots on the individual level, the national level and the international level. It plots in the heart of every person and in the gatherings of world leaders. Its plans are total. Every aspect of human life is analyzed. Every part of its plan fits together. Such is the kingdom of hell, about which man knows so little and is totally defenseless.
Have I made my case? Do you see now how important is the fire in my Immaculate Heart? Do you not want me as your companion on the journey? Is it not foolhardy for the Church to set me aside? I have made my point and revealed hell’s secrets. Let this word go forth. I will now reveal heaven’s secrets and the steps which the Father wants to happen.

Original Prayer to St. Michael by Pope Leo XIII: 

“O Glorious Prince of the heavenly host, St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in the battle and in the terrible warfare that we are waging against the principalities and powers, against the rulers of this world of darkness, against the evil spirits. Come to the aid of man, whom Almighty God created immortal, made in His own image and likeness, and redeemed at a great price from the tyranny of Satan.

“Fight this day the battle of the Lord, together with the holy angels, as already thou hast fought the leader of the proud angels, Lucifer, and his apostate host, who were powerless to resist thee, nor was there place for them any longer in Heaven. That cruel, ancient serpent, who is called the devil or Satan who seduces the whole world, was cast into the abyss with his angels. Behold, this primeval enemy and slayer of men has taken courage.

Transformed into an angel of light, he wanders about with all the multitude of wicked spirits, invading the earth in order to blot out the name of God and of His Christ, to seize upon, slay and cast into eternal perdition souls destined for the crown of eternal glory. This wicked dragon pours out, as a most impure flood, the venom of his malice on men of depraved mind and corrupt heart, the spirit of lying, of impiety, of blasphemy, and the pestilent breath of impurity, and of every vice and iniquity. “These most crafty enemies have filled and inebriated with gall and bitterness the Church, the spouse of the immaculate Lamb, and have laid impious hands on her most sacred possessions. 

In the Holy Place itself, where the See of Holy Peter and the Chair of Truth has been set up as the light of the world, they have raised the throne of their abominable impiety, with the iniquitous design that when the Pastor has been struck, the sheep may be. “Arise then, O invincible Prince, bring help against the attacks of the lost spirits to the people of God, and give them the victory. They venerate thee as their protector and patron; in thee holy Church glories as her defense against the malicious power of hell; to thee has God entrusted the souls of men to be established in heavenly beatitude. Oh, pray to the God of peace that He may put Satan under our feet, so far conquered that he may no longer be able to hold men in captivity and harm the Church. Offer our prayers in the sight of the Most High, so that they may quickly find mercy in the sight of the Lord; and vanquishing the dragon, the ancient serpent, who is the devil and Satan, do thou again make him captive in the abyss, that he may no longer seduce the nations. Amen.

V. Behold the Cross of the Lord; be scattered ye hostile powers.
R. The Lion of the tribe of Judah has conquered the root of David. 

V. Let Thy mercies be upon us, O Lord. 
R. As we have hoped in Thee. 

V. O Lord, hear my prayer. 
R. And let my cry come unto Thee. Let us pray.

O God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, we call upon Thy holy Name, and as supplicants, we implore Thy clemency, that by the intercession of Mary, ever Virgin Immaculate and our Mother, and of the glorious St. Michael the Archangel, Thou wouldst deign to help us against Satan and all the other unclean spirits who wander about the world for the injury of the human race and the ruin of souls. Amen.”

Spiritual Combat & the Feast of the Archangels Michael, Gabriel & Raphael,

The angels defend us

“[In] a dream I had [as a child.] … I saw … two hideous little devils dancing with surprising agility … in spite of the heavy irons attached to their feet. At first they cast fiery glances at me; then, as though suddenly terrified, [they... threw] themselves down … only to run and hide themselves in the laundry… overcoming my fears, I went to the window. The wretched little creatures were there, running about, …not knowing how to hide themselves from my gaze. From time to time they came nearer, peering through the windows with an uneasy air, then, seeing that I was still there, they began to run about again looking quite desperate. Of course this dream was nothing extraordinary; yet I think Our Lord made use of it to show me that a soul in the state of grace has nothing to fear from the devil, who is a coward, and will even fly from the gaze of a little child." ~ St. Therese of Lisieux

Spiritual Combat

Sunday, September 28, 2014

★ Messages from Jesus to Chosen Child - 9/20-26/14 ★ you are in the Chastisement and you will begin to feel it more and more every day.


Messages from Jesus Given to a Chosen Child in Chicago (September 20-26, 2014)

September 20, 2014 (9:15am)
Tell My beloved children to stay tuned to all that will be happening in the Church in the months to come. Beware of what is being preached from the pulpit. You may be hearing words of heresy and if you don’t know your faith you will be taken in by it. Buy a Catholic Catechism and read it so you can be aware if you are hearing anything contrary to Church teaching. Oh, My children, you were warned that the Churches will be closed one by one. That is going to happen. You will be given false information to why this is occurring. Yes, My children, you are in the Chastisement and you will begin to feel it more and more every day. Stay in prayer and you will get through the trying times ahead. A lot has to happen in a short space of time. I mentioned that time would be speeded up and this is now happening. Pray for Pope Francis he will soon declare the last dogma of the Church. There will be great turmoil and division among the hierarchy and the clergy which will cause confusion among the faithful. You who are reading these messages are privileged to know that this dogma is truly inspired by the Holy Spirit and is true. It will help to save the Church. The dogma is Mary Co-Redemptrix, Advocate, and Mediatrix of all Graces. She has been given this title by Me and she will help all who call on her to confirm this truth. My dear ones, you have much to look forward to after the Chastisement. There will be a New Heaven and a New Earth where love and peace prevail.
I love you, Jesus.

September 21, 2014 (10:29am)
Tell My beloved children time is running out for you to be included in the remnant that will be saved. If you are in sin you won’t be part of the remnant. There is so much sin in the world and most people will not be saved as sad as that is. In the Bible the question is asked will there be any faith when the Son of Man returns and the answer is very little. If you turn away from sin and get to Confession you will receive many graces to be at peace when the war comes to your country. Yes, My children, you are now in a Third World War and you can blame your president and other world leaders who caused this for the sake of greed and power. There is so much money involved and that’s what it is all about even though you will be made to believe it is something else. My dear ones, soon you will feel the brunt of the war. Thousands of lives will be taken and many more will be injured. You have been warned of this before and many still will not believe and will doubt My words given here. It is so urgent to pray for your country and its future leaders who will be forced to deal with this. Before this gets out of control, your president will be impeached, as you were told many things will happen in a short space of time. Be on your guard at all times as the terrorists have been given orders to attack. You will be hearing of horrific happenings in your country. Pray, My children, pray for Pope Francis who will proclaim the last dogma of the faith before he dies. Soon he will no longer be able to carry out his wishes that he intended to do but he will get the dogma proclaimed. Pray, pray, pray.
I love you, Jesus.

