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Thursday, July 10, 2014

#15 Banker Suicide, the train nicknamed “the Beast”: The Gates of Hell Have Opened & the US Is Being Attacked & Occupied, &, they have a maxim: They must warn the people they consider useless eaters & stupid people of what they are going to do.

Do not let discouragement set you back.
All things work for the greater good.
message to Jabez 7/9/14

If it Walks and Talks like a Chump, then it’s Obama’s Bitch…

#15 Banker Suicide: JPMorgan Executive "Blasts Wife, Kills Self" With Shotgun ZH

“The point being is Lagarde made 10 different references in a six minute portion of her speech; you gotta know the message is being sent. . . . What these guys are doing is basically telling everybody ahead of time that they plan to change everything." a Crisis of Biblical Proportions FO
And now we’ve entered into this crucial 7-7-7
"Because we know the way things are progressing and the way life is going that we’re entering into a time of tribulation." medjugorje

Mexican Train Derails, Stranding 1,300 Illegals Headed Toward U.S. PD

The Gates of Hell Have Opened and the US Is Being Attacked and Occupied TCS

however, there is good news!:
> Ray Chocolate Nagin Goes to Jail nicedoggie