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Saturday, June 28, 2014

★ 'The destructive events, for many, will be the removal of their last hope. No. It is far better if these events are avoided by prayer and sacrifice.' ★

60. The Power of the Evil One July 20,2011 - Mary
The greatest light that has ever shone upon mankind will come to it as a gift of the heavenly Father. This moment must be prepared for by hope. Yes, you must hope when there seems to be no reason to hope for the future. Hope, that is what I preach. I will explain later. For now, let all my children begin to hope. Your mother sees what you cannot see.

~ 3. Our Lady’s Three Sorrows Jun 2nd, 2014 - Mary
~ 8. The Milk of Hope Feb 1st, 2014 - Mary
~ 4. Protecting the Children Jan 14th, 2013 - Jesus & Mary


Messages from Jesus Given to a Chosen Child in Chicago
(June 21-27, 2014)

June 21, 2014 (11:10am)
Tell My beloved children I’m giving you plenty of time to prepare for the coming future catastrophic events your country will endure. If you are not ready it means if you read these messages you didn’t take them seriously enough to heed them. Oh, My children, God is merciful to his loved ones. He wants everyone to be saved and safe. There will be many more messages that will tell you what you are to do and also you will be guided to the refuges that are appointed for you. You will be asked to be generous with your food and accommodations. Many will be totally unaware and therefore unprepared to help their families. These things will occur before you are led to the refuges. In those places, there will be supplies of food and water, but not enough to satisfy your wants. You will learn to do without many comforts you are used to. Your country will be in utter chaos and you will be protected from the hands of your enemies which includes your government and others seeking your whereabouts. I know this all sounds like a nightmare but unfortunately these things are going to happen. Your government will take over any property they deem important for their plans. These people who will take over your country will eventually become victims of their own evil schemes and many of them will succumb to the evil people who want them out of the picture. I know this is a lot for you to know about, but it will help you in the future. As you were told you must be able to defend your faith. If you don’t know the basic teachings you will fall prey to the false teachings that will be spread from the pulpit in some of your Churches. These things are already happening so pay attention to what you are hearing. Continue your prayers and fasting for Pope Francis. His time is getting shorter every day and his strength is slowly declining.
I love you, Jesus.

June 22, 2014 (11:35am)
Tell My beloved children there is going to be a major conflict in the White House over how the immigration is being handled. Some want more to be done to have more illegals in the country and others are pointing out how much the American people are against what they are doing. Your president is paying no attention to the advice he is given. He will use executive orders to usurp what power he thinks he needs to get more of his agenda carried out. He thinks his party will win in the next elections by using some of these immigrants to vote illegally. He will try to stop any states from making voters show any identification. He is beginning to fear that they might lose in the elections so he is prepared to call in the paid terrorists to start race riots to allow him to call in Marshall Law to control the violence. He thinks by doing this there won’t have to be an election and he can maintain his power. My dear ones, this man is getting desperate so look for anything to happen. My children, there is a lot being done to bring about a resolution regarding the impeachment of this president and his Administration. There are enough documents now to prove reasons for this to happen. The powers behind your president are getting nervous since their plans are being threatened. They want to get rid of this president since he is no longer useful to their cause. There are so many ways they can accomplish this. Don’t be surprised if some day your news will report his demise. Yes, My children, you are hearing right. Many things can change to alter your president’s power. Keep praying for Pope Francis. He is in pain now even if it doesn’t show yet. You must be prepared for major changes in the Church after he is gone.
I love you, Jesus.

June 23, 2014 (9:32am)
Tell My beloved children to enjoy the life you now have with your family. Go to Church together. Pray together, especially the holy Rosary. Soon your life will change and you will only have memories of how things are now. My dear ones, as you have been hearing on religious programs your Pope Francis is slowing down and cutting back on his summer schedule. He is beginning to feel very weak and sick. Pray often for this holy man. He will have much to suffer as he nears his end. My dear children, the Administration is constantly sending out someone to stop real truth from emerging. They go around all the talk shows on tv trying to convince the public of lies they tell to cover for the president. There will be more information coming regarding the conflict in the Middle East. The powers behind the scenes are not happy with the way your president handled the stories that were supposed to keep your country from getting involved. Because of his ego he wants to take credit for any peace proposals that will be conjured up. The powers behind the scenes didn’t tell him to do this. He took it upon himself. Oh, My dear ones, pray for your men and women who will be sent to fight this war. It will be done on the pretext of saving the people in the Middle East counties from the extreme terrorists taking over individual cities. The real reason is money and power for this president and to distract from the scandals. Pray My children, pray.
I love you, Jesus.

