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Thursday, May 1, 2014

ATTN: Mt. Saint Helens showing rise, Fed Ex False Flag, "Asked about the incident Rahm said he was too busy to even think about it.", &, Jonny Boehner's anti-gun immigration amnesty

but first the good news: "The new law eliminates local jurisdiction over poultry, rabbit and egg sales from producers direct to the final consumer. Once SB 179 takes effect, local government agencies will no longer have licensing and inspection powers over producers of those foods for sales taking place on the farm, at farm stands and at farmers markets. The Indiana Department of Public Health will no longer have the power to license and inspect poultry producers processing between 1,000 and 20,000 birds on the farm per year as long as sales take place at the same venues." farmtoconsumer

Oil Train Blows Up in Lynchberg, VA lash

Tesla Aerosol Geoengineering Associated With Record Flood in Pensacola chemtrailsplanet

Let a Political Insurgency Begin
Lawrence Sellin, PHD @ birtherreport
"This isn't looking good for current and ex-members of this administration." Baba Ghanoush @ Twitchy

The Muslim Felon Tiny Dancer Hired in Chicago is Apprehended With Fake Passport BigFurHat@IOTW
"A muzzie who was convicted of defrauding the state of Ohio while deputy treasurer (and hired by Rahm Emanuel AFTERWARDS) violated the terms of his bail and tried to flee to Pakistan with a forged passport.
Asked about the incident Rahm said he was too busy to even think about it."

"Boehner thinks he can get away with bushwhacking the Republican members who elected him Speaker. But the good news is that there is a procedure for unseating the Speaker, and we are beginning to work with members in order to invoke it." americandictators
~ meanwhile, across the Pond: Hysterical language and smears hint at panic among the political class 21stCW
~ that Fed Ex shooting was a false flag
(Hollywood producer Nathan Folks says Boston Bombing’s a false flag)
~ & as goes guns in the U.S. fotm

Ted Cruz & the grassroots tsunami that's coming:
Irony is a lost art form wasted on these bastards.