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Friday, June 13, 2014

★ Messages from Jesus to Chosen Child - 6/7-13/14 ★ you are living in the Book of Revelation


Messages from Jesus Given to a Chosen Child in Chicago
(June 7-13, 2014)

June 7, 2014 (3:34pm)

Tell My beloved children to learn their faith and know it well. The anti-pope is waiting in the wings ready to destroy everything the Church was founded on and that is Me, Jesus Christ. You will be glad you did when you hear some priests, bishops, cardinals and theologians teaching the false ideas of the anti-pope. Some of them will ignorantly follow the anti-pope since they might agree with some of the things he is saying. Oh, My children, you are living in the Book of Revelation. Read this and you will see for yourselves how all things going on in your country now have been spoken of in this book and it will also give you some idea of what will occur in the future. The Lord is always there for you, to comfort and guide you along the way. There is soon to be such turmoil in your country that you haven’t witnessed in your past. The signs are all around you, My dear ones. You only have to be open and have your heart in the right condition to see it. Oh, My dear children, your dear Pope Francis will not be your pope much longer. It’s hard for you to imagine what your Church will look like once he is gone. Pray, My children, pray, but always keep focused on the Lord so as not to lose faith. I am with you and you will experience a New Heaven and a New Earth when it is all over.
I love you, Jesus.

June 8, 2014 (9:43am)

Tell My beloved children that the Holy Spirit will come down on the Church in a special way today and on all families to give them peace. Oh, My dear ones, if you only realized the power of the Holy Spirit in your lives, you would pray to Him all the time for the gifts He has to offer. You all need wisdom so you can discern the good spirits from the evil spirits who are allowed to prowl around to see who they can conquer. Oh, My children there is so much evil in the world. It doesn’t have to be this way. If everyone prayed to the Holy Spirit for guidance and direction what a peace filled world this would be. There is so much hate and jealousy over someone’s success in this world. Everyone has gifts that are given for the praise and glory of the Lord. Unfortunately too many of you think you are the cause of the gifts and you use them for your gain and are filled with pride. Oh My children, thank God for all your gifts and talents and use them for the good of others. There will come a time when your gifts could save your life and the lives of others. If you use your gifts for the intention of pleasing God you will receive many graces. My dear ones, your country is already under attack and the attacks will escalate throughout the warmer weather. Be on your guard at all times. You never know where the enemy will strike next. Protect yourself with blessed medals, especially the St. Benedict medal. The enemy will avoid anyone wearing these blessed medals. So, My dear ones, I hope you are all praying for your holy Pope Francis. He will be with Me in Heaven soon.
I love you, Jesus.

June 9, 2014 (9:21am)

Tell My beloved children to look for major conflicts in the Middle East. Your president and one of his cabinet members have made a deal with the enemy and it all involves money. Oh, My children, I know it’s hard to believe but your president is greedy and power hungry and will do anything to destroy your country. Of course he will never be thought of to be anyone involved in this but he is the instigator. Yes, My children, there are many terrible things about to occur in your country. Just pay attention to all the unexpected violent deaths that are happening around your country. These are evil men inspired by satan himself to do these things. Many more attacks will take place on unassuming victims. Be in the state of grace, My children, you don’t know where these things will happen next. My children, pay attention to what you are hearing from the pulpit. Many priests have been misinformed and they are spreading their errors. Oh, My children, there is so much confusion coming to the Church through some of the Cardinals who are not true to the Church. These are men who have been planted years ago in the Church to destroy it. They are very cleaver how they disguise who they are. These are some who are trying to get your Pope assassinated in a devious way so nothing will be suspected. These things will never be known. Oh, My children, you must pray and fast for your Church and for your country which will be under a major attack in a very short time. Remember to keep focused on the Lord so you don’t get discouraged.
I love you, Jesus.

