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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

★ LOCUTIONS to the WORLD 6/25-30/14 ★ The Cancer of ISIS - 'O mankind, your world has been invaded by the forces of hell.' 'I need America to be a force on the world scene. This must happen quickly.'

Our Lady of the Rosary,
Pray for Us!

1. The ISIS Terrorists
Jun 25th, 2014 - Mary

Once more the destructive forces have broken forth in Iraq. This time the effects will not be reversed. The country will be divided. The goals of the terrorists will be gained and the terrible darkness of violence will now have its own territory.

So many are at fault. The blame lies squarely at their feet. They refused to act and to make Iraq secure. They set aside the warning signals and had no will to become engaged in the battle.

I will once more describe what is happening in these events:

1. This battle is between Satan and the Woman.

2. Satan’s war against the Woman is inevitable. It is the only way to drain off his forces and enter an era of world peace.

3. The battle is worldwide.

4. Because mankind has walked away from God’s law, it has come under the power of the Evil One.

5. These events, which are now getting the world’s attention, are only the beginning stages of the birth pangs.

6. Only mankind turning back to the heavenly Father can mitigate these events.

Since mankind is not ready to do that, the events will continue. The destruction will spread and no human force is present to prevent this.

I will save all those who come to me.

2. An Infection That Needs Cleansing
Jun 26th, 2014 - Mary

Why are these events taking place? They are not the birth pangs of life with a normal sequence and purpose. The breasts do not get ready to feed a new child. Do not look for new life from these events.

These events have the same source as the two world wars which drove mankind off course. After World War I, the seeds for World War II were planted in the peace treaties. After World War II, the evil seeds were placed in the atomic bomb.

Each war opened out to a new and greater evil which has never been purged from the human system. These events are not birth pangs. They are a powerful infection that must come to the moment of crisis. That is where the events are going, to a moment of purging, to a cleansing that will inevitably take place. However, how will this happen? Who will be the doctor? Who understands the illness? Who knows the remedies?

O mankind, do not trust yourself to human leaders who are unskilled in the ways of heaven. I will be your doctor, if only you seek my services.

3. Satan’s Intelligence and World Leaders’ Ignorance
Jun 27th, 2014 - Mary

What is happening is totally beyond the power of human intellects to grasp. They see only the pieces, the fragments, the individual events of destruction. Even then, they see only what is most evident and on the surface.

The only ones who see are those involved in destroying the earth. They see because they are demonic, enlightened by the Evil One. He gladly reveals his strategy. He reveals the weakness of the defenses. He shows them safeguards that have been foolishly set aside. He shows them what is ripe for destruction and what must wait for a later moment. He shows them what weapons to use and what tactics to employ. He teaches them how to lie and deceive, and how to be protected by false treaties.

He clouds the minds of world leaders and compromises them by their sins. He always holds before their eyes the political consequences of any move they might choose. In this way, he paralyses them and forces them to hold back.

So effective has Satan been, that he can hardly believe that a world which had been so strong, has become weak and ready for a complete takeover. He owns the whole field. He has no enemies, especially no strong America, to oppose him. All of his strategies come together. What he has planned for centuries is coming to fruition, a harvest of disruption, distraction and untold suffering.

He has only one real enemy, the Woman, whom the heavenly Father announced from the beginning (Gen. 3:15). I have not delayed. I never delay. My work is hidden. I am raising up my army. Reader, I invite you and the whole world to enlist. When you see an opportunity to gather with others in my name accept it immediately.

5. The Two Paths
Jun 29th, 2014 - Mary

Gaping holes open up. Defense strategies mean nothing. How can the whole world be defended? Is there a fence large enough to keep out the intruders? O mankind, your world has been invaded by the forces of hell. You yourself have opened the doors by throwing away the security that only religious faith can provide.

Now it is too late. Your defenses have been pierced and the evil pours into your system. I do not want to say these words but you have a demonic infection and your fever will go up and up. I can only point out to you what will happen in the future.

The Muslim terrorists see this as their hour, the moment they have awaited for centuries. They have been told many stories of the past and the dreams that have not been fulfilled. In their hearts, they see this dream of their forefathers coming into view. Their dream is of worldwide domination, when all the infidels have been conquered and Allah and his prophet, Mohammed, are raised on high. Realize that you are facing demonic power and intelligence united with hearts which carry centuries of memories. These forces carry the Muslim terrorists down a road of destruction and the whole world will be dragged down that same road.

I speak now, while it is still in its beginning stage, still limited to the Middle East chaos. I invite all to learn of my plans and to follow my path. There are only two paths. Whoever rejects mine, will be taken down the other.

6. Tomorrow’s Supreme Court Decision (Special Locution) Jun 29th, 2014 - Jesus

Tomorrow the Supreme Court will deal a great blow to the Obama Healthcare Act. The decision will contain some surprising thoughts. In this way, I will continue to destroy President Obama and all those who have cooperated with him. He will look and see that all are discouraged. He will act foolishly to regain his stronghold but this will be his fatal step. He will stay in office but will be stripped of all meaningful power.

Suddenly, I am giving America another chance. America will be free to use the polling places to choose different leaders. This is so important and it will happen quickly because I need America to be a force on the world scene. This must happen quickly.

7. The Wounds in Iraq
Jun 30th, 2014 - Mary

Other nations have been drawn into the conflict because the wounds in Iraq are so severe. The country is dismembered and gaping holes appear. These nations are beginning to realize how this will affect them, even though they do not border Iraq.

The nations in the region are more deeply shaken. Lebanon and Jordan have already been destabilized. As the conflict continues, with no end in sight, these countries cannot foresee the final results.

This great evil is now whistling aloud. Countries, near and far, are hearing the sounds. They look at Iraq and see a country devoured by its enemies and abandoned by America. Will not the pattern continue in the Middle East? Previously, the hatred and the militancy determined relationships, but the governments remained stable.

All of that has changed, beginning with the Libyan and Egyptian revolutions. The Arab Spring was no Spring at all.

JAN 2011 to the PRESENT