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Monday, March 24, 2014

WWIII - the holocaust in Syria, The Ukraine Coup: Western puppet-masters, media sheep-herders & US quietly 'transfers' 33 tons of Ukrainian gold out of their country & into U.S. vaults ...ANY QUESTIONS??!

Sister Hatune Dogan Speaks of Unspeakable Atrocities after returning from Trip to Syria WS

ISIL Crucifies a Young Man in Raqqa, Syria theorthodoxchurch

INDONESIA: The beginning of sharia law for all…even Christians BNI

More Evidence Flight 370 Electronically Hijacked by AWACS J.Stone @CP
~ Diego Garcia - in the middle of the Indian Ocean converted into a Naval and Air Force base by the United States and United Kingdom in 1971. 21stCW

Forget about Russia and Syria for now, because this week – it’s all about Africa. 21stCW

"there never was an “invasion” of the Ukraine. The former President of the Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych sent a letter to President Vladimir Putin several weeks ago, requesting that Putin send in the Russian military to secure the Ukraine from the uprising that was taking place. This “uprising” is yet another example of the US foreign policy of regime change. The US State Department, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, George Soros and many others funded this “spontaneous uprising.” Their goal was to topple President Viktor Yanukovych and replace him with a President of their choosing. Their ultimate goal is a Ukrainian Islamic Republic." Russia, the Ukraine and the Truth: America’s Secret Regime Change shariaunveiled

Soros and Lagarde’s IMF vs Putin’s Russia – The Ukraine Coup and The War for the World… tur

The Latest Heist: US Quietly Snatches the Ukraine’s Gold Reserves 21stCW

o, but it only gets better: Stunning News: Another Socialist President Caught Using Fake Birth Certificate. President of Venezuela a fraud too. The common denominator between both fraudulent Presidents — Bill Ayers, the domestic terrorist and birth certificate-ID forger, knows them both. cdrkerchner
~ & "This does not pass the smell test." mm

A Glimmer of Hope? "Watch the Democrat Socialist Party and the Gentry GOP (but we repeat ourself) both disregard all of this while continuing to wage full-on war on the silly “extremists” that they allegedly don’t regard as much of a threat at all." ta-ir

Proof of Citizenship to Vote: Federal Judge Rules in States' Favor " "This is victory not only for Kansas and Arizona, but for all 50 states," Kansas Secretary of State Kobach told CNSNews.com. "Any one of those 50 states may now choose to follow our example and require proofs of citizenship when people register to vote. Alabama and Georgia are doing it already, and I would encourage more states to do so because any time an alien votes, it effectively cancels out the vote of a U.S. citizen." " FO

Eating Pork Is Really Bad For You FO