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Monday, February 24, 2014

★ Messages from Jesus to Chosen Child 2/15-21/14 ★ ★LOCUTIONS to the WORLD ~ 2/15/14 ★ You are on the verge, about to be plunged into a great darkness. ★MensajesDelBuenPastorEnoc 2/18/14 ★

“You are on the verge, about to be plunged into a great darkness”. 11. The Verge of Darkness 2/15/14
~ Locutions to the World

The Masonic secret organizations, which rule and direct the kings of this world, want to interfere in internal matters of many nations to create confusion and bring down governments. The intelligence agencies and other organizations, serving The Great Powers, want to destabilize the governments of some nations to establish in them rulers who will be loyal and faithful in time of new world order. MensajesDelBuenPastorEnoc 2/18/14


Messages from Jesus Given to a Chosen Child in Chicago (February 15-21, 2014) joycelist2

February 15, 2014 (4:14pm)
Tell My beloved children there are going to be great demonstrations against your president. Many people are going to demand that he be impeached for so many innumerable offenses against your country. Soon those who are collecting documentation and evidence to prove all the things he has done to get into the presidency will prove him unqualified to be your president. I know so many will not believe this can happen because of all the people of influence in high offices will support and cover up for him, but nonetheless he will be taken out of office in spite of all this. My dear ones, please continue your prayers and fasting for the man who will replace your president. The powers behind the scenes aren’t sure who this person is but once they are convinced of the one working so hard to undo all the harm they are doing he (the man chosen for these times) will be a target of assassination. He and his family will be in grave danger. So, My children, you can see all the messages that have been given are coming true one by one. There is more to happen before your coming elections to try and stop certain candidates the powers feel threatened by to be kept from winning. In spite of all their efforts, many good and reliable candidates will be elected. Your prayers are being heard My children. Continue all your prayers and fasting especially in the next few months ahead.
I love you, Jesus.

February 16, 2014 (10:47am)
Tell My beloved children to pray for all the service men and women who serve your country. Their lives are in constant danger. They are not given adequate weapons to protect themselves from the enemy. Your government has cut back on the amount of money to be used for the military and so the young men and women of your country suffer because of it. The money that should have been spent on the military is being used to line the pockets of those who are trying to destroy your country. I know this sounds incredible that this is going on but unfortunately it is the truth. My children, get prepared for some major changes for the good coming in the next elections. No matter how hard the president and his cronies try by deception to win a lot of places in Congress they will not succeed this time. Your prayers and working to defeat this president and bring down this Administration. Be assured that for the time being things will go well for those seeking election and reelection if they are patriotic and God fearing. Continue your trust and faith in these messages, My children. They will be very helpful in the future.
I love you, Jesus.

February 17, 2014 (9:25am)
Tell My beloved children to be aware of what the powers behind the scenes are up to. They plan to try and defeat all the pro-life candidates and those who are against same sex marriages and gay life styles by smear campaigns and lies. Don’t believe anything you hear against anyone who has the qualities of being for life as God has planned it. These people are diabolical and will use any means to push their agenda for the country. Their aim is for an anti-God socialistic country. This will never be allowed to happen, but they won’t give up their plans. My dear ones, there is so much coming right around the corner that you must be prepared for you have to know that your beloved Churches where you worship are going to be closed one by one. This is all going to happen very soon and very rapidly once it starts. It’s hard to believe this could happen but sadly it is true. There are many evil people in high places of influence who have been trained for years how to bring this about. They believe this is the right time for this to occur. Prepare yourselves with prayer and the sacraments. Things you once took for granted will no longer be available to you. Many priests will be forced to leave their parishes and follow the dictates of those who will be in control. As you were told, Masses will be said in the refuges you will be assigned to. You will be led by chosen men and women who will be told what to do. There is nothing to fear. You will be protected and safe. Those who have established these refuges will help you through this trial. My dear ones, your elections will soon be here so only vote for those people who are God fearing pro-life candidates. Don’t believe what some are saying but see how they have voted on pro-life issues in the past. Your prayers and sacrifices are still needed more than ever. Stay in peace with the love of the Lord.
I love you, Jesus.