September 22, 2014 (10:09am)
Tell My beloved children these messages are very urgent for you to come back into God’s graces. As you are being told there are many horrific things coming to your country and you must be prepared spiritually if you are to survive. If you are one of those who ends up dying if you are not in the state of grace and that means you have mortal sins on your soul, you will go straight to Hell. I’m sorry to be so blunt but you must realize the danger your soul is in when you commit a mortal sin. My dear children, these messages have been given for many years and yet most of you read them out of curiosity and make no effort to change. Don’t take any more chances of losing your soul. The Illumination will come this year and that doesn’t give you much time to get your life right with the Lord. There is so much that will keep you from coming back to Confession but don’t be lulled into a false sense of security by not believing these words and telling yourself this is coming from someone’s imagination. These words are warnings from Me, Jesus, and you had better heed My advice. Oh, My children, only a remnant will be saved when I return to the world. Don’t you want to be part of that remnant? Everyone seems to want to live for what the world has to offer and that is empty promises and sorrows. I offer you love, joy and peace that you can’t get from the world. What is more important to you? My dear ones, you must pray for Pope Francis. His suffering is almost unbearable for a human to endure. He is getting extra supernatural graces to help him until the end. Continue to pray for your country which is about to undergo major severe weather conditions which will cause much suffering for everyone. Remember who is in control, My children. It is not humans who cause storms and high winds. Only your prayers will keep you in peace when all this happens.
I love you, Jesus.

September 23, 2014 (9:24am)
Tell My beloved children there is so little time left before the Warning comes and yet so few reading these words are willing to come away from their sinful ways. Oh, My children, you must take these messages seriously if you are to survive what is coming. What more can I say or do to convince you of the authenticity of these words? My dear children, maybe when you start to see the high winds and blustery storms and floods causing loss of life by the thousands then you will believe but by then it may be too late. Remember you have been told over and over once the Warning comes you won’t have the graces which are now available to you. You won’t be able to fight satan and his demons which will be everywhere. Oh, My children, pray and ask for the grace to come out of your sinful relationships. The only way this can happen is if you pray for help. Leave the person you are now living with in an illicit way. You must do this or you will lose your soul. I can’t say it more bluntly. You must pay heed and follow these words. My dear ones, your president and other evil world leaders are about to have the war come to your country from the Middle East. The terrorists are being paid to come to your country and begin small wars everywhere among neighborhoods. This will cause race riots so that your president will call in Marshall Law. Don’t try and figure out how all this could possibly happen. Just know that it will so you must be on your guard at all times. Remember all these things will happen very rapidly in a short space of time. You are all feeling how time is speeded up and how fast the months are slipping by. Please pray for Pope Francis who will soon proclaim the last dogma of the Church.
I love you, Jesus

September 24, 2014 (9:27am)
Tell My beloved children there will be attacks and assaults on all families. Say extra prayers especially the Rosary. The devil is on a rampage. He wants to cause division between children and their parents, especially the teens. There is so much you can do to thwart all his temptations if you would only pray. Sin is rampant in the world and that is because My children have turned away from God and have chosen the deceit of the world. Oh, My children reading these messages, warn your family and friends of what is coming in the very near future. You have been told many times the government wants to take over your lives and they mean to do it by mandating a chip to be placed under your skin so they can keep track of where you are at all times. Don’t allow this to happen, My children. You will have to suffer in many ways if you refuse but I will protect you from all harm even if you have to endure suffering the loss of your job. There will be great confusion among the people since they will be given reasons that seem ok for them to allow this. Some family members will resist the government’s demands. Oh, My children, your elections will soon be here. Don’t believe anything you hear from the media regarding the candidates and their prospects of winning. They will tell you lies to get you to vote for who the Administration wants you to vote for. Be on your guard as to whom you believe. Be sure you vote for all pro-life candidates or at least the most pro-life of two candidates running against each other. My dear ones, there will soon be great division in the Church over the last dogma of the faith. You know the truth others will be confused since they won’t know who to believe. Some priests, Cardinals, and Bishops will have major disputes over this. You know in order to remain a Catholic you must believe this dogma no matter what may be said to the contrary. Pray, My children, pray.
I love you, Jesus.

September 25, 2014 (9:54am)
Tell My beloved children there will be more bloodshed in the streets of your cities. The terrorists will go at random killing and maiming countless people who will be totally taken by surprise. I’m sorry to have to tell you such awful news but you must be on your guard and prepared at all times. You know you are in the Chastisement and this is part of the suffering you will endure. My dear ones, there is more to tell you about this but this is all you can handle at this time. Be prepared spiritually so that whatever happens you will be protected. Call on Me, Jesus, when you feel fearful or anxious. The devil will work on you with these two things. You have nothing to fear if you are in prayer I will always be at your side. My dear children, as you know your elections will determine whether you will save or lose your country. Make sure you try to convince all who are eligible to vote for pro-life candidates. This is the only way your country will survive. Don’t listen to what the media tell you about the candidates or their ads with all their lies. Pray to the Holy Spirit for guidance in your selection of candidates. Oh, My children, so much is about to happen in your country you won’t be able to keep up with it. I know you’re tired of hearing all this but this is the price you pay for sin. The abortion rate is going down a little as more of you are seeing what really happens when a baby is aborted. However millions and millions of babies have been aborted and that is an abomination to the Lord and must be paid for. There are many young people who have had more than one baby murdered in their womb. My dear children, what more can be done to stop this horrific crime against humanity. You must pray as you have never prayed before so you can endure what will soon be on your doorstep. Oh, My children, there is great turmoil going on in the Vatican at this time. It will soon come out and all will know about it. Pray for dear Pope Francis who will suffer regarding this. Oh, My children, don’t take these messages lightly. You have so much to pray for.
I love you, Jesus.

September 26, 2014 (9:28am)
Tell My beloved children to be prepared for very disturbing words. There will be a great earthquake in your country which will split the country in two. It will affect every state. Oh, My children, can you see how important it is for you to pray and to be in the state of grace? Thousands will die and thousands will be permanently injured. Oh, My children, it breaks My heart to see My children suffer like this but this is all the result of your sins and refusal to turn back to the Lord. My dear ones, it is because of My love for you that this has to happen. Many will turn back to the Lord and save their souls. However many more will die unrepentant. Pray that you will be among those who come back to the Lord before it is too late. You don’t know when this is going to happen so you must be prepared at all times. I told you that much has to happen in a short space of time and this is true. You must believe to be saved. Oh, My children, after all this there will be New Heaven and a New Earth and this is what you can look forward to if you heed these messages and turn back to the Lord. Focus on that, My children, and you will have My peace.
I love you, Jesus.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

St. Anna Weeping.

The Virgin Mary’s message of September 25 is a call to joy
but how to feel joy in times of suffering and trial?

Icon of St. Anna, the Mother of the Holy Virgin Mary, located in the Russian Orthodox Church of Our Lady of Joy of All Who Sorrow in Philadelphia

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 9/20-23/14 ★ Satan’s Network, & The 'Gate of Hell' that has been opened in America!

1. Going From Light to Darkness
Sep 20th, 2014 - Mary

Come, I want to take you into the darkness of hell. Only then can you understand the events that are taking place and the hideousness of sin. There will be stages of this darkness and at the very end, we will come to the center, face to face with Satan and his legions.

The road from light into darkness begins slowly. It is like a twilight. The person still believes, still practices their faith, but in certain areas of life they begin to leave God’s law behind. Attractions grow that were never tolerated before. Religious practices become secondary and routine. The flower is cut off from its deep roots of faith and no longer draws nourishment from the soil.

The person can no longer fight the culture and soon becomes one with it. The joys found in religious practices fade and the heart is consumed with worldly goals. The soul becomes powerless in the face of temptations and more and more succumbs to a lifestyle that it would previously have rejected.

The soul has not yet fallen into darkness but it skirts the edges, stumbles often, rises slowly and is greatly weakened while Satan waits for his moment, ready to claim a soul that had lived in the light.

