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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

★ LOCUTIONS to the WORLD 6/18-22/14 ★ Mankind is Over the Brink - PRAY4USA June 25 - July 3

June 25 - July 3

LOCUTIONS to the WORLD 6/11-17/14 ★ the collapse of Iraq will send shockwaves, Europe will tremble, every political leader will be powerless.

1. Call from God
Jun 18th, 2014 - Mary

Every human person has a call from God, a word placed in the deepest part of their person. God places this call at the moment of their conception, when he directly creates the human person. For so many, this call is a seed that never opens and the person’s talents are spent on other goals. Even with great worldly success, the person might never have fulfilled their divine call.

God’s whole purpose in creating mankind was that each seed would come forth. This seed is the person’s identity, who they are meant to be, what they should become and the good they should accomplish.

When society is ordered and filled with faith, many understand and respond to their call. When society is confused, then the person finds this difficult. I am speaking now for two reasons. First, people must become aware of this divine power placed within them. Secondly, people need help to understand and to fulfill their call.

Come, this will be an exciting journey. We will travel to the very center of your personhood and discover who you are. You will set aside the false images that flood your mind and grasp what is true.

10. Leading to the Ultimate Fire (Special Locution)
Jun 18th, 2014 - Jesus

Keep your eyes focused on the Middle East. I told you a long time ago that the war in Syria would not end quickly and because it would continue that many structures would be destroyed. This ripping apart of stability would open the door. Syria was always the fuse even though the explosions would take place elsewhere.

This violence is rooted in two things, the centuries of memories and religious beliefs. This Middle East fire is so deep, so strong and involves so many people that no human power on the face of this earth can put it out.

What happens when fires cannot be put out? They continue. They grow. Moments of greater and greater destruction take place.

From now on, there will be no peace. These fires will never be put out. They will lead to greater fires and ultimately, to the great fire. All of this is true unless heaven begins to act.

2. Deprived of Divine Light
Jun 19th, 2014 - Mary

I want to bring you into the deepest mystery. The human person, has God’s plan stamped forever on the soul. This is man’s hidden identity, unique to each individual. Discovering and fulfilling this destiny was meant to be easy, like a journey on a road filled with light. Sin changed all that. The straight road became difficult, narrow, twisting, filled with obstacles and plunged into darkness.

Jesus came as the light of the world. Many walked in that new light and society was bathed in light. Cultures of light came about. Many began to know God’s call and live it out.

Now, the darkness comes. The lights are extinguished, one by one. Yet, each person retains this force within themselves, this divine call. When darkness comes, people wait for the light to act. However, the divine call never waits. It persists. It cries out. It wants to shape every decision. This is the dilemma of modern man. He carries within himself a divine call but is deprived of the divine light. That is why I speak. My locutions will offer you, O reader, the light which your culture should have provided you. Listen carefully to all my words.

3. The Mystery of the Person
Jun 20th, 2014 - Mary

The human person is infinite, able to exist only by a unique act of God’s will. The person is formed in the great mystery of the Trinity of persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit and is called to a greatness, which is hidden in God’s will but gladly revealed.

How does each person arrive at their own greatness? This is the mystery I will explain. Every person is born into a culture. If the culture is devout and filled with light, then the person can more easily find their way. God acts within them from the earliest years and the soul sets out in the greatest light. If, however, the person is born into a culture of darkness, they do not realize what God is doing within them. Their inner divine light is covered over and their choices are limited to earth.

This is the great struggle now taking place between the Woman and Satan. Millions of people live all their lives in darkness, their divine call is lost. As this darkness has spread, many have abandoned their faith and many more have never received it. So, I use these locutions to cast an inner light. They pierce the darkness and offer everyone an opportunity to discover God’s call.

