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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

WAKE UP PPL: homeschoolers & their families will be targeted, Slew of Central America Big Quakes & New Madrid Area Quake, Donald Sterlinga's total, premeditated ambush by V. Stiviano, aka Vanessa Perez, aka Monica Gallegos, aka Maria Valdez Haz A Sad…., ,

A Slew of Central America Big Quakes and a New Madrid Area Quake lash

My Message from Heaven to Stay Awake and Pray the Rosary pma

"Your home is your place of peace and your fortress against evil. Do not compromise your strengths." supertradmum via spiritdaily

homeschoolers and their families will be targeted - HHS, CPS & the Criminalization of Parenthood /TDS
"Meet the Creators of the State Sponsored Child Kidnapping Rings: The primary author for this insane manual for HHS/CPS and their designed home invasion interventions is Diane DePanfilis, Ph.D., M.S.W. She is the Associate Dean for. Research and an Associate Professor of Social Work at the University of Maryland. More importantly she is a co-editor of the Handbook on Child Protection Practice. In other words, DePanfills has been a major player in the unconstitutional practices we see in CPS in all 50 states. As if this is not concerning enough, all of the other contributing authors have their professional origins and affiliations with the same organization."

Defending Donald Sterling ap
~ "She swears she didn’t mean to boil the Donald’s bunny. She’s devastated. Devastated ! …She was a simple girl working on a doctoral thesis in waitressing while volunteer crime fighting and now needs legions of legal representatives…." pittsreport

& Cliven Bundy: As reported by YourBlackWorld via theblacksphere "Blacks are coddled in all walks of life, and the outcome is a culture doomed to subservience worse than slavery.
Cliven Bundy was right, as were all the other people who have said this before. And it shouldn’t go unnoticed by the racist Left that the Urban Institute is not run by Republicans, and Senator Moynihan was a Democrat."