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Friday, March 28, 2014

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 3/14 - 3/21/14 ★ Satan’s prize is to destroy Israel, that Holy Land where he suffered his great defeat and that city which still contains the redeeming Blood of Jesus. the great protector, America, has thrown down its arms & surrendered. the world totters on the brink.

July 11, 2011: 51. Leaders For A New America


All of this comes about because of my special care for the world. Only because the world is buried deeply within my heart, does the human race exist in its present form. I say present form, meaning that there are so many people are spread out all over the world. I am the one who led Christopher Columbus and my name was on his ship. I am the one who sent the missionaries and people of good will to these new lands, bringing the faith and the civilization of Europe. I am the one who has kept at bay the atomic power unleashed for the first time so many years ago, but never used since. I am the one who has limited natural disasters. I am the one standing between the Father and the Divine Chastisements.

I have worked through others but now I must intervene directly, openly taking the initiatives which I foretell with these words.

First, I must raise up new leaders, leaders of faith whom I form in my Immaculate Heart. These leaders will have lives of integrity. I will bond them together because if they stand alone they will be ineffective and vulnerable to the world’s darkness. Let these leaders arise. I am calling them forth. Let them be aware. Your mother is calling you. Be stouthearted.

You, who are reading these words, you know I am right now calling you to lead my people. You must gather with others, who could help you in this leadership. Servants of Mary you will call yourselves. Deeply religious in your hearts but totally competent in the secular world, for that is where I need you.

Come close to me. Bond with others. Prepare your skills. Go forth into your culture. I will guide your steps. I am talking now to thousands, leaders of every kind. I need you to be in place, to be accepted by others as just and fair, as a preserver of peace and a force for justice. The gifts come down from heaven but they must be used on earth. Only with holy leaders, consecrated to me, can I fashion a new nation of America.


World Events (March 14-21, 2014)

  • March 14, 2014: 1. The Invasion of Ukraine

Treasure my words.  Hold onto my light.  These are all that you will have in the days ahead.  I must turn my heart to those world events that are suffocating and destroying.  These actions are putting the whole world on notice that the foundations of peace are very shaky.

Even though events are happening in the Ukraine, these are not the final or central events.  However, this invasion reveals the frailty of the West and its inability to stand firm and repress the forces of evil.

This helplessness is evident everywhere, in Iran where atomic weapons are being built, in Iraq where order has collapsed, and in Syria where the dictator strengthens his stranglehold upon the country.

The leaders will speak at the United Nations.  Words will flow abundantly but few will be the actions that can turn back this invasion.  Another piece of the world will fall into darkness. Only those who listen to my teachings, really understand what is happening.

Comment:  The invasion of the Ukraine reveals the helplessness of the West but the great events will happen elsewhere.

  • March 15, 2014: 2. The Blindness of the World

World leaders think that they walk in light when, in truth, their hearts and minds are filled with the greatest darkness.  They have no faith and the words they speak do not come from a love of God.  They are like Old Testament Israel which foolishly entered into foreign alliances instead of trusting God.  So, I must be like the Old Testament prophets, speaking God’s words to leaders filled only with secular light.

You attack the wrong places and protect only your own interests.  Having no faith, you do not form alliances based on faith.  Your foreign policies have become like your political policies, based on fragmented visions and selfish goals.

You are leading the West down the wrong road.  Your vision is blurred.  Your goals are selfish.  Your means are inadequate.  Your oneness is broken and your hearts are in the wrong place.

I want to turn your hearts.  I want to explain why I have lifted my protective hand from you.  Although you will not listen, although you will say this is not important, that it does not even deal with foreign policies, I must say it anyway, “You, selfish leaders and blind guides, how can you protect those who are born, when you foolishly refuse to protect the unborn.  Protect your unborn, and I will protect you.  Continue to sacrifice them to political expediency and I will sacrifice you on the altars of war.”

Comment:  Mary uses the fiery words of the Old Testament prophet.

  • March 16, 2014: 3. A Special Leader

There is a leader whom I hold in my heart and whose ascendancy to office I want to bring about.  I have given him all the qualifications needed to lead the free world.  I have advanced him according to my plan and he, himself, is willing to make the sacrifices needed to seek election.

I ask of him only one thing.  He must protect human life, all human life, no matter how it is conceived.  He must stand clear and firm that human life begins at the moment of conception.  Let him put his name to the Life At Conception Act.  Let him not fear.  This is the step I want him to take.  If he commits himself to protect every unborn life, I will protect him in his bid for the highest office.

To all world leaders I say clearly that there can be no compromise in this matter.  None of you are allowed to sacrifice the unborn for the sake of your political lives.  God cannot bless America while America kills its unborn.  This is the cause of your decline, a decline that will happen even more quickly if you do not change your laws.

Comment:  Hopefully, the person who Mary speaks about will read this!

  • March 17, 2014: 4. Collapse of American Protection

My words will take on new meaning and greater clarity.  I will not just speak of past events or of events too far in the future.  I will speak of all that is unfolding before your very eyes.  I want you to trust these words because, when the events begin, they will guide you and help you to understand.

Today, I will speak of America and the problems that are erupting all over the world.  America has withdrawn.  It has sheathed its sword and its voice no longer has power.  Because America has chosen this path, the timetable has moved up.  Evil moves more quickly.

In the past, America has made serious blunders because its foreign policies were directed by big business.  To help or not to help, to invade or not to invade was decided by its money people, not by those who wanted the best interests of the people.

America’s money interests have devastated countries, removed true leaders, established puppet governments and ruined social structures that could have served well.   So much of this business- driven foreign policy has been hidden from the people.

Now, a new policy is in place that refuses to accept the role that I have given to America.  I have blessed this nation so that freedom and truth might reign everywhere.  America has withdrawn.  It refuses to step forward, like a timid dog that only barks loudly and is quickly seen as harmless.

