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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Media blackout of Iraqi war dead OR where have all the anti-war-'Occupiers' gone?, &, you can laugh it off if you wanna,

"He made me believe again that there truly is hope and miracles can come true, sometimes you just have to hold on long enough and don't give up." Michelle Cross

No Engine Combustion = No Water Vapor = No Contrails = No Persistent Contrails = Chemtrails CP

night time chemtrailing
targeting the full moon
1. If the powers to be are selling the deception of Solar Radiation Management / Climate Change to the public, why Chemtrail the full moon?
2. Are they trying to hide something in the atmosphere or in space during a full moon?
3. If they are hiding something during the full moon can there be connections to Military applications and or UFO activity?
4. Is this repeated chemtrail / full moon connection being documented in other areas of the U.S. or worldwide?
5. Why the 7 to 10 day break in chemtrail activity?

shielding Soetoro: Media blackout of Iraqi war dead TDS
~ Imagine that, 'Occupiers' committing acts of violence and targeting police. DTG

What is a joke?
The destruction of order.
Why do people laugh?

Chaos theory, sacred geometry, mind control

These are the same dumb smart people who get us into unwinnable wars, wrecked the economy, and don’t know the differences between the sexes. GFP

Obama Officials Confirm Sandy Hook Was False Flag and No Children Died CP