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Wednesday, May 28, 2014


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dust-in-the-wind: dust-bowl-conditions-have-returned-to-kansas-oklahoma-and-north-texas tds

There is still ice on Lake Superior & the trees have no leaves! iotw
& remember:
“Conspiracy Theorist”: one who questions known liars HSUS
~ meanwhile: Before climate expert Paul Ehrlich was worried about global warming, he was worried about global cooling – & wanted to poison Africans. SG
~ "You could dismiss all this as way out conspiracy theory except for Bill Gates Talks ‘Vaccines to Reduce Population’ and the fact that the founding Director-General of UNESCO was a Eugenicist." Gail Combs @ RS
~ "Mothership UVA had been attacked, and she responded with legal phasers blazing. ... The UVA home team circled their wagons of outrage around the rallying cry of “academic freedom.” " WUWT

it's the FUKUSHIMA stupid!!: Professor: Just 1% of usual number of baby California pelicans; “Nearly complete failure to breed”; Only 20 newborns in area where 10,000 expected — Expert: ‘Flabbergasted’ by what’s happening in Malibu, “I’ve never seen anything like that” (AUDIO) enenews

Over 250 arrested in connection with Miami Black Beach Week. Violence spilled over into Fort Lauderdale. tcn

Moochelle O is vowing to fight any and all efforts to defy having the government determine what schoolchildren should eat for school-provided breakfasts and lunches. CD