........... O Blood and Water, which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a fount of Mercy for us, I trust in You! ???????Woman Woman clothed with the sun, come and do not delay I II am the Mother of 'America, you belong to me, the child of my heart. No one will steal you from me...you have not yet reached your greatest moment. The truly great moment of your history, the moment when you will save the world still lies ahead.' ★ LOCUTIONS 2012 & 2015In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph. ★LOCUTIONS 2014 ★ ......................... ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of the Savior, Scatter the forces ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of the Savior, Scatter the forces of evil so they are not engrossed in darkness but can come to Light! amen, amen. † LOCUTIONS to the WORLD 9/29-10/9/13 ..................................................***************************

Saturday, June 29, 2013

the frightening reality that is Obama’s America, the corruption of God's Holy Paradigm - when the devil bypasses FREE WILL,

What is the Purpose of Chemtrails: Nano-fiber Basics da
Airline Passengers Told To Lower Shades During Chemtrail Spraying AC

My Daughter & Cervarix: Suffering I Cannot Take Away HIN

& 'struggling scientists' COME FACE TO FACE WITH GOD'S MYSTERIES tep

via thesteadydrip

1) "Only in America…could the rich people – who pay 86% of all income taxes be accused of not paying their “fair share” by people who don’t pay any income taxes at all." PB

Congress Members Threatened that Exposing Obama is a "Career Killer" gul1776

"They went after -- and I know this because I had my hands literally on the paperwork for these sort of things -- they went after high-ranking military officers; they went after members of Congress, both Senate and the House, especially on the intelligence committees and on the armed services committees and some of the -- and judicial...
They went after lawyers and law firms. All kinds of -- heaps of lawyers and law firms. They went after judges. One of the judges is now sitting on the Supreme Court that I had his wiretap information in my hand. Two are former FISA court judges. They went after State Department officials. They went after people in the executive service that were part of the White House -- their own people." @oryr

"Let me just start out by saying that if the young ladies I spoke with are any indication, Obamacare is one big implosion just waiting to happen." iotw
deliberately placed in the bill with the hope that it would not be noticed & Ted. Cruz is not lying. FO

it's over for England: UK: EDL leaders arrested for attempting to walk through "Muslim area" jw

"creepy ass cracker..the nigga is still following me."Trayvon
& a creepy ass cracker explains Blinglish PD
"This Obama administration chose this case to push yet more Americans against the wall of racial tensions. It has been tactic utilized by the Obama White House since day one. To watch this trial and have fears substantiated that a likely innocent man has been put through hell, is facing death threats, and now cities across America are bracing for potential riots if this Mr. Zimmerman is (rightfully) found innocent, is a reminder of the frightening reality that is Obama’s America." tur

Friday, June 28, 2013

WHAT AMERICAN MEDIA IS NOT TELLING YOU ABOUT SYRIA, two faces of the puppet master: WI-FI in schools & little girls, &, Dover Delaware Airforce Base — RADAR pulse across the spectrum

Pope Francis: The Mystery of God's patience
Da Mihi Animas

Domine Iesu, dimitte nobis debita nostra,
salva nos ab igne inferiori,
perduc in caelum omnes animas, praesertim eas,
quae misericordiae tuae maxime indigent.

"Anti-Semitism is sinful and unchristian. Those who crucified Jesus are to be pitied. Even Jesus said concerning them: “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do” (Luke 23:34). But we need not deny or rewrite history in the process. We are now living in a post-Christian culture. If Gibson would have produced a movie depicting Jesus as a homosexual, the liberal, “politically correct,” anti-Christian forces would have been the first to defend the undertaking under the guise of “artistic license,” “free speech,” and “creativity.” But dare to venture into spiritual reality by showing the historicity of sinful man mistreating the Son of God, and the champions of moral degradation and hedonism raise angry, bitter voices of protest. The irony of the ages is—He died even for them." Dave Miller, Ph.D.


via redflagnews
WHAT AMERICAN MEDIA IS NOT TELLING YOU: "Until this war started 2 years ago, Syria was one of the few places in the middle east where Christians, Shiite Muslims, Sunni Muslims, Alawites & Jews all lived in peace with each other."

News: Street fight PR

all aspects of microwave warfare - Former: MI5 Agent Dr. Barrie Trower | Dangerous Radiation Everywhere (bees 33:50, Wi-Fi 38:15!)
Dover Delaware Airforce Base — RADAR pulse across the spectrum SD

"... the two faces of the puppet master are designed to alternately remove our rights – or our defenses – steamrolling and mind-controlling anyone who gets in the way of the very dark side. (“You’re either with us [as we march to Hell] or against us.”) Emma Yacht
Twitter explodes with violent threats over Zimmerman trial TCN
The Lynching of Zimmerman pr
BOOM! Trayvon Key Witness Dismantles State's Case Against Zimmerman GWP

royal monarch parasites: THE SELF PROCLAIMED MASTERS ARE ENTITLED. "This means to them that achieving their narcissism its completely allowable to lie, steal, swindle, murder, foment wars, depopulate through eco-terrorism, foment immorality to weaken societies, devise, pick & choose laws & regulations to use against freedom, castigate, dumb down, invert psychological health, invert biological health, rewrite history by suppression of facts, enslave, commit attrition against their fellow man, etc etc etc." PVC
Hillary Super PAC fundraiser linked to Soros, Media Matters PD
What % of the population is homosexual?
apologeticspress via thesteadydrip

House Speaker John Boehner: The House “Will Not Take Up or Vote” on the Senate Immigration Bill FLH

Indictment of Barack Obama- Part Three PR

Barry’s Coincidences! pvc

Thursday, June 27, 2013

PROPHECY ★ Milagro del sol en Peñablanca, Chile ★ , "You have nothing to say, you only think you do" - the ignorance maze: "jolted by the cattle prods of media, propaganda, & lies from politicians. "

"My children, for a long time already, I've being telling you about the consequences of your sins, currently so serious and horrific. Satan is proclaiming victory in the world, because he sees that there are few who, in prayer, face it. My children, that's why this message so important its about the Holy Rosary. Pray the Holy Rosary, my dear children, every day. Since Lourdes I've reminded you about this in my urgent and desperate appeal... after the Holy Mass, that is the greatest prayer and makes me closer to you... the Rosary has so much power! And that's why it is a second way that unites you to me. When you pray it, Satan is so powerless that he is forced to return to hell -- such is the power of Heaven to crush evil. My children, pray the rosary with me every day." (Jacareí in São Paulo January 1, 1994)

Crux sacra sit mihi lux!
Nunquam draco sit mihi dux!
Vade retro Satana!
Nunquam suade mihi vana!
Sunt mala quae libas.
Ipse venena bibas!

