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Thursday, March 20, 2014

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 3/ 7-13 /14 ★ The future of the world will be removed from the hands of mankind. When will the consecration of Russia take place?

1. Mother of Hope 3/7/14 


I will speak of hope. I will begin afresh and begin anew to stir the hearts of those who believe in me.  They see the darkness and they grow disheartened.  They see the forces of evil sweeping the world as nation after nations is drawn into turmoil.  They see the many dangers, for I have described them so clearly.  They also know that I wait and wait.  The picture is so clear to them.

I am the Mother of Hope. A mother is in the home.  She is not associated with world events.  She rocks the cradle, changes the diapers and prepares the meals.  Yet, how powerful is her influence!  She is the heart of the home, the life blood which flows within her children.

She softens the hurts inflicted by the world and assures all her children that they can always turn to her in their sorrows.  She never inflicts unnecessary pain and consoles all her children in their times of distress.

As the heavenly mother, I bring even greater blessings.  These I freely distribute now.  I need not wait, except for each person to ask and seek.  These blessings I will begin to reveal.

Comment:  Mary’s heart holds many gifts that are still unknown, like a fountain waiting to be poured forth.

2. Mary’s First Embrace 3/8/14


O reader, how many burdens have come upon you.  What seemed secure is now threatened and what you used to have has been taken away.  Satan has removed so much from your culture and has replaced the heavenly Father’s security with his sufferings.

In your trials, where do you turn?  Faith has also been weakened.  Doubts have been sown.  The simple beliefs of past years are rejected.  For this reason, I, the Mother of Hope, will give you my words.  Listen.  Write them on your heart.  In the coming days I will repeat and explain them, so my words constantly refresh you.

I am the Mother of Hope.  I always want to embrace you, more than any earthly mother.  When I embrace you, the pain will leave, the sufferings will grow less, the light will scatter your hopelessness.  You will experience my presence.   After my embrace do not quickly return to your world.  Do not, at first, even try to learn the solutions to your problems.  ( I will give these later).  In these opening moments of my motherly embrace, be still.  Allow the difficulties to drain off.  I will remove the power which these conflicts have over you.  After this first embrace, I will begin to instill hope.
Comment:  Mary invites all of us to important moments of stillness in her presence.

3. The Oil of Hope 3/9/14


The time to gain hope is now, today, at this very moment.  When all the events begin (and the convulsing events have no yet started) it will be too late to gain hope.  Hope is oil for your lamp and it cannot be bought at the last minute.

Hope demands a faith in God’s power and a belief that he loves you.  All believers know that God is almighty but he seems distant, living in heaven but not acting upon earth.

You ask, “Will God act for me?”  You say, “I have little faith.  I frequently fail.  I am not strong.  I quickly grow afraid.”  These are your fears.  Cast them away.  In the presence of the mother, the child does not think of itself because his mother is on the scene.

I will prepare you for the events but you must store up the oil of my hope now.

Comment:  All of us fear that we will fall away in time of trial.  Mary promises to be our Mother.

4. The Book of Blessings 3/10/14


To stir up hope, I open wide the book of my blessings.  The words are written large and on every page.  However, only the eyes of faith can see and read what is written.  The first page contains a description of the loving Father, who has brought all creation into existence and has placed man at the pinnacle of material creation, deliberately choosing that he would share in God’s powers to know and to love.

The second page contains the mystery of God becoming man and living among us, a mystery brought about by my willingness to be God’s mother.

The third page contains the mystery of the Holy Spirit whom Jesus sent upon those whom he had taught and had appeared to after his rising.

All the other pages contain the story of Jesus’ kingdom, all that the Holy Spirit has accomplished in the hearts of the believers.

Now, I turn the pages to today.  The words are not yet written because the blessings are pouring down from heaven.  Only those gifts that are welcomed, received and acted upon are recorded in this book of blessings.  Reading the book will fill you with hope  You will see all that the Holy Spirit has done.  Your name is in the book, because He has done his works in you.  Be filled with hope.  He wants to do great deeds in your heart.

Comment:  All the deeds we do today under the guidance of the Spirit are recorded in this book of blessings.

(Pray for this intention - Beloved, pray, pray for My priests. They are persecuted, and many have fallen to sin. Pray for My sons (to) accept to give their lives over to the actions of grace.) message to Jabez 3/14/14)

5. The Tottering Kingdoms 3/11/14


All is built upon hope.  When man is filled with hope, man builds his homes and his kingdoms.  When these are threatened, he must cling to hope.  When all is destroyed, he has only hope that he can rebuild.  Without hope, he accepts defeat and plans no future.

These are my words. Listen carefully.  Mankind has built his homes and constructed his kingdoms.  Before his very eyes, these kingdoms are tottering.  The winds are blowing and the rains are falling.  The floods that will sweep away these kingdoms will soon follow.  Hopes will be shattered.  Without hope, no future is rebuilt because all your human hopes are taken away.

I, alone, am the Mother of Hope and in those days, only those who have heard my word will have hope.  The future of the world will be removed from the hands of mankind.  I will hold that future in my hands.  I will invite all to come.  O reader, come now, right now.  There is no hope for the future except with the Woman Clothed With the Sun.

Comment:  Now we see only the tottering.  Mary alone will give hope after the collapse.

6. Fire and Water 3/12/14


The fires of hell, with their suffering and confusion, will claim more and more of earth.  As they do, they will extinguish hope.  When hope dies, the victory of hell is assured.   There will be no opposition to these fires, no responding.

I am the Mother of Hope and these waters of hope can flow powerfully from my heart.  No fire will overcome them.  Their victory is assured.  Right now, they wait, like a mighty ocean which casts no waves upon the shore.

O mankind, your earth is ablaze with fires everywhere.  Your water of secular hopes can never extinguish these fires because they come from hell and they share in the eternal fires of hell.  These fires share in the demonic intelligence, planned by Satan since he was defeated at the cross.  He is ready to thwart any plan you might have to restore peace, order and security.

Only the waters stored in my heart can extinguish his fires.  Someday, these waters will flow and all will see that I am the Woman.  How much will be consumed and destroyed in the meantime?  When will the consecration of Russia take place?

Comment:  Mary correctly describes our world of 2014 – fires everywhere.  She also speaks of God’s gift – the ocean of hope in her heart.

7. Hope Has No End 3/13/14


Hope never speaks of the end because where hope lives there is no end.  People without hope often say, “This is the end”.  What they sought, what they have built and what they have lived for has collapsed.  Their dreams are broken into a thousand pieces.

Where there is true hope, no end exists.  Hope will move on and willingly leave behind what cannot be regained.  Hope transcends, rises above, is never conquered and cannot be killed.

Hope even conquers death and the grave itself.  Death does not have the final word, even when the stone is rolled across the tomb.  Hope never, never ends because true hope always seeks God and God never ends.  True hope seeks eternal life and eternal life never ends.

Everything on earth, all of earth’s important goals must be lifted up.  If you live only for earth, then your hope will die, sometimes a thousand deaths.  But if your hope lies in heavenly riches, then your hope will never die

Satan is multiplying his sufferings.  If he can kill your hopes, his victory is insured.  I am the Mother of Hope, which flows endlessly from my heart.  Come and drink every moment of every day.  It is an endless stream that always refreshes.

Comment:  A world filled with suffering can only survive by the power of hope.