........... O Blood and Water, which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a fount of Mercy for us, I trust in You! ???????Woman Woman clothed with the sun, come and do not delay I II am the Mother of 'America, you belong to me, the child of my heart. No one will steal you from me...you have not yet reached your greatest moment. The truly great moment of your history, the moment when you will save the world still lies ahead.' ★ LOCUTIONS 2012 & 2015In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph. ★LOCUTIONS 2014 ★ ......................... ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of the Savior, Scatter the forces ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of the Savior, Scatter the forces of evil so they are not engrossed in darkness but can come to Light! amen, amen. † LOCUTIONS to the WORLD 9/29-10/9/13 ..................................................***************************

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

★ URGENT APPEAL TO POLAND FOR UKRAINE - LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 4/ 25-28 /14 ★ the fatal mistake - He is on more dangerous ground that he can ever imagine. The fires are at the door

1. Begin from the Grassroots
Apr 25th, 2014 - Mary

I will describe the future events clearly and the forces that will shape them. I will pull back all the veils so that the whole world knows how deeply I love the human race and all that I want to do for mankind. I must reveal the very depths of my Immaculate Heart so that everyone says, “Why should we not go there? What is holding us back from such treasures?”

In this way, many will see my love because they know my secrets. They will join with others in this search, like companions on a journey. In this way, they will not lose their way nor grow discouraged. Also, they will discover so much more. What one finds, all will possess and their joys will multiply.

I will begin from the grassroots and, with the new means of social media, this can spread like wildfire. Come, I invite all of you. Listen to my song. Read my locutions. Let them claim your heart. I will speak every day to the whole world. Share these locutions with others. They will join your hearts. As your hearts are joined in my words, I will inspire you as to what steps you must take to increase this treasure. The beginnings will seem small but, after a few months, you will realize the great gifts contained in your small steps of faith.

2. President Obama’s Ideology
Apr 25th, 2014 - Jesus

All of these destructive events should not be happening this quickly. The timetable has been moved up because America has withdrawn from the world scene. All of this is due to the ideology placed deeply in the heart of President Obama. He rejects my plan for America. I blessed America so it would be strong and dominant and be a light to the nations and assume the role of a watchman.

He rejects my plans because of an ideology placed in his heart as a youth. For him, American dominance is the problem. For him, America has to be lowered in stature and become just an equal among other nations. This totally contradicts my plans for world peace. His actions show that American withdrawal allows the seeds of violence to grow unchecked.

America has elected a president whose heart is totally against all that I raised up America to be. So, I will not protect him, I will not support him. Except when America’s good is at stake, I will allow him to walk his own path. He will not have my blessings or my protections. He is on more dangerous ground that he can ever imagine.

4. Fires at the Door
Apr 27th, 2014 - Mary

The fires burn everywhere, always more brightly and with greater destruction. What was considered safe, becomes endangered. O West, you think you are far from the fires. You think that they can be contained in the Middle East or in the Ukraine. Really, they are ready to consume your houses also. First, they will surround you on every side. As they continue to burn (because you have forsaken the only means to extinguish them), they will weaken your foundations, cut you off and isolate you. Your resources will grow smaller and you will even begin to say, “Let us begin to cooperate with this fire of Russia”. This will be the fatal mistake, when you lose all your courage to expel the fire and you invite it to enter. At first, it will enter with its ingratiating smile, but then, the hatred and danger will appear. Your house is divided and a divided house soon topples.

As the Woman Clothed With the Sun I, alone, offer the waters needed to repel and, if totally obeyed, to extinguish the fires and restore world peace. Who even speaks of world peace these days? That is my promise, my total and complete promise. I will give to the world a time of peace. Who believes me? Who listens? Who acts? That is why I am raising up messengers of these locutions. The fires are at the door and the West has forsaken the only means which can extinguish the

5. The Fires of Darkness
Apr 28th, 2014 - Mary

Everything will happen so quickly. There are not just fires burning in so many places but winds that will spread Satan’s fires. Walls of protection will prove to be useless. The fires will leap over these walls. There will be fires in front and fires to the back. With so many fires in so many places, how will they be extinguished?

I am not describing what is far distant. Look around. All can see the fires everywhere. (Even in Latin America which I love so dearly.) What is not consumed? There are some places where I am venerated in a special way. They will be a sign to you. I protected Portugal in World War II and Medjugorje in the Bosnian War. Let them be clear signs to you.

Only the Woman Clothed With the Sun can protect the world from the fires that will spread so quickly. Seemingly, they will be out of control. Really, they will be very controlled by Satan and by those whose intellects he darkens with his evil. The fires of darkness. These are the future forces being released. Can no one see or grasp? Human responses are like foolishness, child’s play. The human race needs the Woman and I am ready to help all who invoke me.

6. Putin’s Method (Special Locution)
Apr 28th, 2014 - Jesus

Putin is rejoicing because he is inflicting suffering upon the Ukraine. Suffering is the key which he uses to steal what is not his. He inflicts more and more suffering until those in possession of the land and of the goods are willing to let go, so that the suffering stops.

Who is ready to stop him in his tracks? No one. The West, too, applies sufferings but compared to Putin’s sufferings and the great gains that he is acquiring, they are as no suffering at all. So, he is rejoicing and he will continue to use this method. He will cause sufferings everywhere and will increase them until he gains what is not his.

7. An Appeal to the Polish People (Special Locution)
Apr 28th, 2014 - Mary

I give these locutions because I love the Ukrainian people and they love me. How they suffered under Stalin and Communism, more than any other group. Yet, their love for me did not waver. I hold them in a special place in my heart and I use these locutions to tell them, “I love you and I have not forgotten you”.

The problem is that the West sees the Ukraine from a political point of view and that of the mass media. For the people of the Ukraine, this is not a mass media event. This is an event of blood, blood on their streets, blood in their towns and cities. This is about the sufferings of their young people and the total uprooting of their country. For the West, it is a matter of policy issues. For the people it is a matter of life and death, of darkness, of untold sufferings and of total despair.

The West will not help. The sanctions are not the answer. I must look around. To whom will I appeal? Poland loves me. They know that I have miraculously saved this nation on many occasions (as at the Vistula).
To you, O people of Poland, I appeal. You know the true stories. You see the blood. Many of you have relatives. Do all you can. Reach out to the Ukrainian people. You are not powerless. Your hearts are strong and wide open. Reach out to the Ukraine. I will be with you and you will be surprisingly successful.

WAKE UP PPL: homeschoolers & their families will be targeted, Slew of Central America Big Quakes & New Madrid Area Quake, Donald Sterlinga's total, premeditated ambush by V. Stiviano, aka Vanessa Perez, aka Monica Gallegos, aka Maria Valdez Haz A Sad…., ,

A Slew of Central America Big Quakes and a New Madrid Area Quake lash

My Message from Heaven to Stay Awake and Pray the Rosary pma

"Your home is your place of peace and your fortress against evil. Do not compromise your strengths." supertradmum via spiritdaily

homeschoolers and their families will be targeted - HHS, CPS & the Criminalization of Parenthood /TDS
"Meet the Creators of the State Sponsored Child Kidnapping Rings: The primary author for this insane manual for HHS/CPS and their designed home invasion interventions is Diane DePanfilis, Ph.D., M.S.W. She is the Associate Dean for. Research and an Associate Professor of Social Work at the University of Maryland. More importantly she is a co-editor of the Handbook on Child Protection Practice. In other words, DePanfills has been a major player in the unconstitutional practices we see in CPS in all 50 states. As if this is not concerning enough, all of the other contributing authors have their professional origins and affiliations with the same organization."

Defending Donald Sterling ap
~ "She swears she didn’t mean to boil the Donald’s bunny. She’s devastated. Devastated ! …She was a simple girl working on a doctoral thesis in waitressing while volunteer crime fighting and now needs legions of legal representatives…." pittsreport

& Cliven Bundy: As reported by YourBlackWorld via theblacksphere "Blacks are coddled in all walks of life, and the outcome is a culture doomed to subservience worse than slavery.
Cliven Bundy was right, as were all the other people who have said this before. And it shouldn’t go unnoticed by the racist Left that the Urban Institute is not run by Republicans, and Senator Moynihan was a Democrat."

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

orthodox Catholic blog PROTECT THE POPE shut down by Catholic Bishop, They turned off the seismic monitors at Yellowstone, for you Kikos and Neos who don't understand the vengeance against you, anti-Christian violence in Galilee

orthodox Catholic blog shut down by Catholic Bishop protectthepope

Galilee: a wave of anti-Christian fanaticism and violence en.lpj

Lake Fubar Grumbles Overnight + Tues. Yellowstone News lash

for you Kikos and Neos who don't understand the vengeance against you, this should provide a clue. junglewatch2

the Neo-Cat invasion: 'seriously theologically deficient , don't even know how to say Mass, spend Holy Week with their homies.'


"I have written many times on the Neo-Cats here and elsewhere. I studied them from within over a three year period & went through many of their catechetical stages with disguised horror. This is in my experience a seriously divisive, antagonistic, sanctimonious and psychologically detrimental sect. The church authorities and the pope have gone off their senses, to be quite direct about this. What I have seen with my own eyes and heard with my own ears was ultra-critical of the NO; its liturgy and the traditional church too. After a long inquiry some stages of which I was invited to they were banned from the Diocese of Clifton in UK and absolutely necessary it was too.
The church is seriously disorientated these days and getting more so with the passing weeks. God help us and save us."

