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Thursday, March 6, 2014

★ Locutions to the World 2/16 - 23 /14 ★ Jerusalem ... Only its soil contains Jesus’ precious blood. Israel, is Satan’s target. O Woman clothed with the sun, come & do not delay

I am the Woman Clothed With the Sun, 
who gave birth to a child destined to rule the nations. 

1. The Shattering of Creation 2/16/14

I will open up the fullness of my heart and reveal all the secrets hidden from the beginning.  Only in this way, can the world realize all that the Father has done.  There will be great surprises, even for those who love me and to whom I have revealed much.  It is time to pull back the veil so all can understand.  In this way, I can strengthen trust and the confidence in my words.

In the Father’s created universe, I was to be the woman who would someday bring forth his Son.  Of all creatures, I was to be his perfect creation, untouched by any darkness and the creature who would give flesh to his Son, the light of the world.  All of human history would wait for me so the fullness of time could begin.

Then came the fall, the original sin, and creation was shattered into a million pieces.  How would the Father ever put it together?  Immediately, he thought of me.  He would use me in a new, unforeseen way, “I will put an enmity between you and the woman, between your offspring and hers”.  There would still be a fullness of time.  There would still be the woman giving birth to her child.  This part of the original plan was still in place, even though all else was shattered.

Comment:  Mary promises a full revelation of her role in creation.

2. Present From the Beginning 2/17/14

When the Father created the heavens and the earth, he saw a woman.  When he created human life, he saw a woman.  When the first sin was created, he saw a woman.  All of his thoughts, desires, hopes, were focused on a woman.  In this sense, I was there from the beginning of material creation.  I was the door for his Son to enter and to live within this creation.

All things were made for the Son.  To him would be the fullness of glory.  The Father never saw his Son apart from the woman.  This is the great mystery of the Word became flesh.  That flesh would come totally from the woman.  Every cell in Jesus’ body came from my body.  No other human creature would participate in the mystery.  Only my body would be immaculate, free of any taint of sin.

I reveal these secrets because so many set me aside.  Even those who truly love me do not see my intimacy with the Father, or how I was there from the beginning.

Comment:  Mary’s words help even those with great faith to see more deeply into the mystery.

3. The Woman in God’s Plan 2/18/14

All must be revealed.  It is too late to hold back anything. I must go step by step so each part is clear and the whole world can see me as the Woman.  That is the title given to me by the Father, himself, and also the word used by Jesus.

The Father said, “I will place an enmity between you and the woman”.   At the wedding in Cana, Jesus said “Woman, what concern is that to us?”   On the cross, Jesus said, “Woman behold your son” as he gave me to the beloved disciple.  Finally, came the great revelation.  The heaven was opened.  The lightening flashed and the sound of thunder filled the sky.  The Father wanted the whole world to see what he had done.  Then, “A sign appeared in the sky, a woman clothed with the sun, the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head”, a woman about to give birth to her son (Rev. 12: 1-2).

In the Father’s plan, the maiden of Nazareth has become the Woman.  If so, why do people set me aside?  Why do they belittle my role?  I will bring to center stage the one who will openly proclaim me.  Through him, I will be the Woman for the whole world.

Comment:  With the growing need for God’s worldwide intervention, Mary stresses her role as the Woman.

4. The Woman Waits and Waits 2/19/14

Very soon, a door will swing out to a new era of open conflict.  The enmity between Satan and the Woman will become evident to all.  Who cannot see the hand of Satan in all of the world events now occurring?  Who cannot see his wiles in all the deaths and the destruction?  Who cannot see his power in the sufferings caused to millions of people all over the world?” Do you have eyes and do not see?  Do you believe that all of this flows merely from human anger?

Now, Satan has the field to himself and scores victory after victory.  The Woman waits and waits, wanting so much to fulfill her role.  What will happen?  How will she come upon the scene?

More and greater events of destruction will take place.  The problems will not be isolated or limited to certain areas.  All the world will begin to experience Satan’s sufferings (for that is his calling card).  Even then, the Woman will have to wait.  Then a moment will come of a great break, as if a permanent change has happened.  This will be the prelude, as everyone wakes up to the seriousness of Satan’s destructive powers.

