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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

did that ''lost in the Indian ocean'' missing flight show up again as a bomb intercepted by the Dutch Air Force? ...did BathHouse-Barry play video war games @ the Nuclear summit?!

first, about THAT Nuclear Summit telegraph
"Obama's f**kin unbelievable! A world leader and he's inviting other world leaders to play computer games at a major summit! What an immature, moronic prick.. and he's got the fate of the world in his hands (or joystick I should say)" Ireland 03/25/2014 12:31 PM

but of course & how convenient: 3/25/2014 — Cyclone Gillian heading towards “missing” jet search area — 20 RF Plasma Scientists on Board Jet dutchsinse.tatoott1009

Posted March 24, Updated March 25 Jimstonefreelance.com

"UPDATE: Nothing has changed overnight regarding what is below. This panned out. I have only one comment - logic needs to prevail in this, we won't get the truth out of the MSM with anything and the proof is living in Sandy hook, flying into the world trade center and watching Bat Man. Enough said, I have to leave this top posted because this page is linked out too much right now to move it.
Original post:
Though the Dutch state no foul play was involved, and claimed it was a "cargo jet", it's not every day that a 777 airplane flies unidentified straight towards a nuclear summit where all the world's leaders are. I am going to say it like it 99.9999% likely is - THEY BLEW IT, FLIGHT 370 HAS BEEN FOUND AND STOPPED FROM CRASHING THE NUCLEAR SUMMIT, THE SAME TARGET EVERYONE GUESSED IT WAS DESTINED FOR."

Intercepted Boeing 777-F6N N774LA ekореман

"BINGO, GREAT JOB EVERYONE, THIS TIME WE NAILED IT, and if that link quits supporting what is written here, I will fix it with a capture of the original.

And to the Dutch: Great job finding flight 370! Remove whatever mock ups were installed to hide what it was and return it to Malaysia airlines. Then start asking the pilots (if there were any) serious questions about where the passengers are.

Simple law of probability nails the intercepted jet as flight 370. Out of hundreds of thousands if not millions of flights annually, jumbo jets flying with their transponders off to avoid identification virtually never happens even once a year globally, let alone towards a nuclear summit where all the world's leaders (sans Israel's) are and the fact this was a 777, the same plane that is now missing, CINCHES IT.

They can bag whatever spin they put on this and throw it straight in the trash, how many times have you heard of the Air Force being scrambled to intercept an unidentified jumbo jet, let alone the Dutch air force?

Malaysia Airlines, your plane is found. Demand it back, remove whatever mock ups were installed to hide what it was, make them pay to repaint it, service it, and put it right back in your fleet and if they played switcheroo you now know who has it.
The story is that this was a cargo plane. Interesting, because the Jews now own Fedex, DHL, UPS and a majority of other carriers, and only high class carriers will fly 777 jets. If this jet ends up belonging to anyone’s military, that’s equally bad. If you want to know who the enemy is, just look to see who ends up being identified as the owner of this “cargo plane” and if it ends up being Arabs, THAT would also be a set up.

The original article posted by the Dutch has been preserved. This cannot be silenced, if anyone tries I will put the original right back online in the form of a mailable Jpeg."

& a bonus track: US Jazz musicians were drafted into CIA’s MK ULTRA thedailysheeple