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Friday, July 18, 2014

WWIII DOTS, la, la, la: Anderson'CIA'Cooper, What the hell was a commercial airliner doing flying over a warzone, &, distracting the world's attention from the Genocide in Gaza

MH17 flight recorders to be sent to Moscow InSerbia News

This was after Malaysian Air flight MH17 was shot down over eastern Ukraine. GWP

"Political blame game begins at crucial time for Ukraine-Russia conflict"

~ meanwhile: Rabbi urges Israel to stop bombing Gaza, free Palestinian prisoners ICN
~ &: "Yesterday Hamas tried to invade a border Kibbutz in Israel, find the children's home and kill the children. Israel has decided to stop Hamas once and for all." FLUSA

"Widely regarded as a CIA asset for corporate media at CNN, Anderson Cooper likely told the truth when he “accidently” reported that TWA Flght-800 was “shot down” near Long Island in 1996." chemtrailsplanet

& this little jem: Theme Park Pedophile Stings a Nightmare For Disney TSD