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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

★ LOCUTIONS to the WORLD ~ February 5 - 17, 2014 ★ Wound upon wound. Death upon death. Suffering is Satan’s secret. Do not blame God for the present situation of mankind.

Take up your rosary. It bonds you to me.

Virgin and Child, Desiderio da Settignano, 15th century

1. Mary Hates Suffering ~ 2/5/14


I turn my eyes to human suffering, a reality never willed by the heavenly Father, introduced into creation by the destructive power of sin.  When God is totally present, as he was at creation’s beginning, all suffering and sorrow gives way to his divine power.  As God is rejected and man withdraws from God’s presence, the powers of suffering inevitably emerge.  Man was made for God and needs God’s love.  Apart from God, his lot is inevitably suffering.

I will address the present sufferings of man.  I will reveal the great secrets of my heart, my own motherly sorrow to see my children in their various agonies and my secrets of help that I will offer.  I am at war with Satan.  He inflicts suffering and I lessen it. He inflicts hardships and I ease the burdens.  He inflicts death and I restore life.  I hate all suffering for it is ultimately diabolical.  This is my message.

My Son accepted his sufferings to overcome the evil one.  He has asked saints to accept their sufferings as they joined him in the battle.  Every person can also accept their sufferings to share in Christ’s victory.  However, this does not change my motherly hatred of all suffering and my attempts to do all that I can to lessen the suffering of all my children so the road to heaven is made much easier.  God is never the source of suffering.

Comment:  The problem of suffering puzzles everyone.  Mary will speak on this very important question.

2. Destroying God’s Plan ~ 2/6/14


The history of suffering goes back to the beginning of time where human consciousness cannot penetrate.  God had built wonderful powers into man’s body which are only now being discovered.  These were the gifts of his original creation, meant to be passed on from generation to generation.

Alas, it did not happen.  Man was quickly deceived, renounced his divine life and all the divine protections, set out on his own and has wandered ever since.

Only an understanding of the heavenly Father’s original plan allows man to find his way.  Where should he go now?  What direction must he take?  How can he leave much of his suffering behind?  Who can lead him into a life that the Father truly intends?

Massive suffering is not God’s plan.  He does not will massive destruction nor widespread famine and disease.  He does not will the crushing poverty that breeds so many illnesses.  Do not blame God for the present situation of mankind.  Man has chosen to walk away from the Father’s path and to run the course of total selfishness.  That is what you see now on the face of the earth.  I come to bring peace and to reverse all of these forces but mankind must listen to my words.  There is much more to say.

Comment:  Mary sets the stage for some extensive (REST IS CUT OFF)

3. The Two Rivers ~ 2/7/14


Suffering is a sea that flows continually from Satan’s heart.  When it touches human history, it divides into many rivers so it can enter everywhere.  This is his plan. He wants to saturate God’s creation with his suffering so that God’s goodness is covered over and human hearts will blame God for all the evil that occurs.

Jesus came, proclaiming the Father’s kingdom.  He set people free from demonic suffering and healed all their illnesses.  At last, in Jesus, people saw the Father’s true love and care.  Jesus wanted to restore creation as it was in the beginning, teaching his disciples to love one another and to do all that they could to halt human suffering.

From his disciples, over the centuries, have come hospitals and works of charity.  An ocean of healing and care were released in the name of Christian charity.  These powerful forces now provide greater and greater ways of removing suffering from the face of the earth.  New discoveries are made daily, all coming from the original impetus of Jesus, where great compassion for the sick has always motivated his followers.

Comment:  Mary begins to set the stage of the two rives, one causing suffering and one bringing healing.

4. Forgive Yourself ~ 2/8/14


Sufferings are clouds which cast their darkness everywhere, shutting out the sun of God’s love.  Sufferings steal faith from people’s hearts and discourage their steps on the road to heaven.  When sufferings settle in and abide permanently, the greatest evils come forth, especially when these are the sufferings of hatred, violence and revenge.  One suffering triggers another and multiplies the darkness.  People deliberately choose the road of violence and destruction, as if this path could ever find its way to peace and joy and freedom.

With every wound that man inflicts upon his fellow human being, sorrow enters my heart.  I see Satan’s kingdom extending and gaining a greater hold.  Wound upon wound.  Death upon death.  Violence and discord everywhere, among the nations and within families.

Yet, I shine my light and all who choose my light find a different path, a road of forgiveness and reconciliation, a road that leads away from suffering and destruction.  O reader, I offer my light to you.  First of all, forgive yourself.  No need to sorrow over past faults.  Then, set out on a path of forgiveness.  Let us end suffering and establish Jesus’ kingdom.

Comment:  Mary has just begun to describe her great enemy, suffering caused by Satan’s kingdom.

5. Pervasive Sufferings ~ 2/9/14


Why does suffering permeate human life, from the pangs of birth to the sorrows of death?  The heavenly Father never intended man or creation to suffer.  Suffering in all of its forms is the great mystery.  Suffering is Satan’s secret, what he devised so that man would become confused and turn away from God.