2. Satan’s Network
Sep 21st, 2014 - Mary

Sometimes the earth trembles, the skies grow dark and the waves are in turmoil, as happen with hurricanes, earthquakes and tornados. All of these are symbols of the destructive powers of hell. A force is released which disturbs the existing order. Although some earthly manifestations have a satanic root, hell’s greatest powers are shown in human events like anger, disputes, misunderstandings, breaking of promises, destruction of relationships, greed, scandals, sometimes a complete and sudden destruction of what seemed so stable.

These powers of hell do not break forth in natural disasters but within the human person. All are subject to these powers and many mistakenly believe that these are human misunderstandings or human errors. Really, hell is breaking loose and, if not overcome, the powers will keep spreading. Satan wants only to destroy, to tear down, and to ruin.

However the powers of hell reach another level when they fasten upon hearts which are committed to evil, twisted hearts which have made evil decisions and deliberately chosen evil paths. Satan raises these people up, gives them places of authority, fills their pockets with money, lavishes upon them great political powers, protects them from their enemies, and keeps them in power until they no longer serve his purposes. These people are everywhere, in the world and in the Church, in business and in education, in politics and in science. Without knowing it, they form a network of evil that protects each other and fights for the same causes. They are intelligent, powerful, accepted by many, often well-groomed, highly educated and even charming.

They persuade others, lead causes, and are brilliant in speech. They have no love for the truth and see no evil in breaking God’s law. All is expediency, whatever gains their distorted goals.

Society is on the brink because Satan owns so many thousands of people. Their passions are disordered and their egos dominate their thoughts. They are his vanguard, his instruments in leading the world over the brink, where it is now headed unless the powers in my Immaculate Heart are soon released.

No human mind can detect Satan’s network and no human force can destroy it. Only the Woman Clothed With the Sun is his worthy adversary.

3. Fact to Face With Hell
Sep 22nd, 2014 - Mary

Before leading to the important conclusions, I must take you face to face with this kingdom of hell, for it is truly a kingdom, with a hierarchy and members, tightly knit and under the leadership of Satan, whose name as an angel was Lucifer, the bearer of light.

I must open your eyes and you must see. There can be no mistake, no claiming that the kingdom of hell is just a name for impersonal evils that inevitably happen in human events. No, the kingdom of hell is persons. Fallen angels are persons, with intellect and free will. They have used their free will to reject light and to choose darkness, to reject love and choose hatred, to reject service and choose pride. They are bound to each other by their “No” to Jesus Christ and to his kingdom of light. They contain every possible evil and seek only to pour it forth upon mankind of whom they are extremely jealous because human persons have a chance to replace them on their heavenly thrones.

This kingdom of total darkness and complete evil constantly breaks forth into human history, destroying the good and promoting destruction. This kingdom is intelligent and powerful, always keeping itself hidden unless it serves their purpose to be known and seen.

Unaware of this intelligent powerful, evil, destructive and well organized kingdom, human beings cooperate with it, find some aspects attractive, dabble in its powers and open their hearts to becoming a member.
All of this, I will explain further.

4. Turing the World Into a Hell
Sep 23rd, 2014 - Mary

Let us pierce to the very heart of hell, which is the free will of all the angels who rejected the light. By their own choice their wills are filled with an unquenchable fire. God made them angelic persons with the most piercing intellects and the firmest of wills, mighty angels in his image and likeness, far outstripping any human person. It is impossible to conceive the perfection of the angelic beings or the great powers which they received.

However, when invited to use these powers for love and for service, they were blinded by their own perfections and cried out with one voice “We will not serve!” Immediately, all of their great powers turned in upon themselves. Their free choice began an eternal fire because their wills chose only themselves.

In that moment, hell began in the heart of each fallen angel. They hated themselves and each other and were bound together in this fire of hatred. Such are the flames of hell, which now spread so rapidly in human history and can be seen everywhere.

Do not say that the destructive fires of Syria, Iraq, ISIS, the Ukraine and Gaza are human fires. They are the fires of hell, flowing from the hearts of those who would turn the whole world into a hell. This is the mystery I am trying to reveal.

"The Next 30 Days"

    Thursday, September 25, 2014

    ★ URGENT COORDINATING PROPHECIES ★ for the entire world to be united in prayer & fasting for the next 30 days.

    Communication #1
    The Next Thirty Days

    At times, it is very difficult to know what God’s Plan is. It is so perfect that, often, we have no idea as to what to expect.

    Thus, we come to the purpose of this memo.

    We are aware of various visionaries and messengers who have (amazingly) received this startling and parallel communication without prior knowledge of each other’s messages. The communication is this:

    Stop activity for the next 30 days and pray intensely (or variations of this statement).

    My thinking is that mutual communication of this sort is one of many ways the Lord is creating to keep us informed in the midst of the spiritual battle that is taking place. As always, I ask for your prayers and DISCERNMENT.

    Here are some examples of other folks that have received this message in one way or another:
    My wife Maria:

    My wife Maria was sharing with me that after praying the Rosary heard the voice of Jesus tell her not to purchase any large item for the next Thirty days. We were both puzzled and could not understand what was going on.

    John Martinez, Jr.

    I went into prayer and asked Our Lady about what the next 30 days was all about. She gently told me that it was not meant for me to know yet. She told me to share with the world community that she is requesting for the entire world to be united in prayer and fasting for the next 30 days.

    Mother of God Website – Shut down for the next 30 days.

    I received an email from the founder of the Forum for The-Mother-of-God and it reads as follows:
    Mother of God: padraigcaughey@hotmail.com

    Hi Everyone,

    I was praying to Our Lady yesterday evening and got strong sense the she wanted me to lock down and close the forum for a period of one month. I took some time to consult with other members of the forum for discernment. Upon returning to Our Lady in prayer I got a very strong urgent prayer confirmation that I should comply with her wishes and this is what I have done. So the forum will be closed until the 21st of October.

    Why does Mary wish this? I have no idea, I wasn't told. I could speculate it might be any one of a hundred things, to protect the forum from attack , or to cause us to pray more, or to slow things down, I just don't know.

    I do know I have had strong feelings about dramatic events in our poor world next month.

    It sounds like a really dumb idea closing a busy forum like this for such an extended period, but then the Wisdom of God often appears mere foolishness to men. I do know in going again in prayer to the Feet of Mary I receive even stronger interior confirmation that this is Heaven's will.

    So do not be too hard on me, I only try to follow what the Boss says. She knows what she is doing even if we don't.

    I had hoped to leave the PM function open, to let people access the site without posting and to leave the prayer requests open for posting but this does not seem technically to be possible.

    It sounds trite but I am really and truly missing you all already. I better go before I go all mushy. God and Our Blessed Mother Bless you all.

    Remember her requests, Pray, pray, pray the rosary.
    Engage in radical personal conversion.
    Stay close to Mother Church.
    See you bright and early on the 21st, of the month of the Holy Angels, October.

    Jim Fifth: www.AfterTheWarning.com

    It has become apparent to me that Heaven is becoming silent as of lately, almost like the silence at the eve of war when the 2 armies are face to face, just waiting for the first to strike to occur. Many visionaries and mystics have fallen silent with the sense of a need for prayer (which has left me with little to post as of lately). Even our protestant brothers and sisters are experiencing similar nudges. For instance, Rick Wiles, host of TruNews.com, felt a prompt by the Holy Spirit to drastically alter his broadcast from one of information to one focused on prayer and intersession. Truly, Heaven's silence is almost deafening.