~ "Their doctrine is seriously compromised with errors against fundamental dogmatics of the Church, the Popes and the Councils. They negate the Redemption, the sacrificial character of the Eucharist, the transubstantiation, etc... they misunderstand the sin and the Grace concepts... their doctrinal statements are fundamentally wrong." FATHER ENRICO ZOFFOLI, http://www.scribd.com/fullscreen/68419142?access_key=key-gtynyl13v8fph3em0j1

~ the Neocatechumenal Way (which arrogantly calls itself "The Way") http://rorate-caeli.blogspot.com/2006/01/neocatechumenal-way-sits-for-lord-and.html

~ "Christianity for Kiko is "disgusting" (Catechism of Kiko, p 283). He says that common people (NOT the Neocatechumenals) "believe that we are all sons of God... (but) ...Thanks God that today things are changing: there are Marxist people who do not call themselves Christians because with this Christianity nothing good has been obtained... We were not Christians, we knew nothing of Christianity, we are prechristians..." To Kiko only some who complete the Neocatechumenal steps are Christians and sons of God." http://eraofpeace.tripod.com/nchchurch.html

~ please note both neo-cat videos have been rendered 'does not exist'. http://charismatic-heresy.blogspot.com/2007/02/neocatechumenal-way.html

~ but here is the crux of all of this: "The NCW has left a trail of familial destruction across the globe, and "ex-members" have even taken legal recourse against NCW." @ http://rorate-caeli.blogspot.com/2011/01/benedict-xvi-neocatechumenal-way-is.html?showComment=1295461717046#c3920977687817204806

Monday, April 28, 2014

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 4/ 19-24 /14 ★ Russia will continue to pour out Satan’s sufferings. It is late. It is so late.


3. Against Satan’s Sufferings
Apr 19th, 2014 - Mary

Suffering causes man to set aside important values, even much of what he treasured and believed. Satan’s plans always include much suffering so he can shake a person away from their beliefs.

In the twentieth century, he used the two great wars to tear Europe away from the church. The foundations of the people’s faith were shaken because the established order was overturned. Instead of heaven, they saw hell on earth. Satan’s plans for the future will be the same. He will fill the world with suffering. He will shake the established order so he can steal faith in God from people’s hearts.

I hate Satan’s suffering and I will raise up people who will protect the human race. Through them, I will cast my mantle over the whole world. I want the whole world to know that I am the Woman and my great interventions will come through people whom I place in high positions.

All must begin now in the West because until Russia is consecrated to my Immaculate Heart, my powers over that country are limited. She will continue to pour out Satan’s sufferings.

4. Staying Free
Apr 20th, 2014 - Mary

The time is coming when people will be willing to trade their freedoms for security. Then, the great doors of danger open and changes can be introduced that no one ever conceived. The human race becomes like cattle, all herded into a common field. Diversity is stripped away. All are branded as if owned by others. How I want to avoid those moments and destroy the forces that bring them about.

Each person is unique, made in God’s image. All creation exists so the human person can come to a fullness of God’s image in a complete and individual way. Only the religious spirit resists the state. Only the religious spirit clings to God’s plan. Those who want a one world order know what they must do. The must first kill the religious spirit of God in man.

I have come to awaken that spirit and to stir the hearts of all. If you want your freedoms then worship God. Keep holy his day. Without God, no one is free, no matter how much they might claim their selfish freedoms.

5. Opposing A One World Government
Apr 21st, 2014 - Mary

I must begin again, always raising my voice to protest what is happening and to direct my children before it is too late. In some parts of the world, human freedoms do not exist. They have already been stolen. In the West, these freedoms are supposedly guarded by constitutions and laws. However, all of these are endangered by the crises that have happened and, especially, those that will happen.

There is an inevitable march to a one world order, in a future that is not too distant. I must speak clearly because God formed nations, giving each a particular culture and a distinct geography. Each nation is meant to prosper and all are meant to help one another. Each people must be allowed to grow according to its own unique life. All governments must respect this individuality of each nation, fostering it and helping it to prosper.

Instead, people want to destroy these rights of nations and have them sacrificed for the sake of a new world order. This only plays into Satan’s hands, gathering all the nations into a false unity and directly opposing God’s plan. Why did God split the continents? Why did God create mountains? Why did he bring about various diverse languages? Because he wanted nations to evolve. The safety of the human race lies in its diversity.

When Jesus returns, he will gather the nations. Until then, any attempt to gather the nations into a one world order comes from Satan. It is a false gathering of the nations, a counterfeit, and must be totally opposed.

6. A Song of Hope
Apr 22nd, 2014 - Mary

I will place everything before your eyes so the world will see. Mankind marches to Satan’s tune. He plays his sweet music and attracts the hearts of many, like a pied piper. Mankind only hears the music and pays no attention to his path.

So, I put forth these locutions. They have their own attraction. They resonate deeply in the heart. People say, “These words are true. I must listen more and more”. The more I speak, the greater are the numbers who listen. They find in my words new lyrics and truths that give peace.

Come, my children, just listen and I will sing you a song of hope. My songs are of a new life that comes only by faith in Jesus. I will be the new pied piper and soon the world will hear two songs, Satan’s song of death and my song of hope.

You will dance to my music and your hearts will be light. You will say, “Yes, it can be done. Mankind can turn away from selfish pursuits. He can live in harmony. Individual freedoms can flourish and goals be accomplished without surrendering our freedoms.” The secret lies in the music. I am a different drummer, playing a new song. Listen for my music in your heart. It is already playing, the band has begun.

7. Preserving Human Freedom
Apr 23rd, 2014 - Mary

Before all else, the heavenly Father desires the good of human persons. He created the whole universe for the human person and brought human persons forth as his final accomplishment. When sin had so destroyed his plan, he sent his only Son, Jesus, to restore the human person to freedom and dignity.

The human person does not exist for the government. The state must serve the good of the person, the full good of his body and soul. However, all of creation has been twisted and distorted and the Father’s plan set aside. Now mankind has enormous powers to form society against the human person and to take away his freedoms.

No one has the power to resist these forces or to turn them aside. All leads to centralization, to gathering of information and, ultimately, to total control by those who avidly seek this worldwide power. The human person is caught up in a powerful force that removes any choices.

Does not a mother love each of her children according to their individual personalities? Does she not delight in their differences? She does not force them all to be the same. As the Woman Clothed With the Sun, I want to prevent the forming of a one world order and to establish the uniqueness of nations, allowing each to flourish to their own genius. I must come quickly onto the world scene and pour out a new flame. It is late. It is so late. Only the gifts placed by God in my Immaculate Heart can save the world.

8. Special Locution
Apr 23rd, 2014 - Jesus

Kiev is like a raw nerve. The main question in the Ukraine is how close will the fighting come to Kiev? What will happen as it approaches? The West has never declared its intentions concerning the Ukraine.
The Kiev government is new and weak. Many people still feel a loyalty to the ousted president and are now questioning that decision which Putin used as his excuse to seize the Crimea.

The new government and the West are totally unprepared for these surprising events. Who will broker any truce when Putin claims that this is a civil uprising due to discontent with the new government?

My message is this. Kiev is a great flash point that could easily burst open. Putin works with a demonic intelligence which mocks the West and grabs all that is left unprotected.

9. Closing Words
Apr 24th, 2014 - Mary

Events do not just unfold. Forces behind the events bring them about. I reveal these forces and their goals so that they do not unfold. Once a road is taken and once changes are introduced, they obtain a force that is difficult to dislodge.

Rich and powerful people want a one world order. They seek to control the world so that even sovereign nations are subjected to them (even though these nations still exist and seemingly are autonomous). When a one world order is established, all nations must feed into a higher, supra-national order and follow its dictates. Very little room is left for natural sovereignty.

Crises will be used to foster this one world government. There will be pleas that humanity will be better served if nations submit their particular goals to the greater one world goal and to these superstructures.

I have spoken clearly enough. Leaders must be elected who cling strongly to national sovereignty and foster close ties among nations that respect individual nationalities and refuse to erase the boundaries created by God’s plan. Any other path is a road to Satan’s goals of a counterfeit gathering of the nations.

'a much hoped for moment for the Universal Church'

"At the high points of Mass, all of you who read this website or read our books or go to our retreats and on pilgrimage were prayed for. You were prayed for when the Host was elevated."

via Da Mihi Animas

Sunday, April 27, 2014

THE TRUMPET SOUNDS: THE FEAST of DIVINE MERCY ~ The ‘Day Of Four Popes’ ~ 'Divine Mercy, inspiring hope against all hope, I trust in You'

The Floodgates of My Mercy
Are Open For All Humanity

message to Jabez on the Feast of Divine Mercy



Live coverage

Litany of Trust in the Mercy of Christ

Webcam Cupola di S.Pietro


Divine Mercy, gushing forth from the bosom of the Father, I trust in You
Divine Mercy, greatest attribute of God, I trust in You

Divine Mercy, incomprehensible mystery, I trust in You

Divine Mercy, fountain gushing forth from the mystery of the Most Blessed Trinity, I trust in You

Divine Mercy, unfathomed by any intellect, human or angelic,
I trust in You

Divine Mercy, from which wells forth all life and happiness,
I trust in You

Divine Mercy, better than the heavens, I trust in You

Divine Mercy, source of miracles and wonders, I trust in You

Divine Mercy, encompassing the whole universe, I trust in You

Divine Mercy, descending to earth in the Person of the Incarnate Word,
I trust in You

Divine Mercy, which flowed out from the open wound of the Heart of Jesus, I trust in You

Divine Mercy, enclosed in the Heart of Jesus for us, and especially for sinners, I trust in You

Divine Mercy, unfathomed in the institution of the Sacred Host,
I trust in You

Divine Mercy, in the founding of the Holy Church, I trust in You

Divine Mercy, in the Sacrament of Holy Baptism, I trust in You

Divine Mercy, in our justification through Jesus Christ, I trust in You

Divine Mercy, accompanying us through our whole life, I trust in You

Divine Mercy, embracing us especially at the hour of death,
I trust in You

Divine Mercy, endowing us with immortal life, I trust in You

Divine Mercy, accompanying us every moment of our life, I trust in You

Divine Mercy, shielding us from the fire of hell, I trust in You

Divine Mercy, in the conversion of hardened sinners, I trust in You

Divine Mercy, astonishment for Angels, incomprehensible to Saints,
I trust in You

