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Friday, March 14, 2014

the liberal fascism in the RCC & the gagging of Deacon Nick’s Blog: “It is Satan’s masterstroke to get Catholics to disobey the whole of Tradition in the name of obedience.”

........ ..... .. ........... ...... . . .............. .... ........ .. comments have it

"I always think it’s amusing how the liberals just can’t deal like good sports with the faithful Catholic blogs. They know they’ve lost it in cyberspace where orthodox blogs rule. The liberals just can’t stand the light of truth shone in those uncomfortable, embarrassing places. Whilst it’s easy to shun and silence and ostracise people in parishes and dioceses, cyberspace is a different playing field, and one that doesn’t favour the silencing. Of course, that could change once the government internet clampdown beings. We’ve not seen anything yet."
shaun the sheep

"It is the moral (even canonically recognised) duty of all Catholics, lay (and even more so, if ordained) to speak out against grave error and scandal in the Church, which is damaging to the Church, and endangering countless souls. The Catholic Faith encompasses reason. We must use our God-given reason." Lynda

"Our Lady of Fatima’s 3rd secret was also suppressed and sanitized by the Church hierarchy because Our Lady prophesied that the hierarchy would betray Christ and the faithful – precisely what we see played out now. Benedict, despite his involvement in the release of a part of the 3rd Secret, did try to warn us when he said that anyone who thinks the prophecy of Fatima is complete is mistaken." shaun the sheep

50 years of Sacrosanctum Concilium and what the Council wrought: "The Destruction of the Roman Rite" rorate-caeli "Cardinal Ratzinger himself, in his preface to Mgr. Gamber’s ‘Reform of the Roman Liturgy’, called the new rite a ‘fabrication’[1], and in the next sentence a ‘falsification’[2]. Mgr. Gamber called it a ‘tumor'[3]. "

An arbitrary and blasphemous use of a Sacred Image by Neo-Cat Kiko internetica.it "The most inconceivable thing is that nobody in the Church has ever found fault with anything, in spite of the repeated complaints…"

Boston Latin Mass community under threat by archdiocese bostoncatholicinsider "Catholics are attached to the traditions because they are truths revealed and passed down through history. People who protest such things are called protest-ants. " Stephen
"The faithful have a RIGHT to the Latin Mass as Pope Benedict put so eloquently in 2007. Obedience to error is vice not virtue. MIL literally defines what a stable group within a parish desiring TLM looks like, their simple existence unnerves the progressives. " Stephen

The time will come... when one has to take sides.
rorate-caeli "Those who love most the Roman Church, her history and her prerogatives are those to whom no tolerance is to be granted right now."

Sts. Charles Lwanga, Joseph Mkasa,
Martyrs of Uganda