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Monday, April 21, 2014

& the NEO-CAT takeover of our Parish preceeds!

"I know about the Neo-Catechumenal Movement. We have one at my local parish; and some of my friends even belong to it, despite my discouragement. It is Gnostic. Experiential. An immediate goal is to set up little cults within each parish; a long-term goal is to break up all parishes into small cells of 5 to a dozen people of "small faith communities" and to exist without priests or with priests rarely visiting each community!" Dajjal

Kiko’s Neocatechumenal Way
(full text) Catholic Resources on the Internet
the Neocats: CULT FICTION - Protestant cuckoo in the Catholic nest, or what you see is most definitely not what you get.
"One of the recurring instructions of Kiko in this manual is, "Don't tell this to anybody else. If people knew this, they would go away quickly."!"

"After my first post, i wasted about an hour researching the neocatechuminal way on the internet. Found some very frightening stuff. If what i have read concerning the theology of Arguello and Hernandez are correct, this sect is a cult in every meaning of the word. No real presence, no true sacrifice, The Church was in stasis from Constantine to V-II, hand written liturgy, hand written catechism and wait for it, he and the ex-Nun are leaders for life!
C’mon folks, this is Jehova Witness stuff filled with Calvinism and a touch of Masonic mind control. And according to former members, very few of the followers know the truth, since to get through all of the training(indoctrination) can take upwards of twenty years. Just like Masons, the locals are doing good works, unaware of the actual designs and demonics of the leadership. I am really worried about our Church. Can anyone look at this phenomena or any of the occurances of the past fifty years and say that Pope St. Pius X or Pope Leo XIII or Pope Pius XII would have sat back and permitted this stuff to happen? What happened to “Lamentabili Sane”, “Quanta Cura”, Vatican Council I ? What happened to Anathema Sit???"
Capt. Morgan 21 January 2012 at 7:37 am

Orwellian newspeak in the Vatican? rorate-caeli
"What we think, what we consider right, even what is in mere speeches... all this is irrelevant: as in all post-Conciliar radical experiments, they merely wanted a seal of approval, even if the approval is not, in law, complete and wide; and, with this seal of approval, first in 2008, now supremely approved in all details in 2012, everything is possible for the Way. The Neocatechumenal Way is at last out of the box; who will put them back inside?"

~ Vatican approval for Neocatechumenal Way only applies to non-liturgical teachings CNA (comments have it!)

~ Vatican Approval for Neo-Catechumenal Way Only Applies to Non-Liturgical Catechesis NLM

~ "Perhaps, the Pope had not received the secret book of Kiko and Carmen destined only to the catechists of the Movement" catholicapologetics

~ The wager of Carmen and Kiko chiesa.espresso.repubblica

~ A Fearful Danger to the Faith Fr. Enrico Zoffoli

~ the doctrinal errors of the Neocatechumenal Way acatholiclife

~ “a form of spiritual enslavement” Tcreek/Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

Neocatechumenate Questions bostoncatholicinsider
"The key to the entire controversy is found in this article. The “Holy Sacrifice of the Mass” has been changed to the “Celebration of the Eucharist”. That is the entire lynch pin of Vatican II. In the thinking of Malachi Martin, Jesuit advisor at Vat II, the Church has “merged” with the socialist movement in the world and is approaching a “melding” of church and state through the social justice evolutionary model of Teilhard de Chardin. “Badges, we don’t need no thinkin’ badges.” Sacrifice and redemption, “we don’t need no stinkin’ sacrifice and redemption.” " jbq2 May 19, 2012 at 3:09 pm

<-"But for all we know, especially given Kiko's shameful display of ego this past Feb 1, lecturing the Pope and taking up most of his time in front of the whole world, Francis may have just decided to keep a closer eye on this poor rabid man, so he appointed him to a council. This is an oft used strategy: keep your enemies closer." Tim@junglewatch2 / Cardinal Sean, Neo-Cats & Guam (always read the comments!!)


Scrutinizing a Scrutiny: A Critical Look at the NeoCatechumenal Way’s First Baptismal Scrutiny Convivence thoughtfulcatholic

"You are incorrect Mr Arguello, society is not secularising. In fact, people have had enough of banal modernising churches that imitate the world we currently live in. Many of these seek other religious experiences as a substitute. There is ample sociological evidence to demonstrate a society that is turning to alternative religious experiences. In addition, your Way attracts many lonely people as you admit, who are vulnerable. Having spent three years inside your movement in UK & participated in a diocesan inquiry that banned your divisive movement, it is evident to me that your catechists employ psychologically harrying techniques. Your liturgy is not Roman Catholic at all and it is only in these times where the church has lost its own way that you have managed to insinuate your sect in to the new church of the post-conciliar paradigm - indeed, the very same model I heard your catechists ardently criticise and condemn on multiple occasions. Indeed we do live in very strange times. " LeonG @ rorate-caeli

the fate of those who leave the Neocatechumenal Way:
A former 'itinerant' speaks of Kiko & Carmen
"the Bible with the lining of Kiko, the icon of Our Lady of Kiko, the Cross in style in the style of Kiko, the Paschal Candle with a pattern of Kiko, cup and paten designed Kiko, the hymnal of Kiko, the lectern cover designed by Kiko, carpets, guitar, tambourine and vestments are not yet designed by Kiko."

ROBIN KIKO HOOD & the 2nd Scrutiny Convivence junglewatch2

The psychological mechanisms of mental conditioning inside the neocatechumenate community antyk

Cults and Common Sense patheos

"All I know is...you aren't going to get me to dance around the altar no matter how special the occasion is." JMJ333

"But wait. Just yesterday, CNA quoted an "Unnamed Vatican official" as saying that the NCW eucharistic dance party hasn't been approved. What are you worried about? Things always work out when that saintly, courageous, and orthodox "unnamed Vatican official" takes charge. He's our Batman!" Ivan K


“You alone have destroyed all heresies in the world.”
St. Maximilian Kolbe / Prayer of Total Consecration

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