Divine Mercy, unfathomed in all the mysteries of God, I trust in You

Divine Mercy, lifting us out of every misery, I trust in You

Divine Mercy, source of our happiness and joy, I trust in You

Divine Mercy, in calling us forth from nothingness to existence,
I trust in You

Divine Mercy, embracing all the works of His hands, I trust in You

Divine Mercy, crown of all God's handiwork, I trust in You

Divine Mercy, in which we are all immersed, I trust in You

Divine Mercy, sweet relief for anguished hearts, I trust in You

Divine Mercy, only hope of despairing souls, I trust in You

Divine Mercy, repose of hearts, peace amidst fear, I trust in You

Divine Mercy, delight and ecstasy of holy souls, I trust in You

Divine Mercy, inspiring hope against all hope, I trust in You

Eternal God, in whom mercy is endless and the treasury of compassion inexhaustible, look kindly upon us and increase Your mercy in us, that in difficult moments we might not despair nor become despondent, but with great confidence submit ourselves to Your holy will,
which is Love and Mercy itself.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Divine Mercy: Day 9 † Bring to Me the Souls Who Have Become Luke Warm

Divine Mercy: Day 9
† Bring to Me the Souls Who Have Become Luke Warm

Today bring to Me SOULS WHO HAVE BECOME LUKEWARM,* and immerse them in the abyss of My mercy. These souls wound My Heart most painfully. My soul suffered the most dreadful loathing in the Garden of Olives because of lukewarm souls. They were the reason I cried out: 'Father, take this cup away from Me, if it be Your will.' For them, the last hope of salvation is to run to My mercy.

Most compassionate Jesus, You are Compassion Itself. I bring lukewarm souls into the abode of Your Most Compassionate Heart. In this fire of Your pure love, let these tepid souls, who, like corpses, filled You with such deep loathing, be once again set aflame. O Most Compassionate Jesus, exercise the omnipotence of Your mercy and draw them into the very ardor of Your love, and bestow upon them the gift of holy love, for nothing is beyond Your power.

Eternal Father, turn Your merciful gaze upon lukewarm souls who are nonetheless enfolded in the Most Compassionate Heart of Jesus. Father of Mercy, I beg You by the bitter Passion of Your Son and by His three-hour agony on the Cross: Let them, too, glorify the abyss of Your mercy. Amen.

*To understand who are the souls designated for this day, and who in the Diary are called 'lukewarm,' but are also compared to ice and to corpses, we would do well to take note of the definition that the Savior Himself gave to them when speaking to St. Faustina about them on one occasion: There are souls who thwart My efforts (1682). Souls without love or devotion, souls full of egoism and selfishness, proud and arrogant souls full of deceit and hypocrisy, lukewarm souls who have just enough warmth to keep themselves alive: My Heart cannot bear this. All the graces that I pour out upon them flow off them as off the face of a rock. I cannot stand them because they are neither good nor bad (1702).



“I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” Lyndon B. Johnson to two governors on Air Force One tct

Plant Worker: Aborted Babies Had Been Incinerated for Years, “There Was So Much Blood” iotw
~ hmmmmmm, OREGAN & CANADA.

Snow Storm in Russia [Asia] on Saturday, 26 April, 2014 at 13:31 (01:31 PM) UTC

Navy SEAL: Obama is Saying Things to get Elected but will get us Killed pittsreport

Texas Attorney General Tells Feds They’ll Have to Take Land by Force godfatherpolitics

Yet Another Lutheran Pastor Journeys Into The Orthodox Church toc

New York Muslim group’s libel lawsuit against Christian Action Network over book on homegrown Islamic terrorism is dismissed BNI

Why was Justina Pelletier kidnapped by DCF & Boston Children’s Hospital more than one year ago.

"Justina, who suffers from mitochondrial disease, was effectively kidnapped by DCF and Boston Children’s Hospital more than one year ago. Not only has Justina been separated from her family, who have been allowed only a single one-hour visit and 20-minute phone call per week, she’s also received no medical treatment for her disease and no education during her time in state custody."

Friday, April 25, 2014

★ revelacionesmarianas April 10, 14, 17, 2014 ★ humanity will be alarmed before an event of Yellowstone ... the instant has ceased to be an instant ... this generation will not pass without the Great Purification coming down.

I have sought you out on dark days, on gray and cold days, on clouded days on which perhaps sickness or emptiness of the soul, or loneliness have knocked on the door of your life; I have come.., and you have rejected Me, blaming Me for all that you suffer. revelacionesmarianas, APRIL 17, 2014

Children, already the Earth is exhausted, constantly receiving humanity’s sin and grave offenses, and it is sick because of man;
Pray, beloved children,
pray for England in leaps and bounds,
it turns away from My Son’s Love.
revelacionesmarianas, April 14th, 2013

I call you to pray for Brazil, it will be prey to man himself,
and with its bad behavior, it will bring pain upon its land.

Pray, beloved children, pray for Japan,
The scourge of contamination will continue to spread.

Pray, My beloved, for Ecuador, it will suffer through its volcanoes.
They have awakened throughout all the Earth.

Pray, the conscious of humanity will be alarmed before an event of Yellowstone.
revelacionesmarianas, APRIL 10, 2014

& then there are the Animals

DARPA Hacking Humans - the 47th Chromosome: Advanced Tools for Mammalian Genome Emgineering, &, Russian Troops are Positioning for a Massive Offensive

Russian Troops are Positioning for a Massive Offensive

Russian Fighter Jets Have Breached Ukrainian Airspace A Number Of Times In The Past 24 Hours WNU

The woman in red: Proof of Boston Bombing crisis actors

Russian Spy Ships near nuclear submarine base at Kings Bay, Ga., BUNDY'S BLACK BODYGUARD, &, What’s Going On With These Huge Earthquakes?

What’s Going On With These Huge Earthquakes? lash

Russian Spy Ship, Tug Operating Near U.S. - Ships near nuclear submarine base at Kings Bay, Ga. "The Russian intelligence gathering coincides with heightened tensions between the United States and Russia over Moscow’s recent military annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea." freebeacon

The New York Times published another hit piece against white southerners today. GWP

Major black political leader said the same thing Bundy said nine months ago. No one cried racism. tcn "In 1960, most black children were raised in two-parent, monogamous families,...By now, by this time, we only have 20 percent of black children being raised in two-parent, monogamous families with a married man and woman raising those children. It wasn’t slavery that did that, it was government that did that, trying to solve problems that only God can solve, and that only we as human beings can solve,”


It happened in February in Florida.
It happened again in March in Kansas City.
It happened again in April In Washington DC.
Nothing to see here folks…. move along…. move along. Hey wait, did you hear about the racist rancher in Nevada ?

McCain and the POW Cover-Up fotm

★ Divine Mercy: Day 8 † : Two Apparitions Today - 25th Message to Marija & Ivan's Prayer Group: 12:40 & 4:00 pm EST ★

"There will be two apparitions today: To Marija, with Our Lady giving the 25th message, and later tonight, Friday April 25, during Ivan's Prayer Group in Medjugorje. The apparition to Marija with 25th message given will take place at 6:40 PM - the regular apparition time. The apparition to Ivan will be at 10:00 PM, at the Blue Cross on Apparition Mountain in Medjugorje. See charts below for your local apparition time.

As A Friend of Medjugorje has stated many times before, having the ability to be able to know ahead of time that Our Lady will be appearing is a special grace that many do not comprehend, others may even take for granted, and even still others may discount as being unimportant. It is important tonight, to be on your knees and to be in prayer! Be sure to spread this to all your family, friends, co-workers, prayer group members, and mailing lists."

Divine Mercy: Day 8 †
Bring to Me the Souls Who Are Detained in Purgatory

Today bring to Me THE SOULS WHO ARE DETAINED IN PURGATORY, and immerse them in the abyss of My mercy. Let the torrents of My Blood cool down their scorching flames. All these souls are greatly loved by Me. They are making retribution to My justice. It is in your power to bring them relief. Draw all the indulgences from the treasury of My Church and offer them on their behalf. Oh, if you only knew the torments they suffer, you would continually offer for them the alms of the spirit and pay off their debt to My justice.

Most Merciful Jesus, You Yourself have said that You desire mercy; so I bring into the abode of Your Most Compassionate Heart the souls in Purgatory, souls who are very dear to You, and yet, who must make retribution to Your justice. May the streams of Blood and Water which gushed forth from Your Heart put out the flames of Purgatory, that there, too, the power of Your mercy may be celebrated.

Eternal Father, turn Your merciful gaze upon the souls suffering in Purgatory, who are enfolded in the Most Compassionate Heart of Jesus. I beg You, by the sorrowful Passion of Jesus Your Son, and by all the bitterness with which His most sacred Soul was flooded: Manifest Your mercy to the souls who are under Your just scrutiny. Look upon them in no other way but only through the Wounds of Jesus, Your dearly beloved Son; for we firmly believe that there is no limit to Your goodness and compassion. Amen. †

Thursday, April 24, 2014

WTFU PARENTS - ipad addiction causes neurological damage in children, the Old Grey Hag smears Cliven w/ the race card but not Star Parker,, &, 'from the mouth of a reptile'

"The rise of the welfare state in the 1960s contributed greatly to the demise of the black family as a stable institution. The out-of-wedlock birth rate among African Americans today is 73%, three times higher than it was prior to the War on Poverty. Children raised in fatherless homes are far more likely to grow up poor and to eventually engage in criminal behavior, than their peers who are raised in two-parent homes. In 2010, blacks (approximately 13% of the U.S. population) accounted for 48.7% of all arrests for homicide, 31.8% of arrests for forcible rape, 33.5% of arrests for aggravated assault, and 55% of arrests for robbery. Also as of 2010, the black poverty rate was 27.4% (about 3 times higher than the white rate), meaning that 11.5 million blacks in the U.S. were living in poverty." HOW THE WELFARE STATE HAS DEVASTATED AFRICAN AMERICANS dtn

Bundy explained, “I’m a wondering, are (blacks) better off with their young woman aborting their children? Are they better off with their young men in prison? Are they better off on the sidewalk in front of their government issued house?”
~ Black Americans Fooled into Becoming Democrats –
Nothing More than a Continuation of Slavery

FUKUSHIMA: Seaweed farm dead in Hachinohe city / Rotten and blighted / Fisher “Haven’t seen such a damage” FD

Veterans Affairs Hospital Secret List Causes 40 Veterans to Die NR

Margaret Sanger Declaring 'No More Babies'

meanwhile: Rand Paul on abortion: “We’re not changing any of the laws until the country is persuaded otherwise” CMR

Day 7 † , UKRAINE, BENGHAZI GATE, Puzzling rare birth defects in Eastern Washington, breast cancer detection deception, the BIG 6 that CON-troll you, & "The chinx are calling in their chips."

