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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

URGENT ALERT #2 ! ★ LOCUTIONS to the WORLD 2/25 - 3/5/14 ★ The hour is late. All will be carried away. No one sees. Not even the Church sees.

“Woman Clothed with the Sun, 
come and do not delay”

1. The First Secret of Heaven 2/25/14

I will open up the secrets of heaven and give the whole world a vision of heaven’s hopes and thoughts.  I will reveal what is taking place in heaven so all can understand the events of earth.

Earth and heaven are meant to be joined so earth can receive heaven’s blessings which go forth just as the sun freely sends forth its light and warmth.

Heaven always blesses earth and the blessings never cease flowing.  People need only to bathe in these blessings, to receive them with thanksgiving and to distribute them to others.  Then they grow close to heaven and, when they die, they enter forever into the heavenly blessings.  This is the first vision, the first truth.  The Father’s first thought is always to bless earth in every possible way so people seek their heavenly home.

Comment:  Mary outlines heaven’s basic stance to earth – to bless us in every possible way.

2. The Stream of History 2/26/14

So many secrets must pour forth.  As all the mysteries are revealed, mankind will understand what is happening on earth.  I will begin with the mystery of human history itself.

Everyone is born at a certain moment and dies at a certain moment.  They enter the stream of history and are affected by that stream.  Each person also changes this stream, for good or for evil.

Past events determine the quality, and even the direction, of this stream.  Mankind cannot understand the world unless he is aware of previous events, even years or centuries before.  Forces have been released in human history, both good and evil, that shape the stream.  Man is free to act, but only in the stream of history.  A person in the 21st century cannot reverse what has happened in the 20th century.  All must live and act where they are born in the stream.

I have tried to reveal where this stream is headed.  By so many powerful events and so many twisted decisions, the stream flows away from God.  It has lost it way.  Yet, into this stream, every person is born and lives.  The modern questions are no longer just individual or personal.  The stream is now powerful and worldwide.  Local and even national identities are being swept away.  The stream is claiming every one and every nation.  This is what I am trying to prevent.  If these worldwide forces are totally released, each person will not be free.  The stream will be too powerful.  All will be carried away.

Comment:  Mary speaks the truth.  We are all caught up in forces that remove our freedom.

3. Waiting to Act 2/27/14

What is hidden must be revealed so that all eyes are opened to the realities of these times.  Otherwise, mankind, in his confusion, will have no response.  Let me begin.

For centuries, heaven has foreseen these years that lie immediately ahead.   The storm clouds began to gather when the goddess of reason was exalted during the French revolution.  Even then, the Father was ready to answer.

I began appearing in Paris to St. Catherine and then at Lourdes to Bernadette.  The Father was taking the war to the very soil of France where the evil had begun.  The Age of Enlightenment was its name.  Truly, it was the beginning of the Age of Darkness, the stripping away of supernatural truths.

In the twentieth century, a greater evil was sown on the soil of Russia, which claimed millions of lives, spread its errors, and continues to this day as the source of turmoil.

The greatest of all evils is blindness to these forces, which are shaping today’s events and preparing for future events.  No one sees.  Not even the Church sees.  There is no awakening, no trumpet call.  No one is aware of how near are these future events.  When the problem was in France, I appeared in France.  When the problem was Russia, I spoke at Fatima about Russia.

No human solutions exist for these problems but I am waiting to act, to come upon the world scene and even to manifest my presence to the whole world.

I speak because I want every eye and every heart to turn to me and to invoke my help as the Woman Clothed With the Sun.  I want the Holy Father to consecrate Russia to my Immaculate Heart.  I want all the bishops to support and participate in this consecration.  I want all the faithful to join wholeheartedly in a permanent consecration of their lives to me.  Nothing less is enough.

If I am to rescue the world, I need a total, complete, life-long consecration to my Immaculate Heart.   The hour is late.  This should have been accomplished decades ago.  Another decade of waiting will result in complete disaster.

Comment:  Mary speaks of the destruction seen by all and of the solution, seen by very few.

4. The True Source of Suffering 2/28/14

I must speak about suffering, only because it is so widespread and is Satan’s favorite tool.  No suffering exists in heaven.  Every tear is dried and every wound is healed.  Also, no suffering goes forth from heaven.  All suffering comes from below and is the product of man’s turning away from heavenly blessings.  As mankind sinks lower and lower, it approximates the regions of hell, where only sufferings exist.

This truth is not easy to see because many who suffer truly seek to live in Jesus’ kingdom.  They are like innocent victims, whose hearts have no connection with hell but yet experience its fury.  I will speak more to this subject.

Comment:  Heaven sends forth blessings.  Hell sends forth sufferings.

5. Why Mankind Suffers 3/1/14

The first, the original sin, opened the windows to suffering.  The perfection of God’s creation was shattered.  The human body was changed.  The many protections against illness and disease placed there by God (and now being discovered by modern science) were dismantled.  The body was rearranged.  The smooth and perfect functioning was replaced by sickness and even death itself.