February 18, 2014 (9:15am)
Tell My beloved children after the promising words yesterday regarding your elections there is also news that won’t be as positive. My dear children, your president has done and continues to do so much harm to your country it is going to take a miracle to keep it from going Socialistic. This president has many countries secretly helping him to destroy your Constitution. Every time he goes to a foreign country to speak with its leaders it is to talk about how they will defeat your country. They may not have to use weapons since they are doing everything within your country with your president leading the way. There are billions of dollars involved in all of this. My dear ones, the news about your Churches closing gets more dire every day. You won’t believe how these evil people of influence plan to do this. Your prayers and fasting are needed to make sure the elections aren’t corrupted and stolen as they have been in the past. Your prayers are powerful and they are working.
I love you, Jesus.

February 19, 2014 (9:28am)
Tell My beloved children that soon there will be very little you will be able to purchase at the grocery store. You have been warned to have plenty of food and water and this still holds true. It doesn’t seem like this could be the situation because right now you don’t see it happening. My children, these things are going to occur very rapidly and then you may have waited too long. Now is the time to get prepared. There is so much going on in other countries involving demonstrations against the government. Many lives are being lost. The same thing is going to happen in your country. People are beginning to wake up to what this president is up to and when you combine that with very little food for people to buy you can see what can happen. You must pray and follow the advice of these messages and you will survive these terrible days ahead. The enemy is working through those he controls to bring down your country. Keep trusting and praying your Rosary for God to intervene before it’s too late. Remember, My dear ones, all things work unto good for those who love God. Keep your focus on the positive and not the negative. Know that I am with you always.
I love you, Jesus.

February 20, 2014 (9:28am)
Tell My beloved children there is more trouble in the White House. Some of the president’s former strongest supporters are against him. They feel he is a treat to their staying in power of influence and are backing away from him. This is causing the powers behind the scenes to rethink their plans. This president may be taken out of office sooner than was expected. He is now no longer useful to his party. Pray for this to happen as soon as possible, My dear ones. This president is out of control and really thinks he is a god who can do anything. My dear ones, are you paying attention to the advice given in these messages? The drought in some parts of your country will cause the crops to be ruined and the prices in the stores will skyrocket. Your gas prices are being manipulated so many people who are struggling with low income or no income will not be able to afford the prices. All these things are being orchestrated behind the scenes. Keep praying for your Church and its leaders. There is much suffering by those who are trying to remain true to the Magisterium and the teachings of the Church. There are many who have been planted in the Church years ago who are causing confusion and doubt in the minds of those who aren’t aware of what is occurring now. Pray for the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth to those who doubt and are confused by these evil men who are trying to destroy the Church by lies and deceit. My dear children, your prayers are very powerful especially when you pray the holy Rosary. Remember the power of the Rosary has stopped wars in the past. All things are possible when you place your total trust in the Lord.
I love you, Jesus.

February 21, 2014 (9:38am)
Tell My beloved children to pay attention to the weather all over the world. This is to remind you who is in control and that you need to turn back to Him in all your needs. I remind you once more there is no such thing as global warming. This was created so that many people could profit financially. There is a lot more going on regarding your president. It seems that all people concerned on all sides of the political spectrum want him out of office for different reasons. Those in his party realize the public has caught on to the harm he is doing to the country and others are afraid we are going into Socialism. Both sides are right. He will be impeached soon. Oh, My children, you have to be made aware that the evil people trying to destroy your country are watching and controlling every aspect of your lives. You no longer have privacy on your phone calls or on the emails you send. The government is aware of many things about your lives and continues to delve into more and more of your lives. Oh, My children, you can see just how devious and cunning these people are. They always come up with reasons for this and they contend it is being done for your protection. Your elections are coming up soon and be sure to know where the candidates stand on life issues. Don’t be taken in by their charm and rhetoric. You must find out how they feel abortion, gay marriages, and life issues regarding euthanasia. Don’t vote for anyone who is for any of these issues. The enemy will use people who support these things to further destroy your individual rights. Stay in prayer and ask the Holy Spirit for discernment before you make your choices.
I love you, Jesus.