Divine Mercy: Day 7 †
'O Jesus, they carry all mankind on their shoulders.'

I will use your words, your actions, and even your silence for the betterment of humanity. I will use your prayers to heal your broken world. Trust in Me. message to Jabez 4/24/14

"Why is Obama decimating the military while arming federal agencies?" buckhusaneofama
~ China is grabbing land all over the globe. furtive

UKRAINE: "Red Line Has Already Been Crossed" zh


image via John Galt @ TCT

Disney, GE, NewsCorp, Viacom, Time Warner & CBS.
"Together they own 90+ percent of everything you READ, WATCH or LISTEN to. That means, that in a nation of 350 MILLION people, the so called news you get is Controlled by just 240 Media executives." theinternationalforecaster
~ Modern Scientific Community – The New Church & How Technology Is A Drug Part II
"1. Propagandize occult philosophies;
2. Reward self-indoctrination into these occult philosophies through various technological gadgets, that also serve as a distraction for point #3;
3. Produce military and surveillance technology that will once and for all secure complete world domination (for whomever wishes to acquire such a thing I might add);
4. Eradicate any sense of superstition from the collective body of human intellect."
~ ‘Much of green movement has now morphed into an unelected extremist political pressure group accountable to no one’ climatedepot
~ The Fires of Moloch: Aborted Children Fuel Oregon 'Green' Power GFP
~ The Breast Cancer Industry Is Deceiving Women hin

Pre-Crime Systems Now Actively Monitoring the Internet: “The Computer Algorithm Learns the Pattern and Produces a Prediction” "The next generation of systems are being used to actively monitor your digital interactions, surfing habits, conversations and daily sentiment in an effort to predict your future behavior. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the systems currently operating within the social media sphere." tds


New data shows spike in babies born missing parts of brain around leaking US nuclear site - Puzzling rare birth defects in Eastern Washington ENEN

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

OMG - What the Malaysia flight searching team found underwater!

'This is the new age of my Immaculate Heart and my coming forth upon the world stage as the Woman Clothed With the Sun.'
★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 4/ 10-18 /14 ★

"...especially prepared for an event on or near the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel on July 16, 2014. I’m no prophet but astronomical events are pointing in that direction." blood moons & more signs

ABSOLUTELY URGENT: The Wars of Heaven & Hell ★LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 4/ 10-18 /14 ★ Putin - The Hammer of Satan - The Western leaders are not his equal, The world is in darkness & the Church is silent. ...When will the Church understand.? Stand alone. Refuse to accept unworthy leaders, no matter what they promise or no matter how desperate is the situation.

'the Gates of hell He will surprise!'

1. Putin – Satan’s Perfect Instrument
Apr 10th, 2014 - Mary

There is so much to explain. I will not stop. Because the world and the Church are entering into darkness, I will continually speak . Already, the events unfold which will only be understood later.

The evil in Russia, planted in its soil by the slain bodies of millions, has refashioned itself. It has survived the perestroika (restructuring) of Gorbachav and has been modernized by Putin. Putin is the important figure, fashioned by Satan as his perfect instrument.

He has surprisingly risen to the top. First, there was his training. When he was ready, door after door opened to him. He was planted early in Satan’s heart and now comes forth, ready to release Russia’s evils on the whole world.

He has absolute power and has surrounded himself with those who are faithful to him alone. He knows that he has built both the country and his political machine well, having removed whomever he could not trust. His years of conquest lie ahead. He has no restraints.

Satan feeds him his ideas and stokes his ambitions. Nothing will stop him. The West is in disarray and has no plan except to react in the moments of crisis. I was not mistaken in asking that Russia be consecrated to my Immaculate Heart. I am the only one who can stop Putin. No one else is his match.

2. Middle East Events (Special Locution)
Apr 10th, 2014 - Jesus

When the withdrawal of troops is completed, the very bowels of Afghanistan will be rent asunder, spilling out everywhere in the Middle East. Iraq will continue to sink into its civil wars. The fires in Syria will burn and burn. Neither side will withdraw from the conflict. Pakistan is a nuclear powder keg that waits to be lit after the government topples. Iran constantly rises, assuring its place in the Middle East by destabilizing its neighbors and fomenting unrest.

Iran is now surrounded by protecting treaties that have been negotiated in complete foolishness. These guarantees only embolden its plans. As Iran continues to satisfy the West (and it will make sure to do that), it is free to engage in all its undercover activities.

Putin is actively setting the agenda. He knows the path he has set for the Middle East. He stands in great contrast to the West, which stumbles along with no understanding of these events. These events are not just shaping the world. They are preparing the world for even greater, unimaginable events. I speak so clearly because time is running out and no one is listening.

3. The Supernatural Forces
Apr 11th, 2014 - Mary

Because so many forces are at work, no one can see the many events that will happen. People are unaware of these forces because they reject the supernatural world of heaven and hell.

Heaven loves earth. The heavenly Father has already intervened in Jesus who sent his Holy Spirit upon the disciples. The Spirit is constantly intervening in every heart that allows him to work.

These locutions reveal another, very special intervention of the Father. This is the new age of my Immaculate Heart and my coming forth upon the world stage as the Woman Clothed With the Sun.

Hell also intervenes. (Is this not evident to everyone?) People give themselves to darkness. They are rewarded with earthly titles and earthly powers. Through these people, the darkness grows. I have pointed this out quite specifically many times. Even these people of darkness are kept in the dark, having no idea of how Satan is using them (and will soon discard them as he fashions greater instruments of his darkness).

All of this is frightening. Therefore, I must use these locutions to form the minds and hearts of those whom I will use in the great battle. For now, just remain close to me and keep your hearts away from every darkness.

4. The Wars of Heaven and Hell (Special Locution)
Apr 11th, 2014 - Jesus

There will seemingly be no end to these events. One will follow another, like waves of the ocean which have an inexhaustible source. Do not fear. Hell is limited. Heaven is not.

If my people call upon me, I will unleash the waves of heaven, blessings after blessings, which no one can imagine. I will raise up those of good heart, empowering them and sending them forth. I will place faith in some people’s hearts which will move mountains and words on the lips of others that will turn many back to me. It will be a time of signs and wonders.

This war between the two forces, heaven and hell, will break out into open warfare with great tides of evil and destruction. At the same time, the greatest powers that heaven has ever unleashed upon the world will come forth.

Man cannot save himself. He will either turn to heaven and be rescued or be carried away by the waves of hell. I speak because that time is near at hand.

5. Sending Forth the Locutions (Special Locution)
Apr 11th, 2014 - Jesus

The locutions are a small but tested stream, given now for three years. They speak of political events and worldwide events but they do so only within this little stream of faithful readers.

It is time to take new action. The seeds of these locutions must be planted in the great field of the world itself. Many will be surprised as the prophetic words are verified by world events. People will understand that heaven is giving forth its light.

I want to march against the darkness that surrounds the world and dispel it. Let everyone who reads these locutions become messengers of the locutions. Take them everywhere – to the television stations, to the radio stations, to the newspapers and magazines. These locutions must be known everywhere.

I want these locutions to go forth first of all to the world, not to the Church. The Church has many streams of private revelations and these locutions seem to be just one of many. However, if the locutions go forth to the world and the world shows great interest, then the Church itself will begin to investigate and see that these locutions are not just one among many.

As these locutions go to the world, I will increase their power and clarity so the world is convinced that heaven is speaking. I will begin with Russia and the Ukraine.

Russia will surround the Ukraine with its darkness and its fire. The pressure will be intense. As the time goes on, cracks will appear in the Ukraine and divisions will take place. The Ukraine has various cultures, with ethnic groups and sub-divisions, almost too numerous to describe (due to the centuries of its history).

Russia will apply its darkness by surrounding the Ukraine and keeping out the West. It will also apply its fire by the internal pressures that cause divisions. Very soon, many parts will appear and separate, all in different ways and in different degrees. Political unity will be shattered and its restoration will be impossible. New forms of political life will emerge. All will evolve into something new and all will be to Putin’s gain. How much he will gain, no one can foresee now, but he does not need a crystal ball. He needs only to apply the Russian darkness and the Russian fire.

The Ukraine will self-divide because its political ties are already weak. Some regions will divide quickly and move politically out from under Kiev. Others will form a different relationship with Kiev. These first steps will not be the final steps.

Larger sections of the Ukraine will move more slowly but their movement will shake the Ukraine even more. The final stage of the Ukraine will be hard to recognize, far removed from the political arrangement that formerly existed.

6. Our Lady’s Strategy
Apr 12th, 2014 - Mary

So many sorrows, always mounting higher! When will it end? Satan’s desires are never quenched. Suffering only feeds his hunger. Suffering, suffering, suffering. His kingdom knows only suffering. Victories for him must be filled to the top with suffering. Look out over the world. Sufferings are everywhere, a sure sign that the world is falling quickly into his hands.