    I have heard this message from sincere Christian brethren throughout the world; we do not have an answer as to its meaning, but need to be obedient to Our Lady and the Holy Spirit who are telling us to be united as a world-wide-community.

    Again, let us to pray, pray, pray with all our hearts and fast for the next 30 days!

    Let us be united in Jesus through Mary,

    John-Servant of God

    Note from Webmaster: If anyone has also experience such an occurence in recent days, please share your story with us. We can be reached at saintpiofan@afterthewarning.com. (Please let us know if we have your permission to post your comments.)

    As You Rise

    Walk the Earth as My ambassadors. 
    Be filled with My Spirit, and do not compromise virtue. 
    Ask for a powerful outpouring of My Spirit as you rise. 

    ★ Revelaciones Marianas - August 17, 2014 ★ THIS IS THE DECISIVE INSTANT, THERE WON’T BE ANOTHER

    August 17th, 2014
    From Our Blessed Mother
    Beloved children of My Immaculate Heart:


    My children:

    These instants are a test and of personal decision towards good or towards evil. Not all of those who are now proclaiming loyalty and Faith on the path to My Son will continue to do so. To grow in Faith is crucial for My children, and prayer must be a personal relationship with the Blessed Trinity, because this will give the creature the certainty that he is a creature of God and that God is God. I suffer for what is happening and what will happen to you….

    Temptation influences all creatures, you will succumb if you give free rein to the human “ego”; consequently it will gather strength and will defeat you separating you from My Son. STAY ALERT, THE ENEMY OF THE SOUL UTILIZES THE SLIGHTEST DETAILS AND THE SLIGHTEST WORDS TO ERECT THE GREAT WALL OF DIVISION BETWEEN THOSE WHO REMAIN UNITED IN THE NAME OF MY SON TO CARRY OUT SPECIFIC ASSIGNMENTS FROM HEAVEN. Satan’s sentiment towards man is one: discord.

    My beloved:


    Children, bad habits have engulfed you and you hold them within you.

    Beloved, if man would have dedicated science to build the Weapon of Love, this instant would be of joyfulness and not a threat to humanity, not of bitterness or pain, not of death or tears. The war is in the blink of an eye, you blame each other, humanity is aware of the forces that make war.
    Human selfishness, controlled by evil, grows against its fellowman. The rage that Satan has transferred to man to act against the Love of My Son and those who are faithful to Him, knows no boundaries.


    WALK AND DON’T LOOK RIGHT OR LEFT, KEEP YOUR EYES FIXED ON THE GOAL, SEEKING GOD. DON’T FORGET THAT YOU WILL BE CONSTANTLY TESTED. My Son has not given your life to only suffer, but to offer you His Mercy and thus attain Eternal Life.

    My Son is God of Love, of mercy, He is compassionate and slow to anger. And what does this generation do? Mock the Divine Love and replaces it with vices, ambition, power, lies and trusting its soul to evil, forcing the Divine Justice to correct man so no more souls will be lost.

    I wait for you instant by instant with My Heart beating for you. Guide your steps to My Son, towards the Truth on the right path.


    My beloved:

    The demon and his legions will be tormentors of their followers and of those who are not; the spiritual struggle in this instant is strong and will even be much more if My children do not remain alert, recognizing evil when it comes to separate you from My Son.

    There has been several periods of such struggles that the Church of My Son has confronted.


    Do not forget that the example of life is the key for you to rescue souls; examples are stronger than words.

    My children, humanity will continue growing in the ill-used of the human will, forgetting not the fact that all actions originate in the mind. Man thinks he knows everything and that he knows the truth about everything, this is the cause of evil actions and the fact that the world find itself out of control, thus the cause of pain for My Son and this Mother.

    Pray, My children, the Church of My Son will fall into schism, division increases.
    Pray, My children, for Great Britain, the pain will tinge the earth with blood.
    Pray, My children, New York will suffer because of the outward anger.

    Wake up children, wake up! Do not ignore the fact that man has created evil, the nuclear energy is the apocalyptic instrument revealed by My Son.


    My beloved:

    My Heart will triumph.

    This Mother wants faithful children, no hesitation that will distract them from their path and the Divine Call. UNITY MUST BE THE WEAPON OF ALL WHO ARE CALLED MY CHILDREN, DISCORD IS SATAN’S FUEL.

    Come and welcome My Son, fuse yourself with Him, He will not abandon you, He is the Eternal Presence of Love.


    I love you, I bless you.

    Mother Mary.

    Revelaciones Mariana

    Wednesday, September 24, 2014

    fracturing the pillars of the entire vaccine establishment & the Continued Adventures of the Climate Wonks

    The Scottish Independence Vote Was Rigged, The Results Were Fixed In Advanced

    There are 2 other MMR vaccine whistleblowers

    The People's March against common sense: "Confronted with questions about the disproportionate burden that expensive renewable energy places on the poor, they had no good answers."
    BUT HERE'S THE RUB IN ALL OF THIS!! "Some protesters called for “criminal penalties” against companies that use hydraulic fracturing (or “fracking”) to harvest natural gas from shale formations. Fracking is what is making it possible for America to transition away from carbon-heavy coal-powered electricity, which is something environmentalists also demand. But promoting self-defeating policies comes naturally to many of them. If not for their long fight against nuclear power, the U.S. could well be almost carbon-free today, as France already is. Their decades of activism against drilling to tap into America's abundant domestic reserves of oil guaranteed U.S. military involvement in the Middle East. On another front, if they succeed in scaring buyers away from genetically modified food, a far greater share of the earth's surface will have to be deforested and dedicated to agriculture."
    Yes, you are insane if you eat GMOs, or support the agenda.

    Tuesday, September 23, 2014

    Today is the Feast of St. Pio of Pietrelcina.

    A Prayer of St. “Padre” Pio


    Stay with me, Lord, for it is necessary to have You present so that I do not forget You. You know how easily I abandon You.

    Stay with me, Lord, because I am weak and I need Your strength, that I may not fall so often.

    Stay with me, Lord, for You are my life, and without You, I am without fervor.

    Stay with me, Lord, for You are my light, and without You, I am in darkness.

    Stay with me, Lord, to show me Your will.

    Stay with me, Lord, so that I hear Your voice and follow You.

    Stay with me, Lord, for I desire to love You very much, and always be in Your company.

    Stay with me, Lord, if You wish me to be faithful to You.

    Stay with me, Lord, for as poor as my soul is, I wish it to be a place of consolation for You, a nest of Love.

    Stay with me, Jesus, for it is getting late and the day is coming to a close, and life passes, death, judgement, eternity approaches. It is necessary to renew my strength, so that I will not stop along the way and for that, I need You. It is getting late and death approaches. I fear the darkness, the temptations, the dryness, the cross, the sorrows. O how I need You, my Jesus, in this night of exile!

    Stay with me tonight, Jesus, in life with all its dangers, I need You.

    Let me recognize You as Your disciples did at the breaking of bread, so that the Eucharistic Communion be the light which disperses the darkness, the force which sustains me, the unique joy of my heart.

    Stay with me, Lord, because at the hour of my death, I want to remain united to You, if not by Communion, at least by grace and love.

    Stay with me, Jesus, I do not ask for divine consolation, because I do not merit it, but, the gift of Your Presence, oh yes, I ask this of You!

