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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

URGENT MESSAGE TO MILITIA & EVERYONE IN DALLAS & FORTH WORTH, TX, Fusion Centers, REX 84, FEMA Coffins, &, Subterrans Will be Their Worst of Horrors - The Denver murals are them!


July 9, 2014 | Solar Flare, External Forcing

" “THEY” are creating Their Worst Nightmare! THEY think They’ll just go underground and wait it out! Subterrans Will be Their Worst of Horrors for it will be their tombs! Blast doors work oneway, exit boring will fail just as their rabbit hole threads!
The Lord laughs (literally) at Them! The Denver murals are them! The moles will go after them only to discover they all passed in the most uncomfortable way because Hades awaits them, FACT! The son of perdition will find some young (green) ones to do his (so called) will, they too will be bait for the grinder, FACT!
*Remember, the higher these freaks get in rank the more paranoid they become! The ultimate paranoia is waiting in the wings for those haute apathetic narcistic full of themselves goons, it Is Written!
*Before Jesus sets His foot on the Mt of Olives (all mountains will be leveled) major jarring will take place in the making of the mother of all jams where even circular hatches etc will be sealed!!!!!!!
Tunnel travel will come to a sudden stop while the atmosphere of pumice will destroy all turbans and plug all intakes! Yeah, ep motors (servo’s etc) will function for a very short while while the batteries will continue to fail! Those w/ill gotten wealth will have no one to turn too, adios, next stop, O HELL!
*Yeah I know, 60 – 70 percent of this will be during the 2nd half of His wrath ‘known as the Great tribulation’!

*Something to ponder, the little nation of Jacob will have a great awakening, many of these people work in hi tech such as micro s0ft, many of them will play a huge hand in confounding the goals of the adversary!
*Soon, very soon, a great confounding of those who mean evil against this (once) great nation may very well turn on each other, why, because of false promises and greed!
KNOW the Lord Jesus as our Savior, expect answered prayers, be Bold even if Satan parades us around! This too will end, we’ll be Home and ALL who’ve chose apollo as their god…"
Wily 19 June, 2014, 13:22

"Dave, I have commented before but after reading this I want to give an update on some things I have seen recently. As I have mentioned before I work as a deputy sheriff. Recently some of the people I work with, “supervisors” have been given small finger print readers. These are hooked into our car computers and they bring up someones history (this is only if you have ever had your fingerprints taken). This concerned me because most people that have a CCW have had their prints taken. I asked about the use of these readers and was told, “use them on anyone you want”. I then asked what was “the policy” if someone refused, I was told that there is no policy and most people wont refuse because they are to scared.
Another thing I have noticed is all the “military” style vehicles at my department. I have asked what they are for and of course no one has the answer.
We are now doing more aggressive military style training. We have always trained in”pit” (wrecking a car out during a pursuit) but now we are adding “active shooter” along with this. This bothered me so much I am discussing with my spouse about putting in my notice. I am praying about it and listening. They make this training more like a game and having fun. It is sick. I watch the people I work with laughing and joking about shooting each other with paint balls and they do not realized what the training is for.
One other thing I have seen in our town is two large box truck vehicles. These vehicles are new and painted a dark blue. One of my friends encountered a driver of one of those vehicles. He explained to the driver that he was retired military and that he noticed the tag on the vehicle was a govt. tag. The driver explained that the vehicle was not finished yet but would soon have the phrase “domestic terrorism team” on the sides of the truck. He also advised that there are two vehicles for now in the area. There is so much more that I have seen in the past few months but I will share it at another time.
GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PREPARE (food, water, ammo, medication)."
Ranchhand1 19 June, 2014, 13:25