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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Big Mexico Quake, DEATH THREATS, Obamacare, Child Abduction & Sex Trafficking Children, before the regime Fuddies you,

"You think its a coincidence Obama hired a top criminal defense attorney, Donald Trump is talking about the birth certificate again, Ben Carson is talking about the birth certificate, Jay Carney split, ABC and CNN are actually starting to question Obama. Truth is coming libtards and I am going to rub your moronic noses in it every damn day." Joseph Lucius

"When holding on to sensitive information, I have found it prudent to go public as I believe it gives the greatest chance of not becoming a statistic such as Breitbart, Hastings, Clancy and appropriately in this case, Nancy Schaefer. Subsequently, I am publishing notice of the fact that the state of Virginia Child Protective Services is sex-trafficking in children that it illegally seizes and that the Illinois Child Protective Services is cooperating with Virginia in order to complete a child abduction with sex-trafficking connections." Child Protective Services Stealing & Sex Trafficking Children Stories Could Get You Killed – But They Must Be Exposed freedomoutpost

5 Facts On Cancer That Conventional Medicine Is Now Aggressively Claiming Are Myths tds

Deluge Weekend! Big Mexico Quake lasinkhole
~ El Salvador, west coast of Mexico, Ethiopia, Indonesia theextinctionprotocol