    Stay with me, Lord, for it is You alone I look for. Your Love, Your Grace, Your Will, Your Heart, Your Spirit, because I love You and ask no other reward but to love You more and more.

    With a firm love, I will love You with all my heart while on earth and continue to love You perfectly during all eternity.


    The Battle of the Civic Center: Thousands of prayerful witnesses dwarf black mass turnout in OKC

    The Battle of the Civic Center

    via Fr. Z's Blog

    Monday, September 22, 2014

    ★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 9/14-19/14 ★ The way of integrity is the path of truth.

    1. Man’s Free Will

    Sep 14th, 2014 - Mary
    I call this the Valley of Decision. Valley implies mountains on every side and this image brings home the importance of what takes place. A valley is central, the lowest, the deepest, and, at the same time, the most important.
    Such is your will. It lies at the deepest point of the human person. It is central and the most important component of every human life. The will is the valley of decision, the unique power that man uses to decide for good or for evil.
    I will shed great light upon this valley. I cannot decide for you. You alone must choose. But I can help you, flooding you with light and teaching you how to use your free will and gain heaven.

    2. The King & Queen of Material Creation

    In spite of these prerogatives, their wills remained free, free even from disordered passions and ambitions. They were the king and the queen of his earthly kingdom, meant to pass on their riches to all of their children.
    It did not happen. They failed the test. The riches were lost and the inner order was shattered.
    Such is the state of sinful humanity and the disordered history of mankind. O reader, you are plunged into this sin and disorder, through no fault of your own. How can you conquer? How can your free will, mired in sinful history, correctly choose your Maker? This is the mystery which I will unfold.

    3. The Powerful Valley

    All you must do is enter the valley where all else is left behind. The valley is holy and contains every gift. The valley will transform you, strip you of all darkness and clothe you with light. You will be free and will discover all the helps offered to you – your guardian angel, the sacraments and the word of God. I will be there in the valley and all of my helps will flood your soul.
    When you plunge into the world, you are alone but when you walk into the valley you discover all the help that heaven offers you. This valley is in your own heart, the free will that resides in the center of your being. When you were baptized, the great valley of grace poured forth. That is the mystery I will explain.

    4. Living in Truth

    The way of integrity is the path of truth. Only truth sets the will free. Otherwise, it is bound by error and confusion, easily led astray and choosing false goods.
    Truth is light but man loves the darkness which allows him to choose evil. I must make the truth attractive so you will always choose this light.
    The first truth is that God gave you existence and that you owe everything to him. The second truth is that he sent Jesus, his only Son, to free you from sin and darkness. The third truth is that he sent the Holy Spirit into your heart to lift you into the kingdom.
    This is your greatness and when I speak of the beauty of the Valley of Decision, I am speaking about a free will immersed in God’s Holy Spirit. This is your greatness. A Valley of Decision bereft of the Holy Spirit is a Valley of Darkness.
    The first step of truth is to receive the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth. The steps are easy. He comes by faith in Jesus and by holy Baptism. His presence is regained after sin by a good confession. His presence and power multiplies by constant Holy Communion, prayer and a reading of Scripture. These are the certain and sure helps. Use them constantly and you will live in truth.

    5. The Freedom in the Valley

    Come, reader, I will lead you into the great freedom. You find this freedom only in the valley of your own heart when it is filled with God’s grace and God’s life.
    The first freedom is to see how important you are to God. You are unique and precious to him. You must see all that God has done for you. He brought you into existence and sent Jesus to redeem you. He baptized you and his Holy Spirit pours out his treasures. Be entering this valley, you see yourself in God’s ever-loving presence. Never can anyone degrade you because you are a child of the King.
    You also see that your sins are forgiven in Jesus’ precious blood. (Make sure you get to confession.) No one can accuse you. Finally, you are ready to live like God’s child, offending no one, making reparation for whatever evil you have caused and trying to help everyone along the way.
    You are free. Just enter the Valley of Decision, which is your own heart, your free will by which you choose to be God’s child.

    6. The Secret of the Saints

    The child is with its heavenly Father.
    The person must visit this valley often, every single day. Otherwise, confusion reigns and the cacophony of many voices pull the person in different directions.
    Let me explain this simple experience that is easily available. By grace, Jesus lives within you. He calls you into this center of your heart. He waits for you there at every moment of your day. It is a great secret to learn how to go in spirit and come into his presence, even for a few moments of what is solitude.
    You are alone with Jesus, deliberately giving to him power over your free will. You are surrendering to him and seeking only his light. He refreshes you, assures you of his love and tells you to return often to this holy place where he dwells within you.
    I have shared with you the secret of the saints in the most simple words. Hold these teachings in your heart.


    ★ the extraordinary moment we are in ★

    “…the one who prays is not afraid of the future…”

    Sunday, September 21, 2014

    3,000 Turn Out for Eucharistic Holy Hour to Counter "Black Mass"

    Then the idol they worship will be their judge and executioner if they do not repent. message to pelianito 9/20/14

    Archbishop Says Oklahoma City Has Been Targeted by "Dark Forces"


    Rosary of Reparation Tonight 6 PM St. Anthony of Padua Fitchburg - You can make a difference, for Oklahoma City, your own community and yourself.

    Rosary of Reparation Tonight 6 PM
    St. Anthony of Padua, Fitchburg, Ma.

    "Here in Fitchburg the Knights of Columbus St. Anthony of Padua council # 15962 will be holding a Rosary of Reparation at 6 PM EST at St. Anthony of Padua Church 84 Salem Street Fitchburg Mass. All are welcome to join us in this public Rosary and prayers.

    Take the time to check if there is something similar going on in your diocese, if so attend if you can. If there is not and there is a Eucharist Adoration chapel in your area (you can find the closest here) visit it for a holy hour.

    If that is not possible visit your local parish and pray your rosary or the Chaplet of St. Michael. If you aren’t in a position to leave your house you can go to this site for a live image of the blessed sacrament and leave it up, offer a Rosary the prayer of St. Michael or other suitable prayers."

    Saturday, September 20, 2014

    ★ Messages from Jesus to Chosen Child - 9/13-19/14 ★ You have no idea of what you are going to face. Only God can help you.


    Small frog in autumn leaves in a river with its head peeping above the water surface Stock Photo - 8004092

    Messages from Jesus Given to a Chosen Child in Chicago (September 13-19, 2014)

    September 13, 2014 (9:09am)
    Tell My beloved children that all is not well in your country.  There are so many who are trying to destroy it and undermine your Constitution.  They are making laws which destroy the value of life and morality.  They are redefining the sacred sacrament of marriage and make a mockery of it.  There is so much sin among young people.  They have no one to follow as an example of goodness and sound values and principles.  My Commandments are being ignored.  There is no more true love of the Lord and His Church.  There are very few who serve the Lord.  Their hearts are in the world and they have no interest in doing the right thing.  They follow the crowd and the crowd is heading for damnation.  Is this what faith the Lord will find when he returns?  Can you see why there has to be a Chastisement to turn people back to the Lord?  Abortion is practiced as birth control in some countries.  These beautiful babies that could have saved your country are no longer a possibility.  My children, what have you done with all the gifts that you have received?  You have squandered these and other blessings that could have brought you happiness and peace.  If you continue living in sin you will pay the consequence of losing your soul.   Are you willing to pay such a price?  Pray, My children, pray.  You have no idea of what you are going to face.  Only God can help you.
    I love you, Jesus.

