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Monday, March 31, 2014

YELLOWSTONE, Catholic Cleansing in the Crimea, Flight 370 Passenger Philip Wood, the Bizarre kikiane kitsch & the neo-Cat invasion in your archdioces, &, Nancy P. gets the abortion award!!

* 4.8 magnitude earthquake strikes Yellowstone: largest quake in 29 years
* 5.1 magnitude earthquake shakes Los Angeles – “chance of something larger”
* 100 recent earthquakes reported in swarm near Mt. Hood volcano all theextinctionprotocol


"Make your choice whom you side with; the United States of America or the Obama-Nation of Am-Africa. I've made mine. The Republi-Crat Regime through its triune tentacles has proven themselves over the past few decades to be self-serving domestic enemies of our Constitution which is our Soul. We either strangle them now with the Red, White, and Blue, or we hoist a white flag stained with crap!" freedomoutpost

~ Snowden Documents Show Mayalasia as Top US Intelligence Target CP

Ukraine To Work Off Rothschild’s Derivative Debts: Wall Street, IMF, U.S. Treasury, E.U. Commission In Liaison, Staged The Outright Takeover Of Ukraine’s Monetary System! PVC
& filed under maybe Puty isn't such a great guy after all:
Well that didn’t take long. Fearless leader and these thugs are making certain that Crimea is Catholic free. "Members of the Ukrainian Catholic Church are fleeing Crimea to escape threats of arrest and property seizures, a priest told Catholic News Service just four days after Russia finalized the region’s annexation.
“The situation remains very serious, and we don’t know what will happen — the new government here is portraying us all as nationalists and extremists,” said Father Mykhailo Milchakovskyi, a parish rector and military chaplain from Kerch, Crimea.
He said officials from Russia’s Federal Security Service, or FSB, had called him in for questioning about his community and to ask whether he “recognized the new order.”
Father Milchakovskyi told CNS that he and his family and at least two-thirds of his parishioners had left Kerch for Ukrainian-controlled territory on the advice of Ukrainian Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk of Kiev-Halych.
“All my parishioners are patriotic Ukrainians who love their Crimean homeland. But Russia is now seeking to drive us out,” he said March 25.
He said Father Mykola Kvych, pastor of the Dormition of the Mother of God Parish in Sevastopol, Crimea, also fled after being detained and beaten by Russian forces, who accused him of “sponsoring extremism and mass unrest.”
“During 10 years in Sevastopol, he never said or did anything against Russians,” Father Milchakovskyi added."
~ o look!: IMF Demands Austerity for Ukraine LF
~ Leaked US Regime Change Manual, Admits Ukraine’s its ‘Playbook’ counterpsyops

the fate of those who leave the Neocatechumenal Way:
A former 'itinerant' speaks of Kiko & Carmen
"the Bible with the lining of Kiko, the icon of Our Lady of Kiko, the Cross in style in the style of Kiko, the Paschal Candle with a pattern of Kiko, cup and paten designed Kiko, the hymnal of Kiko, the lectern cover designed by Kiko, carpets, guitar, tambourine and vestments are not yet designed by Kiko." neocatecumenali

“When you see how closed their minds are or oblivious or whatever it is — dumb — then you know what the fight is about,” Nancy Pelosi

meanwhile: All of the warning signs are here:
Welcome To The Gulag

. Scientists being funded to create a big lie
. Brown shirts being whipped up into hysteria over the big lie
. Kook and Nutter funded by government to create a fraudulent 97% consensus for climate disaster
. Concept of jailing dissidents being floated
. Rule of law being constantly subverted by the White House
. No effort to stop any of this by the loyal opposition
"The warning signs are written all over the wall. Don’t make any mistake about where they are attempting to take this thing. Climate change has nothing to do with science."
~ An attorney asks: Are Climate Skeptics Legally Liable for Criminal Negligence? WUWT