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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

URGENT MEMO: BANKING VULTURES & a sovereign coup d'état of the highest order, a ‘Hacker’s Wet Dream’, drones down, &,

Obamacare Forced Home Inspections FO

McAfee: Obamacare Is a ‘Hacker’s Wet Dream’ freebeacon "I predict the loss of income, for the millions of Americans who will lose their identities, you can imagine some retired laid in Utah — retired laid in Utah with $75,000 in the bank saving her whole life, having it wiped out in one day because she signed up for Obamacare, this is going to happen millions of times, this is a hacker’s wet dream, I cannot believe they did this."

0.00% Obamacare Enrollment In Louisiana libertyfirewall

Air Force Grounds Squadrons Of Fighter Jets, Drones Due To Shut Down ZH

a sovereign coup d'état of the highest order, & it will spell the extinction of the US Middle & Upper Class. twoshortplanksunplugged

URGENT MEMO: The current U.S. President has chosen to meet outside of government law, possibly selling off additional parts of the nation’s sovereignty – to men in suits who are more than ready to capitalize on the current US budget crisis. 21stcenturywire