    September 14, 2014 (8:48am)
    Tell My beloved children there is more to come regarding your president’s impeachment.  Don’t doubt that this will happen.  It takes time to put all the documents together, so be patient.  My dear children, the next few months will bring about major weather changes.  You won’t believe how this will affect your lives.  Be prepared for terrible cold and blistery conditions with high winds and power outages.  Have plenty of warm clothing and blankets since you don’t know if you will be without heat due to the power outages.  My dear children, your president thinks he is ready to command all the citizens to have the chip placed under your skin.  Under no circumstances are you to submit to this.  You may lose your job or you may suffer consequences of the government but know that if you stay in prayer you will always be protected and at peace.  The enemy is lurking everywhere looking for an opportunity to get you to sin.  Be on your guard, My children.  Don’t take chances by going places or listening to programs, watching tv or other things that could lead you to commit a serious sin.  Remember you have to avoid occasions of sin in order to not commit mortal sins.  My dear children, as you were told many things are to happen in a short space of time.  Time is going to be speeded up so you won’t be able to keep up with all you want to accomplish.  Spend as much time in prayer as you can.  Turn off the tv and your computers and iphones etc and spend quiet time with the Lord by yourself.  My dear ones, if you still yourself and quietly listen you will hear the voice of the Lord speak to your heart.  You must be in the state of grace or this can’t happen.  Soon the Pope will proclaim the last dogma of the Church.  You must believe this in order to remain Catholic.  There will be much confusion and misinformation when this comes out so just know the words of the dogma were inspired by the Holy Spirit to Pope Francis and he has been called to accomplish this before he dies.  You now know the truth so there is no excuse to not believe it.  My children, your Church will be divided because of this.  You are on the right side of the issue so don’t be persuaded by others that this is from an anti-pope and you shouldn’t believe it.  Pope Francis is not the anti-pope.  He is good and holy and was chosen for these times to proclaim this dogma of your faith.  Believe what he says.  Oh, My dear ones, you will be so torn when you hear these words of the dogma but trust, My dear ones, these words are from the Holy Spirit and they are absolutely true.  Pray for your Pope since he will receive much criticism from some members of the hierarchy.
    I love you, Jesus.

    September 15, 2014 (5:58pm)
    Tell My beloved children there is going to be a time you wished you prayed more.  Store up graces now while there is still time to pray for the protection and safety of your country.  You can’t imagine what evil is planned for your country.  There are many devious and cunning people prompted by satan himself to destroy your Constitution.  Once they accomplish that then they feel they can have free rein to do what they want.  What they want is a Godless society run by people who think Socialism is what the country needs.  Socialism will never work and so all their evil ideas will fail by the grace of God through your prayers.  My dear ones, you were told to be prepared for radical changes in the temperatures.  This will all happen suddenly so be sure to have plenty of warm clothing and blankets.  These things are going to take place in states that normally have mild weather.  Oh, My children, so much is going to happen very soon politically in your country.  This Administration is going to try and cheat in all the states and try to fix the outcome through dishonesty and using voters that shouldn’t have the right to vote.  In spite of all their plans they will fail desperately.  This will be in part because of your prayers.  Think of all the other outcomes that could be affected by your prayers.  Remember when you pray you get closer to the Lord as you receive graces for whatever you are praying for.  It breaks My heart to know that most of My children will ignore the opportunities they will receive to gain graces.  The world is too attractive to them.  The enemy has swayed their thinking and they will continue living in their selfish sinful ways.  There is such a need for prayer, My children.  Won’t you be the one to answer My call?
    I love you, Jesus.

    September 16, 2014 (10:47am)
    Tell My beloved children to take advantage of the good weather you have now.  Take walks and enjoy nature that was created for your enrichment.  Soon that is going to change.  The winds will be very strong so that you won’t want to be outside.  My dear ones, pay attention to what is going on in politics.  There are some who are being primed by the powers behind the scenes to run for office so they can do their bidding.  They will be given money and material gifts for them to run for office.  Then the powers behind the scenes will try to pull many tricks and dishonest games to get their candidate elected.  Make sure you know who the candidate is that you vote for and where he stands on abortion and gay rights.  You must not vote for anyone with these moral standards.  Oh, My children, these are trying times for everyone.  There is so much evil in the world.  So many of My children have been duped into believing the devil doesn’t exist.  This is exactly what he wants you to believe.  He can win you over with his lies and deceit without your being aware of it.  Oh, My children, be aware he is lurking around you all the time.  He looks for opportunities to get the holiest of people to fall.  It is easy for him to get the ones who are lukewarm in their faith.  Once he has conquered getting holy people to fall he can get those who were their followers to fall.  So, My dear ones, satan is very much alive so don’t let your guard down at any time.  My dear children, your Pope Francis is getting weaker every day.  Soon he won’t be able to carry out some of the tasks he wants to.  Pray for him as he gets closer to proclaiming the last dogma of the Church.  This is when all the turmoil and division will start.  Pray your Rosary for protection against the devil who will be trying to get you to get discouraged and lose your faith.
    I love you, Jesus.

    September 17, 2014 (9:57am)
    Tell My beloved children to get to Confession as soon as you can.  Don’t put if off any longer.  Remember you were told the Illumination and Warning will come this year.  Those of you who are not Catholic ask God for forgiveness of your serious sins with a contrite and repentant heart. This although it will be frightening to some is a great gift from God to remind you of how your sins could have kept you from going to Heaven.  Some in fact will experience the Warning and go right back to their sinful ways and may endanger their souls of going to Hell if someone doesn’t pray for them.  My dear ones, your elections will soon be here.  This Administration and all their cohorts are working feverishly to defeat their opponents.  They will cheat lie and do anything they possibly can to find the outcome in their favor.  This time they won’t be able to get away with all their schemes.  Many will be watching to see that they don’t get accomplished all they hoped to.  My dear children, your president will be impeached even if it doesn’t seem possible.  There are those who will make this possible who are almost ready to carry this out.  You are still going to have a president who was chosen for these times.  I know all this sounds unbelievable but it will happen by a great miracle only God can do.  Be patient a little while longer and all this will come to pass.  Continue your prayers and fasting for your country your Pope Francis and your Church.  They are all going to undergo a major attack. 
    I love you, Jesus.

    September 18, 2014 (9:18am)
    Tell My beloved children there is so much going on behind the scenes in the White House.  They see they are losing the trust of the people and are afraid they may lose in the elections.  They are pulling every evil trick and scheme to control the outcome of the elections.  They will fail and then they will take desperate measures to keep their power.  Be on your guard as the elections approach.  Verify everything that is being claimed by those seeking election or reelection.  They will say anything to win.  Be aware there may be unexplained deaths or even alleged suicides.  These people are desperate and will do whatever it takes to hold on to their power.  Oh, My children, enjoy the mild weather while you can since it isn’t going to last.  Appreciate nature with the changing colors and blue skies.  Once these days of autumn are over there will be radical weather changes.  Oh, My children, a lot is going on in the Vatican behind the scenes.  The evil Cardinals responsible for Pope Francis coming death are planning with the Cardinal who will be the anti-pope.  They will be working together for the downfall of the Church.  These are not and have never been true Cardinals who believed in the truths of the Church.  They have been false leaders all along and were planted in the Church many years ago with the purpose of destroying the Church.  I know these words are startling but unfortunately they are true.  This is why it is so urgent to pray, pray, pray for your Pope Francis and the Church he will soon leave behind.
    I love you, Jesus.