I stand atop another mountain from which flows only light and consolations. Satan has covered over this mountain. He has turned people’s eyes away from me. When I speak, he whispers, “This is only private revelation”.

By these locutions, I descend from this mountain and adopt a new, surprising strategy. I knock on every door. I plead with every heart. People even ask, “Would Mary speak this way? Would she speak about world events? Would her words be so down to earth? She speaks so clearly, so easily, in teachings that all can understand.”

Yes, I have left my mountaintop of light and have entered the valley of darkness only so I might lead the whole world back to my mountain. Only then will they overcome the mounting sufferings which Satan has planned.

7. Messengers of the Locutions
Apr 13th, 2014 - Mary

I cannot wait any longer. The gifts in my Immaculate Heart must go forth. I will no longer use the established ways. I will go into the marketplace. I will cry out in the city square. I will walk the streets. My voice will be everywhere. I will use the messengers of the locutions. Armed with my words, fervent in their zeal, and using every means possible, they must take these locutions everywhere. The whole world must know about these locutions.

For years now, I have spoken and have gathered a large and faithful audience. They cherish my words and often discuss “the locutions”. These faithful bearers of the word must now multiply their power and their presence. They must send these locutions everywhere. Let the media, the television stations, the radio stations, the newspapers and magazines know about these locutions.

I speak often about political realities and politicians. Let the mass media be aware. I want the whole world to listen. I will begin a new stage of the locutions. Names and places and events will be put into the open. All will be revealed. I can wait no longer. As these locutions go to the world, I will increase their power and clarity so the world is convinced that heaven is speaking.

8. The Flood Waters of Immorality
Apr 14th, 2014 - Mary

The events flow on but they are not like waves hitting upon rocks that easily turn them back and surrender nothing. These events are like floods that come and stay, ruining all that was so carefully built.

Mankind has welcomed these new moral evils that did not happen in earlier societies. After the original waves, came the deluge, the effects that man could not foresee. His city crumbles before his very eyes. The beauty is marred and human life descends to a lower level.

I speak now of all the moral ills to which society has opened its doors. These visitors will not leave. They have captured the day and are ingrained into society. There are always new visitors, and others that are soon to come. These enemies are not at the door. They are inside, like the flood waters, and they will not leave. Society welcomes them, even votes to accept them.

Laws are ineffective and politicians are no match for their power. I must offer society a powerful light so that it sees what it has done. Only when there is a divine enlightenment will society turn back and begin to clean out these flood waters.

9. (Special Locution)
Apr 14th, 2014 - Jesus

Pope Francis wants only blessings for the Church, and desires to make the Church a place where everyone is welcome. He wants to study the needs of the Church and has begun this process by calling a Synod, which will face the issues of family life.

There will be three stages. First, the time leading up to the Synod. Second, the Synod itself and third, the Church after the Synod. The Synod will be a watershed. The desire to accommodate and to be open will come at a high price. People will speak up. Some guided by heaven and others guided by hell.

Before the Synod, survey results will be revealed by those who want to influence the outcome. At the Synod itself, some bishops will say things that will break with traditional morality. Others will make suggestions that cannot be followed. All of that will lead to the time after the Synod.

Some, to the far right, will have difficulty in accepting the tone of the Synod. The vast majority of Catholics will wonder what took place and just what was determined. There is a third group which has advocated serious changes in the Church’s teachings concerning family life issues. They will see the Synod as the vindication, at long last, of their positions (even though this was not explicitly said).

After the Synod, the Church will be known as the Church of Pope Francis. More than anything else, the Synod will put its stamp on this pontificate, just as Vatican II did for Pope John XXIII.

The Church, however, will not be ready for the fierce battles that lie ahead. It will not be a Church formed by the Woman Clothed With the Sun, nor will it be able to confront the great forces that are shaping the world. The Church of Pope Francis will not be ready. It will be a popular, accepting and open Church but will not be ready for the future events.

10. A New Role
Apr 15th, 2014 - Mary

I must force the world (and the Church) to face certain realities. Even though these realities lie in the future, their time is at hand. They are not far away. The first waves have already lashed at the shore and more will inevitably come.

The world is in darkness and the Church is silent. So, I must take the initiative. My voice will ring out. My words will be heard by all. I will become the prophet of this age. Has this ever happened before? Has the virgin mother of God ever assumed such a role? No. Never. Previously, I have spoken in remote places and allowed my words to be carried by messengers. I have tried this, but the faithful messengers were not heeded. I can no longer use a messenger who is set aside.

I must come into the heart of the world and of the Church. I will come to both at once. My words will not be placed in the hearts of my messengers. They will be placed before the whole world. No one will keep my messages hidden. They will be given to the whole world in a minute, in the twinkling of an eye. There will be no coverups. No one can change or interpret my words away. All the world will know my exact words from the beginning.

11. Putin and Western Europe (Special Locution)
Apr 15th, 2014 - Jesus

Destruction is everywhere in the Ukraine. The very ground of stability is being pulled away, not just from the Ukraine but from all of Western Europe. No natural wall exists that will protect it.

Western Europe is not dealing with an old Russia, based upon a corrupt Communist Party and a closed economy. Putin’s Russia is different. It has infiltrated Western economies and welcomed Western businesses. Putin has removed anyone who was against him and has changed the political system. He has complete command.

In the Ukraine, he feels completely confident. Russia is geographically close and the Ukrainian economy compares poorly with Russia’s. Many people are of Russian descent and seek to be reunited with Russia. The Kiev government is both new and weak. Putin knows that the Ukraine is his and he has various ways of gaining it.

More important, these same factors hold true in other, nearby nations. Already, some peoples who sought independence a few decades ago, are unhappy with the results and believe that they would do better to return. Putin’s formula has appeal in many places. All of this will shake Europe, and even America. All will be shifted. Putin is Satan’s perfect instrument.

There is also the Muslim world of Iran, Syria and others whom he has befriended. All share a hatred for the West and a desire for world domination. They will see themselves as more and more united in this hatred, especially as the West appears so defenseless and an easy prey. I have spoken before of international groupings that pay no attention to national boundaries.

Even the West will no longer have a stability. All will be destabilized. There will be many events, one greater than another.

12. Putin-The Hammer of Satan
Apr 16th, 2014 - Mary

The story unfolds in a surprising way. What was thought to be stable and decided, namely, the allegiance of the nations after the collapse of Communism, is suddenly making a different choice. The tide is being reversed. Voices that clamored for independence now want to be united again with Russia.

Where does this force come from? What has turned the people around so quickly? Have they forgotten so soon what their former life was like? Do they know what awaits them?

What is taking place rests totally and completely in the soul of one man – Vladimir Putin. For years, Satan guided and protected him, keeping him out of the limelight and always fostering his career. At the right moment, he lifted him up. No one expected him to last long but he moved quickly to grab, to consolidate, and then to cling to his power.

Putin sits in the very center of Satan’s plans. He has kept alive the dictator in Syria and has provided scientists to Iran. He has fostered relationships with all who hate the West and has clearly made them dependent upon himself. He grabs wealth that is not his and fashions everything according to Satan’s plans. The Western leaders are not his equal, even though their resources are much greater.

Putin will be the hammer which Satan uses again and again to weaken the West and cause unforeseen troubles. His stealing the Ukraine rips a massive hole in the protection surrounding Europe. At this point, nothing in Europe is safe. The European leaders thought they had built a strong city. Now, they do not even have a wall protecting their interests.

13. Against the One World Order
Apr 17th, 2014 - Mary

When did this begin, the moment when the course of world events no longer lies in the hands of mankind? Man has never been able to decide his own history. Unforeseen events have always happened but these did not affect what man could decide. Parts of the world remained in his control and the human race would reestablish a center of order and culture.

Before this century, there never existed a truly world-wide power. Various empires rose up that conquered parts of the world but much of human life was beyond their control. How the heavenly Father loves the diversity of nations and peoples! These guarantee the future of the human race. He wanted man to spread out, over the entire globe so no one person or one power could ever gain complete control. He guaranteed this at the tower of Babel with the multiplicity of languages.

Now, a one world order is emerging. Nations give up their uniqueness to enjoy a greater share in the world’s goods. The growing crisis will only hasten this process which Satan is ready to use. As the one world order begins, the heavenly Father’s plan for the diversity of the nations will be reversed. All will come together but not to celebrate the banquet of the Lamb. The world will become like an army, trapped with nowhere to go, an easy prey for its enemies.

These are powerful forces that already are causing profound changes. Satan’s crises will be used as proof and excuses that mankind must hurry ____ this path of one world order, one government, one currency. “Nations can no longer survive on their own”, they will say. “National currencies and natural interests must be sacrificed”.

I say all of this so the Church understands that these worldwide forces will sweep the Church itself into its stream. When will the Church understand.? Only the Woman Clothed With the Sun can stop the creation of a one world order and bring about God’s original plan of diversity. Nations will flourish in their diversity as they truly help one another and allow each nation to retain its sovereignty.

God’s plan and the world’s plan are totally at odds. The world’s plan is Satan’s ploy. He wants a total, worldwide destruction which he can accomplish in one swoop if only he destroys God’s diversity. Only the Woman can thwart his plans.

14. Satan’s Leaders
Apr 18th, 2014 - Mary

A tunnel of darkness lies ahead which mankind must not enter. Oh, how Satan wants the world to enter his tunnel. It will seem like the perfect solution to all the crises and events. The tunnel will be a leader whom Satan will raise up. I will explain his methods, which he is now using in the Ukraine and elsewhere.

