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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ukraine goes full BBQ, Obama's House Negroes, Loud “booms” heard (& felt) all across Oklahoma.

I will purify the Earth. I will refine you as gold, and you will accept My sovereignty. Manifestations of My omnipotence will crush you, and shake you out of your indifference once and for all. The shaking has begun.
message to Jabez 2/19/14

via Spiritdaily

Loud “booms” are being heard (and felt) across the state of Oklahoma. DS

Congressman Trey Gowdy on Obama’s overreach. clashdaily

as for Romney: "GO HOME WILLARD!" 4:30 – 5:50

“so take your Marxist-carbon-trade-scheme & shove it up your a$$!”
~ speaking of Jonny Mac & J'fk*g'K. PD
~ & speaking of Mitt/Bari-care GWP

KIEV: Continues to roast, as western bankers prepare for their next debt feast, & the Shatterbelts 21stCW
"Half-baked claims can be made by American strategists like Walter Russel Mead that “as the U.S. war in Afghanistan winds down, Russia’s economic and military power in Central Asia grows”. The US also found out that no war in Afghanistan could be won – and the costs of finding this out are extremely high. American strategists prefer to claim, as Mead does, that the Ukraine is “the battleground state” between the Atlantic Empire of the US and the EU, and the Russian Empire but this Think Tank musing ignores the real economic facts of life in Ukraine – its debt, deindustrialization, trade deficits, unemployment – and its total dependence sponging off Russia.

Walter Russel Mead claims that for Mr. Putin, everything pales beside the battle for Ukraine. Stripped of the Ukrainian “buffer state”, Mead claims, Russia can never be more than “a secondary European power”. He says: “Three centuries of empire-building will be over”. Attached to Europe, Ukraine will sponge off the ECB and the Brussels Commission, while its economic migrants swell the EU’s 27 million unemployeds who make Jobless Europe the 7th-biggest “nation” in the bloc! The spinmeisters present this outcome as a world-shattering triumph for the Atlantic Empire! Putin can laugh out loud at that fairy story.

For the Americans and Europeans of today, Mr. Putin scored striking diplomatic successes in the Middle East. He opposed the simmering Sunni jihadist insurgency in the Caucasus through backing Shia-ruled Syria and Iran. He moved the goalposts further south and away from Russia’s own Caucasus shatterbelt. With no surprise at all, to Putin, the Sunni jihadists fighting Bashr al-Assad soon turned their guns and RPG against each another in a faction riddled scrabble for power – but for Washington, Paris and Brussels this was a huge loss of face.

Their global geopolitics playfield is a minefield – and only when it does harm to Russia do they want it that way. When it backfires on them, they run for the exits.

An old KGB hand, Mr. Putin knows that Western intelligence spooks and propaganda buffs are always building sand castles in the air. Their own imperial downsizing has not yet affected their mindsets and come home to roost – and the EU’s American-backed attempt at “winning Ukraine” promises to deliver another big victory for Vladimir Putin. When or if the Ukrainian bride jilts Russia at the altar and rushes into the arms of the Washington-Brussels axis – they will have a massive bill to pay. Their public opinion, if it was ever consulted (which it is not) would tell the Western spinmeisters exactly what Putin tells the west. Enough is enough. One more ruined economy joining the EU28. My oh my do we need and want that!

Putin can count on his clumsy opponents making mistakes – like the EU and Washington overplaying their hand in Syria, or simply with general incompetence which currently pervades most US ‘think tanks’ advising politicians. Their understanding of today’s global geopolitical chess game is woeful – and Russia invented chess. Putin has his own agenda for Russian downsizing and it is urgent. "

Russia & Vatican Bring Humanitarian Aid To The Suffering In Syria: Suffering Direct Result Of John McCain & Obama Rothschild Regime! pvc

John McCain goes postal on Syrian Christians FoM

2014 Elections: Just Because a Legislator Has An “R” After Their Name Doesn’t Mean They Should Be Elected FO ".....I also can't wait to see all the So called conservatives and talking heads try to avoid the whole thing.... Beck, Hannity,Rush, Levin...Coulter, ect. ect." sick of hussein @ BR

~ meanwhile: Brittney Cooper, a liberal, race-baiting, African American writer for Salon patriotupdate

Obama's House Negroes FO

The Associated Press and other media organizations Banking Matrix Media continues to stalk Republican Gov. Scott Walker. CNSN