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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

SlenderMan & DEADBOY, Flying Pigs @ NBC, the Big DUH!, the Big Oy Vey, Bank Holidays & possible Martial law, &, REAL HEROS!!

SlenderMan & DEADBOY: "& they do not believe the writings on the page encourage violence" dailymail

the Big Oy Vey: The firestorm surrounding the Obama administration’s decisions to allow 5 high level Taliban members to go free in exchange for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl without the consent of Congress midnightwatcher
~ & here is where the ridiculous becomes the absurd. FO
Crickets: Troops React With Silence to Sec. Hagel's 'Happy' News About Bergdahl's Release (Video) breitbart

"But give Jack in the Box credit for at least getting one thing right. Offering the company’s reasons for implementation of the new, anti-gun policy, Brian Luscomb, vice president of corporate communications stated: “The presence of guns inside a restaurant could create an uncomfortable situation for our guests and employees and lead to unintended consequences.” " WJ

Tipping Point in Mississippi PaPo

the Big DUH: businesses can’t afford to hire workers at this mandated hourly rate, which should have been predictable prior to this passing. FP

System Breadown certain with Bank Holidays and possible Martial law
~ ★ Messages from Jesus to Chosen Child - 5/24-30/14 ★ May 28, 2014 (12:14pm)
Tell My beloved children there is no more time to get your money out of the bank if you don’t do it now. The banks will be closed without notice and everyone will be stunned when they can’t get their money out. Oh, My children, this is just the beginning of what your government plans to do to control you.