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Monday, March 31, 2014

attn. CATHOLICS WTFU!: ROBIN KIKO HOOD & the 2nd Scrutiny Convivence, the Novus Ordo Mass: designed to deliberately protestantise the Catholic Church

“You alone have destroyed all heresies in the world.”
Prayer of Total Consecration By St. Maximilian Kolbe

"Our Lady, Destroyer of All Heresies"

“Why do the Revolutionaries who gave us the Novus Ordo hate Catholics so much?”
"The Novus Ordo goes along with one of its many nefarious bedfellows, iconoclasm (of an order not seen since the Iconoclastic Heresy of the Eastern Church or the so-called “Reformation”); it is culturally utterly impoverished, and all of us are as a result greatly impoverished – a catastrophe.

To sum up (and for what I say about the Novus Ordo, the opposite is the case for the true Roman Rite, the Old Mass, which I refuse to call the “Extraordinary Form”):

• it is a Mass specifically created (the first time this has been done in history) to meet an imagined sociological need of a supposed “Modern Man”.
• as the creation of a committee, it cannot possibly have any organic link with the venerable rite of at least 1,600 years which it replaced;
• it was, without question, designed to deliberately protestantise the Catholic Church;
• it has led to Christ and the Sacrifice of His own life for us sinners being thrust out from the centre to the periphery – both literally and figuratively;
• it is so often proud, oh so proud, trumpeting in its nature a “dignity” of Mankind that we sinners do NOT deserve;
• it is a cultural non-entity; a disaster;
• it banishes the soul’s private communion with God and through noise and distraction makes such communion well-nigh impossible;
• it cries out on every side its sheer infantility;
• it is the deliberate collectivisation of the Church’s worship in Marxist form;
• practically, there are as many forms as there are Masses. I exaggerate only a little to illustrate the fact that there are really many versions of the Novus Ordo, legitimate, semi-legitimate, illegitimate, and even scandalous. This has been admitted by the liturgical experts who, together with then Cardinal Ratzinger, participated at the Fongombault Liturgical Conference 2001 (Proceedings edited by A.Reid OSB in ‘Looking Again at the Question of the Liturgy’ with Cardinal Ratzinger, 2003)."

ROBIN KIKO HOOD & the 2nd Scrutiny Convivence junglewatch2