First, he destabilizes a region. He causes unrest and protests. He causes sufferings and shortages that cause people to grow dissatisfied. When he brings a group or a people to this point, he leads on to the scene a leader whom he has prepared. Even though people have many reservations, they willingly accept this leader, believing that he will end their hardships. The is the formula he used in Russia to raise up Putin and the formula which Putin uses to gain the Ukraine and other placed.

Right now, the West does not experience hardships like the Ukraine. Satan’s powerful destabilizing action has not yet been fully released. However, events will begin, one after another, that will shake the West. Be assured, that Satan already has his leaders prepared to come forth. They are hidden now but, at the right moment, they will begin to proclaim themselves as the saviors. Each one in a different place on a different situation.

People will surrender their freedoms and will accept a leadership that they would easily have rejected in more stable moments. This was the path taken by Hitler and many others. People forfeited their independence and their human rights to gin a stability. Instead they entered Satan’s tunnel and could not turn back. Only in the future, will Satan’s greatest leader arise. He will not be national or regional. He will be international and worldwide. It will always be the same formula. Worldwide unrest and a leader who promises to be the solution, but is really Satan’s tunnel.

I want to avoid all of this. I spell this out so the whole world is enlightened. Do not give up your God-given rights. Do not be drawn into false alliances. Foster diversity. Stand alone. Refuse to accept unworthy leaders, no matter what they promise or no matter how desperate is the situation.

People rightly ask, “How can we resist? How can we not go along?” You need the Woman Clothed With the Sun to help you. I can change world events and I will do so for those who call on my name. It is easy to surrender and difficult to resist but a moment of victory comes when the battle has been won.

AMERICA'S DARKEST SECRET, CONFIRMED SCALAR Dual beams cause instant storms, ONLY IN MASSACHUSETTS, Bari Malik Shabazz sends 600 troops to E. Europe as warning to Russia & THEN RUSSIA...!!

Agenda 21: The BLM Land Grabbing Endgame thetruthwins
~ "The Bundy Ranch is not the only place the BLM is conducting these land grabs." freedomoutpost

19 For it is written,
“I will destroy the wisdom of the wise,
And the cleverness of the clever I will set aside.”
20 Where is the wise man? Where is the scribe? Where is the debater of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world?

1 Corinthians 1:18-31

but first: "President Obama did not attend the funeral of his late aunt Zeituni Onyango. Instead, he went golfing." GUL1776

"The world’s only ‘married’ lesbian threesome are expecting their first child.
Doll, Kitten and Brynn, from Massachusetts, were joined together in a marriage-style ceremony last August and are expecting a daughter in July.
Kitten, 27, is pregnant after undergoing IVF treatment using an anonymous sperm donor, and the trio eventually plan to have three children – one for each of them.
The plan at the moment is that Kitten will bear all the children – possibly using her wives’ eggs and donated sperm – but they are open to other options, such as adoption.
Brynn, 34, says: ‘The hope is to have three kids altogether. We always joke that the children should never outnumber the parents.’
Doll, Kitten and Brynn Young married in a ceremony in August 2013, when each of their fathers walked them down the aisle. All three women wore white wedding gowns and exchanged rings."

nurse sacked for saying marriage between man & woman

"The courts have gone crazy. Judges, who are not stupid people, are creating havoc with the law. This is the latest from a judge:
“Ordinary tools, such as pliers, screwdrivers and wrenches, are ‘weapons’"

& this: Pasco County Sheriff forces returning vet to let squatting gangbangers remain in his home TCN

CONFIRMED SCALAR Weather Modification - Dual beams cause instant storms

Federal Law Proposed To Override States From Passing GMO Label Laws Libertyfirewall


Moscow: Kiev must immediately deescalate east Ukraine crisis InSerbia News

"Not only does Svoboda not have support of people, they are a 4th place party with no chance of success. Also, they hold Ukraine hostage at this moment. There are reasons why regional countries could move on Kiev to liberate Ukraine." Z Aquarius
"The Pentagon is sending about 600 U.S. troops from the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team to Poland, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia in a show of support for Eastern European countries uneasy with Russian forces still lingering near Ukraine." FoM

Pope John XXIII, Prayer for Peace
"Lord Jesus Christ, who are called the Prince of Peace, who are yourself our peace and reconciliation, who so often said, "Peace to you," grant us peace. Make all men and women witnesses of truth, justice, and brotherly love. Banish from their hearts whatever might endanger peace. Enlighten our rulers that they may guarantee and defend the great gift of peace. May all peoples of the earth becomes as brothers and sisters. May longed-for peace blossom forth and reign always over us all."

Divine Mercy: Day 6 †

Divine Mercy: Day 6 †
Bring to Me the Meek and Humble Souls and Souls of Little Children

Today bring to Me THE MEEK AND HUMBLE SOULS AND THE SOULS OF LITTLE CHILDREN, and immerse them in My mercy. These souls most closely resemble My Heart. They strengthened Me during My bitter agony. I saw them as earthly Angels, who will keep vigil at My altars. I pour out upon them whole torrents of grace. Only the humble soul is capable of receiving My grace. I favor humble souls with My confidence.

Most Merciful Jesus, You yourself have said, "Learn from Me for I am meek and humble of heart." Receive into the abode of Your Most Compassionate Heart all meek and humble souls and the souls of little children. These souls send all heaven into ecstasy and they are the heavenly Father's favorites. They are a sweet-smelling bouquet before the throne of God; God Himself takes delight in their fragrance. These souls have a permanent abode in Your Most Compassionate Heart, O Jesus, and they unceasingly sing out a hymn of love and mercy.

Eternal Father, turn Your merciful gaze upon meek souls, upon humble souls, and upon little children who are enfolded in the abode which is the Most Compassionate Heart of Jesus. These souls bear the closest resemblance to Your Son. Their fragrance rises from the earth and reaches Your very throne. Father of mercy and of all goodness, I beg You by the love You bear these souls and by the delight You take in them: Bless the whole world, that all souls together may sing out the praises of Your mercy for endless ages. Amen.

At the mere sound of my appearing
Once opened the door softly.
There calleth: Come child to me,
Here you will find peace and rest.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

NASA Expert: Chemtrails are Real & Rogue Geoengineers Could Blackmail the Earth, Lawmakers Want to Mandate Epidemics,&, The Great American Grocery Hoax

... Beloved, once more, I invite you to pray. Intercede for mankind. Satan's plans must be foiled. Pray. Let your prayers rise up to the Heavens as incense. Pray, and hope in Me. Do not place your hope in men. They will deceive you. Pray, and leave the rest to Me. All I need is your fiat. Serve for My glory. Increase your time with Me. Be silent. I will speak to your heart. Be silent, and know that I Am, your God, loves you with an everlasting love, and has plans for you, plans for the Kingdom to unfold before your very eyes. I bless you now. ... message to Jabez 4/23/14

~ Lack of a growing season around the Great Lakes mfs
~ Ubinas volcano in Peru erupts DNN
~ California drought: Food banks drying up, too sfgate

mandatory vaccination legislation
~ Dear Parents, You ARE being lied to. livingwhole
"Everyone knows a vaccine-injured child. Conditions we consider “normal” like ear infections, food allergies, and eczema were unheard of in the days of our grandparents. Asthma, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, autism, Crohn’s disease, epilepsy, brain encephalitis, developmental disorders, and neurological problems were also uncommon. So we traded in polio (which according to the CDC is asymptomatic in 95% of people who actually get it) for vaccine induced paralytic polio and cancer via contaminated Salk vaccines. We traded in chicken pox for shingles, anaphylaxis shock, and death; measles for brain encephalitis; and the minuscule chance an infant would get Hep b for rheumatoid arthritis and SIDS. Considering only a few hundred cases of measles are reported per year and only one child dies from measles approximately 8-10 years (if we’re going with the touted 1 in 1,000 number), wouldn’t it make sense to question the MMR vaccine which could cause Measles-Induced Neuroautistic Encephalophathy, seizures, coma, and death?" livingwhole

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The Great American Grocery Hoax


Divine Mercy: Day 5 - 'Evil will not have the last word,'

Divine Mercy: Day 5
† Bring to Me the Souls of Those Who Have Separated Themselves from My Church

“John Paul II was a philosopher. Benedict XVI wrote as a theologian. Pope Francis is a pastor,” triblive

"From the cross we see the monstrosity of mankind when it lets itself be guided by evil. But we also see the immensity of the mercy of God, who doesn't treat us according to our sins, but according to his mercy." Pope Francis

"Do not let that hope die! Stake your lives on it! We are not the sum of our weaknesses and failures; we are the sum of the Father’s love for us and our real capacity to become the image of his Son." Saint John Paul II

Monday, April 21, 2014

★ Messages from Jesus to Chosen Child 4/12-18/14 ★ Christus Vincit, Christus Regnat, Christus Imperat ★revelacionesmarianas April 3,6,2014 ★ the Earth will not cease to move. The expected events are upon the Earth.

