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Friday, February 21, 2014

Extortion 17, Data Tampering In Brazil, ‘Pussy Whipped’ in Sochi, Missouri Senate passed SB613, Buffett's Hypocrisy, &, FK New York McDonald’s...

‘Pussy Whipped’ in Sochi: Local Cossack Police Crack Whip on Pussy Riot’s Latest Publicity Stunt 21stCW "This latest outbreak of Russiaphobia in the West could be attributed to Westerners’ tendency to project their own political views and beliefs onto Russians. This point is underlined by the fact that for a band catering mainly to a western YouTube audience, Pussy Riot, have little support inside Russia itself. One recent poll found that two thirds of Russians think the band’s two year prison sentence was “either appropriate or too light”.

Both the US and British governments in particular, have been more than eager to hitch a ride on the ‘gender activist’ demonstration bandwagon in the run-up to this year’s Winter Olympics in Sochi, as it garners their governments extra support at home over foreign policy objectives in both Syria and the Ukraine. In the way, the advancement of Russiaphobia by Washington and London is a prime objective, which supports a much wider strategy of ‘neocontainment’ of Russia, minimising both its economic, political and ultimately - military, influence in the region.

If Pussy Riot were from Belarus, or even Poland – their videos would still be languishing in anonymity in the bowels of the internet – but because they happen to be from Russia – well, you should get the picture by now…

Meanwhile… the real battle for influence in the region rages on in the nearby Ukrainian capital of Kiev."

Look around you, Beloved. Many have given their hearts to Satan, and walk the Earth unconcerned with the state of their souls. They are lost. Invite them to enter into prayer with you. Invite them to Church. Do not give up on them for time is of the essence. Pray for their conversions. Pray for many conversions to occur within the coming week. Be faithful to this mandate. Pray without ceasing. I will use your prayers to bring about change in your broken world.
I bless you now.
message to Jabez ~ 2/21/14

Extortion 17 Finally Gets Congressional Hearing Scheduled FO

the fraud in the backstory of the Zimmerman Trial. TCT

the backstory of Bari Soetoro: "The NAACP had to meet for 3 days in order to determine whether or not Obama was "Black enough" (their words not mine) to represent them... " William@BR
~ "Wake up Glenn, this happened because you and your other media whores failed to do their job." nobarack08
~ & then: "Ted Nugent calls commie soetoro a subhuman mongrel! Rand Paul asks Nugent to apologize...Nugent responds on TWITTER!!!" s. mongrel

"I tried explaining this to people, but when I started talking about nanoseconds I lost them. They always say it is impossible for someone to manipulate the market is less than half a second. They still think the market is traded by humans." adr@ZH ~ Buffett's Hypocrisy Exposed Yet Again

Gavin Wins The 2014 World Cup Of Data Tampering In Brazil stevengoddard "But you have to admit, these Manmade CO2 emissions are clever stuff: they can make the future warmer, the past colder, whilst having absolutely no effect on the present.
Now that’s magic."
John B.

meanwhile, in China: Authorities in the Chinese capital Beijing have issued an emergency pollution alert, warning residents not to leave their homes. presstv

New York McDonald’s Manager Buys Food for Firefighters; Terminated the Following Day fp

Missouri Senate Votes to Nullify Federal Gun Laws FO