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Friday, May 16, 2014

RADAR pulse event out of Dover Air Force base targeted DC, USDA Ordering Sub Machine Guns, ALERT: Dr. Mariam Yahya Ibrahim's DEATH SENTENCE, the D R O N E R A N G E R , exposing the teaparty, &, Expert Threatened for Questioning Sandy Hook


Washington DC Tornado Warning issued for RADAR Pulsed Area from 3 days prior dutchsinse.tatoott1009

"When the floodgates will open, many journalists will suddenly do their coming out as climate skeptics." omnologos @ WUWT

Threatened for Questioning Sandy Hook

& the strange death of Loretta Fuddy HSUS

13 Christians Burned Alive by Muslims in Central African Republic SU
~ Obama Administration Threatened Nigeria with Sanctions in 2013 for Fighting Boko Haram TMI
Boko Haram kidnaps girls, Obama kills them w/ drones sl
~ This woman is about to be executed for converting to Christianity fotm
~ Child rape in Pakistan. VTB
~ & in CANADA! BNI

But you knew the TeaParty was infiltrated, right??: Exposing Tea Party Express Co-Founder's Amnesty Ties CHq
~ & the GOP: "Three Republican sources tell The Daily Beast that the chairmen of the House Intelligence, Armed Services, and Government Reform committees—Reps. Rogers, Buck McKeon, and Darrell Issa, respectively—all opposed the formation of a select committee on Benghazi." PW

Why Is The USDA Ordering Up .40 Caliber Sub Machine Guns? TUR