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Sunday, August 10, 2014

★ LOCUTIONS to the WORLD 7/26 - 8/6/14 ★ the road has become far too dark. The Holy Father must consecrate Russia. The rain will fall there first. From Russia, peace will go out to the whole world.


2. A Place With Mary in the Desert
Jul 26th, 2014 - Mary

I speak first to my Church, born when the heart of Jesus was pierced by a sword and filled with the Spirit on the day of Pentecost. I was there at your beginnings and I will be present at the grand culmination when the angels gather all the elect.

What a history you have had, filled with sinners and saints, moments of divine greatness and moments of the most shameful behavior. Yet, you are mine, the child of my womb and I will always clasp you to my breasts and give you life.

Now, I must speak my mind in words only a mother could say, “You must repent and turn back to reclaim your former glory, the glory of serving the world by being its light. Once you were small, persecuted, trodden under foot by the power of the world but I loved you for your fervor and your fidelity.

I say to you what Jesus said to the Church of Ephesus, ‘I hold this against you. You have lost the love that you had at first’” (Rev.2:4). That is where we must begin. Like Israel, I must lead you back into the desert where you can again recover your first love.

“What about my worldly power?” you ask. I say, “What good is your worldly power? Soon, you will see all the power of the world collapse. Will you be caught up in that destruction or will you have escaped with me into the desert of your first love?”

God prepared a place for me in the desert (Rev.12:6). That is where I will take you. Do not delay in the city where you think you are so needed. If you come into the desert with me, I will prepare you. In the moment of the world’s great darkness, you will be its light. This is my message of hope?

3. Mother of the Church
Jul 27th, 2014 - Mary

The Church must learn the wisdom of my heart. So often, the Church seeks wisdom from its learned men and women. It seeks wisdom from all the human sciences. It studies the wisdom that the world uses in its business enterprises. Why does the Church reject the wisdom of my heart? It chooses broken cisterns that cannot bring forth living water.

The Church has a great strength. It has openly proclaimed me as the Mother of the Church. Well, come back to your mother. The mother gathers the family and embraces all the children. The mother keeps the household together, always inviting her children to return.

Do not reject me. Do not set me aside. God’s plan began with me (I was with him in the beginning of his days) and God’s plan will end with me, the Woman Clothed With the Sun.

O Church, I will heal your divisions. I will bring back your children. I will purge you of your sins. I will make of you the new Jerusalem, the light on the mountain.

The heavenly Father has declared these times as the Age of Mary but you have not yet understood or even believed the words of your own prophets and saints.

4. The Age of Mary
Jul 28th, 2014 - Mary

Return to your first love. When you were a child and held no possessions, when you were small and had only your faith, when you were persecuted, and loved one another, I watched over you. I saw you spread to all the nations. I watched you cling to my Son and proclaim him even when this brought sufferings and death.

I saw your acts of charity. You were revered even among those who did not understand your beliefs. You were truly a light to the nations waiting to be put upon the lampstand.

Now, I have put you on that lampstand. You are known throughout the world, the largest of all the churches but your light has dimmed. It is now mixed with darkness. Many know you but they scorn you and reject you. Even your own sons and daughters, born into your bosom, walk away from you. You watch them leave with great sorrow. You are quite aware of your state. You know the reality, like a parent disappointed in the decisions of their children. I know your failures and how distraught you are.

I have a question for you. Are you ready? Are you willing to take my hand, to walk my road? Are you ready to trust your mother and to do what I tell you? Are you ready to inscribe me on your heart and to decide firmly, “I will walk the road of Mary?” I challenge you at this grave moment in human history, when the world will need the Church more than ever. Do you truly believe that this is the Age of Mary? If you do, I can make you the light of the nations. If not, your own resources will prove too little and too late.

5. The New Flame
Jul 29th, 2014 - Mary

I go now to the depth of my heart to find the most consoling words for my Church. Among your members, I find the little ones, those whose hearts are firmly set upon me. I find your missionaries who have left their native lands to preach the gospel in difficult circumstances. I find mothers and fathers who fulfill their sacred duties and I find ministers of the word who live out their commitment. At every level and in every situation I find these people of good will.