June 24, 2014 (9:36am)
Tell My beloved children there isn’t much time before all the sins you ever committed will be revealed to you. This will be the Illumination of your soul. It will be as if you would be judged by God if you were to die that day. This will be a terrifying experience for some of you. In fact some will die from the shock. Be in the state of grace, My children. Remember My timing is not the same as yours so be prepared for this to happen at any time. After this many will turn back to the Lord with deep sorrow for their sins. Unfortunately many more will pay no attention to it once they are no longer confronted with their sins. They will go on living the way they always have in sin. They will think this was just their imagination since it will feel so strange when it happens. My poor children won’t take advantage of this great privilege they receive to see their sins as God sees them so they can repent and change their ways. Oh, My children, there are so many evil people in your country trying to take you into Socialism. Fortunately through your prayers and the grace of God this will never happen. The powers behind the scenes are looking for someone to replace your president since he is not following their orders. Look for anything to happen. As you were told these people are desperate and have no consciences so are capable of any evil. Oh, My dear ones, now you are hearing little by little of your Pope Francis’ failing health. He is getting weaker every day. You don’t know how long he can last. Pray for his moral strength and courage to endure to the end.
I love you, Jesus.

June 25, 2014 (9:52am)
Tell My beloved children there will be a lot of surprises in the upcoming elections in the fall. Every trick the Administration and their party pull will fail. The American people no longer trust them and their votes will show this. The Administration is not aware that this is going to happen so they feel rather confident they can cheat their way in as they have always done in the past. My dear ones, as told to you earlier the powers behind your president are not happy with him and they are planning on how they can get rid of him and replace him with someone they can better control. Your present thinks he can do anything he wants no matter what he is told to do so he no longer can be useful. Oh, My children, as you hear on talk shows and also by watching tv there is so much crookedness involved with this Administration. The ones heading different agencies have purposely been spying on anyone’s or any organization opposed to this Administration. They have been found out by the American people but still feel they don’t have to answer to anyone for all the lies and deceit involved. Soon there will be major changes in the Administration. They still feel very safe since there is so much going on with paid off judges and even Congress itself. So, My children, a lot is going to happen very soon that will change the outcome of the fall elections. There may even be people who will mysteriously die. As you know these people are desperate to keep their power and they have no consciences. Pray for your dear Pope . He doesn’t have much more time. Be prepared for what will come with the anti-pope who will replace him. Don’t be taken in by his charismatic personality. Underneath this is an evil man.
I love you, Jesus.

June 26, 2014 (9:27am)
Tell My beloved children to notice the weather patterns. One day it is hot the next day it is cold and many more days of rain and flooding. These are all signs of the times. Are you paying attention and heeding these warnings? Yesterday you were told the Illumination is coming. Sadly, there are so many of My children who have never heard this before and so they will be shocked and unnerved when this occurs. You who read these messages are very blessed. You are told and therefore are made aware of what is actually happening in the world. You can tell all the lies you are being told are being purposely spread to protect your president. My dear ones, are you using this information to help you get closer to the Lord? That is the purpose of these messages. If you are not praying more as a result of these messages, you are reading them out of curiosity and they aren’t going to help you. Oh, My dear children, this Administration is so out of control it will take a miracle to undo the damage they have done and continue to do. As you were told the powers behind your president are looking for ways to get rid of him. It will take a lot of manoeuvring to try and replace him but they think they can. Oh, My children, look for major changes to take place in this Administration very soon. People in Congress are also getting fed up with the way the president over steps his bounds and does what he wants. There will be those who will want him to account for his actions even if he has to be impeached. Your president is beginning to feel insecure as he sees some of his past strongest supporters challenging him. Pray for all this to happen fast so your country can be saved. Pray, My children, for Pope Francis, you will see how he is failing. He is in such desperate straits.
I love you, Jesus.

June 27, 2014 (9:53am)

Tell My beloved children there is urgent need for prayers for Pope Francis. Pray that his pain will lessen and he will have a quiet and peaceful death. He is getting closer every day to his coming to be with Me in Heaven. Oh, My children, your president is feeling very angry and insecure after the decisions of your Supreme Court were unanimously against him. That won’t stop him. He will continue to try and get away with outrageous things in spite of this. Oh, My children, he won’t be your president for his full term. The powers behind him have decided he is no longer useful to them so they have devised a way to get rid of him. Don’t be shocked if you hear of his assassination before his impeachment. There are going to be many changes in the Administration in the weeks to come. Even some in the media are getting fed up with the lies they have to tell in order to keep their jobs. Yes, My dear ones, as you were told everything this president and his Administration try will fail. They can see how public opinion is going against them. As long as they think they can win the elections in the fall by all their cheating and dishonest tactics that’s all they care about. Your country is about to undergo major changes overnight. Be prepared for food shortages and for the government to close all the banks. It is then that the Churches will all start to close when the anti-pope takes the place of Pope Francis. All this sounds unbelievable I know but it will happen very soon. I hope all of you reading these messages are in the state of grace. You know not the hour or day when your soul will be required of you. Are you ready?
I love you, Jesus.