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Friday, February 14, 2014

6th Banker Dead, an Exorcism for non-believers, Soetoro's targeted Internet shutdown of Birtherreport, Heads Up: Rothschild Bankers On Trial

threatened for exposing this horribly played out hoax. americandictators

targeted Internet shutdown of Birtherreport & other apparent aka Obama First Amendment interference mm
~ The People Speak: Battle Between Good And Evil; Republic On Life Support birtherreport

Heads Up: Rothschild Bankers Who Screwed Everyone In Ireland Are Finally On Trial: Ireland Joins Iceland, Egypt, Russia, Hungary, China, & Iran pvc
~ 6th Banker Dead: JPMorgan’s Executive Director Of Global Equities Ryan Crane. pvc

Pope Francis ~ Why sinners go to Mass

Beloved, your world will soon undergo great transformations. Volcanoes will erupt in many parts of the planet. Earthquakes will be felt for the first time by many. You have destroyed My creation, and made yourselves as god. You think you control the universe, but I will make myself manifest in the days to come.... Prepare for what is to come. Pray without ceasing, and call down My protection, and mercy on those you love. message to Jabez 2/13/14

“The Archdiocese is obliged to remind every person and organization involved in the acquisition, preparation, and construction of this or any abortion facility that they are cooperating with the evil that will take place there.” Archbishop Gregory M, Aymond, New Orleans
~ meanwhile, in Alabama: U. of Alabama pro-deathers censors pro-life display but not full frontal nudity patriotupdate

Father Michael Maginot recounts the 2012 ordeal of an Indiana family's possession. ncr

THIS: US, 26 countries launch effort to fight outbreaks cnsn
THEN THIS: Fighting Forced Vaccination in America in 2014: 58 Bills in 24 States Threatening Right to Refuse Vaccines HIN

& this: Colorado Health-Exchange Director Indicted for Fraud, Theft iotw

Do not delay. Time is of the essence. I need many prayer warriors to do My bidding, and to walk the Earth as My ambassadors. message to Jabez 2/14/14