    برگ پاییزی

    September 19, 2014 (9:29am)
    Tell My beloved children to stay close to home when at all possible.  As was mentioned in earlier messages there will be terrorists everywhere waiting for an opportunity to attack anyone at random.  The word has gone out and now they are actively carrying out what they are called to do.  I know all this sounds hard to believe but be on your guard at all times.  Now the confirmation of these messages is being felt by everyone.  My dear children, this is just the beginning of what is planned for your country.  You must be spiritually prepared since you never know who the next victim will be.  My dear children, remember you are safe and protected when you are in God’s graces and in the state of grace.  So many of My children pay no attention to the state of their souls until a major crisis affects them and there are even some who never turn to the Lord in a crisis.  You were all created to love and serve the Lord and some think they were created to love and serve themselves.  This Chastisement you are now in is for the good of your souls.  There would be many more souls lost if they didn’t find their way back to the Lord due to the Chastisement.  My dear ones, are you prepared to face the Warning?  It will happen this year so you don’t have much time.  You must get to Confession since once it comes there will be very little you can do to save your soul.  My children, please take these words seriously.  If you are living in a sinful relationship as so many of you are, you must break that relationship now while you still have time.  This is serious, My children, you could lose your soul since this is a mortal sin and if you die in this state you will go to Hell for all eternity.  Unfortunately you don’t hear this from the pulpit but it is the truth.  Don’t take any more chances.  If you are considering having an abortion this is a mortal sin.  Anyone who is involved in helping another get an abortion is also committing a mortal sin.  There are so many of My children who lead mortally sinful lives which could cause them to go to Hell.  Don’t reject these words, My children.  This is My gift to all My children to wake them up and help them come back to the Lord.  My dear children, this is such an evil Administration.  They are ready to murder in order not to lose this election.  Pray for the good moral candidates to win in this election.  This election will determine what happens to your country.  Don’t take it lightly.  Know who you are voting for.  Get all the information and facts about the candidate you plan to vote for and pray, pray, pray for your country and its future leaders.
    I love you, Jesus.

    Friday, September 19, 2014

    ★ Revelaciones Marianas - August 15, 2014 ★ As the Warning & the great events are approaching, man’s enemy walks from creature to creature increasing his loot of souls.

    ★ Revelaciones Marianas - August 15, 2014 ★
    - From Our Lord Jesus Christ


    My Beloved People:

    You continue to be under My Protection…


    Man has not understood that if he doesn’t make an effort to purify himself, so faith can overcome everything, it will be impossible to overcome the obstacles which they are being subjected to every instant and his, what he calls, love for Me will dissipate.

    I DESIRE FROM MY CHILDREN AN UNCONDITIONAL LOVE FOR MY MOTHER, THE LOVE OF MY MOTHER FOR HER CHILDREN IS INFINITE, SHE DOES NOT TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION THE CREATURE’S MERITS NOR HIS VIRTUES. Only My Mother can help you in the instants in which the love in man is bribed by everything that surrounds him, even by his own senses that tell him: “you can’t, you can’t get any better; you cannot penetrate in the inner chamber that will take you beyond”.

    As the Warning and the great events are approaching, man’s enemy walks from creature to creature increasing his loot of souls.

    My beloved:


    Man wishes immediate proof even if it means losing his life, thus they journey unceasingly seeking to find evidence according to human logic.

    Beloved, you cannot contradict Faith, this is a perceptive conviction of the Truth, and it is such that, if you had Faith as little as a mustard seed, you would say to it: “move from here to there” and nothing would be impossible for you.

    MY CHILDREN ABANDON ME BECAUSE THEY CANNOT SEE ME, AND THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND THAT EVERYTHING THAT IS VISIBLE COMES FROM THE INVISIBLE, look at a flower… and in it you will find the Divine Power, the Divine Beauty, everything comes from the invisible of My Love.

     Frangipani flowers.jpg 

    My beloved:

    There are no two same creatures, they are all different, each one possesses free will and does with his life what he wants, and each one of them is what they wish to be. Man contributes with his inadequate actions and thoughts to the outcome of this generation.




    Beloved children:

    Pray for those brothers and sisters who remain lukewarm. 

    Pray for the United States, for it will suffer in its heart. 

    Pray for the war that will be unleashed without compassion. 

    Pray, for the earth will shake. 

    Pray for My church which is approaching the schism.


    My Mother has bequeathed to Her children an irrefutable Faith, a Faith that transcends; She believed when she fled from Nazareth to Egypt without objecting, without a place to live, trusting in the Divine Word. And Joseph, did not make excuses, he only had Faith and fled to Egypt.


    Onward My People! With My Mother and holding her hand, do not fear, but increase in faith.

    I bless you with My Love.


    Your Jesus.



    Thursday, September 18, 2014

    ★ Archbishop Coakley Issues Final Appeal Before Black Mass ★

    “Even though our city leaders apparently do not take this threat seriously, I do,...As a Catholic priest and bishop I have witnessed in my ministry the battle between forces of good and evil in both ordinary and extraordinary ways. It is not merely a struggle rooted in human weakness and ignorance, though these are certainly the source of much suffering and mayhem in our lives and in our world. Demonic activity and the chaotic forces of evil are very real. The madness of war accompanied by increasingly brutal acts of terror, the violence in our schools and communities are all evidence that something is terribly wrong.”
    The archbishop of Oklahoma City

    ★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 9/5-13/14 ★
    The human race has long ago passed the point of no return

    ★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 9/5-13/14 ★ The human race has long ago passed the point of no return, the economic disturbances that will rock the markets, Fire for a World Grown Cold

    8. A Day Claimed by Evil
    Sep 5th, 2014 - Mary

    You see events exploding in many different places. This is the way it will be because evil is spilling over wherever there are openings in the society. Evil resides in the heart of human history, placed there by men’s countless sins. When this evil is not purged by repentance and God’s forgiving power, it grows and boils over wherever the society is weak.

    On September 11, 2001, this evil broke forth in an extraordinary way. America was damaged. The terrorist world rejoiced. Ever since that decisive moment, the terrorists have taken heart. They saw concrete evidence of their power. 9/11 has become their battle cry. They are emboldened and give the impression that the future belongs to them. The West is on the defensive. Even with its much greater resources, it has no battle cry. Such is the world without faith to unite hearts and to lead to victory.

    However, the future is not determined. Man is free and evil flows according to man’s free decisions. If there is repentance and a turning to God, these events can be avoided. What voices are raised? These locutions are a tiny voice but if their message is carried by others, then all the world can hear.

    9. Help in the Trials
    Sep 6th, 2014 - Mary

    When all the events converge, the world will see Satan’s plan emerging. Now, this plan is hidden. When it is revealed, the world will see its own mistakes, its poor choices and the helplessness of human wisdom. But a greater question exists, “Will there be any solution to the ever-increasing problems?” Efforts will be made. Mankind will continue to foolishly believe that it controls its own destiny. (That control has really not existed for a long time because these events go back almost 100 years.) All efforts will be futile. The powers and the intelligence behind the evil far surpass all human forces.

    What will happen? I must speak clearly and loudly. My words seem small and reach only a limited group for now, but it is important that the words be recorded. Later, they will be flashed like headlines to the whole world.
    I will never forsake mankind. I will always hold out my saving gifts. I will deliver all who call on my name, not from the evils that affect all, but from the despair that will accompany these evils.