Suffering discourages even the most stouthearted.  It wearies, burdens, and often turns people away from God’s plan.  Suffering is a tax which steals the wealth of human life placed there by the Creator.

I am the enemy of suffering.  Having absorbed in my heart all the sufferings of the whole world, I hold the remedies to every suffering.  I comfort the afflicted and give light in darkness.  These are the great mysteries that I am trying to reveal.

All of my children are born into a creation that is seriously marred.  Some are born into whole cultures totally immersed in violence or poverty.  Others are born into families filled with darkness.  All are born into a world where the body can suffer and the person can be destroyed.

Someday soon, the whole world will see my interventions on the world stage to save the world from the greatest destruction and suffering.  But, no need to wait.  Each one of you must come to me now.  I will lift your sufferings, one by one.  Take up your rosary.   It bonds you to me.

Comment:  Mary always makes life less difficult and less painful.

6. A Stream Waiting to Go Forth ~ 2/10/14


Suffering is everywhere.  People see suffering as a normal part of human life, as if suffering came with creation.  No. Suffering came later, when the Father’s original plan was broken into many pieces, shattered by human persons who said “no” to his love.

An angel came to me and explained God’s plan to restore creation, to lift the whole world back into the heart of the heavenly Father where it truly belongs.  His only-begotten son, Jesus would take flesh and live among us.  The Father only needed my “yes” and his plan could begin.

I could hardly wait to give my answer.  All of creation cried out in my heart, “Free us from this division.  Free us from our sorrows.  Unite us again to the Father”.  Fully and completely, I gave my  answer, “Let it be done to me according to your word”.  A river burst forth from within and began to go forth.  This stream was placed there by the Holy Spirit who came upon me.

These are the secrets that I am trying to explain.  This stream has not gone forth.  The world is deprived of its saving power.  I am set aside.  I wait and wait and wait.  Soon, I will wait no longer.  I cannot allow this stream to remain forever in my heart.  Otherwise, the world would be crushed by the sufferings.

Comment:  When the stream goes forth, man’s sufferings will recede.

8. Redemptive Suffering ~ 2/12/14


The suffering that pours forth contaminates human life, unless the person who experiences it has a heart that truly loves Jesus.  Then, the suffering is transformed and becomes pearls that are accepted as treasures of God’s kingdom.  This is the greatest mystery, called redemptive suffering.

There are two kinds of suffering.  One burdens, overwhelms, destroys, discourages and multiplies evils of every sort.  These sufferings afflict the person who has no faith, who sees life only as a material world, filled with pleasure or pain.

The other sufferings come to people who believe, who seek God and his kingdom.  For them, the many earthly trials, large and small, have a different dimension. By accepting them, they grow in their love for Jesus.  Their sufferings become their victories, like the five wounds of Jesus.

The heavenly Father never sends sufferings or causes sufferings.  He always tries to lessen sufferings.  However, the sufferings that do come can be used to bring forth a new greatness of the human person, a soul tested and purified in the fire of earthly trials.  I will speak much more of this dimension because much misunderstanding arises.

Comment:  Mary has spoken often of the great evils coming from sufferings.  Now, she enters the great mystery called redemptive suffering.

9. The Good Samaritan ~ 2/13/14


Suffering pours out from Satan’s kingdom.  By sin mankind has been stripped of God’s protection against them.  These two factors combine to produce greater and greater suffering. “Your opponent, the devil, is prowling like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.” (Pt.5:8).  That devouring has many beginnings but only one goal – to draw each person and the whole human race into the darkness and suffering which Satan himself has endured since his decision not to serve God.

Originally, the loving Father surrounded creation with a protection, but that loving wall was pierced and broken.  Man has no defense.  He is an easy prey.  Like the wounded man he lays helpless by the wayside.

Jesus is the Good Samaritan, who lovingly comes, bends over mankind and offers all that is needed to relieve man’s sufferings.  However, mankind has no idea of its own wounds or why it suffers so much.  It claims no need for this Good Samaritan. It rejects him, reviles him and claims it can heal its own wounds.

Jesus and I will not go away.  We will remain close and continue to offer our help, waiting for the day when mankind realizes who Jesus is and all that he wants to do.

Comment:  Mary highlights three factors, Satan’s power to inflict sufferings, mankind’s vulnerability and the Good Samaritan’s ability to help.

10. Little Victories Over Suffering ~ 2/14/14


I must teach the whole world my secrets, about all that I can do to lessen human suffering.  These are the great lessons which allow the powerful streams of healing, consolation, and wisdom to pour out upon human existence.  Those who know me and know my ways already enjoy these secrets and their lives are so different (even though filled with suffering).