Milagro del sol en Peñablanca, Chile
we saw THIS w/our own eyes in Medjugorje 1991, the little brother


Just like when Castro dumped his prison population on us. "Do you want to know who else is enraged over this mess? Legal immigrants. Those who waited their turn, followed all the rules, obeyed the laws and spent thousands of dollars to come to America legally." ta-ir

"You have nothing to say,
you only think you do"

Trayvon Martin's 'Friend' Rachel Jeantel "Creepy Ass Cracker" Not A Racial Slur, Not Offensive

There are no coincidences in politics cban/oryr
the ignorance maze: "jolted by the cattle prods of media, propaganda, and lies from politicians." mairikay/oryr

“The First Amendment, and its statutory corollary the RFRA, endow upon the citizens of the United States the unalienable right to exercise religion, and that right is not relinquished by efforts to engage in free enterprise under the corporate form. No legislative, executive, or judicial officer shall corrupt the Framers’ initial expression, through their enactment of laws, enforcement of those laws, or more importantly, their interpretation of those laws. And any action that debases, or cheapens, the intrinsic value of the tenet of religious tolerance that is entrenched in the Constitution cannot stand.” saf

Europe strikes deal to push cost of bank failure on investors tep

'Rain came down, floods rose, gales blew and hurled themselves against the house, and it did not fall: it was founded on rock.'
Matthew 7 : 24-25

Nuclear Armageddon: EMP Attack and Solar Storms, Part II: Cascading Failures and Nuclear Meltdown tit

Erratic jet stream brings extremes & warnings to U.S. tep

cluebat for tep & accuweather Dec 17, 2010

"You see suffering in place after place, a consequence of ill-used human will. This has awakened Nature who feels the nauseating sin that suffocates it and oppresses it, who sees an indifferent man, a man that has forgotten Me.
The volcanoes burst and fire emerges anew. The Earth shakes with force in a desire to renew itself and cleanse itself from the contamination that the misguided human spirit has left fall upon it."
RevelacionesMarianas / June 19th, 2013

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

★ MEDJUGORJE: THE GREAT SIGN & WARNING ★ Head Of The Asymmetric Financial Snake~Rothschild, Geismar Air Toxic – Public Not Told, The nation that gave the world the Magna Carta is dead, &, "This is not a people hording guns because of a possible ban…this is a country preparing for war."

Janko: “And why is the Virgin leaving the sign here?"
Vicka: “Why to show the people that She is here among us…I’ll just say this: whoever does not believe without a sign will not believe with a sign. And, I’ll tell you this too: woe to him who delays his conversion, waiting for the sign. I once told you that many would come, and perhaps, even kneel before the sign, but will, nonetheless, not believe. Be happy that you are not among them!” medjugorje


The nation that gave the world the Magna Carta is dead. jw
"According to a poll carried out by YouGov in 2008, 45% of the British public do not know what Magna Carta is." Tom Davis
► "There is no future for those who would slander the prophet of islam." that would be Bari Shabazz Malik whatever, & the religion of lies that wants Pamela & Robert SILENCED STRIKES AGAIN!! BNI
meanwhile: U.K. scouts remove God from pledge wj

"In the 2004 Illinois Democrat primary race for the U.S. Senate, front-runner Blair Hull just happened to be forced out of the race after David Axelrod just happened to manage to get Hull’s sealed divorce records unsealed, which just happened to enable Obama to win the primary, so he could face popular Republican Jack Ryan, whose sealed child custody records from his divorce just happened to become unsealed, forcing Ryan to withdraw from the race, which just happened to enable the unqualified Obama to waltz into the U.S. Senate, where, after a mere 143 days of work, he just happened to decide he was qualified to run for President of the United States." Must Read: Look What Just Happened:
Damning Expose Of The Greatest Fraud In History


Gang of 8 Immigration Bill Was Designed as a Get Out of Jail Card for Obama
Hence the expediency of getting the bill passed before he is charged with anything. RFN

The Financial Asymmetric War Against The United States Of America!: The Head Of The Asymmetric Financial Snake ~ Rothschild. PVC
► Federal Reserve’s 100 Year Charter Is Over With This Year 2013
► Diversion From Their Financial Crimes By Histrionics aka; False Flags.
► They Are Parasitical In Nature, Their Only Industry Per Se Is Crime.
► Parasitical Via India-Argentina-Israel-USA. Now They Are After Iraq As Their New Host, With Their Many False Flags/Media Propaganda Going Off All Around The World.
► They Felt The USA’s GDP Had Reached Its Apex As It Related To Their Criminal Machinations.

“the public needs to know the kinds of things a government does in its name, or the ‘consent of the governed’ is meaningless.”
Edward Snowden

a line we cannot & will not cross fo
"the people of California voted, I & again, VOTED that they opposed gay marriage, giving voice to their beliefs. When the gay lobby filed suit to overturn the vote the NSDWP Apparatchiks that control Sacramento refused to represent the will of the people, as is their lawful duty is required of them to do. So the group that put the Prop 8 on the ballot picked up the sword and shield to do the work that the Constitutionally elected officials refused to do under the law."
But Marriage has never been the real target. cmr "the battle is real and we are losing."
Over 200 clergy and national leaders from different religious perspectives have declared war on the effort to destroy marriage. PR
FLASHBACK 2008 Candidate Obama: “Marriage is the Union between a Man and a Woman. . . I’m Not Somebody who Promotes Same-Sex Marriage” – Video 2008 flh

Former well known Al Qaeda leader says CIA is leading the Jihadists in Syria tcn
► ( Soetoro = sunni = internal-muzzie-hatred = WWIII = NWO/Rothschild/agenda21 = APOCALYPSE )