Comment:  How quickly we need the Woman to come onto the scene.  Let us not wait.  Invoke Mary’s help.

5. Come and Do Not Delay 2/20/14

All can see it clearly.  Revolutions and violence breaking out where formerly there was peace.  The problems are never solved.  No country is secure because Satan knows the weakness of each country.  He touches the raw nerve and the Achilles heel.  Unrest, protest, violence, deaths and destruction of a nation’s life follow.  The causes lie hidden until the violence breaks forth.  Only when it is too late do people see and understand.

Others say, “It cannot happen here.  Our country is safe.”  You only see the surface of reality.  Your foundations have long ago been weakened.  The hidden evil flows freely in the sewers beneath your streets, only waiting for the right moment to flow over.

By these words, I bring to light the evil that flows everywhere – in your banking systems, in your political life, in your schools, in your homes and in your hearts.  No natural answer exists for these evils.

The world needs a supernatural power which understands and can defeat these evils.  Yet, how many will turn to the supernatural?  The stakes are high and mounting.  I say this clearly.  The whole world is at stake.  Yes, all of earth is ready to be thrust into Satan’s fire.  He will not wait.  He sees that a complete and total victory is soon to be in his grasp.  Once that happens, he will not wait one moment.

For now, he rejoices in his partial victories (and they are everywhere).  However, soon partial victories will be as no victory at all to him, when he will be able to pull everything into his hell on earth.

I wait and I wait.  Only the Woman is a match for him.  I will fight him everywhere, even in hand to hand combat and I will always win.  He knows that and does all he can to delay my coming onto the world stage.  My entrance will be late and will happen through my beloved priest son.  Until then, all must invoke me.  Do not wait.  “O Woman clothed with the sun, come and do not delay”.  Say that often and I will come into your heart and into every situation.

Comment:  Our Lady’s warning and her promise are universal.  Everything will either be captured by Satan or by the Woman.

6. Revelation Chapter Twelve 2/21/14

I embrace the whole world.  It easily fits into my heart.  When the great events begin, I will embrace it even more closely.  These events are like the pangs of birth which have already begun and will inevitably increase.  Just as these pangs prepare the body to give birth, so these events prepare for the culminating events.

Whose eyes do not see?  Whose ears do not hear?  One nation after another plunges into chaos and disorder.  In every part of the globe, there are birth pangs of death.

I am the Woman Clothed With the Sun, who gave birth to a child destined to rule the nations.  The child was caught up to God and his throne.  After that, God prepared a place for me in the desert where the devil pursued me.

Read Revelations, Chapter 12 and you will begin to understand world events.  More important, will you understand the Woman Clothed With the Sun?

Comment:  Revelation, Chapter 12 describes the supernatural forces behind world events.  Unfortunately, a secular world-view does not even believe that these forces exist.

7. Is It Too Late? 2/22/14

Is it too late?  That is the question.  People of faith will say that it is never too late with God. That is true.  But time moves on.  People live and die and do not experience the light.  Cultures are pulled into darkness. Structures of faith and truth are replaced by darkness and lies.  People, having no light, lose their way for days, months, years, even for centuries.

The whole world is tilted toward evil and fewer have the power to overcome.  That is what you are seeing.  People call it a loss of faith but I call it the demonic strategy.  He has had the field all to himself.  He has changed everything.  Good is condemned.  Evil is praised.  One by one, all the lights are being put out.  How much time is left?  For some, no time is left.  They have lived and died in the darkness.  This happens every day, before your very eyes.  Souls, bereft of the light, are dying.  Pray for them and I will hear your prayer.

Now, to answer the question, “How much time is left?  I will review my teachings.  Jerusalem is central to God’s plan for the world.  Only its soil contains Jesus’ precious blood.  Israel, therefore, is Satan’s target.  If he destroys Israel, he pushes back God’s plan for years to come, even for centuries.

