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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

★ LOCUTIONS to the WORLD 7/2-5/14 ★ the future dismemberment of nations, Europe will be the next major target, All of this evil is satanic

Jul 2nd, 2014 - Mary

President Obama seeks a political solution to the problems besetting Baghdad. However, the President of Iraq will not go along and the two presidents are at odds. Meanwhile Iran, and even Russia, enter the scene while the invading armies try to strengthen their hold and decide upon their approach to Baghdad.

The people see these multiple forces, the invading armies and the division among the political leaders. They find it impossible to decide whom they should trust. The only know that they are in the middle of forces which they cannot control.

Such is the continual state of Baghdad, a situation that cannot be resolved. Who can bring stability and peace when there is fighting even among the leaders?

Baghdad is caught in both military and political crossfire. It also sits as a great prize, easily able to be stolen because not controlled by any one group. Its fortunes will continue to sink and its power to defend itself will slowly dissolve. Its final fate will not be decided quickly.

Jul 3rd, 2014 - Mary

President Obama will send some troops, but this is like putting his finger in the dike, a woefully inadequate solution. His actions will have little effect on the final outcome.

The region itself will suffer from constant dismemberment. Powerful groups will carve out their own spheres of control. Nations will break up and a new map of the Middle East will be drawn. All of this will strengthen the terrorist groups, who will act like governing bodies over a definite geographical region. This will prepare for a new level of terrorism all around the world.

I have many purposes in speaking these words. All of this evil is satanic and the Evil One has these powers because the world has rejected my Son, Jesus. The tide will turn as the world returns to the heavenly Father. World leaders so seldom talk about God.

Jul 4th, 2014 - Mary

Where are the European leaders? I must speak to a Europe that has left its Father’s house, abandoning faith and placing all its confidence in economic progress. I must say this with loud words.

You are in the direct line of fire, totally unprotected, a continent waiting to be destroyed and engulfed in the fires of terrorism.

When the terrorists settle into their new home in Iraq, after they have quelled any insurrection, after they have established themselves firmly, they will immediately cast their covetous eyes upon your riches, knowing that you will be an easy prey, ready for the plucking.

First, they will destabilize by violence and cast fear by their atrocities. The new birth pangs of death will grip your countries. Foolish children, why did you leave the heavenly Father’s house? There is still time to return and enjoy a protection that will save you from the greatest sufferings.

Jul 5th, 2014 - Mary

Satan has created a perfect storm. He has moved the most powerful destructive forces into a perfect place and he has removed all those forces which in any way would mitigate the evil that will now begin to pour out.
The world has not as yet seen the explosion of terrorism in the Middle East. It is only witnessing the gathering of the fuel and the growing capacity to launch the fires everywhere in the world.

How clearly I have spoken in these locutions of those forces that are still hidden, but soon to be revealed. Therefore, my words must go forth to all the nations. People must understand quickly, even instantly, the hidden powers behind the events. This clear and worldwide knowledge will be the best antidote against the destructive fires that will soon be lit in every corner of the globe. Human intellects cannot cope with this perfect storm, which will happen in many situations.