Geismar Air Toxic From Explosion – Public Not Told lash

in Alaska & the U.S.Southwest. @ tep where there'zzzz no haarps or chemtrails...justa'holotta hmmm..that sure is strange!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Islamic terror org placing bounties on the heads of counter-jihad bloggers, NSA has total access via Microsoft Windows, evidence indicates Michael Hastings was assassinated

via vladtepesblog
Obama to Egyptian Christians: Don’t Protest the Brotherhood fpm
It is not "hate" when it's a Facebook page. It only becomes "hate" when I report about it. jw

"The National Security Agency has backdoor access to all Windows software since the release of Windows 95, according to informed sources, a development that follows the insistence by the agency and federal law enforcement for backdoor “keys” to any encryption" mfs-ton

What Destroyed Michael Hastings Car? rfn

Northeast Colorado moves to secede! tcn

Texas to immediately enforce Voter ID bill s-t

Legal Action Taken By New Jersey Citizens Against Congressional Democrats For “Vote Fixing” Gun Bill Package! pvc

An anticipated Martial Law Declaration and a Newly Discovered Military Logistics Base in Herlong California Raises Serious Concerns, Federal Framework Being Set Up To Arrest Sheriffs tih

★ The Secrets of Mary’s Heart ( 6/9 - 6/18/13 ) ★

The Secrets of Mary’s Heart (June 9 to June 18, 2013)

1. I Will Reveal the Deepest Secrets Jun 9th, 2013

2. A Path Into Mary’s Heart Jun 10th, 2013

3. Mary’s Emotions Jun 11th, 2013

4. God’s Will Jun 12th, 2013

5. Searching for Everyone Jun 14th, 2013
"Every soul is a battleground. A war is being fought between the forces of heaven and hell. I want to awaken you, O reader, to what is happening. I seek you out. I come to you. Through these words, I open your heart. You are in grave danger. You have powerful enemies who would destroy you for ever and ever. They are hidden behind every temptation and present in every evil desire within you. You cannot win the battle without my help. That is why I seek you out and come. This is a secret of my heart."

6. Totally Mary’s Jun 16th, 2013

7. The Elect Souls Jun 17th, 2013

8. Finding Mary’s Path Jun 18th, 2013
"Happy the soul who has found my path and walks on it. I will bless that soul all the days of his life. This is the deepest secret of my heart."

Prayer Before a Crucifix


Custos of the Holy Land: Fr FrCustos of the Holy Land: Fr Franҫois Mourad killed by Islamist insurgents in al-Ghassaniyah asianews

Rothschild’s Banking Cabal Monsanto Conspiracy ~ Exposed & Over: Extreme Toxicity Of Roundup Destroys “Justification Propaganda” For GMOs! pvc


Benghazi Creeps Closer To Hillary Clinton gul1776
Four Benghazi Deposition Subpoenas ws

This is the fourth senior military officer Obama has forced down from office. fo
the PAC donation cycle: "Its a highly efficient way to launder taxpayers money back to elected officials so that they can promote war." rfn

SCOTUS Just Confirmed the 10th Amendment NM

chemtrails, chemtrails, naughty, nasty chemtrails tep

NOAA & the HAARP tep

DARREN HUFF: OBAMA’S POLITICAL PRISONER, Crazy ants invade Texas, &, the tag team from hell bent on destroying America & anyone opposing this government’s insidious corruptions crawls out of Obama’s ass

Come Lord Jesus!Maranatha!Amen!
"I was very puzzled by the dream. As I prayed in the chapel on my lunch break, the meaning was revealed to me and it actually confirms the previous message.
Much of the spiritual work in the world is being done by women, often older women. They are desperately trying to keep the foundation of faith from crumbling but they are becoming exhausted. Many of the men who should have been helping are too weak from spiritual inactivity at this stage to even lift a finger. While the women have done what they can, they could not fill in for the men. Man’s strength and expertise were his to give and he has squandered them. Now the foundation is unstable. Very soon it will crumble. The dream ends with the hope of the youth group whose faith is strong and whose strength is needed for the rebuilding of the church." pelianito 6/20/13

the amazing astronomical event that took place during the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. tap


Lets take a look at who’s really raising Hell over Snowden’s revelations. "I do know that the drama that is unfolding in Congress and the media, particularly on the left side of the aisle, is not in any way motivated by concern for protecting our liberties, for the outrageous violations of Press freedom, for our 4th Amendment rights to privacy or for our national security. This jumping up and down and arm-waving is entirely about damage control – protecting Barack Obama and the Democrat Party from any more revelations as to what’s been put into operation by this Orwellian Administration." MM
Putin on Snowden flh
in these times of government/corporation corruption and exposure: "Whistleblowers generally work within the corruption that they expose. What is different for Snowden? Are we so paranoid as a nation now after the recent shady storyline of the Boston Bombing and Sandy Hook shooting that we cannot accept that maybe someone that works within the system is actually sick and tired of having blood on their hands in the desecration of our great Republic – The United States of America? Shouldn't 'We the People' be more concerned about what he is exposing? Is the focus now taking a turn to derail the information about the leak?" tgr

the incredibly convenient Barry Bari Harrison Barack Steve Soetoro Soebarkah Chin Dunham Malik Shabazz Hussein Mohammed Obama Obama II J. Bounel GET-OUT-OF-JAIL-FREE card bob68@oryr
► "A mind is an awesome thing to waste." "The Valley is not just for porn, anymore." K.Stowell/Falcon

DARREN HUFF: OBAMA’S POLITICAL PRISONER "Darren Wesley Huff was convicted of planning to engage in a civil disturbance with firearms on October 18, 2011. Despite an FBI agent’s affidavit stating that Huff was outside the courthouse on April 20, 2010, the government never presented photos or video of the alleged event and lied to a federal grand jury in order to obtain indictments against him.
(Jun. 21, 2013) — For more than three years, The Post & Email has reported on corruption in eastern Tennessee as exposed by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, following his filing of a criminal complaint for treason against Barack Hussein Obama on March 17, 2009."