June 10, 2014 (9:14am)
Tell My beloved children I want them to have joy in their hearts no matter what comes into their lives. Some of the greatest saints endured tremendous pain and suffering emotional, spiritual, and physical and never lost joy in their hearts. When you surrender everything in your lives good or bad you will have joy and peace. So, from now on, surrender and trust in the Lord and see the difference you will experience. Oh, My dear ones, this president is planning further destruction for your country. He does anything he wants with nobody’s authority but his own. He has those who agree with his agenda working for him in the media and in his Administration. This is how he gets away with all his evil plans. Oh, My dear children, pray for his impeachment to take place as rapidly as possible before he does more harm to your country. He is a radical person and hates this country. He never should have been elected your president. The next man to take his place is God fearing and very moral, a man of integrity! This man will be ridiculed and persecuted by the media. In spite of this the American people will see the good he will accomplish and they will love and support him. I know it’s hard for you to understand how this can all occur and the time table for this, but it is going to happen when the time is right. Continue your prayers for your Pope. He is slowly dying. You won’t notice it right away but eventually everyone will begin to see his declining health. Pray, My children, pray.
I love you, Jesus.

June 11, 2014 (10:06am)
Tell My beloved children this president is getting very desperate. He sees members of his party distancing themselves from him. Many former supporters are no longer with him. They are afraid that this president is going to be impeached or imprisoned and they are running scared. Oh, My children, your country has never been run by as godless a man as this president is. He has always been surrounded by people of like mind, but now many are deserting him. There is so much that is about to take place both in your country and in your Church. I know you can’t see it yet, but it is all being prepared. My dear ones, your dear Pope is working feverishly to accomplish as much good for the Church as he can before the anti-pope takes over. There is so much destruction planned by this evil man. So many of My children will be deceived by him. He will be charming and charismatic and very likeable. Under this cloak is a very cunning and evil person. Stay alert to what you are hearing in your Church. Pray for discernment to know the truth. Be at peace, My dear ones, and remember to focus on the Lord with joy in your heart.
I love you, Jesus.

June 12, 2014 (9:24am)
Tell My beloved children I realize you don’t understand times and time tables for all these messages to bear fruit, but in My time and in My way all these things prophesized will come true. There are so many things that are in the making right now with this Administration. They realize the American people are waking up and they are outraged by what this Administration is doing. There will be more and more positive outcomes in future elections and the Administration can’t stop it from happening. There are meetings among those involved in the president’s agenda to plot what their next move is going to be. Oh, My children, all of these school shootings are being perpetrated by paid terrorists. It may look like its one student killing another, but there are others involved that you are not aware of. If you notice the killer is the one who takes his own life. This isn’t always what actually happens. There are others who do the killing so as to keep the real truth from coming out. I know it’s hard to understand but don’t believe everything you are being told in the media. Again you are being warned to stay alert and know your surroundings. These terrorists are everywhere now waiting to attack. Your president is running scared due to the scandals going public so be aware of anything he may do. Remember it is all to divert your attention away from his involvement in the scandals. Many of you are not convinced that your pope is going to die and the anti-pope is going to take over. Again, in My time table this is going to occur. It isn’t going to be much longer since he is being poisoned and it is gradually destroying his body. Your country and your Church are in great need of your prayers and fasting. Remember not to get discouraged as you see these predicted things happening. Focus on the Lord and ask for discernment of the spirits regarding the Church.
I love you, Jesus.

June 13, 2014 (9:33am)
Tell My beloved children what you were told in these messages regarding a major conflict in the Middle East is happening right now. You were also told that your president and some of his cabinet that he sent over there are involved majorly in this new conflict. It is all about money and greed. Oh, My children, once this president and his Administration are out of office there will be much work that has to be accomplished to get your country back as One Nation Under God. This president has caused so much harm and destruction to your Constitution it will be difficult to get it back where it should be. My dear ones, this will take some time since there will still be those who will try to thwart all efforts to stop Socialism in your country. There is still a lot to look forward to in spite of all that has to occur before this Administration is finally taken down. Your new president will be as a breath of fresh air after all you will have gone through. As you were told there is much suffering ahead. This president is so power hungry and he hates this country so much he is capable of any evil plan that suits his purpose. He is very cunning and clever and knows how to convince people with his lies and smooth talking. Oh, My children, you will start to hear more news of the declining health of Pope Francis. This will be purposely brought to the public’s attention so that when he does die no one will be suspicious. So, My dear children, you have a lot to pray for. The more you pray the closer you will come to the Lord and you will always have His peace.
I love you, Jesus.