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Friday, March 21, 2014

Weaponizing the Mosquito: Bill Gates & The Nazis, “F***(ing) w/ the Russians”: Soetoro's Ukraine Fiasco, the greatest human rights tragedy of our time, “I feel that ‘man-hating’ is an honorable & viable political act", Strange chemtrails in Germany, & then, along comes Sharyl

the greatest human rights tragedy of our time shariaunveiled

Look around you, Beloved. Nations prepare to raise arms, and to fight the deadliest war the world has ever known. Pray, My Little Ones. Pray without ceasing. Prayer from the heart can stop many disasters, and wars. You would do well to remember this. Pray, Children. Even when other nations appear so far away, and you think yourselves safe from harm, pray in faith. I need your prayers. Pray for conversions to warm the hearts of millions. Pray for world peace. Pray each day, and let this be your mandate each morning. Do not forget to pray, Beloved. The welfare of the planet is in your hands. Pray, and trust in Me. Satan's plans must be foiled. message to Jabez 3/21/14

"See how quickly the IMF has made loan offers to the Ukraine in the wake of the coup d’état in Kiev."
Obama’s Ukraine Fiasco Will Trigger US-EU Economic Ruin If the Western Powers continue this staged revolution by proxy and pretense "The US house of cards is at a tipping point. If and when it is exposed, it will take a lot of other nations with it. Obama’s financial policy, willful neglect of the economy and a Perfect Storm of failed legislation (like Obamacare) have pushed the nation to the very brink. His Administration’s focus, and waste of precious time and energy, on extraordinarily destructive social policies has likewise squandered the few opportunities to address the most pressing matters this country faces. Matters so serious that they pose existential threats to the Republic.
On the other side of the pond, we have the EU that is literally a hairsbreadth away from total collapse. And they know it. Which is why they participated in the Ukraine coup d’état. It was truly a last ditch effort to plunder yet another nation for their wealth in the hope that the Eurozone might be artificially propped up for another year or two. If only the Ukrainian people knew what they don’t know. They are being courted so aggressively by the EU only for their natural resource wealth, gold reserves, oil and gas conduits, missile deployment area against Russia, and strategic geopolitical location."

No Act of Conscience: Liz Wahl RT Resignation Was Planned Neocon Think Tank PR Stunt "Other key operators in this neoconservative propaganda scheme to talk up the war include none other than Michael Goldfarb, an Israeli-linked PR consultant who helped mastermind the infamous ‘reverse-spin’ lie of ‘Russia Attacks Georgia’ in 2008 which was eventually correctly reported as Georgia’s attack on South Ossetia, along with Eli Lake from the Daily Beast and Rosie Gray from Buzzfeed – all of whom have been actively involved previously in generating pro-war and anti-Russian propaganda in order to provide some media cushion to the same foreign policy directives coming out of the Foreign Policy Initiative think tank. " 21stCW

Putin Is Riding A Wave Of Popularity In Russia. warnewsupdates

Putin signs laws on accession, Crimea officially part of Russia inserbia

NATO’s “Mystery Gunmen” Seek to Strengthen Kiev Regime’s Hand "In yet another attempt to widen the confrontation between Russia, Crimea, and the Western-backed regime in Kiev, snipers have opened fire on both Ukrainian and Crimean defense forces at a small military base within the heart of the Crimean peninsula, the administrative city of Simferopol." counterpsyops

the destruction of the sovereignty of the states started in Serbia and Kosovo and that Russia will never forget what had happened then. inserbia

meanwhile back in the States:
WESTERN PSYCHODRAMA OVER PUTIN ONLY PUSHES WORLD AFFAIRS FURTHER ‘OFF GRID’ " “Putin is a Bad Man”, and WSJ spin doctor Daniel Henninger actually uses that loaded phrase – which is coded language Edward Snowden could crack in milliseconds. It means dangerous for the life expectancy of the victim given that name. To be sure Assad is still alive, but that is only due to Putin. Kim is still alive, only because of the Chinese. Khomenei for some reason was allowed to die in his bed a long time ago, but the International Community’s hit squads took out and killed the rest, also including Gaddafi, and let’s not forget Slobodan Milosevic who is usually added to the Bad Man hit list, by the world’s Henningers." 21stCW

But wait! "what this regime has done and continues to do to this country is not funny; it is frightening. The only ones laughing are the Russians, and they are doing so loudly and repeatedly in the world press." freedomoutpost

Russia Sanctions U.S. Corrupt Politicians: McCain, Boehner, Reid, Rhodes, Menendez politicalvelcraft
& the yAh00 spin: Jonny Mac & the Demonrats bark loudly @ Vlad
"Russia does NOT owe 17 TRILLION in debt...WE DO!!!!" NOMONKEYBUSINESSPLEASE
"Trust reality. Putin was correct, acted legally and without violence, and in a clear DIRECT reaction to an illegal coup brought to you by the USA/CIA/EU, for the elite big-oil-gas thieves." Denis Desapience
"I defy these politicians to take a vote in this country on to impeached or not to impeached the blockhead running this fiasco." LightningStrikes

Rep. Luis Gutiérrez’s (D.,Ill.) freebeacon

& then, along comes Sharyl ( remember her??! )

The Vanishing: Christian Cult’s Airport Disappears madcowprod

Weaponizing the Mosquito - Bill Gates & The Nazis experimentalvaccines

via topconservativenews

then there's the pro-homo-advos:
These folks are obsessed. NB

& in Germany: Strange chemtrail twin spraying maneuver 9th January 2013 aircrap