Syria is the fuse and it has been lit for years, destabilizing the Middle East.  America has withdrawn.  This moves up the timetable.  Treaties have been signed which lack all truth and only give permission for Iran to continue to build atomic weapons.  Pakistan, with its atomic arsenal, is tottering and will soon fall. Iraq cannot protect itself  No human person exists to reverse all of these forces.

To return to the question, “How much time is left?  The beginning of the events will occur before America elects its next president.  Notice that I say, “will begin” for there will be beginning events and culminating events.

To return to the other question, “Is it too late?”  I can only promise this.  Hands and voices must be constantly lifted up.  I have taught you the important invocation.  “Woman clothed with the sun, come and do not delay”.  This will prepare hearts for my actions.  When I act (and I promise to do so) all will say, “The Woman Clothed With the Sun” has done this for us.

Comment:  This is a culmination locution, bringing together much of what Mary has said but also adding important dimensions.

8. Visible and Powerful Actions 2/23/14

I am a mother who wants to embrace all of her children because only in my arms are they safe.  Many do not know me.  Others are taken away from me by the darkness.  Others chase after the false lights of this world.  Yet, I would gather the whole world.  I would call all my children into the blessings of my embrace.

As a loving mother, I come to each person. I stir in each heart and call to faith.  However, in today’s world, that is not enough.  Too many forces blind people, sometimes carrying whole nations away from my embrace.  My children scatter in every direction, pulled by powers which they do not understand and cannot overcome.

So, I must act in each person’s heart, not just as a mother, but as the Woman Clothed With the Sun.  My actions must become visible and powerful.  They must enter the same world stage as the dark forces.  They must contend openly.  All, even those with no faith, must be able to see and to witness what I do.  My actions will offer a freedom, so each person can choose good.  As their mother, I will be embracing them.  As the Woman Clothed With the Sun, I will be freeing them so they can accept my embrace.

Comment:  Mary explains her two-fold action – within each person’s heart and in world events.

★ revelaciones marianas February 9,13,19, 2014 ★
The fire of volcanoes rushes to the surface with such anger!
My beloved People, pray for Ecuador, pray for Italy.
The water of the oceans moves with such speed and noise and readiness to rush upon the land!
My People, pray for San Francisco; My People, pray for Spain, pray for Brazil.
My beloved, the Sun will get closer to the Earth and will emanate so much heat towards the Earth that My children will have to distance themselves from it whichever way possible. ...
Look to the Heavens, for from on high I send My Blessing and help for My People. In the firmament you will see a great scourge for humanity leading several countries to suffer and man, upon seeing fire in the Heavens, will shake to his bowels. (February 19th, 2013)

Before man’s indifferent gaze, the Earth cracks from place to place, it shakes and will shake, and drawing near and agitating its waters, the Oceans will be a scourge for man. Ask My children to pray for South America: the great mountain ranges will shake, Chile will weep, Argentina will suffer and Ecuador will lament.
Look daughter -- the Mother shows me the Sun -- it emanates its heat to the Earth, the vibration of this blaze will be what causes the sea to rise, as has never before been seen. Ask My children to pray for the United States, it will be scourged time and again.
(February 13th, 2013)

My beloved, humanity maintains a channel of vibration that it emits towards the Earth and the Earth receives indifference from man. This brings disequilibrium within Creation, within the Universe upon the Earth, and the Earth is affected as part of this system.
Beloved, it is not the times that mark the events, but the events that signal the future, and in this humanity has been a maker of its own destiny, to which humanity itself has clung to in its foolishness and lack of humility. Announce to them that I come with an iron rod to separate the wheat from the chaff...
...Creation has been the great gift from My Father to the human being… but you have deformed it and it wants to return to its state in My Father’s Will. Due to that, the Earth will renew itself and in this renewal of itself, humanity like previous generations, will bring upon itself the pain, the tragedy, the anguish and the lament of the disobedience towards Our Divinity, all of it fruit of the ill-use of human freedom and the unmeasured use of ill-used science. ...of the rivers of blood that will be scattered throughout the Earth, before a man of science that with full awareness created the destruction of mankind, challenging Me, and in his madness, will lead every creature on the face of the Earth to suffer. (FEBRUARY 9, 2014)