The result will be a total loss of the Ukraine and a Putin who will soon look for other places to devour.  These policies were impossible just a few years ago.  Now, all seems possible.

China will quickly read the evidence and know that it can move forward with aggression.  Iran will realize that the terms of its agreement are meaningless and will never be enforced by a cowed America.

America’s allies also see the change and no longer count upon its strength.  All of this inevitably happens when the great protector, America, whom I have blessed and chosen, throws down its arms and surrenders.

Comment:  Mary has often spoken of the timetable of destruction being moved up by American withdrawal.  Now, she speaks of very concrete events which are soon to happen.

  • March 18, 2014: 5. An Earthly Michael

All the cards are on the table.  Satan has all the kingdoms of earth in his sight.  How he covets these and wants them for his own.  Even though they are passing away, earthly kingdoms are all he can possess.  Heaven is denied to him.  Its gates are closed.  Michael and his angels have cast him out.  So, he roams the world, fighting against my children.

Gradually, his plan unfolds.  His strategies change according to the acceptance or rejection given to him.  He moves where he can easily conquer.  He waits where he finds no acceptance.  Like any general, he consolidates his victories and plans his next attack.

In this world, where faith is so weak, he seldom suffers any defeat and almost never is made to withdraw.  So it is in the Crimea.  He has gobbled it up quickly.  It is already in his stomach and what power can make him vomit it up.  His hunger grows with each victory.  His pride increases.

It is his pride which will be is downfall, as it was in the beginning.  I will raise up another Michael, a Michael of earth who will defeat his pride because I will clothe him in my humility.

Comment:  Mary promises to raise up a special person as her instrument against Satan.

  • March 19, 2014: 6. Israel

All the events are culminating.  The seeds of destruction, planted so carefully by Satan centuries ago, are coming to a full harvest.  I will remove the veil that covers over his plan.

All the world sees the events.  They are known to everyone – the destabilizing revolutions in northern Africa, the long-lasting revolt in Syria that has touched the neighboring counties, the ravaging of Iraq, the nuclear plans of Iran, the destabilizing of Afghanistan and now the invasion of the Crimea with more to follow.

In the middle of all these events lies Israel, seemingly small and unimportant.  As far as the West is concerned, Israel is an appendage, an anomaly.  It exists but its existence does not seem vital to the West.  If it were suddenly gobbled up, it would mean no more than the Crimea.  This is the great deception.  Satan’s prize is to destroy Israel, that Holy Land where he suffered his great defeat and that city which still contains the redeeming Blood of Jesus.

Comment:  Mary has spoken of the importance of Israel throughout these locutions.

  • March 21, 2014: 7. The Global Economy

The fire is all-consuming and the plans of evil involve the whole world.  No one is left out.  When all of these events begin and the established order begins to shatter, you, O reader, must already have my word planted in your heart.

The world’s economies are built on very shaky foundations.  Many nations have debts that they will never repay.  Even established nations have growing debts.  The money flows into the most dangerous nations.  Economies no longer stand alone.  All are entangled in what is called “the global economy”.

The backbone of world order was the diversity of the nations, so clearly willed by God.  Powerful forces are destroying this diversity, calling all into a one world order.  Do you not see that this repeats the pride and foolishness of Babel?  In this area, also, the world totters on the brink.

As the wars spread, the economies will be pushed further and further, until some are broken.  All the world’s problems are interrelated.  They are not happenstance.  They come from the intelligent design of the Evil One.  Mankind, with its limited intelligence is no match.

Comment:  Even without the wars, the world economics are in trouble.  The wars only compound the world’s problems of economic weakness.

February 18, 2011: 6. The Problem of Russia


The problem is Russia. She is the mother of iniquity. She loves neither America nor Israel. That is why my mother asked that Russia be consecrated to her Immaculate Heart. When Russia is consecrated all will be drawn together. For now she spreads her iniquity. All the other evil is nourished by her, for she still wants to be the first among the nations. She uses others for her goals, finding partners in evils. 

July 3, 2011: 44. Bringing Mankind to Its Knees


Everything spins around with little direction, subject to the whims and desires of the human heart, yet, beyond the control of mankind, which is caught up in forces that he does not understand, and cannot control. Yet, man thinks that events are in his control and that he can turn everything to his advantage.

As a result, nations struggle against other nations, trying to be superior in the world markets and in political affairs. Meanwhile the average person is overlooked. The poor are set aside. A new class is always emerging. The “rising class” they are called, but they leave the world no better and even far worse than before they emerged.

Will it never end? The Spirit of God has been replaced by the spirit of man. Man has been set loose, unrestrained by God’s word, following his own inner light (which is no light at all).

When will this era of “reason and enlightenment” come to a halt? It will come to a screeching halt. Two world wars and two atomic bombs could not bring man to ask, “Where have we gone wrong?” What will it take to have an age of faith replace this age of reason?

I see what it will take. Too horrible to describe. Yet, that is where mankind is headed. People ask, “Why does God not prevent this?” I answer simply, “How can God prevent this when mankind does not listen to God”?

So, I come as God’s messenger, heralding a new age of faith, when mankind again will call upon God and live according to God’s word. The new age of faith will come – but how it comes depends on mankind itself. This is why I am sent and this is why I am speaking so clearly.

This new age of faith will certainly come. It will come either by way of destruction, a destruction never before witnessed by mankind which will bring the world to its knees. Or, it will come by my word. My word also will lead mankind to its knees. Mankind will end up on its knees before a living Father and the age of faith will begin. There are two paths – of destruction or of my word. That is why I speak. Man must choose
Comment: Mary describes the present – a world out of control because man has followed reason not faith.