11. The Voice of Light
Jun 20th, 2014 - Jesus

In the middle of this darkness are many voices of light, but so many of these voices are tiny. They are voices of lay people, of children, even of religious women who are given words from heaven. These are important voices, little rays of light, but they are ignored by many. Your locutions are a big voice because of Monsignor Esseff and the stature that I have given to him. Early in his priesthood, I sent him a little girl with heavenly messages.

Then I led him to Padre Pio and later, to Mother Theresa. He has held worldwide positions and is known everywhere. People cannot ignore the light that has his name attached.

When the terrorists raise their flag over all that they will control in Iraq, a new level of terrorism will begin. They will have their own land and their own resources. This is new. They will not just be a government that allows terrorists. They will be a government of terrorists. They will not govern in order to bless their people. They will govern to destroy the world. No one can imagine the new level of this threat.

4. Personal Light in a Darkened Culture
Jun 21st, 2014 - Mary

Before a person can discover their call, they must be awakened. What a special blessing that is, a moment when the veil is pulled back and the great door opens. This moment comes at different stages. Sometimes, the person is very young (even a child). For others the blessing comes in adolescence or young adulthood.

As the years slip away and the opportunities are no longer present, it is more difficult but not impossible, for a person to be awakened and to realize, “This is my call. This is why I was created and to this I will give the remaining years of my life”.

This awakening is God’s gift. (What a special moment.) The moment is always prepared for. Those who receive the enlightenment as children usually have devout parents whom they obeyed. Those who receive this in adolescence or young adulthood have either been faithful for years or have had a conversion.

Right now, I speak to the whole world. My Immaculate Heart is pouring out extraordinary gifts of light. The growing darkness has covered over the usual ways of this awakening. I will circumvent the culture. I will conquer the darkness that surrounds you. I will come directly to your heart. Even though your culture offers you no door to God, you will know that I have given you a light. While darkness surrounds you, a new light will fill you. You will know this has happened and by these locutions you will know what to do.

12. Mankind is Over the Brink
Jun 21st, 2014- Jesus

Formerly, mankind was on the brink. Now it has gone over the brink. The previous century was filled with many evils and mankind was advancing into the darkness. Although these evils did not lead mankind over the brink, the constant delays in seeking heaven’s help caused that moment to come even closer.

However, even with all that had happened, the evil was still contained and could be avoided. Now, the evil is no longer contained. It has spilled out of its container and is everywhere. When did this happen? Only recently, as the Syrian revolution destabilized the whole region and allowed the terrorist groups to emerge, knowing that they would meet no American resistance.

It is too late for earthly solutions. Only heaven’s light and heaven’s power can save the world. For this reason, I have raised up these little locutions. No one else sees what has happened nor understands what is taking place. Mankind is no longer on the brink. It has gone off the brink. The evil is no longer contained. It has broken out of its container. Earthly light is no longer enough. Mankind must begin to follow heaven’s light.

This darkness will continue and mankind will go deeper and deeper into the darkness. At some point the world and the Church will remember my words that only heaven can save mankind.

5. The Mystery of Human Existence
Jun 22nd, 2014 - Mary

God does everything so that the human person discovers the mystery that God has placed in his heart. Unfortunately, each culture is filled with darkness and so many do not have the needed light to read what is within, to understand these inner mysteries. That is why I speak.

Within you, O reader, is an intellect which shares God’s power to know. You also have a spiritual will, quite independent of your lower desires. Do not confuse the two because they war against each other. Inside you also is a power deliberately placed there by your Maker. He made you for himself. Deep inside that power is your call, who you are meant to be, whom you are to love, and to work with and what you are to do to fulfill your call.

All of these are powerful forces within you that lead to your happiness. God calls you to the deepest joys, the greatest accomplishments and, finally, a place with Jesus forever.

You are not free to rip these mysteries out of your soul. You cannot say, “I will no longer be a human person.” Even your death will not end your human existence. I come to you to help you. Together, we can discover the road to your happiness.

The 33rd anniversary of the first apparitions in Medjugorje