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Friday, June 27, 2014

the BP Oil spill: “the biggest cover-up we have ever seen.” = BP fuels the U.S. military, Sandy Crooks, 10 Facts About The SWATification Of America, & then there are the black muzzies

Did BP Assassinate This Man? deathandtaxesmag

& another 'mysterious' death: Breaking: Tea Party activist who photographed Senator Chochran’s wife in scandal found dead benswann

tax-paying-American-lil'schlubbie's $500 MILLION: ISIS CRISIS "All in all, this epic string of jihadi jail-breaks has let loose over 2000 alleged terrorists and militant gunman for hire." 21stCW

"The noose is getting tighter around Sandy Hook."

#3 50 percent of the victims of SWAT raids are either black or Latino. ZH

"Let's be real, how many of these households have flatscreens, cellphones, XBoxes, or spinners on their cars." Dangertime@ZH

again, w/feeling: Toddler Tries to Intervene as Mother Is Brutally Beaten by Vicious Muslim (Video) GWP

"Of course liberals become righteously indignant when you say that their beloved Soccer was somehow inspired by Karl Marx’s philosophy on government and culture. Put your indignation away, lefties; you could hurt somebody with that thing!" Soccer Stinks, And Not Just Because It’s A Commie Sport rotten-core