This is my promise. I am ready to take all of them into the most sacred fire that burns in my Immaculate Heart. They will be the first ones to whom I reveal the gift. I am not asking them to do more. I am asking them to receive more, to take this new flame into their hearts. I know their hearts and if they take the new flame it will burn brightly. That is why I invite them first.

However, they must accept the invitation or they will be left behind, not ready for the difficulties that lie ahead

6. The Less-Traveled Road
Jul 30th, 2014 - Mary

I will speak gently to world leaders, because if I fully exposed all of your sins, you would cover your ears and shut your eyes. Instead, I will speak about what you are able to do. All I ask is good will.

First, look at your heart. Why have you sought this high position? What led you to public office? Only you can examine your own heart and be honest. Expose your own selfishness, your own pride and ego. I am not asking you to step down. I am only asking you to change.

You have made many decisions in darkness which you would never want to come to the light of publicity. You have two lives – your public life and your private life. One for the people to see and one which only you can see. Right now you are entangled. I do not say hopelessly entangled because I will help you.

I must ask you “Are you willing to walk a different path, one that is less-traveled?” If so, I will do two favors for you. I will free you from your entanglements and I will lift you up to a much higher position. If not, I can only leave you mired in your world that will inevitably destroy you. Such is the nature of worldly power.

7. A New World Order
Jul 31st, 2014 - Mary

To lead the world is a matter of the heart and you leaders of the world have hearts that are too small. So, I offer you the gift of my heart. I have a plan for every person. I know what they need so their life can fulfill all that God intends.

I dream of a new world order, where weapons are put aside, and where nations cooperate. I dream of a new economic system where all share in the goods of society.

I must raise up new world leaders whose hearts are quite different, leaders who dream of blessing others. I need a veritable army, fashioned in a different mold, claiming a different vision, and refusing to set aside their firm beliefs that every person in the world must have the necessities of life.

Where are these people? I will go and look for them. When I find those who are committed to my dream, I will open doors for them. They shall rise quickly in every field of human endeavor. Only those formed in my heart can truly bring about a new world order.

8. Lazarus, the Beggar At Our Door
Aug 1st, 2014 - Mary

Let us stop for a moment and remember that getting to heaven is the purpose of earth. At the moment of death, the human person leaves this temporary human existence and enters into an eternal state. Jesus never exalted earth or human life but constantly reminded all that earthly life ends. “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?” “If anyone should save his life in this world, he will lose it in the next”. “Thou, fool, what good is it to have stored up all these treasures, when tonight you will die?”

Yet, Jesus was sensitive to earthly needs. He fed the hungry and healed the sick. He promised that if a person seeks first the kingdom of God, the heavenly Father would care for the necessities.
Do you not see Satan’s plan? He wants only sufferings so that people cannot find their way to heaven. Taken up in the trials of earth they lose faith in their heavenly home. So, I speak to every Catholic, to every believer, to every person of good will. You all have a Lazarus, a beggar, at your door, a needy person. Care for them and you will both arrive safely in heaven.

To the rich and the powerful, to those who control great amounts of earthly resources, I have placed all these in your hands so you can help many on their road to heaven.
Many voices of the poor cry out to me and I search for those who can answer their needs. I will come soon and ask for your help. Blessed are you if you hear my voice, open your heart, change your ways and give of yourself by helping the needy.

9. Promising A New Light
Aug 2nd, 2014 - Mary

I will speak from my heart, bringing forth the deepest feelings. I weep abundantly. I see my children walk away from all that Jesus taught. I see them cast aside their baptismal gift and to think nothing of their loss of faith. I see them enter deeply into the immoral ways of modern culture and be swept up in its mighty current.
Those who have been called to a deep Catholic faith and to the highest of Catholic values are never even taught the basic truths. Their rich heritage has been stole from them. They were never shown the path to goodness. The darkness of the culture has obscured everything.

I must provide another light because the lights of the powerful Catholic culture have become too weak to light the way, and the road has become far too dark.
This is my message. I will provide extra lights which you must freely choose. Seek these lights. Look for my new lights. Do not be content with your current light. Seek for yourselves and your children. Write this on your heart, “Mary has told me that I need more light. She has promised to provide this light. I must search for this new light, like the Wise Men searched for Jesus, the light of the world”.