"It is all pretty obvious if one is sceptical at all." comments & links for 'Was Tamerlan Tsarnaev a Double Agent Recruited by the FBI?'
"Meanwhile, an internal review board has yet to say anything on the Todashev matter. Publicly." FBI Boston Chief Retires, Todashev Fallout? tfl

Crazy ants invade Texas, threaten Southeast U.S. ecosystem wafb via Seismo Chart was Atlantic Quake – Not Liquid Moving Down Below lash

Nuclear Event in Japan on Tuesday, 25 June, 2013 at 06:45 (06:45 AM) UTC.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Messages from Jesus Given to a Chosen Child in Chicago (June 15-21, 2013)


Messages from Jesus Given to a Chosen Child in Chicago (June 15-21, 2013)

June 15, 2013 (11:18am)
Tell My beloved children there will be so much to celebrate once this Administration is out of office and your new president takes his place as your leader. He will lead the country spiritually so it will start to gradually turn back to God and the original intent of the Constitution. At first there will be those who will be reluctant to accept the new president because of all the disunity caused by the previous Administration. But eventually they will see the honesty and integrity of this man and will want to support him. We have a ways to go before this can happen but we are well on the way. Your country will be saved from the tyranny it could have ended up with. The evil people who worked so hard to deceive its citizens will be in jail or out of office. They no longer will have the power they once had. Even the powers behind this Administration will be exposed for who they are and they will no longer be able to harm your country. Oh, My children, I know this has been a long time in coming but it will be well worth the wait when you see positive changes in your government. Keep praying, My dear ones, and you will be happy that these prayers have brought you closer to the Lord as you enjoy freedom once more.
I love you, Jesus.

June 16, 2013 (11:01am)
Tell My beloved children there is more yet to come regarding scandals in the Administration. This is hard to believe since so many have already been revealed, but there are a lot of people involved so it is bound to be heard. Oh, My children, this Administration is involved in so many evil operations only satan himself could come up with such devious plots to destroy your country. There have been billions of dollars put into this project. None the less everything that is tried will fail. This is due to your prayers, fasting, and the mercy of God. There have been so many prayer warriors spending hours before the Blessed Sacrament imploring God's help for your country and the people who will eventually run your government. These prayers are being heard and God is sparing your country from total collapse. My dear ones, there is so much talk now about impeaching your president. This was unheard of a few weeks ago. Now, even his own supporters are calling for him to step down. This Administration won't give up their power until they are forced to and can no longer control anyone. Keep up your prayers, My children. Only God and your prayers can change the course of history for your country.
I love you, Jesus.

June 17, 2013 (8:57am)
Tell My beloved children the time has come to start taking your money out of the bank. Once the powers behind the scenes realize what is happening to the presidency they will act fast and banks will close over night. Since you don't know exactly when this will occur, it's best to be prepared ahead of time. Oh, My children, there are so many lies being told in the media. They are being told what to say to try to convince the public that the scandals are no big deal and that some conservatives are just causing confusion in order to win in the next election. My dear ones, there may not be an election. It all depends on what happens regarding the scandals. As mentioned in earlier messages these people are ruthless and dangerous. They may try to stop the elections through some plan of bringing in more activists even if they want them to cause so much terror and riots that it will give them an excuse to bring in the National Guard, it won't happen. My dear children, be prepared for anything these people come up with to keep their power. Be sure to wear blessed medals and carry a rosary with you at all times. These sacred items will protect you from the devil telling him you belong to God.
I love you, Jesus.

June 18, 2013 (9:17am)
Tell My beloved children there is great need for prayer as more scandals come out in the Administration. The powers behind the scenes are coming up with ways to divert the attention of the public away from the scandals and what they are planning could be disastrous for your country. Remember every plan they come up with will eventually be defeated. However without your prayers this can't happen. It will take many more prayer warriors who are willing to spend more time in prayer. The Holy Spirit will be prompting more of you to pray. This country is undergoing major changes in the thinking of those who supported your president. It is very difficult for them to accept the fact that he has lied to them in so many things, but they can't deny what they see and hear happening. The good men and women who are trying to save the Constitution need your help and support both financially and spiritually. Some of these brave people are putting their lives and careers on the line. Please remember to pray for them as they fight for your freedom.
I love you, Jesus.

June 19, 2013 (9:20am)
Tell My beloved children to stay close to home in the weeks to come. The paid activists are being told where and when to start their mischief to distract the public from the ongoing scandals of the Administration. There are many in the media who no longer in good conscience can report what they are being told to say and some will be leaving to join more conservative media. The American people no longer have the confidence in this president as they once had. They feel betrayed and disillusioned by what they were told. Oh, My children, there will be good coming from all this once the majority of the people believe that this president has been lying to them all the time. He is already losing support. So, My children, your prayers are working. Some very brave people are taking grave chances to bring you the truth. Even though it hurts to see how deceived you were, you will begin to see the new people who will replace this Administration are honest and God fearing men and women. There is so much to be thankful for. Your country will be saved from tyranny. Praise God, My children, for His love and mercy.
I love you, Jesus.

June 20, 2013 (9:21am)
Tell My beloved children there is hope for the future and not to despair for what will happen before the good comes. Many will suffer due to the evil people in power but once they are gone the new Administration and it's followers will bring order and peace back into your country. My dear ones, there is no need to rely on only what you hear in the media. Listen to your heart and what you see happening for yourselves. You can see how this Administration is trying to destroy your Constitution and everything it stands for. Their agenda is to replace it with an anti-Christian anti-God system which will be able to control your every move. They may be able to accomplish some of this but it won't last and will eventually collapse. This is when the man chosen for these times will miraculously come forward to lead your country back to God. Many of you are questioning how this could ever happen, but My children have faith, it will happen. Keep praying and fasting for all these things to happen very rapidly. Your God in Heaven is watching over your country. Be at peace, My dear ones.
I love you, Jesus.