Also, the peaceful relationship between man and woman became marred by discord.   Their childlike relationship to God became filled with fear.  All was changed because they abandoned the great gifts of God for the false goal of independence.

What do you see today?  Do you not see a mankind fiercely and militantly independent, snuffing out all religious devotion?  What road is mankind taking?  Where does he march?  More important, who will turn him around?

I speak because mankind is plunging into unimaginable sufferings and I want to call earth away from these sufferings.  I offer a different road, a new path, a quite different future.  Who will heed my voice?  I must speak louder.  I must use actions more than words.  These will be actions of mercy, a mother’s care for her suffering child.

Comment: Mary gives a clear description of reality and a clear promise of hope.

6. Do Not Fear 3/2/14

“Do not fear.”   The angel spoke these words to me, and I experienced heaven’s power in my heart.  All grew calm and I could listen attentively to the angel’s message.  When the angel had explained the great mystery of becoming God’s mother, I was able to say, “Let it be done to me according to your word”.

Suffering and fear are hell’s tools, always doing Satan’s works.  Heaven sends only consolations and peace, the stillness needed to overcome.

I ask, “Is this a time of peace?  Does the gift of peace continually spread, going from one nation to another?  Or, is it a time of war, a time of invasions?”  O mankind, you have set out on your own path.  You have chartered what you think is your course, but it is not your road.  It is Satan’s road that you are on and there is no peace.

I stand by the wayside, calling out to all, “Come this way.  Follow my path”.  A few hear.  My voice is clear to them.  They forsake the world’s path and find peace.

A moment will come when I will no longer stand by the wayside with a quiet voice.  I will openly enter human history.  I will raise my voice as the Woman Clothed With the Sun.  I will confront the Evil One.   At that moment, all of humanity will be free to choose.

Comment:  All can see the expanding conflicts and man’s helplessness.  We must believe Mary’s promise.

7. The Children of the Secular Age 3/3/14

So many hearts are empty because they are deprived of heaven’s blessings.  In the Age of Faith, people were filled with these blessings and human life was ordered according to divine beliefs.  Now, these blessings have been stolen, often deliberately stolen by those who knew their value.  Children are not born in cultures of faith and have no idea of their heavenly inheritance.   Their desires are limited to earth and their hearts seek what can never satisfy.

I speak to the children of this secular age.  I sorrow for you.  You have been cheated, robbed, defrauded and left by the wayside.  You have not abandoned the road of faith. It has never been shown to you.

Can I not lead you?  Can I not draw you?  Even though you began in darkness, I can bring you into light.  Come, let us begin now.  Call upon me and I will give you the light that your culture has withheld from you.  Do not be afraid of the demands made by faith.  These also are light.

Comment:  The culture filled older Catholics with faith.  The young are deprived of these helps.

8. The Rise of Putin 3/4/14

All is converging into the great moment of truth.  All the events on the world stage fit together, like the acts of a play.  (Yet, many see them as isolated events, without any apparent meaning or script.)  The tensions build.  The main characters appear on the scene.  All must be present for the climax, the moment when all the forces come into play, when evil is totally spent and defeated.  In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph.  However, how many casualties (that need not have happened) will occur.

I must speak now of Putin.  He is the most important actor, often overlooked in the early scenes, but more and more emerging.  His role will increase greatly.  His grasp upon power will grow tighter as his mind conceives new strategies.

I was not wrong when I told the three children that Russia would spread its errors.  Only now is the West beginning to see what I have been proclaiming for almost 100 years.  Russia is the problem.  Russia must be consecrated to my Immaculate heart for there to be world peace.  Who will turn back Putin and his designs?  These will be no turning back.  Satan has the field all to himself and the Woman Clothed With the Sun stands on the sidelines.  This need not be.

Comment:  When Out Lady spoke about Russia in 1917, and also about World War II, many thought she was mistaken, that Germany was the real problem.  Time has shown how correct Mary has been.

photo: fathero9

9. The Beginning Events 3/5/14

When all culminates and the events begin, what is solidly built and protected by my Immaculate Heart will remain standing.  What is poorly constructed and attempting to stand on its own, will be no match for these forces.

Much will be swept away, like rotted wood in a storm.  Only then will people begin to see the great mistakes and the enormous errors of a world built without faith.

These events are only the beginning skirmishes of the great war.  Even in these beginning moments, I will still stand helplessly on the sidelines.  Why do I wait?  Why do I not intervene?  I will always wait for my Church to act, for my Church to obey my word.  I cannot say this too often or too strongly.  My Church, which clearly knows my word, has not obeyed my word.

So, I will choose someone who will obey me.  I will lift him up.  He will act according to my word.  Then, the Woman Clothed With the Sun will no longer stand helplessly on the sidelines as this drama is played out on the world stage.  All will see it clearly before their eyes.  For now, do not forget my prayer, “Woman Clothed with the Sun, come and do not delay”.

Comment:  Read the newspapers.  See the turmoil that grasps every part of the world.  These are the signs before your very eyes, of all that Mary is saying.

“Woman Clothed with the Sun, come and do not delay”