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Monday, June 2, 2014

URGENT!! an all-out attack upon the lives of Dave Hodges / theCommonSenseShow & his family - ‘Do Not Go Offline’ and willingly disappear.

Pray. Pray without ceasing, and call down My constant protection. Many demons have been dispatched in all corners of the Earth. ...
Remain on the alert.
message to Jabez 6/3/14

Dave Hodges Has Not Left the Building thecommonsenseshow

"The public sadly has no idea what is about to hit them/us. Most are not even aware that their own government has in store for us, the people.
Most are clueless why the government has bought billions of hollow point bullets, mraps, war games with Russian and Chinese Troops here on American Soil, and they have no idea that they are practicing for when the financial system collapses and the ATM’s, Welfare Checks, EBT Cards, Credit/Debit Cards stop working."

"Dear Dave,
There’s not much I can add to what the other posters have stated…except this. We serve a God who has made the sun stand still to fight his battle, raised the dead to life, healed the blind, fed 5,000 with a boy’s sack lunch, rained fire down on an alter filled with water; and the water evaporated, parted a sea to make a walkway, spoke the heavens and the galaxies into existence. There is NOTHING our God can’t do. So bring it on. The forces of evil KNOW that their time is short. Our God is getting ready to right the wrongs in this world. The dominions of evil are shaking in their boots; for they KNOW who is really in CONTROL and they are running scared. Fight the good fight, contend for the faith. And above all …remember those glorious words we hope to hear some day…”well done, good and faithful servant”. Evil detests the light…keep bringing on the light and let the forces of darkness get as mad as they want…their destiny is sealed."

& Seen2013