June 21, 2013 (9:18am)
Tell My beloved children there is always time to pray. If you make it a priority in your lives, you will schedule a certain time and place to pray. The more time you give to God in prayer the more He will give you time to accomplish all you wish to do that day. Try it. It works! Oh, My children, there is so much arm twisting and threats being made in order for this Administration to get what they want to accomplish their goals of the agenda. Many good, honest people had to give in and go along even though it violated their principles. They were afraid for the safety of their families. My children, this is not being done according to the Constitution or for the good of the country. What is being done is to keep the power of this Administration and future like minded people in power. If you continue praying and fasting and spending time before the Blessed Sacrament these evil men and woman will be replaced by people of integrity and love of God and country. Remember these people will lose their power and a great miracle will occur to bring in the man chosen for these times to be your next president.
I love you, Jesus.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Divine Intervention, MEDIA BLACKOUT of 56-year-old confined to a wheelchair had his throat slashed by Daha Mohammed, &, aka “King Salim Shabazz"

Divine Intervention or Russian Torpedo? Container Ship Carrying U.S. Weapons for Syrian Rebels Splits in Half/Sinks... Reason Unexplained... AMAZING PHOTOS! rfn

Infamous NBPP leader King Salim Shabazz arrested on gun charge tcn

Tommy 'Stones-of-steel' defends Pamela & Robert

"I’ve had it up to here with this sh*t." vtb

NEAR TOTAL MEDIA BLACKOUT on throat-slashing murder of British disabled man in a wheelchair by another Muslim savage BNI

“Everytime President Barack Obama appears to be emblazoned in some kind of scandal, the media focus and the attention is on him and he’s taking heat; there seems to be one of these tragic events that appears to correlate, with these scandals and somehow divert the attention and divert the cameras away from President Barack Obama.” The string of recent USA government / media massacre hoaxes mm

Smart Meter Surveillance Use Confirmed saf

Bill the Shill up against someone who actually read the WHOLE bill

GM Genocide, #OBOTS go WILD, a CME for summer solstice, WWIII, The Hoax of Sandy Hook, &, American Tax Payer’s $$ for jihad

"Messenger, STEREO B, Spitzer, and their mission operators have been notified." tep


Crazy Storms From All Directions Around Louisiana lash

BRAZIL: 5 Million Farmers Locked In Lawsuit Against Monsanto fo

Les Sanctuaires Notre-Dame de Lourdes
► { chemtrails = particulate aerosol spraying into the atmosphere = RAIN, RAIN, & MORE RAIN cp }

ItsObvious "It's Russia, Iran, Syria under Assad, Hezbollah, the Baath Party Shia
US, Libya, Egypt, Syrian Rebels, Pakistan, Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Al Qaeda, Saudi Arabia Sunni."

Senators move to defund Obama’s Syria intervention iotw

‘No One Is Prepared for What’s Coming’
Muslim Brotherhood Murdering Our Christians!
using American Tax Payer’s Money

OMUSTGO @ oryr

"So what!. I'm running for Senator, not President of the United States." Obama himself to Allan Keyes on live TV several years ago
opps!! Yahoo! News Issues Correction gull1776

Snowden indicted thisainthell
GAP Statement on the Espionage Charge Filed Against Edward Snowden Government Accountability Project

"rubbing the “Sequester” “in the faces of hard-working Americans.” Georgia Democrat John Barrow

UNBELIEVABLE: Sessions says Dems rewrote the whole bill,buried new amendment all throughout the bill trs
Source: Reid, Amnesty Proponents Made Handwritten Changes to Bill breitbart
Sessions Slams Uninformed Dupe Bill O’Reilly On Senate Floor: ‘Not Sufficient To Pass This Bill Based On Spin From Its Sponsors’ PD

BRAVO!! El Dorado County Sheriff Strips Forest Service Of State-Law Enforcement Power! saf

The Hoax of Sandy Hook mm
"Nothing you hear in the U.S. media is real or in real time." cp

"Kick the sugar habit.....SURE. In other words....GET REAL!! Check out THIS fact.....the number one organ in the body that consumers 30% glucose is THE BRAIN! And IF WE don't get enough glucose....NOT substitues such as aspartame (a poison) or ANY substitute sugar....OUR brain will give us a kick called "cravings for sweets! I have been using sugar (never substitutes or artificial sugars) for over forty years ! Sugar has become the new "whipping boy" because science can not explain the ACTUAL reasons for the tremendous growth in Diabetes and other diseases attributed to sugar! Science today has become more of a "poster boy for special interest groups" than actual REAL, proven, factual science! For example, approximately ten years ago, we, the population was told that eggs were the culprit to high cholesterol and so every health conscious person switched to egg beaters or cut out eggs entirely from their diet. Than about five years ago these same scientists reversed their decision and said that that the cause for the rise in high cholesterol was due to the inflammatory response in the walls of our arteries. HMM!! Meanwhile, just recently, about a year or two ago, scientists have discovered the number one food that helps fight off macular degeneration, a leading cause of blindness in our middle aged and aging populations. That miracle food responsible for the preventing of macular degeneration IS, you guessed it-----Eggs! SO now I question many, if not most of these "trendy" scientific findings because the unintentional consequences of these scientific findings can lead to the explosion of other diseases. When it comes to the human body, diet, and food choices. I prefer to go down the route of common sense! Farmers work very hard and as a whole do NOT suffer from massive heart problems, Diabetes etc. So ten years ago or more, while the entire population was off eggs, sugar, coffee, bacon, etc. they, the farmers as a group (health wise) were living well into their 80's and 90's! Check it out, it is fact! The key word is the governing food choices and diet IS moderation!!" Anonymous June 21, 2013 at 1:19 PM

Thursday, June 20, 2013

"This is a turning point. The world teeters."

“Abortion is not sacred ground; it is sacrilegious ground. To imagine God giving the slightest approval to an act that dismembers a child he created is offensive to both faith and reason,” the letter adds. “And to say that a question about the difference between a legal medical procedure and murder should not “have anything to do with politics” reveals a profound failure to understand your own political responsibilities, which start with the duty to secure the God-given right to life of every citizen.” Priests Demand Pelosi Renounce Catholicism After Abortion is “Sacred Ground” Comment LN


1. The Warnings
2. The Course of War
3. Weapons of Mass Destruction
"Their union is a matter of the heart, their common belief in the rise of Islam."
4. Demonic Goals
5. Nuclear Proliferation
6. The Volatile Middle East
7. The Annihilation of Nations
8. The Birth Pangs of Destruction
"The Evil One wants to claim as his own the very birthplace of civilization and the very place where the Spirit of God was poured out upon the disciples. The Middle East is his prize goal and Jerusalem is his target."
8. Mary Losing Hope
"I do not believe that what my Son paid for by his blood will be handed over to the Evil One. I will gather my children into my light. Even if they are few in number, I will give them great light."
9. Mary Happening Now
Syria is not the same as Egypt and Libya. There the fires will find constant fuel. All of that is happening before your eyes."
10. The Rosary


