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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

! Russia in Catholic Prophecy ! ★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 5/1,2/14 ★ Darkness Over the President - I will cast a darkness over the Obama administration so it cannot further harm America ( ★ Messages from Jesus to Chosen Child ★ )

THE SPIRITUAL BATTLE IS AT ITS SUMMIT. RevelacionesMarianas - April 20th, 2013, Easter Sunday

★ URGENT APPEAL TO POLAND FOR UKRAINE - LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 4/ 25-28 /14 ★ the fatal mistake - He is on more dangerous ground that he can ever imagine. The fires are at the door

A Totalitarian Russia ★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 4/29,30/14 ★

Poland, Baltic Countries and European Union
Apr 30th, 2014 - Jesus


Poland is weak, no longer the militant, aggressive Poland that existed under Communism and under Pope John Paul II. It has traded it militancy for the goods of Western society, becoming soft, penetrable and ready to go along. It is no longer resistant and ready to destroy any foe that would compromise its principles. With the events in the Ukraine, Putin now turns his glance to Poland. He enjoys a new window of opportunity in Poland. He knows the former Poland (the staunch ally of the Pope) and he knows the present Poland, no long rooted in an iron-willed determination.

He knows how to plan his attack, which will be a mixture of threats, policies and enticements. He wants to change Poland’s current status. He cannot do in Poland what he is doing militarily in the Ukraine. However, he will develop other plans to draw Poland closer to Russia. This will affect all of Poland, as people realize that their status quo is being challenged by a force that NATO cannot fight because it is not primarily a military force. This force will be even more real, a relentless force that cannot be destroyed and which always has access to people’s hearts. Putin always manipulates the events so they serve Russia’s purpose. Putin will be seen as a new force within Poland itself, a pernicious force that will not withdraw, like a wolf always seeking its prey.

Baltic States

A similar, but greater influence will extend to the smaller nations along the Baltic. They are more vulnerable because their population and their resources are smaller. These nations will experience Putin’s newly revealed aggressiveness even more than Poland.

Destabilizing the European Union

Putin has his eyes set on destabilizing the European Union. Cracks have appeared in this European house because it is not well-built, or founded upon rock. This Union has never been built upon the Catholic faith. European unity is based upon self-interest. For many, self-interest in the European Union is fading quickly.

Putin knows that the European Union is a house filled with many cracks. He will apply every sort of pressure. He has one goal, to exploit those cracks and to increase their power so that the whole European Union faces serious threats to its future viability. This is almost within his reach. Putin has a wrecking ball and wants to use it to tear down the European house. He wants to fulfill the dreams of Stalin, the collapse of Western Europe and the emergence of Russia as the world power.

All of this is possible and its fulfillment can happen much more quickly than any European or American leader can conceive. The timetable is moved way ahead and Putin, as Satan’s perfect instrument, will not hesitate one moment.

I am putting the European leaders on notice of what can happen. In their foolishness, they have abandoned the faith and have built their secular union. They have no defenses against Putin, Satan’s instrument. America will be deeply shaken by this destabilizing of the European Union

10. Russia’s River of Acid
May 1st, 2014 - Mary

Putin’s Russia is like an enormous river of acid that can flow in many directions and change course at a moment’s notice. This river has no fixed agenda, only the goal of Russian supremacy brought about by a great intermingling of nations that share its darkness. This flexibility presents the greatest hazards for the Western strategies.

The river of acid can flow anywhere, choosing its most susceptible targets. Once its corrupting power has sufficiently drawn them into the Russian mold, the river can flow out into other, less accessible places.
This acid is filled with power and refuses to be diluted. It is corrosive and destroying, leaving death, destruction and evil of every kind in its wake. This acid has been flowing for almost a century and has taken many forms, sometimes assuming a militaristic confrontation and, at other times, a face that welcomes all visitors (as if it had changed).

A hundred years ago, I warned the Church about this destructive power of Russia and nothing was done. So, I now speak to the world. The source of your problems is not some unknown secret. Nor is the solution hidden from your eyes. These locutions will reveal everything.

Let everyone listen. This river does not yet have access to the very center of human history. However, if and when it does, then there will be an annihilation of nations. Only the Woman Clothed With the Sun can prevent this moment from happening.

★ Russia in Catholic Prophecy ★
"Edvige also went to Moscow in bilocation and entered Stalin’s room in the Kremlin. She saw him move his fist saying, “I am the strong and terrible enemy of God.”
Edvige said that Stalin had such an ugly stare that it made you afraid to look at him. Vitalia remembers:
“One day I was in Edvige and Paulina’s house. We saw Edvige in deep prayer and heard her say: ‘You have to convert. But if you want to be God’s eternal enemy, you will be.’ When she came out of the ecstasy, her sister asked her to whom she was talking and she answered that she had been to Stalin’s room in Moscow…to her invitation to convert, he had responded, ‘I will never convert. I will be God’s enemy forever.’” "
The Servant of God, Edvige Carboni, (1880-1952) Mystic, Stigmatic, Victim Soul & Laywoman

Darkness Over the President
May 2nd, 2014 - Jesus
( ★ Messages from Jesus to Chosen Child 4/26-5/2/14 ★ )

Just as I surrounded Pharaoh and his army with darkness so they could not destroy the Israelites, so I will cast a darkness over the Obama administration so it cannot further harm America. For these remaining years, his administration will be covered by greater and greater darkness, by questions which will come from every side. This darkness will come wave after wave, halting all his efforts that would hurt America. Only when America’s safety is endangered will I grant a moment of light.

Among his opponents, there must be a reshuffling. Those who seek only political solutions must be moved to the sidelines while those who focus on the true good of America come to the center.

America needs strong medicine to restore its health and leaders must prescribe this medicine even if they suffer politically. This will be only a short-term loss.

11. When the Events Conclude
May 2nd, 2014 - Mary

When this series of events concludes, a rearrangement of Europe will have taken place. The European Union will be diminished in power and size and the new reality will dawn upon everyone. Russia will once again emerge as an evil force, set upon its own path. How naïve was the West. It saw in Russia what it wanted to see and never made the effort to grasp reality.

It will not be a renewed Cold War because Putin has other means to gain his goals. The world is quite different than decades ago. The Muslim world, with its great hatred against the West, has come forth. Putin has friends in the Middle East whom he has cleverly gathered. He has multiple spheres in which to increase Russia’s influence.

Such will be the state of the world when these events in the Ukraine and in Western Europe come to a cooling point, when what is gained or lost is finally settled. For now, all is still to be decided. Much depends on the determination of the West which is so compromised and vulnerable.

In this current battle, I still sit on the side lines. My only hope is to send these locutions far and wide. “O Church, you must awaken. Only you hold within your grasp the ability to have the Woman Clothed With the Sun come powerfully upon the world stage and call everyone to repentance and conversion.”

Saints Who Confronted the Devil