My greatest gift is my presence.  I am with you.  You are not alone in your sufferings.  Before anything else happens, my presence quiets and stills.  Anxieties are divided not multiplied.  Inner voices of confusion, self-questioning and turmoil are silenced.

Then comes my light.  The person sees what can be done.  With light comes hope and actions that alleviate the situation.  Finally, comes a resolution.  The difficulty is resolved.  The clouds scatter.  Peace reigns.  Decisions are made that insure the future.

Gratitude fills the heart.  The person knows that I have kept my promise to alleviate suffering.  God is glorified as the person rejoices in this little victory over suffering.  Greater victories are waiting in the wings.

Comment:  Mary is revealing what saints call “Mary’s secrets”, the ways that she helps them.

  • February 15, 2014: 11. The Verge of Darkness

I am ready to open up all of my blessings and to allow them to pour forth over the whole world and into every heart.  I speak now of world events, which all can see and experience.  I speak of communal experiences that make the headlines.  Mankind is not ready for these events.  They will be helpless, confused and unable to act.

Satan has cleverly led mankind into his corner.  Decisions, decisions, decisions.  Millions of decisions have been made over the centuries, and especially in this last century.  Attracted by both power and pleasure, people have acquiesced in these decisions.  All is so intricate, so tied together, bundled in such a way that no one can untie the knots.  Man is caught in the web that he has spun according to Satan’s plan.

Of course, there have been exceptions, moments when great men, like Pope John Paul II, have broken through his schemes, but Satan has marched on and on, with his eye always on the goal.

And this is where we are.  Mankind is on the verge of untold sufferings which have never before been experienced.  Yes, I must say this with all the power of my voice, “You are on the verge, about to be plunged into a great darkness”.  Only I can untie the knots and open up all my blessings.  Why am I not at center stage?  This is where I belong.  Must I wait to be invited?  My priest son, he will invite me.
Comment:  Mary concludes her teachings on the two great realities, the wrong path taken by the human race and her waiting to be invited to help.

1. The Shattering of Creation - February 16, 2014

I will open up the fullness of my heart and reveal all the secrets hidden from the beginning. Only in this way, can the world realize all that the Father has done. There will be great surprises, even for those who love me and to whom I have revealed much. It is time to pull back the veil so all can understand. In this way, I can strengthen trust and the confidence in my words.

In the Father’s created universe, I was to be the woman who would someday bring forth his Son. Of all creatures, I was to be his perfect creation, untouched by any darkness and the creature who would give flesh to his Son, the light of the world. All of human history would wait for me so the fullness of time could begin.

Then came the fall, the original sin, and creation was shattered into a million pieces. How would the Father ever put it together? Immediately, he thought of me. He would use me in a new, unforeseen way, “I will put an enmity between you and the woman, between your offspring and hers”. There would still be a fullness of time. There would still be the woman giving birth to her child. This part of the original plan was still in place, even though all else was shattered.

comment: Mary promises a full revelation of her role in creation

2. Present from the Beginning - February 17, 2014
When the Father created the heavens and the earth, he saw a woman. When he created human life, he saw a woman. When the first sin was created, he saw a woman. All of his thoughts, desires, hopes, were focused on a woman. In this sense, I was there from the beginning of material creation. I was the door for his Son to enter and to live within this creation.

All things were made for the Son. To him would be the fullness of glory. The Father never saw his Son apart from the woman. This is the great mystery of the Word became flesh. That flesh would come totally from the woman. Every cell in Jesus’ body came from my body. No other human creature would participate in the mystery. Only my body would be immaculate, free of any taint of sin.

I reveal these secrets because so many set me aside. Even those who truly love me do not see my intimacy with the Father, or how I was there from the beginning.

comment: Mary's words help even those with great faith to see more deeply into the mystery.

  • February 17, 2014: 7. Our Lady of Lourdes

The human race marches along the road of darkness that it has so freely chosen.  Inevitably greater sufferings lie ahead.  Suffering, suffering and more suffering are Satan’s tactics.  He multiplies sufferings.  Confronted by these sufferings and confused by their constant presence, man finds great difficulty in experiencing God.  “Where is God?” people cry out when there is devastation and war.  They ask, “If there is a God, why does he allow all this to happen?”

I respond to these questions.  God is distant because man has walked away from him.  These sufferings are not from God.  They come from God’s enemy.  And my final answer is this.  God has sent a woman, a loving merciful woman as his instrument of consolation.

Today is my feast.  I am called “Our Lady of Lourdes”.  Through St. Bernadette, I released a healing stream of water to the whole world.  Lourdes is a sign of the great oceans of healing waters that are stored in my heart, ready to flow out to all the world.  Come, drink of these waters.  They will ease your sufferings and you will see that God is not absent.

Comment:  How many times sufferings cause problems of faith.  Mary wants to ease both the sufferings and the problems.

We take refuge under Thy protection,
O holy Mother of God!
Despise not our supplications in our need,
but deliver us always from all dangers,
O Virgin, glorious and blessed!