“The intimidation factor is huge if a media contact is outside of a small circle of ‘vetted’ journalists who are completely loyal to Obama and his agenda. If you are not part of that inner circle, you are a target, it’s that simple. You are seeing the formation of a state-run media and an administration that will intimidate, punish or prosecute anyone considered unfriendly to the Obama camp from the inside and the outside. ...don’t try to look at dates for answers, look at events, even the small ones.” cfp
the controversy over the NSA terrorist surveillance program, the journalist who has served as the mouthpiece for former NSA contract employee Edward Snowden IN
Flashback, January 2012 – Michael Hastings: Rahm Emanuel Physically Assaulted Me During Obama Campaign – ‘Shocked. I’ve Interviewed Terrorists, None Of Them Ever Laid A Hand On Me’, ‘What I Saw In His Eyes…’ pd

Border Security / Fire Jihad / Obama Cover-up, “Unprecedented Slobbering”, the sewer dwellers, the death squads, Bernanke, Soros &

"...before all else forgive in the family and then you will be able to forgive others."
the Lord’s prayer is Our Lady’s prayer

Award winning war correspondent dies in car explosion hours after contacting wikileaks tcn

FBI director admits drones used for surveillance of Americans fom

"the Deathsquad and local police...are killing every homeless in sight to keep the city clean, so these kids are hiding in sewers to stay alive."
"Michelle's two-day $5.2 million side trip, however, was a mere slum tour compared to the Obamas' next taxpayer funded junket -- a "heritage tour" of three nations in southern Africa the week of June 26 to July 3, with an estimated cost between $80 and $100 million. Living Rich and Famous, Obama Style: The $100 MILLION Family Vacation ppus

"If this country returns to Christianity it may survive.
If it doesn't, it will continue it's slow-motion suicide."

Obama aiding enemy
Explosion in Canada hisz.rsoe
the largest land invasion in the history of the North American continent. FLUSA
IN Mexico, they would have been shot. tpnn
TALES of MARCO RUBIO: Muslim Terrorists Crossing US/Mexican Border fo

"They’re frightened, the ruling class and its useful idiots. Again. I can smell it." JeffG.@PW

self-deluded fools,
on who's lying & so far it ain't Snowden,
The Other Court-Packing Scandal,
but no mention of Geo-Engineered weather!

"Where have we gone off the rails? Enough is enough! Why don’t these people kick the tires?" We have two options, and both lead to complete and utter disaster. shtfp

The man behind the contrived Boston Marathon “bombing” government and media event mm

EPIC SPEECH Irish Lawmaker Denounces “Unprecedented Slobbering” Over “War Criminal” Obama gwp

Obama Administration Attempts to Intimidate State Department Whistleblower gb

Istanbul, Turkey
, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Singapore, & the Chicot Aquifer.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

"SELF EVIDENT", WTF ALERT: Obama makes 'alarming call for end to Catholic education'...

"The day of reckoning is at hand for the people who have been a part of the betrayal of your country." Message to Rick Leach - June 16th, 2013
★ Messages to Chosen Child in Chicago 6/8-14/13 ★

What Good Must I Do? pvc

"...& the get-away-car is driven by the MSM."

WTF ALERT: Obama makes 'alarming call for end to Catholic education'... rfn

Blockbuster Video: Obama's Eligibility Attorney Bob Bauer Behind Illegal IRS Targeting oryr

DC Tea Party Rally Erupts In Chants Of “Fire Eric Holder” fo

Capital Police Harass Tea Party Protesters gwp

Paul: “The director of national intelligence, in March, did directly lie to Congress, which is against the law.” aab

Cornyn: Gang Of Eight Bill Is ‘Dead On Arrival In The House’ pd

The US State Department played a major role in turning South Africa over to the ANC. Now they are warning Americans not to go there because of all the violence. tcn

GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED!, &, Billy’s Benghazi-Between Benghazi & TWA FLIGHT 800

the judgement of God against Chicago

"Perhaps he IS the imposter or heir apparent of a corpse in a morgue as Lame Cherry has written." tur

Billy’s Benghazi. Between Benghazi (video tap and the infamous gas tank), its hard to know which cover-up lie takes the all time prize. saf

Kerry Called For “Immediate” Air Strikes on Syria. mfs-ton

Live-Stream Video: Audit The IRS Rally Starts At Noon Eastern Time

Miracle on Boylston Street – June 2013 – Photo:A.Coelho

Live-Stream Video: Audit The IRS Rally Starts At Noon Eastern Time; Watch Here

Senator: IRS To Pay $70M In Employee Bonuses: Washington’s Bureaucrats Do As They Please, Kinda Like Obama Does, Forget The Taxpayer, We’re More Important. pbb

$9,000,000,000,000 Missing From The Federal Reserve. Why should any American pay their taxes? NR

Cuomo's Abortion Bill Dies in Senate: "The proposal would have declared abortion the MURDER of the UnBorn (fixed that) to be a “fundamental right.” " cmr

via fellowshipofminds

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"Events foretold now escalate all over the Earth.", &, Why is there police state imagery in an ad selling a car?

"Events foretold now escalate all over the Earth. Millions are at risk. Satan has deceived the masses. He controls the medias and all financial institutions. Do not be fooled by him any longer. Pray, My Little Ones. Pray for only prayer will make a difference. Pray in expectant faith." message to Jabez 6/18/13

Petrus Romanus, St. John Bosco, and the Pope of Fatima unveilingtheapocalypse

Vatican sources say second miracle approved for John Paul II gazzettadelsud

Congressman Stockman Now Scheduled To Meet With Sheriff Joe Lead Investigator Mike Zullo oryr

Real Life Spy Drama On U.S. Bound Plane: Who is Daniel Morgan Perry? shtfplan "Either way, this will get buried & the mass media will not cover it. Sick bastards!"
Police in riot gear. Why is there police state imagery in an ad selling a car? vc

The communists won while Americans smoked pot. fo

Domestic Terrorist Bill Ayers Says Obama Should Be Tried For War Crimes oryr

CIA, Bill Clinton, George Bush Jr., & Barack Obama Indicted By Congressional “Constitutional Task Force” For Crimes Against Humanity! pvc

"So I've been watching this Boston thing for a little while now, just taking in all the videos. Two things strike me as very odd. The bomb has a lot of smoke, yet the objects that were 'components of the bomb' are very clean and shiny. Do any of you realize that smoke is carbon? These components would be anything but shiny, assuming there were found nearby, making them parts that were on the bottom of the bomb. Another is the fake blood, it's just not that bright on concrete in sunlight." zysis

their mockery reveals them for monsters. NCR

Black Louisiana senator flees Dems rfn

THINK SYRIA - the Sunni Shia Conflagration vtb

& in the States:
Economic Warfare, muzzies starting fires
Muslim adults from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia & Singapore, the Quabbin watershed & The Muslim-in-Chief BNI

Hain Celestials – Not so “Organic” or Healthy – High Pesticide Content in Tea farmwars

the nothing to see here of BenghaziGate: ★ Admiral Gaouette & General Ham, relieved of their commands ★ within minutes of giving orders to their Special Ops personnel to respond.

but these are the least of our problems

TOP SECRET Mission - Chemtrail Pilots SPRAYING BLOOD Cause Face to Face Near Mid-Air Collisions !!!

