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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

ALERT: HR 3717 - a diabolical legislative package., CATS!, Oklahoma City bombing JOHN DOE #2 & Eric H., Sandy Hoax, Benghazi, Eric H. ...

BOOM: Former CIA Director Supports New Benghazi Investigation ct

Sandy Hook "Officals" Caught In Coverup And Running Scared AD
& speaking of Sandy Hoax:
HR 3717: Comprehensive Mental Health Bill Introduced in House JR "This is about more than Pharma profits. It’s also about putting a ceiling on how human beings view themselves.
As exemplified by this bill before Congress, the federal government has set itself up as a legal partner and enforcer of a monopoly of the mind."

8 replies:
~"Yeah, what about Oklahoma City?
JOHN DOE number f**king TWO?
Arab-looking guy was spotted in a truck. But JUST LIKE THE BOSTON MARATHON BOMBING, guess what happened to JOHN DOE #2?
He vanished and was never explained, and the FBI pinned the whole thing on Whitey.
Were the white guys guilty? I assume they were up to something, but WHO and WHERE is JOHN DOE #2 (the Arab) in those police sketches, who got spotted by bystanders?
He's back in Saudi Arabia, folks. That's where he freakin is. Probably drinking bacon vodka with the Saudi Trio from the Boston Marathon bombing. "
Barry Soetoro

~ "Thanks to our sixty year relationship with the Saudis and the environmental morons you have the perfect storm of national suicide.
John Doe number two is Hussain Al-Hussaini, he was arrested last I heard. But not for the bombing. Saddam Republican Guard and tattoos to prove it.
Jana Davis figured out his identity.
Homeless Muslim Arrest Revisits OK City Bombing Islam Connection

~ Oklahoma City bombing, JOHN DOE #2. B.S.

~ "The local investigative reporter Jayna Davis wrote a book on her findings called "The Third Terrorist." There were scores of witnesses who gave affidavits as to the Middle Easterners seen with McVey. One named Arab actually sued for slander but lost since he really was a former Black Guard for Saddam Hussein.
That case was one of Eric Holder's first to tamper with. If you remember, McVey's trial was put on ice when the FBI had to inform defense lawyers about some "overlooked" boxes of evidence they "neglected" to disclose.
McNicols had previously been in the Philippines with Muslim extremists."
" RJ145

~ "Wow.
What was Holder's exact job during OKC bombing? FBI or what....
And yeah, I seem to remember some evidence wasn't exactly forthcoming from FedGov when it was supposed to.
Ring any bells? Benghazi emails.... IRS emails.... "