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Monday, June 30, 2014

Ayers, Klonsky, & Obama family connections, &, "'Grieving Mother' of dead Sandy Hook kid is ACTUALLY a gun-grabbing rep for GOVERNMENT OF SWITZERLAND, pushing UN gun-grabbing scheme!"

10 Large Earthquakes in 7 days time — global unrest event underway DS.T1009

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This is a massive blow to Obama and the liberals who think religious liberty should only operate on their terms.

the Ayers, Klonsky, & Obama family connections: The True Bill Ayers Revealed – The Communist & Domestic Terrorist cdrkerchner
~ & that 'Grieving Mother' of dead Sandy Hook kid who is ACTUALLY a gun-grabbing rep for GOVERNMENT OF SWITZERLAND, pushing UN gun-grabbing scheme! BS,ESQ @ BR

when Commander Fitzpatrick lost his rights so did you. thejaghunter

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Fr Slavko Barbaric on the Immaculate Heart of Mary

This is a motherly call, because every mother carries within her heart the deep yearning to be with her children and to be there for them so that her children can also be there for her.So that we may better understand this wish of Mary’s, let us think a bit about Mary’s heart.

We believe that she was conceived without sin as she told Bernadette in Lourdes when she said that she was the Immaculate Conception.

Her heart was obedient toward God; her heart was full of love, trust, hope and faith; her heart was merciful, and she was also the mother who kept her Son’s words in her heart and thought about them a lot; her heart was full of peace and completely subservient toward God and toward others. That is why she went to visit Elizabeth, that is why she could, out of this peace and love, see at the wedding of Cana that the people had a problem, and her heart inspired her to intercede with Jesus for this family. And when Mary wishes of us to come closer to her, then this also means that our hearts should become more similar to hers.

So every opportunity of practicing patience and trust in faith, hope and love and every attempt at forgiving really makes our hearts more similar to hers, and especially so when we are in difficulty or have problems and then remain firm and do not lose faith, hope and love, we are coming closer to her heart – her heart that also knows suffering and that still remains loyal to Jesus throughout His sufferings.

Here it becomes important for us to ask ourselves whether the yearning exists within us to remain close to our mother? This means that we should ask ourselves what hinders us in this yearning, or what suffocates our yearning for being near to her.

Every one of us will certainly find something in our lives that distances us from Mary's heart. But in general one can say that whoever wishes to come closer to Mary must dispose of all pride and to practice humility at all times. Whoever wishes to come closer to her heart must dispose of every uncleanness in order to become more similar to her Immaculate Heart. Everything positive that we do brings us closer to her heart, and especially so when we carry in our hearts and reflect upon God's words.

This way we will come closer to Mary and in our lives Jesus will then become alive as he did in Mary’s life. This way we will also discover what it means when he says that those who do the will of the Father are also his brothers, his sisters and his relatives.