Substance added to water cannons in Gezi Park protests harmful and criminal, experts say. mfs-ton

Lake Michigan Beach Closed After Children Emerge Covered In Mystery Silver Substance... rfn

Genetically modified mosquitoes antigmofoods

“It would be beneficial to hear from Admiral Gaouette and General Ham, both of whom were reportedly relieved of their commands within minutes of their giving orders to their Special Ops personnel to respond.
General Ham disappeared for several weeks… only to return to his post, visibly shaken, after Mr Panetta had installed his replacement…
Admiral Gaouette was pilloried by Mr Panetta's office which advertised that the admiral was relieved because he used profanity while disciplining a subordinate for his reckless conduct in his high-speed maneuvering through a naval formation.”
A Classic Political "Bait and Switch": carefully timed & placed leaks of real scandals to Divert the talking heads & babbling fools of the Media gul1776

LIVE STREAM: NSA Chief Testifies Before House Intelligence Committee PD

Sen. Rick Santorum “Quietly” Preparing for 2016 Presidential Bid – { ? }

Hidden camera catches wireless company employees passing out 'Obama phones' to people who say they'll SELL them for drugs, shoes, handbags and spending cash dm

HERE, here, & HERE.

Instability at Lake Fubar lash


Monday, June 17, 2013

We are losing our country. Our Last Stand for Freedom Is This Wednesday.

Our Last Stand for Freedom Is This Wednesday gb

"the commie kenyan is outta da bag, no walkins' back, yo." julio schwartz

CBS Reporter Sharyl Attkisson Speaks Out About ‘Serious And Disturbing’ Computer Hacking: ‘I’m Outraged’ rfn

Santa Monica shooting hoax: The fake dead body mm


"the communist, socialist, sissy in the WH..."

Indiana Dem official sentenced to prison for '08 ballot fraud in Obama-Clinton primary fn "no one raised any red flags about the forgeries, and that the petitions sailed through the Board of Elections without any problems, "because election workers in charge of verifying their validity were the same people faking the signatures."


Snowden: 'Lies' from Gang of 8 'Compelled Me to Act' ws

46 Congressmen Send Letter To President Obama Demanding Eric Holder Resign NOW tur

Pope Blesses Thousands of Harley-Davidson Riders cmr

via Do not try this at home….. TA-IR

U.S. Chief Justice Roberts Blackmailed By Obama Administration To Uphold Obamacare Against Constitution, Solemn Consecration of Lebanon & Middle East to Blessed Virgin Mary @ the begining of WWIII, Detroit GoesBelly-up

Viva il Papa ! • Solennité du Corps et du Sang du Christ - Bénédiction du St Sacrement à la fin de la procession

Solemn Consecration of Lebanon & Middle East to Blessed Virgin Mary airmaria


MIRACLES: our guardian angels! sd

★Messages to Chosen Child in Chicago 6/8-14/13★

G8: Putin rips the West for supporting Cannibals in Syria; West… has… no… Coherent… Response shoebat
the devil eats hiz own jw

Breaking => U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts Blackmailed By Obama Administration To Uphold Obamacare Against The Constitution. pvc
The point: "Whatever Snowden is all about, what he did brings attention to the pitched war waged against the United States of America, by forces which have gained control over the bulk of our own government, intelligence services, and thereby even our military. Think of technocracy as a collection of new power tools in the workshop of global Marxofascism, within our own nation.
Our chief struggle to maintain our Popular Sovereignty, thus our freedom is not a struggle with China, nor Russia, but a struggle with the presence of a global network within the halls of economic and political power, developed for over two centuries within our own country."
former head of the NSA talking his trash at the Press Club just as he was stepping down from his job running the NSA to take another job running the CIA. saf

Detroit: “There Is No Way Out But Collapse” shtfplan
A Desolate Wasteland Where The Lawless Reign ttw
Domestic War Zone: “Like Tribal Warfare in Iraq” ; Cops Outnumbered 500-to-1 shtfplan
7 Dead, 32 Wounded in Weekend Violence iotw
Gangbangers shoot up downtown Columbia, MO tcn

RADAR used to transmit power to distant Rectenna — NASA experiment success sd

Taum Sauk in Southeast Missouri “All of the volcanic activity that encircles the Mississippi Embayment, all along the New Madrid region seems to have at least one thing in common…lots of gas and explosive type eruptions. So, all the playing around the energy industry is doing in these systems…the results will be explosive, not a slow moving, quiet lava or mud volcano. And, their activities have triggered the awakening of volcanoes in the past so, the industry is well aware of the risks to our safety.” lash

Ignoring Inconvenient Arctic Data SG@RS

"Your world will be made anew. I will recreate millions in this fashion. My creation is now vulnerable to Satan's attacks. Saints are needed to protect the multitudes. Accept this call upon your lives. Fight for Me. Wage war against sins of all kinds." message to Jabez June 17th

Sunday, June 16, 2013

★ Messages from Jesus Given to a Chosen Child in Chicago (June 8-14, 2013) ★


Messages from Jesus Given to a Chosen Child in Chicago (June 8-14, 2013)