You will find. I promise that you will find the new light I have prepared for you.

10. Rain Clouds of Hope
Aug 3rd, 2014 - Mary

I see the world in such anguish. Never before have I so desired to pour out my gifts. I must always repeat the message. The heavenly Father has placed all of his treasures for the world in my Immaculate Heart because he foresaw this moment in human history when the fires of hell would break forth from beneath the earth.

He placed them there because my heart is so easily broken open and his gifts can fall like raindrops upon the fires. When fires are burning out of control, are not rainclouds a joyous sight? Do they not hold out hope that soon the fires will be overcome?

The Church must see my heart in this way, filled with heavenly rain, waiting to quench these demonic forces that are evident everywhere and to everyone. Is there not a demonic source to all the wars, to all the diseases, to all the acts of terrorism, to all the hopelessness?

The Holy Father must consecrate Russia. The rain will fall there first. From Russia, peace will go out to the whole world.

11. Special Surprising Lights
Aug 4th, 2014 - Mary

Usually, I pour out my gifts in great order, the small ones first and later the greater ones. Now, however, a greater need exists to which I must respond. I must take people who are not fully prepared and give them gifts far greater than usual. Like children in an emergency, who are pressed into action and asked to do works usually reserved to adults.

What a special time this will be! Many will wonder. People of good will who have just begun to live devoutly will be given great powers, usually reserved for the perfect. Those who are spiritual children will lead many to great faith. Others, who have just begun themselves to love my Immaculate Heart, will be foundation stones of strong communities.

New movements, filled with the greatest lights will arise. Fresh spiritual leadership will emerge. These are the fruits of the new lights that will suddenly begin to push back the world’s darkness. As always, these secrets lie in my Immaculate Heart.

12. Being Set Aside By the Church
Aug 5th, 2014 - Mary

Who can know the sorrows of my heart unless I speak openly and reveal what is hidden? I see the many difficulties of the Church. A Church that was strong and flourishing has now been set aside, and often is the object of ridicule. The young are no longer formed by its teachings and many of the older generation have abandoned its truths. The Church cries out in the marketplace but its voice is not heard. Its teachings have no impact upon the modern mind. How has all of this happened?

I must speak honestly. I have been set aside. The Church flourished when I was exalted. Many gave themselves to the priesthood and religious life when the Church rejoiced to be my child. Then, new waves of thought washed upon the shore. The new agenda erased the deeply ingrained devotions. My appearances, my visitations and my words no longer occupied the Catholic mind. How different would these decades have been if I had not been moved to the sidelines!

I must speak honestly. It is late. The weapons of war explode. Some roads of peace narrow and even end. The world’s resources turn to destruction not to life. At this point, no one can perceive the power of the coming darkness, nor how close it is at hand.

I will try again. I will send out greater invitations. I will use more messengers, in even higher places. They must be faithful to the message, “There is only one path to peace, the road that leads into the center of my Immaculate Heart”. There will be new movements, new beginnings, new fires. I have not abandoned my Church and I refuse to sit on the sidelines while Satan claims his victories.

Those who heed me, I will use. Those who believe they have a better plan will waste their time.

1. Casting Light Upon Cultures of Darkness
Aug 6th, 2014 - Mary

Through these locutions I want the whole world to see the sufferings of my Immaculate Heart. These sufferings result from the complete failure of the world to gain the true goal of human existence which is eternal life in heaven.

To see poor people without food, to see sick people without medicine and to see lonely people without spouse or friends is a deep sorrow. But my greatest sorrow is to see an immortal soul be lost forever in the pains of hell. The atoning death of Jesus, on the cross was of no avail. They spurned this gift. They chose the darkness. They gave their hearts to their own selfishness.

These are the decisions made every day in a world that rejects the path of faith. Because the darkness of the culture brings this about, I must cast new light. So, I begin anew. Read my words.

They will cast out this terrible darkness that has come upon the modern person, so given to only what reason can reveal. I will cast a great light of bold faith. Take my hand and we will walk. You will see as I see and believe as I believe. Then your hearts will easily choose the light.