Children of My Divine Heart,
I Am. I Am the Alpha and the Omega. I Am the Great I Am. Open your hearts to Me. Open your hearts at once. Surrender unto Me. Give Me permission to transfigure you in love. The world must have many ambassadors of love to do My bidding. Evil is rampant, and must be stopped. Beloved, pray. Pray without ceasing. Fast. Make every sacrifice to please Me. Let all that you say, think, and do bring Me glory. Live for Me. Do not refuse Me. Be generous in all you do. Do not think only of yourselves. Trust that I will transform your broken world, and restore it to its' previous state. I will work wonders through your prayers. I need you to pray, to be faithful to this mandate. Pray, Beloved. Trust in Me. Hope in what is to come. Draw near to Me, and remain patient as you wait. Wait on Me. You will grow in holiness as you wait. I bless you now. I leave you My kiss of peace. Shalom
message to Jabez 4/21/14

“My children, through your prayers and sacrifices I will work a great work. I mean for you to participate actively in the awakening that is to come to the world. Do not be remiss, but take up your cross daily and follow me. Quench my thirst. My thoughts on Calvary were fixed on the souls I died to save. Then bring me more souls—expand your territory of souls. Call down my blessing on all those I have given you to pray for. Be a blessing to the world. Offer prayers and sacrifices. Give me everything—there is nothing I cannot use. Even your weakness linked to the cross can save souls. Everything rests on my holy Divine Will. Then do not discount anything. The time has come to empty the storeroom. Give me everything. Do so in the Divine Will and you will be amazed at what I am able to work through you. Do not be discouraged; do not be afraid. I am very near.” message to Pelianito 4/13/14


Messages from Jesus Given to a Chosen Child in Chicago
(April 12-18, 2014)

April 12, 2014 (3:09pm)

Tell My beloved children so much will happen in the months to come so I beg you be prepared. You don’t know when the Illumination of your souls will take place. Will you be ready? If not you had better get to Confession as soon as you can. You were told earlier those who are not in the state of grace before the Illumination will be given the grace to turn back to the Lord. Actually this is a blessing for all My children. It is a wakeup call to change your lives before it’s too late. Those who refuse to change in spite of what will be revealed to them will have an extremely difficult time saving their souls. The graces will no longer be available as they are now and satan and his demons will have you in their hands. Oh, My children, come back before it’s too late. Can’t you see the times you are living in have been prophesized in scripture? Look at the radical temperature changes and all the catastrophes of earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding, and droughts. These are all signs of the times. Oh, My children, there are many ways you can be deceived if you are not in prayer. Please continue your prayers for your holy Pope Francis. He will soon be out of office only to be replaced by the anti-pope. There will be much turmoil in the Church once he is longer the true pope. God will give him the time he needs to put things in place to protect your Church. Many priests Cardinals and Bishops will be taken in by and believe the false ideas of your new pope. Don’t be deceived by his charm and charisma. He will be very likeable and will invite all to go along with his erroneous teachings. These things have been prophesized in the Bible, My children. Read the Book of Revelation. You are now living in the time spoken of there. Many people will refuse to believe that this is true, but that just means they are not in prayer and asking for the discernment of the Holy Spirit regarding the signs all around you. So, My children, you can now see for yourselves the confirmation of these messages which are happening as foretold earlier. You must continue to read and believe these words and start spreading them to as many people as you can. You may just be able to save someone’s soul. Pray, My children, pray.
I love you, Jesus.

April 13, 2014 (10:48am)
Tell My beloved children to notice the radical weather patterns. Shouldn’t this be a sign that the Lord is trying to get your attention? Who else could cause these things to happen? There is so much going on at the White House at this time. Your president is aware that all of the scandals are not going to go away as planned. There are people working with him to come up with a major diversion to get the scandals out of the news. Remember these people are desperate and will stoop to anything including mass killings. Pay attention to where you go and where you allow your children to go. Stay away as much as you can from large crowds. They may be planning mass confusion and turmoil through bombings. Oh, My children, your dear Pope Francis doesn’t have much time left in the papacy. This will be a shock to the entire world when he leaves this position. Watch for major changes in the Church when the new pope is elected. He will be the anti-pope who will do everything to destroy the Church from within. He will have Cardinals and Bishops working with him to carry out their evil agenda to bring down the Church.(?!?) They will be very cunning and clever how they go about this. Most of them have been trained over the years what they are to do. What they say and do will sound believable to those who want changes in the Church regarding divorce, homosexual unions, etc. The norms will be changed that have been given to us by God himself in the Bible. Know your faith My children, so you won’t be deceived by their lies and rhetoric. There will be division among the Cardinals and Bishops who know what the true teachings are and who will try to stop what the evil Cardinals and Bishops are doing. Families will be divided. There will be no where to find the real truth. By this time many of the Churches will be closed and it will be difficult for you to find Masses you can attend. My children, once the pope is gone all these things will follow rapidly. Your government will be falling apart. There will be no food in the stores. You have been told about these things happening for a long time and yet some refuse to believe or do anything to change their lives. When you finally wake up and do start to believe, it may be too late. The warning is coming very soon, My children. This has been predicted by some visionaries (MARCH 28) over the years. You were told that this will be the Illumination of your souls as if you were to be judged that day. Every man woman and child will be affected. You will see every sin you ever committed on a large movie like screen. Some sins you will not remember committing will be shown in clear colors. You will be horrified when you see how your sins affect countless souls and that you may have been the cause of someone going to Hell by your sins. Are you ready to experience this My children? Go to Confession and beg God’s forgiveness for your sins. At least you will be in the state of grace and better able to endure what you are going to face. Oh, My children, there is so much that will be happening in your Churches and in the country all at the same time. Pray, pray, pray or you will never be able to survive.
I love you, Jesus.

April 14, 2014 (9:18am)
Tell My beloved children there will be many deceptions and lies coming from the Administration and in the media. There are so many scandals that haven’t even been mentioned or heard about yet, but soon they will be leaked and the cover up will begin all over again. These people don’t know how to tell the truth, and sometimes believe their own lies. Oh, My children, you have been told time and again to have plenty of food and water for the weeks and months to come. I can’t stress it enough. Soon it will be too late to buy all you will need. There will be riots in the streets fighting over the last food on the shelves. Your Administration has come up with a plan they think they can use to deceive you into believing it’s a good thing to have the chip under the skin. No matter how sound it may seem do not allow the government to put the chip in your body. You may have to suffer ridicule from family and friends since it will seem so innocent and easy to do with more convenience than ever. Oh, My children, I hope you are praying for your Pope. On the surface you would never know what is going on behind the scenes. Every day the evil Cardinals are plotting how to get rid of him. The Pope knows any day could be his last and he is putting policies into effect that will be good for the Church and that cannot be challenged. The evil Cardinals know this and they want the Pope out desperately so they can get their man in the papacy. Oh, my dear ones, in the meantime in your country there are good men working to find the right time to impeach your president and some members of his cabinet. I know some of you don’t believe this will ever happen, but it is going to occur sooner than you think. This is why it is so important to pray for the man chosen to replace this president. He will be under constant attack from those who will want to carry out your last presidents agenda. Soon the people behind the scenes who have all the power will have the same fate as all of you. They too will have their sins revealed in the Illumination. Pray for their souls, My children, many of them will lose their souls for all eternity. Their power, money, and influence will be gone. I don’t want any of My children to go to Hell no matter how evil they may be. There is always hope for their conversions. Continue to pray and fast, My children, terrifying things are coming to your country soon.
I love you, Jesus.

April 15, 2014 (9:56am)

Tell My beloved children to celebrate Easter this year attending all the services available in your Church. This may be your last Easter in your parish. I’m trying to tell you, My children, devastating things are going to happen in the Church and there will be new things you will be asked to accept and believe that are not of God and His Church. Pay close attention once your holy Pope Francis is gone and replaced by another pope. I am warning you this will be the anti-pope. Many will not be aware of this and will accept the changes as if they were coming from a loyal pope. This is not the truth. You must warn your family and friends who are not aware of this who this man is and how this has been prophesized in these messages. Oh, My children, I have to tell you these things now before they happen because you don’t know how much longer you will have your holy and loyal Pope Francis. Continue your prayers and fasting for him since he doesn’t know how much longer he will reign as Pope. Pray for your country, My children. There are devastating things about to happen. Remember you were asked to be prepared both spiritually and physically. I pray you are heeding this advice. You don’t have much time, My children. I will give you all the necessary information to protect you as you need it. My children, there is no more time for trivial pleasures. Spend as much time as you can in prayer.
I love you, Jesus.

April 16, 2014 (9:35am)
Tell My beloved children to take advantage of these many graces given through the Tridium of the Passion of My suffering. Try and come to all the services offered in your parish. Don’t forget to start praying the Novena which starts on Good Friday. Many graces will pour out on Divine Mercy Sunday for all those who prayed this Novena. It’s so simple and takes very little time to say it every day. Oh, My children pray especially for Pope Francis at this Easter time. He is constantly being persecuted. He needs to feel your love and support through your prayers. There is always so much conniving behind the scenes in the White House. They are working on ways to steal votes in all the states during the upcoming elections. They are so desperate to win in order to secure their power and control in the Senate and Congress. There is still need for prayers for the good men and women working tirelessly to get your president impeached. This is going to happen, but there are many obstacles that still have to be overcome. Remember, My children, there is much devastation coming to your country very soon. It is closer than you can imagine so I hope you are all prepared. The banks will be closing soon. It may not look like it but those in control have it all worked out when they plan to do this. When it happens it will take place almost overnight. At the same time your Churches will start to close. This is why it is so important to go to Mass as often as you can and also to Confession. Soon all the things you took for granted will be taken away from you. Oh, My children, this is all due to your sins that you refuse to give up. You must atone for these sins so this is actually God’s mercy giving you the gift of repentance. If this didn’t happen, most of you wouldn’t be sorry for your sins and would end up losing your souls. I know this is a lot to have to hear all at once, but things will happen rapidly once they start and you must be prepared. You will be at peace if you are in prayer.
I love you, Jesus.

April 17, 2014 (8:50am)

Tell My beloved children there is so little time left before all the distressing times begin. I’m sad to have to tell you these things at this glorious season of Easter, but you must be prepared. After the holiday is over make every effort to carry out the instructions of the messages regarding getting in plenty of food and water. It is also good to take as much money out of the bank as you can. Those who are still in control behind the scenes are ready to start with all their plans. They will make excuses as to why this has to be done on a temporary basis but they never intend to open the banks again. They and all those working for them will benefit greatly by this disastrous act. Oh, My children, your dear Pope Francis is undergoing a great heartache as he sees what these evil Cardinals are planning to do to destroy the Church. He is constantly aware of their next moves and it hurts him deeply. Please offer more prayers and fasting for him in his last days in the papacy. It is so sad to see how many of My children disregard all the signs given to open their eyes and their hearts. There isn’t much more that can be done to convince them that your country is in grave danger and many lives will be lost. Oh, My children, in spite of all the hardships ahead focus on Jesus and what He has prepared in the New Heaven and the New Earth that will come as a result of all the sorrows you will have to endure. The earth will be cleansed of all evil and peace will abound. Think of these things and you will have My peace if you are in prayer and in the state of grace.
I love you, Jesus.

