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Friday, March 7, 2014

THEM THAT HAVE EYES: the Jordan River is drying up - Novena of Prayer for Rain, The Catholic Discipline of Fasting & Abstinence

Novena of Prayer for Rain
The Presbyteral Council in Jerusalem
(to be recited during the Novena to St. Joseph)
Lord, by Your mysterious provision,
You made St. Joseph a faithful protector of the Holy Family
and defender of his daily life, grant – now that we are preparing for his patronal feast –
through his intercession, our present needs, especially the blessing of the rain
which we strongly need after a long period of drought.
Having been nourished with the daily bread that You give us,
we aspire with confidence to eternal grace,
through our Lord Jesus Christ.
Amen +

"Before all else let us list sincere thanksgiving first"
cost of discipleship

The Catholic Disciplinary Laws of Fast and Abstinence integratedcatholiclife

I need your prayers to bring about much needed change in your world. I need your fiat. Accept to work in My vineyard. Accept to lead others back to Me for time is of the essence. Do not remain distant, and indifferent. My warnings will soon come to an end. Seek out My consecrated sons, and keep My commandments. I count on you to serve in all humility, and trust. Pray without ceasing. Pray in your homes. Prayer must become a priority in all families of the world. I bless your efforts. message to Jabez 3/7/14