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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Bâri’s little Unexplained Pakistan Trip, Lois L. & the 'missing' emails, Mugging by Catholic bloggers,&, Prayers requested for Phoenix priests

I will take what is rightfully mine. I will claim that which was stolen from Me, and restore My people. message to Jabez 6/14/14

"I couldn't greet people and tell them I love them from inside a sardine can, even if it was crystal!" Pope Francis

On Friday morning in Madrid, Spain, two feminist activists chained themselves half nude to a crucifix on the altar of Almudena Cathedral, in protest for the rights to free abortions for women. aleteia

Prayers requested for Phoenix priests

"Commenting is similar to blogging for some people and they exploit it to the max to make it their personal platform for thoughts and ideas that no one would otherwise find acceptable or helpful in personal face to face communications or which no newspaper would publish. It is also a great opportunity for anti-family, anti-life propagandists to flood LifeSiteNews with their nonsense. We are not going to give them that platform, but we do allow some of it for the sake of dialogue."
Steve Jalsevac / Mugging by Catholic bloggers
~ & a little bit about Mark Shea PLC

“Is Barack Obama a KGB Agent?”
how to make sense out of the UKRAINE

Attention: Questions About Obama’s Unexplained Pakistan Trip; Got Passport Records? birtherreport
~ "CIA chief Jihad John Brennan sanitized Hussein's passport records. That's how he got appointed CIA chief."
~ "And when Hastings wrote that article about John Brennan, that's how he got car-bombed by CIA."
~ "During the 2008 election, Obama's passport records were breached as well as Hillary's. It was never determined who did this or what was found. This would be golden opportunity for birthers especially birther lawyers like Mari Apuzzo to attempt to track down the individuals who did and what they found out."
~ "Lt. Quarrel Harris was set to testify about this breach. Was shot dead just in time."
lotsadots @BR
~ & then: "the arsenic-poisoning death of Michael Cormier.
He's the CORONER TECHNICIAN who dropped dead the day his (LA Coroner's) office released the Breitbart autopsy report to the public."

& this via Falcon: The Post Collapse World Will be Violent & Brutal & BUSTED: Media Fails to Mention Vegas Shooters Involvement in “Occupy Movement”

That was before they got the Utah facility up and running..so solly. "Hey jackass Congressman, they didn't build the super facility in Utah to just collect email headers, no one believes you are "overseeing" the NSA and no one believes the NSA's limited hangouts and sad fkng attempts to cover its ass. You can all stop pretending." Gaius Frakkin'@ZH