April 18, 2014 (11:29am)
Tell My beloved children there will be great disasters coming very soon. All you must try and get to a Divine Mercy service if at all possible. This day takes place the first Sunday after Easter. You have every opportunity to have every sin you ever committed no matter how horrific if you go to Confession eight days before or after Divine Mercy Sunday, attend Mass on that day, and are merciful toward others, especially those who have deeply hurt you. Oh, My children, that is all you have to do to have all your sins and temporal punishment due to sin completely washed away. In spite of this tremendous gift most of My children will not take advantage of this gift and in fact most aren’t even aware of this special blessing. Oh, My dear ones, I can’t tell you strongly enough how grave the situation is in your country. While most of you are planning what you are going to purchase for self-gratification and planning your next vacation, the enemy is working with the evil people in your Administration on how to take over your country by keeping all of you under their control. This may even involve some of you being put into concentration camps and being tortured for your faith. This is already happening in many other countries and is soon to come to your country. You may not believe these words, My children, but nonetheless it will happen. This is why there will be refuges where you can go for protection. Now I know some of you are saying the Lord would never tell you these things even if this were true. This is a special gift so you will be prepared and know what to expect. As told you these events will start to happen very quickly and will escalate. Oh, My children, it is because of your sins which you refuse to give up that will cause this horrible suffering for everyone even those who are not in sin and try to do My will in their lives. Oh, My children, your dear Pope won’t be your Pope much longer. Pray for him always. Pray, pray, pray, the time is near.
I love you, Jesus.

revelacionesmarianas / MESSAGE FROM MOST HOLY MARY / APRIL 6, 2014

Beloved children of My Immaculate Heart, I bless you.
I see the Nations persist in self-destruction and how these adore evil, handing themselves over without measure to the whims that what is worldly sets before them.
Man’s thoughts in their nature are light, but man, by contaminating himself, has totally impoverished himself before the constant falls by handing over his thoughts into the clutches of evil.
My children wander thoughtlessly; they only repeat a series of acts of evil that keep them on the edge of a fateful end.
You, My beloved, maintain hope without remaining in ignorance; do not sleep like the dead but remain attentive to the events.

My beloved:
How you deny that My Son announces what is coming to His People, precisely if He is Infinite Love, He cannot allow His children to continue in the midst of the darkness of slavery and in the servitude of the economy!
Beloved, the United States will shake, the head of the eagle will suffer an attack and will turn and rise in flight against innocents, pointing out culprits, but then the eagle will raise its cries asking for help, finding itself defeated.
My beloved, My faithful, water continues to appear agitated in search of land, the wind spreads itself with force causing damage in its wake.

Pray My children, pray for Japan, it will shake again.

Pray My children, pray for Canada, it will suffer.

Pray My children, pray, for the innocents will suffer even more because of conflicts in different countries due to the manifestation of the violence that reigns in man.

Pray My children, pray for Venezuela, it will suffer before finding peace for its People.

My beloved, do not lose hope, keep the Faith in every instant; you know My Son and know that He does not abandon His People.
The Tribulation takes its strides throughout all the Earth; but this Tribulation will rage and My Son’s People will weep and suffer. But after the Purification, they will find infinite light, and those who have remained trusting in My Son’s Word without declining in Faith, will sing the glory and the triumph of their Lord and their God.
I bless you.


revelacionesmarianas / MESSAGE FROM OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST / APRIL 3, 2014

My beloved People, My blessing remains upon each one of you.

My beloved:
Restrain your mind, for it governs men, it leads your thoughts to remain in the affairs of the world and in daily affairs, distancing your thoughts, your feelings, your heart and the responsibility that you have as My children. Humanity’s uncontrolled race envelops you.

Beloved children, the barbarity of this generation is due to that detachment of people from their God, to that oblivion in which souls keep Me, and this is a product of the plan that satan and his henchmen have poured out over humanity in general. YOU WILL NOT OVERCOME AND RESIST THE SNARES OF EVIL IF YOU ARE NOT CONSCIOUS THAT THE PRIORITY FOR MY CHILDREN IS ME.
The commitments of the world, on occasions are used by the enemy of the soul to distance My people from Me, and as everything has advanced in this instant, so I require of those who are Mine to enter into My Path so they are spiritually strengthened and drink from My spring of Living Water so that thirst does not dominate them and lead them by paths of evil.
Restrain your senses so that they do not lead you to desire what is not My Will, but above all, do not forget to restrain your mind, for the mind governs man and leads him to forget that I AM HIS PRIORITY.
Woe to those who martyrize My innocents! Woe to those who taint their hands with the blood of the innocents! They will be judged severely.
My beloved People, this generation still does not believe in My Calls or in those of My Mother, they scoff at us without being aware that the enemy of the soul remains on Earth with his greatest weapon: division.

MAINTAIN UNITY WITH MY WILL, INVITE ME EVERY INSTANT TO REMAIN IN YOU AND WITH YOU, SO THAT THE AWARENESS OF ME REMAINS IN YOU AND DOES NOT LEAD YOU TO BETRAY ME AND TO BE AN OBJECT OF DIVISION AMONG MY PEOPLE. Unity is essential among My children, for the one who is division will wander alone and will maintain himself at the expenses of the whims of the enemy of the soul.
I come for My People, I thirst for souls and man thirsts for dominion over the conscience, of dominion over reason and over human intelligence; DUE TO THIS HAVE I INVITED YOU TO SCRUTINIZE ME SO THAT YOU KNOW ME PROFOUNDLY AND SEE THE ESSENCE OF MY LOVE.
The human heart must beat with My Heart; man was created in Our Image, but his life ends when man is called to return to My House. That is why present-day man must be totally willing to be My Likeness and to live, to work and act also in My Likeness:

IF I SHINE INFINITELY, each one of you must shine in the same way…

IF I AM MERCY, you must be mercy…

IF I AM SUPREME INTELLIGENCE, you must be copies of My Intelligence…

IF I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE, you must walk on My Path, be My Truth as witness and live continually fused in My Will.

Man looks with scorn at what takes place in the world until the events don´t touch him in his own flesh; that is a product of the indifference that satan has embedded in man, but all of humanity will suffer and endure, because every man needs to be purified.
Woe to those people who have banished My Love and have exiled the love for their brothers and sisters!
Woe to those who are hard of heart and who have thrown away the feelings with which I infused them, because this leads them to have hearts of stone, unfeeling in the face of human needs and human pain!
My beloved People, the fields will cease to be green, the waters will cease to be crystalline, the air will cease to be pure and fire will raze large tracts upon the Earth; the elements rebel before man’s cruelty.
My beloved, what do you expect from a man who argues what cannot be argued, so as to meet his selfish and power-hungry whims?

Great Nations hide behind false appearances, take their own initiatives, avoid to say the truth will all kinds of lies so that humanity does not judge them and accepts those lies they argue to give rise to chaos and desolation through war.
Man has not been deterred, not even seeing the suffering of so many, many innocents who were unjustly subjected under the tyranny of an antichrist in the Second World War.
And in this instant in which the Superpowers are true headlights of destruction by possessing weapons that will end humanity in instants, the mind of leaders is clouded only by the desire to conquer and to possess, not territories, but natural riches, without thinking that natural riches will be of no use with a humanity sunken in poverty, in chaos, in sickness and in destruction.
In these penitential instants, man cries out, he cries out for Mercy forgetting that I am constantly Merciful with all. The one who is not merciful with himself is man…

Beloved children:
MY TRUE CHILDREN ARE THOSE WHO MAINTAIN PEACE, WHO DO NOT ALLOW ANGER TO OVERTAKE THEM EVEN FOR INSTANTS. The enemy needs people saturated with anger so that they fight with one another, to cause division and thus fulfill satan’s purpose.
MY TRUE CHILDREN ARE SOULS OF PEACE, EACH ONE CONSCIOUS THAT HE OR SHE IS NOT ONLY A MISSIONARY OF MY PEACE, BUT MY SOLDIER. You are My People, and My People love Me, adore me, and My People venerate My Mother for the fact of being My Mother, of being Pure, Immaculate, of being the Ark of Salvation for these instants. COVER YOURSELVES WITH HER PROTECTIVE MANTLE!
From on high you will hear a thunder and man will enter into panic for lack of confidence in Me. The moon will be tainted red, maintain your Faith as unshakable before what you hear, before what your eyes see, because I do not abandon My People.
Do not forget that I have sent help from My House to every generation, and this generation is not the exception.
MY People, do not fear, for your God keeps His gaze upon you.

Pray, My People, pray for Indonesia, the land will shake.

Pray, My People, for Japan, it will again spill lethal venom over humanity.

Pray, My People, pray for Central America, it will shake.

Be aware of this instant and do not cling to what is material. Woe to the one whose confidence, peace and security are cemented in materialism! For from one second to the next, everything will collapse, and man will find himself with empty hands; BUT THOSE WHO ARE MY PEOPLE, KNOW THAT I DO NOT ABANDON THEM AND THAT MY PROVIDENCE WILL BE UPON MY FAITHFUL.
The Earth as man’s cradle, is burned out and aged by humanity’s sin which has escalated to the unthinkable.
My Legions executers of My Will remain over the Earth and the elements respond to unify man with My Will.
The climate will greatly astonish man with its unexpected change, the Earth will not cease to move. The expected events are upon the Earth.
Pray without ceasing and pray putting My Word into praxis.
I bless you, I love you.
Your Jesus