    The time is short. The preparations are already being made. Do not delay. Gather up your loved ones and say, “We must return to the Virgin Mary. She will sustain us in the trials”. And, I will.

    1. The History of the Light
    Sep 7th, 2014 - Mary

    I know the plans which God has, his plans for peace and blessings. These plans should be easily fulfilled. However, when sin entered the world, the plans were torn to pieces. Only with great difficulty and with the help of God’s revelation could man even glimpse these plans.

    In the fullness of time, I brought forth God’s Son. A new light entered the world. Man could see again his path to the Father. The Holy Spirit was sent and man was enlightened in a totally new way. Jesus’ hope was to restore things as they were at the beginning.

    Since those events, this light has had its own history. Sometimes accepted. Sometimes rejected. This is the mystery which I now reveal. The light of Christ is under attack. This has always been the case, as the centuries of martyrs prove. But now, the assault is from every side, the terror of the Muslims and the sins of the West. So the Father has placed this light in my Immaculate Heart for its safekeeping and for the light to shine brilliantly once again, as never before. Why seek this light elsewhere, when I tell you exactly where the Father has hidden it? Why not listen to my revelations? Then, all will find the light. The great mystery of this age is my Immaculate Heart, the depository of the light of Christ. I will speak more and more about this mystery.

    2. The False Economies
    Sep 8th, 2014 - Mary

    I can no longer hold back the secrets that lie hidden in my Immaculate Heart. They must be revealed because the time is short. I will reveal places and events.

    Much depends on the free will of man. Also, what God now decrees in his justice can be changed by his mercy. So much depends on how responsive man is to my pleadings. What is certain is that I must begin to reveal. To wait any longer would be foolhardy. The human race has long ago passed the point of no return. Certain events will definitely happen but much can be changed. Most important the Church and all who believe can be spiritually prepared for these events.
    All eyes look to the terrorists and to the Ukraine, but few now look to the economies of the world that are so shaky and ready to topple. No one tackles the difficult issues of restraining the false economic policies.

    The foundation is eroded. The countries can no longer pay for their arms and their lifestyles. No one preaches restraint and the people have no desire to tighten their belts. In the time ahead, I will speak often, always more clearly, of the economic disturbances that will rock the markets. Do not judge by the boom. No solid foundation exists. All is debt driven.

    3. A Light From Mary’s Heart
    Sep 9th, 2014 - Mary

    When all the events begin, a light will shine forth from my Immaculate Heart. It will not be just a general or diffused light. This light will be clear and definite. The light will come from those whom I have long ago placed in my heart.

    This light that will go forth will have a special power to attract. The light will be under obedience to the Church. No one will be led astray. The light will gather, console, offer warmth and peace. The light will strengthen in times of great weakness.

    While all the world struggles, this light will grow stronger and stronger. People, and even nations, will walk in this surprising light, which continually flows out. The light will be a sign to all that I am the Woman Clothed With the Sun, able to overcome even the greatest victories of the Evil One.

    Whatever darkness he pours out, I will give a greater light. Whatever area he touches, I will go there with my light. His darkness will be no match for my light.

    There is only one condition. People must believe. They must accept the light into their hearts and walk by the light. If so, even in the darkest of moments, they will enjoy my light.

    4. Heart to Heart to Heart
    Sep 10th, 2014 - Mary

    When my heart breaks open, every blessing will pour out. The world will see a new power, hidden until now in my Immaculate Heart. The world and even the Church have never seen these gifts even though through my apparitions, small manifestations have taken place. Only a few have tasted of this new wine. So much is still hidden that I must now speak quite openly.

    Man’s heart is good but entrapped, surrounded by so many evil choices and a powerful culture that pulls him away from God. The Church holds on valiantly, trying to preach the basic truths and to offer the powers of the sacraments. All can see, that these are not enough. The hearts of many belong to the world not to my Church.

    There is a need for a new stream is needed which takes its place alongside the Church’s teachings and its sacraments. This is the stream of devotion which captures the person’s heart for Jesus. This is the mighty stream which I am beginning to pour forth from my Immaculate Heart, heart to heart to heart. From my heart to your heart that leads you to Jesus’ heart. These powers will pour forth as my heart breaks open and the mighty stream comes forth.

    5. A Day of Infamy
    Sep 11th, 2014 - Mary

    As I pour out my words all will know that they are gifts of my Immaculate Heart for they will be rich but simple, easy to remember and always able to bring hope, even though they speak of dark events.

    Let us walk into the future together. Through my words you can take my hand. My voice will always speak, and although darkness is all around you, will not be in darkness. A strange and powerful light will fill your heart and the evil will not touch you. From the light will come my voice which you will recognize. By my voice I will comfort you.

    Today (September 11) is a day of infamy, of tragedy, and worst of all, a day that always inspires new and more violent acts of terrorism. Satan, who stirred up those who perpetrated the original acts, has laid claim to this day. Why? He is not the Lord. He has no right to a day. However, those who serve him have now claimed this day.

    Can I not take this day back? Can I not reclaim this day for my Son? Next year is so important. Let my followers prepare and gather. Do not surrender this day to the Evil One, otherwise the terror will grow.

    6. A Year From Now
    Sep 12th, 2014 - Mary

    When the heart speaks it holds nothing back, sometimes revealing what should be kept secret. Such is my heart, pouring out all my secrets.

    By next September, much will have shifted. The terrorist groups will be stronger and better organized because the steps taken against them will not be sufficient or effective. The problems will not just come from terrorism. There will be sparks coming from new fires. These fires should have been put out but instead they have been put off, as if terrorism was the big problem. These fires are internal, especially the enormous debts and the economies with no foundations.

    Time must not be lost. The Church must understand, through the prophetic gift, how to prepare its members and the world. This is a true gift of service which can alert without being sensational.

    Too many merely watch and wonder what is going to happen. I am telling you what will happen. Before the events begin, the Church must call for prayer and fasting, for a renewal of fervor. People must flood the churches beginning now and not wait for these events. All must be ready and not caught unawares.

    7. The Fire of Mary’s Suffering
    Sep 13th, 2014 - Mary

    I wait and wait, unable to pour out all the gifts stored in my Immaculate Heart. How I suffer from these flames that long ago should have gone forth. They burn within me as unopened gifts. Instead, I see the other fires, the fires of destruction given free reign because my fire is bound and tied. When will my suffering end? When will the fires be allowed to go forth?

    That is why I speak and why, O reader, I have led you to these little locutions that reveal so many secrets. These words have prepared your heart. You believe,. You have faith and trust. You can receive my fires. Please take my fire. You will relieve my suffering.

    “What can I do for you, O Virgin?” you ask. Just receive my fire. In me, these fires cause great suffering. In you, the fires will bring peace and zeal for Jesus’ kingdom.

    These fires do not belong in my heart. They belong in your heart. I am already full of grace. This is the mystery. The heavenly Father has placed all the fires meant for the whole human race in my Immaculate Heart. He wants me to distribute these fires so that Satan is humbled by being conquered by a woman. The greatest favor that you can do for me is to open your own heart and receive all the fires meant for you.

    There is a second mystery. To those who are faithful, I will give fires meant for others, but rejected by them. These fires are tasks that must be done to save souls. Many reject their tasks but they must be accomplished. So, I look around for faithful souls and I give them tasks that should have been done by others.

    You can see the many mysteries. As you learn the ways of my heart, you become my perfect instruments.