June 8, 2013 (5:55pm)
Tell My beloved children this is the time when the Administration is going to call in their paid activists to do something to divert the attention away from them. Since you don't know what this will be or where it will happen be on your guard at all times. Be sure to wear blessed articles and metals of protection. Pray your Rosary and carry one with you at all times. These people are ruthless and desperate and are capable of any kind of atrocity you could think of. Again, My children, this isn't being told to you to alarm or frighten you, but to warn you of any impending danger so you can be protected. Oh, My dear ones, these are the days that will try your souls. Your government that should have been protecting you is the one you have to be protected from. There are many more documents coming out to condemn more of the people involved in all the scandals. Since many of these have been found and the government doesn't know who has them they don't have a chance of retrieving them before they are made public. Look for deaths and suicides. These of course will be perpetrated by the Administration but made to look authentic. Oh, My children, these are things that you were told about earlier in the messages and are now beginning to take place. Try to get others to read these messages so they too can be in prayer and be protected along with family and loved ones who are totally unaware of what is going on in your country, especially if they depended on the media for their news. I ask that you pray, pray, pray and fast even more than what you have been doing. You have to make up for those who do not pray and have no intention of changing their ways. Be assured all Heaven is praying with you.
I love you, Jesus.

June 9, 2013 (10:55am)
Tell My beloved children to learn how to pray the Rosary even those who are not Catholic or who have forgotten how to pray it. This is a powerful weapon against satan in the times you are living in. He is getting more aggressive in causing My children to give into his temptations. If you say the Rosary you won't easily succumb to his tricks. My dear ones, you have been told you are living in the end times. This doesn't mean the end of the world, but the end as you know it now. In the future there will be no electricity, running water, or plumbing. You will have to learn how to grow your own food. People will be more willing to help their neighbors with the skills they have and others will trade their abilities so everyone will be helping one another. It will be a much more simple life as it was in the beginning of your country. People will know one another more intimately and will want to spend more time with their families. It will be a happy time. My children, as you have read in the Bible in the end times there will only be a remnant of people who will survive. This is why you are constantly being told to be prepared spiritually for anything that may happen. As the days pass there are more opportunities for this Administration to be taken down and for some including your president to be impeached. Many of you think this will never happen because he has to much power behind him. All that is going to change, My dear ones. Keep praying for and believing that you will have another president in the near future who will take your country back to God.
I love you, Jesus.

June 10, 2013 (9:26am)
Tell My beloved children there is going to be bloodshed over the documents that are being shown to the public. As you are aware the powers behind the president and the president himself are desperate and ruthless. They have no consciences so anything they do is alright in their way of thinking. Now that more and more people who have knowledge and information on the scandals are not being intimidated to avoid telling what they know they will pay a price for what they have so bravely done. My dear children, pray for these brave men and women. They know what may happen to them and or their families and yet they believe the country is more important than they are. My children, there is so much more that is going to come out that will shock you. Fortunately a lot of you are beginning to see your president for what he really is and what harm he is doing to your country. We must continue to pray that all these facts will prove the wrongdoing of this Administration and that it will bring an end to what could have destroyed your country. Be at peace in the love of the Lord and continue your faith and belief in these messages.
I love you, Jesus.

June 11, 2013 (9:29am)
Tell My beloved children to be prepared for more documents to be found that will shock everyone. These people hard as they try will not be able to keep all this from coming out in the open for the public to be aware of. In spite of all the brave people coming forward to tell what they know in order to protect your country from more harm some of the American people will be convinced by the media that these brave people are wrong for telling what they know. My dear children, everything is upside down from what it should be. Thankfully eventually the public will believe all they are being told by those who have the courage to tell the truth about all the scandals and what this Administration was trying to do to get access to any information they could get on its citizens. My dear ones, these days will come to an end and then your country can be safe again. This Administration will be shocked when they realize the public and even some of their loyal supporters will turn against them. Keep praying, My dear ones. It will soon be over for them and justice will be served.
I love you, Jesus.

June 12, 2013 (11:37am)
Tell My beloved children there is danger ahead. Someone in Congress is willing to take his life into his hands by revealing shocking information that could collapse the Administration overnight. Be prepared if this happens. This could change the course of history. I know this all sounds preposterous but if this man comes forward he will be destroyed by his enemies. You must pray My children as more and more brave people who love their country more than themselves and want to preserve your Constitution are willing to do this. They need all your prayers, fasting, and support. Your country will be divided over this and there will be no turning back once this is exposed to the American people. My dear ones, these things have been prophesized to you so you shouldn't be as shocked as most who aren't aware of these things. Give thanks and praise to God that you have been blessed with some of this information through these messages. Continue to share these words with as many as you can since you want everyone to be prepared for what is coming. These events will happen overnight and will allow for the miracle to take place. Be at peace in the love of God your Savior.
I love you, Jesus.

June 13, 2013 (9:38am)
Tell My beloved children there will be great variations in the weather. Climates and temperatures will change dramatically. This will occur all over the world. Summer and winter will have unusual weather patterns. These are all signs spoken of in the Bible. Pay attention to these signs and others spoken of in the Bible. Be aware, My children, that radical changes are now taking place in the Administration. They are causing many otherwise good people to go against their principles through threats of bodily harm or death to loved ones. Pray for the stalwart people in Congress who refuse to give into the demands of this Administration. There are so many evil plans ahead to tear down what's left of your Constitution. Once this would occur there would be no USA anymore. Through your prayers and fasting they will not be able to carry out their evil agenda. Again, My children, I am asking for continued prayers for those who will take the place of this Administration. It won't be easy for them but they have the backing of God Himself.
I love you, Jesus.

June 14, 2013 (9:27am)
Tell My beloved children to tell all your loved ones to be prepared for some major attacks this summer. They could occur anywhere. The Administration needs to find more ways to distract the public from what they have done regarding the scandals and also from what they continue to do to destroy your country and its Constitution. These people really despise the Constitution and everything it stands for. They intend to tear it down and start their own country and how they want to control everyone in it. They have camps for those who refuse to cooperate with them. Fortunately they won't be used for the purpose they intended since as you have been told all their plans will fail. Right now they are trying to pass a bill in Congress that would help their agenda to destroy your Constitution if it passes. There are brave congressmen and women who will stand up for their principles and vote against it. This will mark them for all the Administration will do to defeat them. They may end up losing their positions. These brave people are willing to accept whatever happens to them in order to save the Constitution. Pray that they continue to have the courage to endure their outcome. Remember, My dear ones, all Heaven is praying with you for the defeat of this evil Administration.
I love you, Jesus.